Newlywed Cuckold

A man leaves his new bride in the care of his best friend when he goes away on business, and he has no idea just how friendly his wife will be with his friend in his absence, which she seeks to extend. To Listen To Me Read This Story, Click “Newlywed Cuckold”  A 11 min …

Cuckold’s Birthday

A woman tells her husband how she’s going out to celebrate her birthday – with another man. To Listen To Me Read This Story, Click “Cuckold’s Birthday”  A 15 min 48 sec recording. Hey, honey, you’re finally home…how was your day? Sorry you had to work late, on your birthday, no less, but I’ll make …

Chastity Part 2

This takes place about one year after Part I. Joan is continuing her world travels and has been out of touch with our couple of protagonists. This is another talking letter. To Listen To This Story, Click Chastity Part 2″ A 14 min 04 sec recording. Hi Joan! Once again I am so glad that …

Cum Lickers Delight

Listen to “Cum Lickers Delight” “Cum Lickers Delight” – You love to lick your own cum and creampie…. I know you do. 4 min 33 sec recording.

Cuckold Fantasy

Listen to “Cuckold Fantasy” To listen to this story, click. “Cuckold Fantasy” – Hear about what you’d see as you watched your woman get fucked by 2 other guys as you sat and stroked yourself…..and watched. A 2 min 46 sec recording.