Two women that are friends and rivals say goodbye in an unexpected way when one of them is going to leave town. They go for a boat ride in the bayou and things get very hot as their passions come out.

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“So you’re really leaving?” Candy asked as she circled the rear of Betty’s car. Betty was trying to make room for the suitcases still in the bar. After dancing professionally for almost three years, she had dozens of outfits to put in the trunk yet. Betty had a strange relationship with Candy, a fellow dancer at the club. While maintaining the facade of friendship, they were always like fighters circling for better position before the kill. They were openly friendly, but the teasing, taunting, and competition always went just a little too far.

“I told you I was,” Betty said in a preoccupied manner, “I already have a job offer in New York.”

“So I guess I get the club all to myself,” Candy said with genuine sadness.

“Not really, there’s five other girls to compete with, you know?”

“They don’t count. Only you could threaten my number one spot. Almost.”

“You wish,” Betty said automatically.

“So when are you leaving?”

“Tomorrow morning, about five,” Betty said with a giant heave that finally made room for the last suitcases.

“Well I wish you luck and I really mean that. You never did fit in with the bayou way of life around here. Speaking of which, you promised to go out fishing with me and you never did. You couldn’t be a little scared, are you?” Candy asked tauntingly.

“I haven’t seen a damned thing in this state to be afraid of, Candy, and few things that I like. But you really are one of them,” Betty finally admitted. The double meaning of the phrase seemed to roll off Candy.

Betty finally sighed and turned to face Candy. She really was a bright, beautiful young girl. “If you’ve got the time I’ll go out with you now,” Betty finally relented. “It’s a good way to burn off a few hours and it gives us a chance to talk.”

“This is one of the best spots,” Candy said as the boat slowed in the calm waters. “Don’t put your hands in the water, there’s gators and snakes around here. By the way, if you’ve ever wanted to see the famous Captain’s Chair, this is it,” Candy pointed at a cypress with a huge network of roots spreading out into the water.

Long ago a strong wind had nearly uprooted the old tree, leaving a living network of roots striving to get back into the mud where they belonged. The Captain’s Chair had been a local legend for over 20 years. With little safe land in the bayou some young teens had gotten the idea of having sex on the safe little island formed by the roots of the cypress.

Afterwards they noticed that the place resembled a large chair with a footstool at the base. They used the term Captain’s Chair for the area and the name stuck. Now anyone who was daring headed for the bayou and made love in the Captain’s Chair. Betty had heard of it, of course, but she had never been there.

“Have you been done in the Captain’s Chair?” Betty asked teasingly.

“Twelve times. I think it’s some kind of record,” Candy said as she swung her fishing pole over the side of the bass boat and easily cast close to the Captain’s Chair. “I’m hoping to make it thirteen real soon. How about you?”

“No, never,” Betty said, trying to copy Candy’s actions. Her bobber landed a pathetic six feet from the boat. The boat drifted toward the Captain’s Chair. Betty noticed that the roots forming the chair were worn smooth. Lots of people had obviously visited the chair in the past 20 years, Betty thought to herself.

“Why don’t you sit in the chair so you can at least say you’ve been there?” Candy said innocently. “The fish aren’t biting anyway.”

Betty felt silly, but as the boat touched the network of roots she climbed up swiftly. She had half expected to see used condoms and beer bottles, but all she saw were the roots. The chair fit comfortably against her bottom. It had been worn smooth by a lot of teens. She started to sit back and lift her head in a regal pose, when she suddenly noticed that the boat was drifting away.

“Hey Candy, come back here,” Betty yelled.

“Nope,” Candy said, casting her bait to the side. She began reeling in her bait while giving Betty a sweet smile.

“Come on Candy, this isn’t funny,” Betty said, checking the surrounding water nervously. Could snakes climb trees?

“I want something first,” Candy said, casting again.

“What?” Betty yelled in fear and irritation.

“I want to do you in the Captain’s Chair,” Candy said, turning slightly red. “I never would have asked before, but with you leaving it’s the perfect opportunity and probably the only time I can.”


“It’s a long swim,” Candy said, pretending to check the water for nasties.

You wouldn’t dare. I’ll… I’ll have you arrested,” Betty said lamely.

“For what? Face up to it, Betty, the only way you’re getting back is in this boat. But you don’t get into this boat until I’ve had a chance to fulfill my fantasy. Come on, Betty, haven’t you ever thought of it? Just picture it, you, the best looking brunette in the county, being done by me, the best looking blonde. How can you pass that up?” Candy said with a pleading note in her voice. Betty finally realized that she was entirely serious. She would never get to shore unless she cooperated. The worst thing was, people thought she had already gone to New York. Nobody would come looking for her and the Captain’s Chair might not be used for days or weeks.

“I hate lesbians,” Betty said in a growl of disgust.

“I’m not lesbian, I’m bi.”

“Same thing,” Betty said. She looked around to make sure there were no other boats then reluctantly undid the buttons on her shirt. Candy let out a triumphant “yes” and used the little motor to push the boat against the tree. She tied off the bow and climbed up to the first level of roots. Betty was just slipping out of her Levi’s.

“Your panties too,” Candy commanded eagerly.

“Shit,” Betty said and slid off the panties in embarrassment.

“What a doll,” Candy said enthusiastically, enjoying the view of the absolutely perfect body in daylight. She had never seen it in daylight before, it was far better than what she had glimpsed on stage in the poorly lit club.

Candy climbed higher while tenderly running her hand over Betty’s knee and leg. She looked at Betty’s breasts in wonder as she climbed the last level of roots and stood level with Betty’s breasts. She immediately leaned closer and breathed in their fragrance.

“It smells like Surrender,” Candy said dreamily.

“Of course it’s Surrender, Betty said a little nervously with Candy’s beautiful face so close. She could feel the heat of Candy’s skin and breath on her ample chest. Candy kissed Betty’s left breast and Betty hissed. Despite herself and her resolve not to become excited, fire shot from her breast through her stomach and down to her pussy.

“I have dreamed of these breasts for so long,” Candy said with a sigh. She had her soft warm cheek pressed against Betty’s right breast as she stared at the firm magnificence of the left one. “They are so perfect,” she breathed again while leaning forward to kiss the nipple. Betty gasped as Candy began to tongue and suckle her left nipple. It felt so wonderful. She always liked people who paid special attention to her breasts. Her breasts had always been ultra-sensitive and very responsive to the proper attention. And Candy was giving them the proper attention.

Candy was getting down to some serious sucking, starting a terrible fire in Betty’s loins. Betty finally gave in and caressed the back of Candy’s head, while Candy nursed on her tits. Betty felt close to having an orgasm just from having her tits sucked. She had never felt like that before… well not for a long time, at least. She began to wonder if the excitement and depravity of lesbianism could take her to a new level of pleasure.

“Go… down,” Betty finally said. She had her face resting on the top of Candy’s beautiful bobbing head. Candy looked up quickly and kissed Betty full on the lips. Betty was tempted to back away and wipe her mouth off, but she would have done anything to get her pussy eaten, even swapping kisses with Candy. She clumsily took the sides of Candy’s head in her hands and pulled her closer, sucking those magnificent red lips with her own. The warm, passionate kiss became more sincere as time went on and both women became increasingly hot. Both Candy and Betty were moaning passionately as they kissed long and deeply.

“Eat me,” Betty finally pleaded, breaking the kiss forcefully. “I’m so damned hot, Candy, please eat me.”

“Will you return the favor when I’m done?” Candy asked playfully.

“I… think I can,” Betty said truthfully. “I think so,” she finally said with a nod.

“Great,” Candy said enthusiastically and shoved herself back.

She slid down quickly so she was facing Betty’s completely bare pussy. It was so erotic! “It’s as smooth as a babies butt, “Candy said in wonder, running her hand over Betty’s sensitive pussy.

“Waxing,” Betty said between gasps. She liked having her pussy petted, but she needed more before she exploded.

“Please, Candy,” Betty pleaded again.

“Oh, sorry,” Candy said with an impish smile. Candy moved closer and kissed the bare pussy as she would a pair of lips. Betty gasped and cried out. She put her hands on the back of Candy’s head and tried to force her mouth closer, but Candy refused to be hurried. She had waited so long for this moment.

“It smells wonderful, feels wonderful, it’s all I dreamed it would be,” Candy said happily. “I wish you’d stay.”

“Can’t,” Betty said in a tortured voice.

Candy kissed Betty’s pussy, drew back for a second, then kissed it twice more. She looked up at Betty as she moaned, then smiled and pressed her soft warm lips against the baby smooth flesh. She let her tongue sneak inside and flicker around a bit, while watching Betty’s face. It was so expressive, so… twisted in pleasure. Candy finally closed her eyes and let her lips suck gently while her tongue explored Betty’s hot crotch. In a moment Betty tensed up, quivered, then screamed while pumping her sex against Candy’s mouth. In seconds it was over.

“Hey, that’s just the first round,” Candy said as she let Betty relax. “After all the dreaming and anticipation I want to really eat your pussy, no quick explosions.”

“Ok,” Betty said quickly with a shy smile.

“Ready?” Candy asked after a brief pause.

“Yes,” Betty said enthusiastically.

Candy leaned forward and found the sweet naked pussy now wet and fragrant. She sniffed in pleasure then licked the sweet pussy and area below it until everything she could reach was clean.

“Roll over,” Candy said impulsively.


“Roll over, I want to do your ass,” Candy said in hot anticipation.

“But I can’t…”

“Please, Betty, I’ve been watching those sweet little ass cheeks quivering on stage for years. I want to taste them. Roll over,” Candy slapped her on the bare leg and waited. Betty hesitantly raised up out of the seat of the tree chair, rolled over, and found herself leaning forward, hands extended and slightly bent at the waist. She suddenly realized that it was the ideal position for the woman who wanted to be fucked from the rear, which is probably why Candy had thought of it.

“Kneel on the chair,” Candy said hotly. “It’s worn smooth and won’t hurt your knees.”

“It sounds like you’re talking from experience,” Betty said as she carefully got into position.

“Everybody wants to eat Candy,” Candy said with a smile as she watched the magnificent ass present itself to her waiting mouth.

“Oh this is heaven,” Candy said breathlessly. She fell forward and pressed her warm red lips against the quivering dome of flesh. With her eyes closed she tongued and kissed the left ass cheek. When she moved down to kiss the lower area, Betty giggled and pulled away. Candy moved over to the right cheek. She kissed and sucked the flesh into her mouth while working her way lower. Suddenly she moved toward the middle and licked the sensitive little ring. Betty gave a little cry and melted on the tree roots. Candy drew back a little, looked at the perfect little ass again, then plunged her tongue against the ring and began wiggling it inside, while sucking on Betty’s ass.

“Oh no,” Betty cried, covering her mouth. “No,” she said again, almost in a whisper. The persistent tongue was working against her ass hole, but it was too tight for Candy to gain entrance. Candy finally gave up and began licking her way through the crack of Betty’s ass. Betty sat with her face against the tree, arms thrown wide, holding onto the tree for support while Candy attacked her ass. It was so wonderful and so nasty, both at the same time. Betty knew there was no way in hell she could lick Candy’s ass, like Candy was licking hers.

Suddenly Candy was not licking her ass any more, Candy moved lower and began sucking the smooth envelope of flesh beneath it. Betty had never been eaten from behind before, and when the novelty wore off, she wanted to see Candy’s face in her crotch.

Without asking, Betty suddenly began rolling over so she could sit in the chair again. Candy drew back and waited until she was almost into position, then plunged forward and mashed her eager face into Betty’s crotch. Betty cried in pleasure. She watched Candy’s sweet face bobbing between her legs, her darting tongue was everywhere at once, give Betty the most pleasure she had ever felt. The sucking lips milked Betty’s pussy dry while the darting tongue slid up inside her time after time, very rapidly.Betty found herself bouncing on the chair in time with the plunging tongue. Her pussy was so hot and so sensitive she couldn’t stand it.

The feeling of Candy’s soft, warm cheeks against her inner thighs felt so wonderful. Candy’s hair tickled her legs as Candy’s feasting mouth worked insistently. The liquid sounds of Candy’s tongue inside Betty’s pussy seemed loud in the quiet swamp. Betty leaned forward and found Candy’s ample breasts with her hands. She massaged one tit in each hand, then found the nipples and worked them with the tip of her fingers.

Candy moaned and ate even more savagely, hurting Betty a little, but giving her so much pleasure at the same time. Betty suddenly realized that she WAS going to eat Candy. She couldn’t wait to feel that warm pussy in her own mouth.

“I wish we could sixty-nine,” Betty whispered between harsh breaths. Candy just shook her head while continuing to eat.

Betty felt heat building in her sweet loins. She knew she would explode in Candy’s mouth soon. She was so damned hot, she could hardly breath.

“You’re eating me so good,” Betty whispered as she massaged Candy’s tits. She found Candy’s nipples through the material and began twisting them between her fingers. Candy cried into Betty’s pussy. She suddenly slid two fingers inside Betty and wiggled them deep inside her pussy. Betty stiffened with eyes widened. She rode her pussy against Candy’s mouth, then clamped her shapely legs closed around Candy’s head. In a moment she exploded. With a loud, drawn out scream she stiffened, then her bucking pussy smashed again and again into Candy’s mouth. Candy tried hard to follow it and maintain contact. In a moment Betty squealed and tried to push Candy away. Candy stopped licking Betty’s pussy and held her mouth still over Betty’s throbbing flesh.

The moment that Betty could stand, she pushed Candy away and literally threw her into the chair. They both tore Candy’s clothes off and Betty plunged into her pussy without preamble. Candy had never been eaten so well in her life. She relaxed with her head back and eyes closed, legs wide so she could cool off. She heard a motor and looked up to see Betty, and her boat, disappearing around a clump of trees.

“Betty you get that boat back here right now,” Candy screamed in real fear.

“I’ll send help,” Betty called back with a giggle. “I decided to leave now instead of waiting. Just hang on for a while.”

Candy stamped her foot. The jiggle of her ample breasts reminded her that she was naked. She looked around and realized in horror that she had no clothes.

“Betty, my clothes,” she screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Ooops, I’ve got them. I’ll have somebody bring them back for you,” Betty yelled. Her voice was now far away, but her laughter was clear.

That will teach her, Betty thought to herself. Maybe next time she will ask for sex instead of demanding it. Betty pulled into the old wooden dock behind the club. She tied off the boat and smiled at the clothes, still laying on the bottom. She passed several men standing by a boiled peanut stand on the way to her car.

“Hey boys, I just passed the Captain’s Chair on the way here and I saw the strangest thing. There’s a beautiful blonde in the chair and she’s buck assed naked…


This story is part of a collection I bought from an adult content website. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I have the rights to post this and use it.