Ghost Busted

A female ghost hunter gets more than she bargained for when while hunting for ghosts, she has a sexual experience with a male spirit and a disembodied cock.

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A 37 min 34 min long recording.

I enter the two-person bedroom that I’ve rented for the weekend, while carrying my overnight bag and my large, bulky techie backpack. With my hands full, I kick backwards to close the door behind me. I carefully drop my bags to the wooden floor, and then sigh in relief that I’m no longer a pack mule.

Despite staying at a bed and breakfast place, my rented bedroom is larger than I expected. I’m grateful that I have my own bathroom and shower.

I’m running by instinct, as I’ve done it so many times before, when I deploy my tech. I start by setting up and booting up my high-end laptop. I setup one digital thermometer in the bathroom, the second one on the night stand by the large bed, and the last one at the window. I open an app on my laptop, and then confirm that all three digital thermometers are transmitting their data via Bluetooth. I also make sure that my EMF meter is transmitting to my laptop.

Why do I have all this equipment? I’m Sharon, your sexy paranormal investigator. I post my ghost hunting jaunts on my blog.

I glance at my watch, and then gasp in shock in realizing how late it was! It’s already early evening, and there’s too much to do before my ghost investigation starts.

I spent a minute to text my guy that I’ve arrived safe and sound. I would love to call him to hear his husky voice, but then I would spend way too much time with him on the phone. My phone pings with a response from my guy, where he has also sent me a picture. I look at the picture, and then recognize his infamous Spam curry.

“Ugh! Spam curry?!?”

My disgusted tone reveals how much I don’t like Spam. I resist the urge to text my guy back, as I’m on the clock.

I start by recording for my paranormal blog an introductory video of this ghost investigation. After my greeting, I give the low-down on where I’m currently at and what I’m trying to do here. I reassure my fans that I will post links to the reported ghost sightings at this place. I tell everyone to wish me luck, and that I’ll post my ghost investigation in a day or two.

I switch off the room lights, and then use the glow of my laptop as a night light. I turn my video camera back on again, and then start its record in night vision mode. And then at this point, here’s where the real excitement starts! Okay…not really.

The minutes tick away. And then the hours pass by. I don’t just sit there in silence. I spend this time catching up in responding back to the comments on my blog. I keep my mind active, so that I don’t succumb to sleep. I also eagerly await for any signs of paranormal activity: a drastic drop in temperature, high EMF readings, objects moving on their own, or an apparition recorded on video.

During the last big EMF spike, however, I could swear that something whispered into my ear. I couldn’t understand what’s spoken to me, but I suddenly find myself very aroused! I find myself breathing heavier, like when I’m just about to unzip my guy’s pants to reveal his hard, shaved cock. I also feel my now swollen nipples poking through my bra. I squirm as my bare snatch tingles with excitement and with the warmth of arousal. I even feel my clitty swelling from its fleshy hood.

I’m left in my unexpected horny state, when my timer beeps. The timer tells me that my paranormal investigation for the evening has ended. I typically end my ghost hunting around two in the morning, as I personally believe that the most paranormal activity happens during the witching hour.

I yawn as my caffeine buzz has ended. I turn off all of my equipment, leave all of my equipment as-is, and then prepare for bed. After a few minutes, I’m changed into my guy’s extra-large superhero T-shirt that he just wore the other day. When I’m away from my guy, I always borrow one of his freshly worn T-shirts so I’m reminded of him when I slumber. My large, supple breasts are relieved to be freed out of my bra. I always go to bed commando, where I can feel the air brushing against my smooth pussy.

I lie down in the nice, large bed and then…

“What the fuck?!?”

I see a sudden drop in temperature on my nightstand thermometer, and a huge spike on my portable EMF meter. I try to get up from the large bed, but…


But I can’t! I now feel something holding down my arms and legs! I struggle against my invisible captor, while wiggling like a worm, but I fail to free myself. I have no time to think about what’s happening to me, as the invisible entity spreads my legs apart!

“No! Stop!”

Despite my protest, I’m helpless as my long, athletic legs are forced apart. My invisible captor wants my legs spread wide apart, where I feel like I’m being ripped apart like a turkey wishbone! Soon, my legs are pulled out into a grossly wide V-shape. My shapely hips pulse with a dull pain from the taxing of my flexibility.


I just gasped in surprise as I now feel the air passing along the inner pink of my cunt! I quickly assess that my extremely stretched out legs have caused my labia to open up. I’m not surprised, that my big pussy lips have parted like a butterfly spreading out its wings.

“Fucking shit!”

I blurted out in a mix of surprise and pleasure, as I’m completely unprepared for a tongue lashing along my exposed snatch! I feel…


…a flattened tongue slowly licking my pussy. I moan in delight as the invisible, but steady, sloth-like licking teases me by moving up along my swollen labia and then…

“(Gasp!) Oh fuck!”

…flicks over my sensitive love button! Arousal pulses out from my swelling clitty, and then ripples throughout my sexy, nearly naked body. With the unknown entity still holding me down, I can only twist my torso along the bed. My huge boobies jiggle from my twisting. My breathing quickens as I feel my orgasm building up within me.

The talented tonguing continues by slowly passing down over my spread open cunt lips, but deliberately and expertly avoids my inner–and now glistening wet–pink pussy. The invisible licking strokes the flesh between my pussy and my butt, and then flicks over my always tight and puckered asshole.


Tonguing my forbidden fuck hole, when muff diving on me, drives me crazy! I’m moaning and squirming on the bed. I’m desperately want to cum so badly now, where I no longer mind the I’m being ravished against my will. Whatever anger I had for the mysterious entity has been replaced by sexual passion.

The invisible tongue continues to slowly lap away at my now burning hot and juicy cunt. Each lick makes me wetter and hornier. I’m cooing with pleasure, and thoroughly enjoying the tongue lashing given to me.

“Just like that! (Moan!) Just like that! Lick me up!”

The unknown force expertly licks away at my wet pussy. I’m now so fucking horny now! My pink nipples have swelled into hard, fleshly tips. My now engorged clitty has completely swollen out of its flesh hood, and is blatantly visible. I’ve been blessed with a very gigantic clit that swells up as large as the tip of my thumb.

“Oh fuck! My clitty is…(Pant!)…is so big now!”

For the next few minutes, the tongue lashing brings me to the peak of my arousal–where I desperately want to climax–but doesn’t push me over the edge. I stare blankly at the ceiling, as I’m overwhelmed with the pleasure that I’m being given. I feel my sweet juice oozing out of my gaped open cunt, and then tickling down to my asshole. If my sexual predator does have a mouth, it doesn’t have the ability to lap up my pussy juice.

“Yes! (Pant!) Fuck! So…(Pant!)…good!”

I’m squirming, panting, and moaning as my bare snatch continues to be licked, all while I am denied my orgasm! During this time, however, I feel my energy–No, that’s not right. It’s as if my essence was being leached out, like how a vampire sucks on your blood.

Oh fuck! I need to cum so badly now!!! It’s sheer torture that I’m not able to climax! The pleasure in having my cunt eaten out over and over again is becoming too much bear. I’m breathing so quickly now that I can barely catch my breath. I can feel my heart thumping so fast and hard. Despite being in excellent physical shape, I’m not sure how much longer my sexy body can withstand the intense physical exertion that I’m going through!

“Please! (Pant!) Let me cum! (Pant!) Whoever you are…(Pant!)…let me cum!”

After my pleading, I suddenly feel something latch over my gigantic clitty! Like a small tube has been placed onto my engorged love button. The tube twists back and forth where it feels like someone is rolling my gigantic clit between their fingers!

I scream out a loud, guttural cry of pleasure, “FUCK!!!”

And then suction forms within the mysterious tube to tug my big clitty! Not the sweet suckling that a person’s mouth could do. A much powerful force, like the kind of suction a low powered vacuum could provide. The vacuum-like suction pulls on my gigantic love button with such force! My engorged clit is yanked upward and stretched out!

I quickly blurt out words that match my rapid breathing, “Oh fuck! (Pant!) Oh fuck! Oh fuck!”

Suddenly, my huge clitty has been stretched out so much that it feels like my swollen love button has been transformed into a fleshy column! I’m too fucking horny to be shocked at what’s happening to my engorged clit. The severe suction on my clitty gives me exactly what I needed, and then makes me explode with my much desired climax!

“(Gasp!) Kuh–! (Pant!) (Pant!) Kuh–! (Pant!)”

In my mind, I’m screaming out “Cumming!”…but I’m not coherent. I can’t speak whole words right now! I’m loudly screaming out an incomprehensible, guttural cries of pleasure. My sexy, barely clothed body is bombarded with the explosive burst of my orgasmic pleasure in cumming so hard!

I takes something special to make me cum so hard My guy can make me climax this hard by–Fuck! I’m cumming so hard that I can’t even think straight!

I wildly thrash on top of the bed like a Mexican jumping bean, while my invisible captor still manages to keep me held down. My large titties are sloshing back and forth across my chest, and even violently banging together. I probably look like someone having epileptic spasms, instead of someone having a mind-blowing orgasm.

“(Pant!) Ooohhh my–!”

After the initial wave of my orgasmic release explodes from me, I wail in a long, silent cry of pleasure as I push forward with my pelvic muscles. My gaping cunt spasms, and then gushes out a seeming tidal wave of my sweet juice. My pussy juice, which is still warm, runs down like a fresh spring stream down my inner thighs; and then flows over my tight, puckered asshole. After my sweetness has gushed out of me, I strain with the hardest kegels of my life where my white, feminine jizz pushes out of me. My guy has complimented me that my cunt looks like an exploding Twinkie when I push out my cream-like cum. My pretty eyes roll back from the intensity in still cumming so hard! When I finish pushing my pelvic muscles, I’ve creamed so much that my snatch looks like a freshly powered ski hill.

I collapse onto the bed in utter exhaustion. My face and chest are flushed red. I’m huffing and puffing like crazy, as I desperately try to regain my breath.

As I lay there to recover, I no longer feel anything pleasuring me. I also feel like a big burst of my essence was leached from me. The combination in having myself drained physically and spiritually makes it incredibly hard for me to think beyond the simplest of terms. I certainly don’t have the strength to struggle against the invisible hands holding me down.

Despite only being orally pleasured and having a vacuum-like assault onto my poor, stretched out clitty, my pussy throbs for attention. I desire for something to be plunged into my drenched, cream-covered snatch! My throat feels dry and raw, where I can only mutter in a low, bare audible voice.

“Please…fuck me. Fuck me.”

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any weirder, I see an eerie, green glow above my cream-covered pussy.

I blurt out in a completely freaked out voice, “What the fuck is going on?!?”

From the green glow, I helplessly watch a thick, hard green phallus form in mid-air! This strange green erection floats in the air, while a sheen of lime-colored slime oozes and drips from the weird cock.

I can’t help buy stare in awe as the disembodied, slimy erection moves toward my gaped, cream-coated pussy. Part of me desires for the now corporeal penis to plunge into my drenched cunt!

The slimy tip of the ectoplasmic dick brushes past my large, puffy cunt lips…


Just feeling the eerie cock along my labia excites me so much! Despite how otherworldly the disembodied phallus looks, the flesh of the erection feels just like a man’s cock. I eagerly watch the bulbous head push into the seemingly tiny opening of my gaped cunt. The large head easily stretches me out, and then deftly slips into me!

“Yes, oh yes! (Moan!) Feels so good!”

Having a rock hard cock inside of me instantly re-energizes me! My physical and spiritual exhaustions are replaced by my lust to be thoroughly fucked by this strange dick. Green slime has oozed off of the hard shaft and flowed into the cream of my white jizz. For whatever reason, I think that my snatch looks like liquified lime gelatin mixed with melted whipped cream.


I can’t help myself giggling from imagery.


I just gasped in pleasure–ending my brief silliness–as the first inch of the ectoplasmic cock enters me. And, just like a man’s dick, this hard, slimy phallus radiates with its own warmth.

I close my pretty eyes to focus on how good it feels to have a wide, hard cock enter my drenched cunt inch by inch. I blatantly moan in pleasure as the green cock snakes its way into me! So thick! My pussy walls have never been expanded open this much before!

I’m surprised, but thankful, that my snatch resumes juicing again! Very thankful, as my newly produced sweetness provides the lubrication for the wide girth of the eerie, green cock to glide into me. I’ve discovered that the slime of the disembodied phallus provides no lubrication at all. I’m pretty sure that if I wasn’t juicing, then I’d be in danger of having my tight pussy being torn.

“Oh yesss!”

I just purred in delight as the last inch of the slimy, green dick pushes into me!

And then–just like what happens in a porno–the hard, ectoplasmic phallus swiftly pulls out of me!

“Fucking shit!”

I blurted out in shock! The disembodied, green cock rams hard and fast back into my vulnerable cunt! The eerie, steel hard dick rapidly pounds my slime coated snatch. My creaminess has completely disappeared. I have no time to ponder what has happened to all of my creamy, white jizz, as the ectoplasmic dick batters my poor pussy over and over again.

I tightly grip the comforter of the large bed, as I holding on for dear life as I’m savagely and brutally fucked! I’m panting rapidly again, and I feel my heart pounding loudly in my chest.

I feel a pair of invisible hands squeeze my huge breasts! I helplessly see my titty flesh ripple uncontrollably and poked into repeatedly, as the unseen hands maul my big boobies. My large breasts turn red from the constant abuse in being grabbed and squished over and over again like someone kneading dough.


I screamed in intense pleasure! The eerie, disembodied phallus keeps roughly pounding my poor cunt, where I can only focus in enduring the savage fucking that I’m receiving. I find my butterfly-like pussy lips clinging to the hard shaft of the eerie, green cock as it rams me over and over again.

Once again, just like when my pussy was being licked, I feel my essence being drawn out of me again! I can only tightly grip the comforter, while hoping that my otherworldly ravishing stops soon.

“Please…(Pant!)…no more!”

I’ve managed to desperately plead! I’m expecting too much from the mysterious entity of the ectoplasmic cock to have any ounce of compassion. Instead, I hear unearthly laughter echo throughout the room! I feel a ripple of fear race up my spine.

After a few moments, the scary cackle ends. I suddenly see the disembodied phallus glow a bright green; and then feel the hard shaft twitching inside of me! I know that there’s going to be an eruption within me.

“No! (Pant!) Don’t cum in me!”

I shrieked out in panic! I have no desire for the invisible force to ejaculate inside of me. And I have no idea what the ectoplasmic spunk will do to me! My desperate plea falls upon deaf ears as the brightly glowing phallus cums deep inside of my pussy!

“No! Stop! No!”

I whimpered in fear. I lay there helplessly, as I feel ropes and ropes of eerie jizz fill me up. The otherworldly spunk feels as hot and gooey as a man’s cum. Unlike any man that’s fucked me, including the several ropes of jizz that my guy ejaculates, I endure a seemingly river of ectoplasm flood my poor cunt!

After a few more moments, the eerie phallus stops cumming inside of my reddened cunt and then stops glowing. The slimy, disembodied cock completely pulls out of me. The ectoplasmic cock is still rock hard, and shows no signs of softening! I spend little time keeping my pretty eyes focused on the withdrawn green penis.

“What the fuck–?!?”

I blurted out in shock and surprise, as I watch lime-colored goo ooze out of my freshly fucked cunt. I see a pool of green slime form underneath me.

I’m watching the ectoplasm ooze out of my gaped out pussy too intensely, where I fail to notice the bulbous head of the eerie, floating phallus touch my gigantic, engorged clit.

“Fuck…(Gasp!)….fucking shit!!!”

I wailed loudly in pleasure, as the large tip of the disembodied cock rubs my huge love button! Pleasuring my super-sensitive clitty makes me cum again! Once again, I am screeching like a bitch in heat as I climax!

I’m barely conscious as I explode with my second, earth-shaking orgasm. While I’m still cumming, I feel the rock hard, ectoplasmic cock plunge hard and deep back into me! I’m screaming at the top of my lungs, as I feel like I’m bursting with a non-stop orgasm! The intense pleasure overwhelms me, in addition to being taxed physically and spiritually, to where I pass out.

The mysterious entity must have a weird sense of humor, because afterwards there was a partial video recording of my otherworldly ravishing. The video showed me unconscious and spasming uncontrollably, while the disembodied, slimy cock savagely rams my cunt over and over again. The video also revealed how my large breasts squeezed like water balloons, as the unseen hands mauled my huge, reddened boobies. The video ends with the glowing, floating cock spurting green slime all over my unconscious body.

When I awoke the next morning, however, no ectoplasm remained. And, to my great relief, there were no physical signs on me that I had been fucked by my paranormal visitor.


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.