Woman Wanted

A woman answers a mysterious ad in a newspaper in the desperate hopes to escape her life in a trailer park and soon finds out the person will be required to have sex for a large sum of money, with another woman.

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The Freeland Herald

“Wanted, ten women of exceptional beauty who want to become
rich overnight. Must meet the following exacting standards. No
exceptions will be made.

1. They must be an average housewife.
2. They must test disease and drug free.
3. They must be between the ages of 18 and 30 with a
perfect, unflawed body.

Each candidate will be paid $10,000 dollars for one night.
She must be willing to have bisexual sex with no questions asked.
Entries must be mailed to PO Box 171 not later than June 5th.


Heidi had found the newspaper laying open and read the ad
twice, wondering if it were serious or some kind of scam. She
needed the money so badly. Her husband was a worthless bum and
was destined to stay that way for the foreseeable future. He
fixed cars when he wanted money and faked illness when he felt
lazy. He was ill most of the time, and so was Heidi, sick of
looking at his vacant stare and unshaven face. How could the
class president become the town clown in just three short years?

10,000 dollars could take her a long way and pay for a
divorce. But how could it be a serious offer? Hundreds of women
would jump at the add, she was just a better than average looking
woman with a nice body. But that’s exactly what they wanted.

Was it real? She seemed to remember that white slavery rings
operated like that, or was it her imagination? How could she
know? Maybe it was some kind of sting set up by the police.
That decided her, she tossed the paper into the trash and
gathered the dishes for washing.

While she washed she stared out the window into the trailer
park. She heard an obnoxious screech and looked up to see a huge
waddling blonde screaming for her kids to get out of the mud.
Once they climbed out of the mud hole in the road she ignored
them while the mud hardened and turned them white again.

“This is no way to live,” Heidi said in
disgust. She threw the rag against the wall and rinsed
the soap from her hands before she fished the paper out of the trash.
Knocking off the potato peelings, she took out an envelope and
scribbled the address on the front. She would need a picture,
naked of course, and a short note later. For now it was enough.
Stan might see it and wonder, but fuck Stan! Heidi was not going
to become trailer trash, fat and blonde, chasing her own moronic
kids out of the mud. She wanted a future, if it wasn’t too late.
She was getting close to the deadline.

“Lord, get me out of this place,” she whispered, not for the
first time.

“Ladies, ladies, take your seats,” an efficient lawyer type
woman said from the head of a crowded room. There were at least
a hundred candidates in the room, all hoping to be one of the
lucky ten.

“Who are Melissa Short, Suzi Duncan, and Patricia Lang?” the
woman said, staring around the room.

“Come on, raise your hands,” she said in a commanding voice.
Three hands were slowly raised. “You three tested positive for
aids. Get the fuck out of my sight. We should prosecute you for
attempted murder. Go on, get out!” the woman screamed. The
three women left quickly.

“Ok, sorry about the interruption,” the woman said with a
stiff smile. “I want each of you to strip down to your underwear
so we can check for tracks,” the woman said, looking around the
room. Several shook their heads, either from fear of tracks
being found, or shyness. Either would make them unsuitable. The
woman pointed at the door. The remaining women stood in their
underwear. Several women wore no bras, and one wore no panties.

They stood uncomfortably, waiting. The woman walked slowly
around and disqualified women for stretch marks, bruises,
multiple piercing, tattoos and other things. Some she just
disqualified for no apparent reason. If a woman was disqualified
and did not move fast enough, two large men escorted them out,
allowing them to dress in the hallway outside. It was a private
building, so this was no great hardship.

When the woman finished, 35 women, including Heidi, were left
standing. Heidi was beginning to feel like she was in a Miss
America pageant with an exceptionally cruel judge.

“You women can get dressed. Lunch has been set up in the
next room, you can eat while we await the results of the lab
tests. Go ahead, it won’t be long,” the woman said with
something resembling a real smile.

This sucks, a woman near Heidi said and walked out the door.
Nobody tried to detain her. This helped to allay some of Heidi’s
fears. She followed the rest into the next room and found
catered sandwiches, drinks, and a salad bar. As they ate the
woman came into the room and sent three out who failed the drug
test. Within the hour six more were disqualified for diseases of
some sort, possibly as insignificant as a cold.

“Ok, the final test. Who in here would refuse to make love
to another woman,” the woman asked, looking around the room.
“A show of hands,” she said, waiting. Over a dozen hands
went up. “Out,” she said simply and waited. She looked around
at the 11 women left. Her eyes rested briefly on each woman
including Heidi, then moved on down the line.

“You,” the woman pointed at the next to last woman in line.
“Out,” she said.

“But why?” the girl said. She was rushed out before the
woman could answer.

“Ok, you ten are the final candidates. If any of you don’t
show here at 10:00 o’clock on the night of the 20th, her money
will be divided between the rest of you. Understood? Good.
Leave your name and addresses and any special circumstances at
the door. By special circumstances I mean “don’t talk to my
husband, mother, or sister,” that type of thing. Ok, good luck,”
the woman said and walked out.

Fully dressed and waiting, Heidi watched the late show while
Stan slept in the bedroom in a drunken stupor. She had bought
his apricot flavored brandy, rum, and orange juice, the
ingredients he used to make his “special” drink. Within an hour
of arriving home, he was drunk.

The clock ticked by slowly. It was funny how time stood
still when something important was about to happen. Somebody
should make a study of that, Heidi thought as she tried to watch
TV again. Finally she gave up, grabbed the keys and went to her
favorite restaurant to pass the last hour. It was closer to the
building anyway. It would also preclude Stan from waking up and
making a scene when she tried to leave, not that he could have
stopped her.

“Step this way,” the woman’s voice came from the head of the
hallway. “Come on, girls, line up,” she shouted. In a moment
everyone was lined up, leaning against the right wall.

“I want you to come in one at a time so you can be
processed,” the woman said in a loud voice. “The festivities
will start in 30 minutes, so you don’t have a lot of time. You,”
she pointed at the first girl, “Inside.”

When it was Heidi’s turn she was led inside by a large man.
She was led to the sixth door and taken inside. He said nothing
as he led her to a little alcove, helped her undress, then
pressed her back against the wall. She soon found her wrists
restrained by padded metal cuffs. Her ankles were next and she
became a prisoner.

As the wall she was standing against tilted out, she found
that her feet were standing on tiny metal platforms and there was
a large opening between her legs. The wall had turned into some
kind of table and her legs were restrained and open. Her naked
pussy was vulnerable, open for all to see. Anybody could enter
the room and walk right up between her legs. And this was
exactly what happened.

Before he left the man tied a blindfold around Heidi’s eyes,
completing the helpless feeling and escalating it into fear.
Breathing hard, blind and helpless, Heidi listened to the man’s
footsteps retreating. The door closed and she was alone.
She shivered under the air conditioning vent. It was quite a
while before she heard footsteps outside, passing her door.
Finally, one set stopped at her door and the door opened. A pair
of high heeled shoes clicked their way to her table.

Listening in stark terror Heidi finally made out the sounds
of the woman undressing. She could tell exactly what was taking
place just by the sounds of snaps, cloth, and buttons. In a
moment a warm hand touched her leg. Heidi stiffened and gasped.

“Relax, you are here to have fun. Don’t be afraid,” the
woman said with the most wonderful English accent imaginable.
“Who… Who are you?” Heidi stammered.

“None of your damned business. All you have to know is that
I was the highest bidder and now I’m your lover. Now relax and
no more questions,” the woman said as she ran her hand over
Heidi’s soft leg. She leaned down and kissed Heidi inside her
knee. Heidi felt shivers run up her leg to her pussy.

She gasped and bent her knee slightly. It was as far as she
could bend it with the ankle cuff restraining her. The woman
watched Heidi’s athletic leg bend, and admired the meaty firmness
of her small ass. Heidi was beautiful, worth the 15,000 dollars
she had paid for her. It would be a great night. Eight complete
hours of bliss with her very own sex slave.

“I want you to eat me,” the woman said, climbing up on the
oddly shaped table. Before Heidi could object she felt the soft,
sweet meat of the woman’s pussy against her lips. It tasted
fresh and hot in her lips and smelled like lilacs. She extended
her tongue and licked the woman. It was the first time in her
life she had ever done such a thing, but she knew what she liked
to feel, so she tried to show that in the woman.

“You’re a virgin,” the woman said in delighted wonder.

“I’ve never tried a woman before,” Heidi admitted.

“How wonderful. Just keep doing what you were doing,” the
woman said in excitement. “I love first timers.”

Heidi loved that accent. She joyously began lapping in the
woman’s softly scented mound, aware that she had just used a
douche. She even knew what kind, she used the same one herself
after each period and during special occasions. Now she also
knew how it tasted. Stan, that lucky asshole, never knew how
good he had it. Now he never would.

“Come on, sweetie, you’re daydreaming,” the woman said,
rubbing her pussy against Heidi’s mouth. Heidi had stopped
licking. She resumed with a great deal of enthusiasm. She
noticed that from the position where the woman sat on her face, a
lot of juice was draining from her pussy into Heidi’s mouth. She
liked it. She even puckered her lips, placed them against the
woman’s vulva and sucked. The woman went wild.

Heidi slid her tongue up inside the woman and began to slowly
tongue fuck her. The woman rocked and moved her pussy to meet
Heidi’s tongue, sliding forward and back as if she were riding a
man, not Heidi’s tongue. Heidi liked it.

The woman grabbed her tits and leaned down to suck a nipple.
She kept her eyes on Heidi as she sucked and moaned, mashing her
tits in her slender hands.

“Eat me good, I’m eating you next,” the woman whispered in a
sexy voice. Heidi nodded enthusiastically while her sucking lips
guided her tongue inside the woman’s open pussy lips. She lashed
the clit and had the satisfaction of hearing the woman squeal in
delight. With puckered lips placed over the entire pussy, she
sucked while her tongue ravaged the stiff little clit. The
swollen bud was so sensitive that the woman groaned, humping her
sex against Heidi’s mouth and she suddenly found herself coming.

With hissing gasps of pleasure she rode Heidi’s face while her
loins exploded. With her face twisting in pleasure, the woman
reached back and twisted on of Heidi’s tits in her slender hand.
Heidi gasped at the pain, then felt the hand move down to the
side of her head. It was strange being blind, but knowing
exactly what was taking place from the sound of the woman’s voice
and the feel of her weight on Heidi’s chest.

Heidi knew exactly when to release the juicy mound and let
the woman rest on her face in peace, before she shakily climbed

“Oh, that was wonderful,” the woman said joyously.

“Good,” Heidi smiled in the direction of the woman’s voice.

Heidi heard a motor whir and she suddenly found herself
moving to a sitting position. Her legs didn’t move, but her
torso bent until she reached a sitting position.

“There, is that better?” the voice asked near her ear.

“Oh yeah, much better. I felt like my back was breaking on
that hard ta…”

Heidi’s voice was cut off by a warm pair of lips on her
mouth. She shared a warm, passionate French kiss for several
minutes. The woman’s hands were on Heidi’s small shapely tits
now, starting a fire in Heidi’s chest. It wasn’t long until she
was panting and craving release. The woman seemed to sense this
and went from the side of the table to the middle, at the missing
piece between Heidi’s legs.

Heidi heard a chair being pulled up and there were suddenly
two warm hands resting on her buttery smooth thighs. Without
warning the hot little mouth glued itself to her pussy and began
eating. Heidi groaned and moved around. Her pussy was
completely on fire, dripping juice and breathing fire, or so it
seemed. The woman’s lips felt absolutely fantastic. The liquid
sound of her tongue parting Heidi’s pussy lips was wonderful, and
the smell of Heidi’s sex was strong in the room. Heidi could
smell nothing but pussy and she enjoyed it immensely.

“You are delicious,” the woman said, in apparent surprise.
“Thank’s,” Heidi gasped. She constantly thrust her pussy
forward to meet the woman’s talented mouth. The woman was good,
real good. If there was any such thing as a professional pussy
eater, this woman was it.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum,” Heidi squealed.

“Do it, baby, do it,” the woman mumbled, then resumed eating.

Heidi felt the fire building, higher and higher. She needed
release soon, she just couldn’t stand it any more. This was the
best sex she’d had in years. It was still building, she screamed
as each spasm seemed to tear her loins apart. Suddenly she
exploded. With a loud drawn out squeal she screamed and arched
her back against the table. Grunting like an animal, she humped
her pussy against the unknown woman’s mouth. The woman took the
punishment while maintaining contact. She stayed right between
Heidi’s legs, licking and sucking for as long as Heidi needed
her. All too soon, Heidi relaxed and melted against the table.
She lay panting for several minutes before she heard the woman
giggle and start leaving the room.

“Hey, can you let me lose now,” Heidi asked, looking around

“The attendant will be in soon to let you eat and wash up
before your next client. Be patient, dear.”

“The next one? How many more will there be?”

“Nine more, of course. Don’t worry, the night will pass
quickly. By breakfast you will be ready to go home.”

Heidi cried out in protest, but the woman walked away


This story was part of a collection I bought. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I have the right to post it and have made the recording of it.