The Glass Elevator – Part 3

The lusty, cheating girlfriend goes even further behind her boyfriend’s back and uses the poor sap’s condo as a love nest for her and his neighbor when he goes out of town.


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I didn’t get to see Jim for the next week, we both were super busy with things, and I didn’t get to go over to his condo until the night before he was going away on his business trip. We fucked like greedy animals all night long, since we hadn’t seen each other in a week and he was going away for the next five days, so we had to get our fill of each other before he left. Poor Jim wasn’t going to get any sleep, but he was so horny he said he didn’t care and that he could sleep on the plane. As it got towards dawn, I started to fall asleep and he was just gathering up his luggage and calling himself a cab to the airport. He kissed me on the forehead and said for me to sleep and that he’d call me when he got to his hotel, so I rolled over and went to sleep as he left.

I had the day off, and woke up in the early afternoon and got ready to go out and do a bit of shopping. As I was on my way out and was in the glass elevator when it stopped on the floor below and in walked Mark, the one I’d fucked a couple of weeks before on the way to celebrate Jim’s birthday when I’d been wearing the lingerie under the coat. He had been a great fuck, and while I did feel guilty fucking him, it had been very hot and I really couldn’t regret it, try as I might. It would bother me terribly if Jim found out about that, he’s a good man, I’d never want to hurt him in any way. Sometimes my libido though, it gets the better of me and I just lose all control and do as my pussy demands at the time.

“Well, hello Lauren”, Mark said as he got into the elevator.

I semi blushed and looked him up and down. He really was a fine looking man. As I thought that I felt my pussy start to throb in recalling him pounding me doggy style here in this same elevator weeks ago, in the new lingerie I’d bought for Jim…How I’d allowed him to ravage me like a bitch in heat. I couldn’t even wait for Jim a few hours later, I’d allowed a stranger to fuck me like a common tramp. I’m such a bad girl.

“Hello, Mark, how have you been?”, I asked with genuine interest.

“As you can see from my suitcase, leaving here for the next few days. The condo is being painted and I can’t stand the smell of paint, have to go to a hotel until it’s finished and the place is aired out. It’s a hassle, but I get headaches from the odors of it, so no choice, really,” he explained.

All of a sudden I had a wicked idea. It was too naughty, I couldn’t, could I? He saw my furrowed brow and me biting my lip in contemplation of thinking of saying something.

“What is it, Lauren? You look perplexed all of a sudden”, he said.

“I had an idea, but it’s too naughty”, I said.

Mark got a silly grin on his face and looked very amused.

“Oh this I gotta hear,” he said amusedly.

“Well, it seems silly for you to spend money on a hotel in the same city”, I said looking into his eyes.

“I’m a lawyer, I can well afford it, no worries, but thanks for your concern about the possible strain on my finances”, he said laughing.

“It wasn’t your budget I was thinking about”, I replied.

“Well, are you going to let me in on this idea running around in your head?”, Mark asked inquisitively.

“My boyfriend Jim, the one that lives on the floor above you, he’s out of town for the next five days. You could stay in his unit, he’d be none the wiser, and we could…get to know one another better”, I stated matter of factly.

Mark opened his mouth as if to speak, but then he closed it, raising his hand to his chin as if he was in deep, yet surprised thought.

“I’m terrible, I don’t know why I’d even come up with such a thought, it’s terribly disrespectful to poor Jim to think of doing such a thing. Entertaining a man in his own home while he’s innocently out of town on business”, I said.

“Yes, ‘poor Jim’ indeed, I wonder if he knows what a crafty, little slut his girlfriend really is?”, he asked with a smirk on his lips.

When he called me a slut I felt a jolt of excitement course throughout my body and this time it was me opening my mouth to speak, but Mark silenced me with a kiss. I opened my mouth hungrily for his probing tongue and we kissed passionately there in the elevator we’d first fucked in a few weeks ago. Without a word Mark pressed the elevator, not for the lobby, but for the floor above his, where Jim’s unit was. He took his suitcase in one hand and my hand in the other as we walked down the corridor to Jim’s unit and I let us in with my key. He looked around casually and commented the floor plan seemed the same as his was and how he liked the decor as he sat on the sofa and I got us some drinks. Poor Jim, me about to entertain a man in his bed, use his unit for a hotel and drinking his liquor to boot, I really must be a slut as Mark stated, yet somehow it didn’t feel wrong.

I brought us some white wine and we talked for a while then I noticed Mark staring at my breasts in the low cut blouse that I was wearing and the bulge in his pants seemed to be getting bigger and I went over and sat down next to him and started to rub his cock through his pants and he was indeed rock hard through them. I unzipped him and took his cock out and started to stroke it in my hand as we kissed there on Jim’s sofa. I felt so naughty and wondered what he’d think if he knew. He’d be so hurt, feel so betrayed. Yet I continued to masturbate Mark on my boyfriend’s sofa, only thinking of my own needy pussy and how bad I again wanted to feel Mark’s thick cock inside of me.

“Let’s go the bedroom”, I said.

My first thought was I’d glad I’d changed the sheets after I got up, that would be so tacky to fuck in the same sheets with two different guys, yet still the same bed, such standards I had, talk about splitting hairs! Mark pulled back the sheets and we quickly undressed each other between deep, wet kisses. I got on all fours, elbows down, ass up and waited for my dripping cunt to be impaled with his huge dick. I winced when he entered me and my juices were slowly dripping down my thighs with each pump of his cock inside. The bed was shaking with each forceful thrust. Mark groped at my tits and pulled on my nipples as he drove that cock into me and pounded that cunt from behind, feeling his balls slap against my ass with every thrust and he rubbed my clit with his fingers underneath me.

I clenched my cunt muscles around his cock and milked him for all I was worth and he drained his seed into me and I felt it trickle down my leg and form a small wet spot on the clean sheets I’d changed only a couple of hours ago. We lay panting on the bed, breathless and spent and had some more wine when I got up to bring the rest of the bottle into the bedroom. After around a half hour I was hungry for that cock once more and it was still a bit wet from my pussy juices as I took it in my mouth to get it hard again and tasted myself on it. I massaged Mark’s balls in my hand as I worked his shaft in and out of my drooling mouth as my tongue explored every inch of that beautiful, tasty cock until he blew another load down my throat.

He then lay me back on the bed and started kissing down my throat, my breasts, taking some time to toy with and suck on my nipples before going downwards to my tummy and then to my even juicer than ever pussy. My lips spread open like a flower for him and he licked at my clit and sucked on it until I was gripping the sheets in one hand and his hair in the other as I bucked upwards at his face cumming in great wails of ecstasy. Fuck he made me cum hard. In Jim’s own bed. I really am a slut to behave so wantonly I thought.

This wickedness continued on for the next four days. We used Jim’s unit as a love nest, as Mark’s place was being painted and aired out and we went to work each morning and spent most of the evenings after dinner fucking each others brains out. This would be our final night together here, as Jim was due back in the morning.

“God I love your cock”, I said to Mark as I was riding him.

“It’s so thick, I just love the way it fills me up”, I admitted.

“I love your pussy too, so smooth and wet and tight”, he stated.

His hands were all over my tits as I continued to grind my clit against the base of his cock until I felt another orgasm welling up inside of me and I came explosively. I came so well and so hard with Mark, it was incredible how sexually compatible we were considering we barely knew each other. My cell phone began to ring and I was a bit surprised, I wasn’t expecting anyone to call. I still had Mark’s cock inside of me as I answered it. It was Jim. He had taken an earlier flight and was just leaving from the airport.

“Mark, there’s been a change in plans, Jim is on his way home NOW. He will be here in under thirty minutes. You need to gather up all your things-all of them and leave. I have to try and change the bed and get showered before he arrives”, I commanded.

Mark got right up and hurriedly packed his things without even folding them, just shoving them into his bag. I had the bed stripped in a minute, tossed the soiled sheets in the hamper and got in the shower and got out less than five minutes before Jim breezed in, totally unaware of the betrayal that had been going on under his own roof. Not knowing that he’d hosted a man who’d fucked his girlfriend in his own bed every possible way for the last few days as we ate his food and drank his booze.

“I bet you’ve been horny for me, haven’t you, you little minx!”, Jim teased.

“I sure have, I didn’t even masturbate the entire time you were away”, I said truthfully. Not that I’d needed to masturbate with all the orgasms Mark had been giving me.

“Ah, it’s good to be back home, I’ve missed you dear”, he said sincerely. He hugged me tightly and I could feel him getting hard as I sat on his lap. Looks like I was going to be having even more sex today, I grinned to myself.



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