Impregnation Love Letter

A very sweet, sensual and loving impregnation “love letter” of sorts from a woman to the man she’s having her baby with.

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An 8 min 47 sec recording.

Hi, Ben! It’s Emily. I know you’re busy, working hard to provide for me and the baby, so I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. Ever since I got pregnant, I’ve been so happy I could burst. *giggle* And you’ve been a wonderful husband and father, taking such good care of your two girls. Just thinking about it brings me back to that night eight months ago.

We’d been planning it for 2 months. I had the week marked down as the peak of my ovulation cycle and you had made sure to get a week of holidays from work so we could spend the whole week relaxing and having sex. Sometimes it was long, leisurely lovemaking as we kissed and sucked and sighed in bed, other times you’d cuff my hands behind my back, then blindfold and ballgag me, and bend me over the bed before rutting me like a dog. Every time afterwards, you’d kiss my flat belly and talk about how you hoped your seed would take, how I would grow big and round with a beautiful, bouncing baby.

And sure enough, you got your wish. About a week or two afterwards, I started feeling the symptoms of early pregnancy. So I rushed home with a pregnancy test… and found myself squealing with delight as I saw it come out positive. I remember when you found out, you were so happy you were in tears. It was so nice to know you cared so much about our baby.

Even nicer is how my body has filled out since becoming pregnant. Before I was thin and almost waspy; now I’ve filled out in all the right places. Bigger hips, bigger butt, thicker thighs… *giggle* I already felt like a momma before I even started to show. And I made sure to show off for you, darling, whenever I could, wearing tight yoga pants all around the house to accentuate my growing curves. You certainly appreciated them whenever you got the chance, squeezing my plump ass and kissing my long, curvy legs.

But even then, those were just the side-dishes. The Main Course was yet to come. Once my breasts stopped being all tender, they started getting bigger; I must be a full D-Cup by now. And of course that wasn’t all, was it honey? Oh, yes, they’re all full and sloshing with milk – healthy, delicious, nourishing milk. When our little girl comes out I’ll use it to feed her and fill her little tummy whenever she’s hungry; in the meantime, you’ve had the privilege of draining my big, full mammaries whenever we cuddle. You wrap your lips around my big, swollen nipples and suckle gently, coaxing it out until you taste it on your tongue. Warm, sweet, succulent mik fills your mouth, and then your stomach, as I run my hands through your hair and around your back, humming a gentle lullaby. My body is yours, and you revel in it.

No part of my body more so than my big, round, sexy pregnant belly. It’s been growing bigger everyday and you’ve loved every moment of it. It started as a cute little baby bump, now it’s grown into a heavy, swollen, spherical tummy. I’ve not worn anything that covers it since the day of the test, so you can watch it grow and touch it whenever you want to. I know how much it delights you to know that I’m growing like this because you made me this way, that this baby is the product of our love, just as I love feeling you run your hands over my tummy, kissing it while you whisper softly to our daughter.

Almost as much as I love it when we have sex. My pussy has really come into its own since you knocked me up. It’s puffy, swollen and oh-so-sensitive. When you thrust into me, I feel every inch inside me, every contour and vein. These days you have to take me from behind, because I’m too big and heavy to have sex with from the front… Unless I’m riding you, bouncing on the cock that got me pregnant. Either way, you love to rub my belly and squeeze my breasts, maybe even get a nice milk bath or shower. So many ways to appreciate my sexy, fertile body, and it’s all because I love you… and you me.

That love is what brought us together, and what made it possible for me to want your baby. Even knowing the risks, even knowing what could happen to both of us, I and you both wanted to start a family together, whatever that entailed. And here we are, almost nine whole months later, and you and I are almost ready to be parents. The baby’s room is painted, the crib is set up, we’ve stockpiled plenty of nappies and talcum powder and all the rest of the things we’ll need… All that’s missing is our little girl, who’s been slowly growing from a egg and sperm, nestled and protected in my womb. After our lamaze class today, I propose we celebrate with a delicious feast of all our favourite foods and desserts. Just… please don’t get too upset if I eat the lion’s share. Eating for two and all that. *giggle*

That’s all I wanted to say. See you soon, handsome! I love you! *kissing sound*


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.