The Whole World

A disturbing scene about prison rape, something that happens, and how the weaker men are feminized and turned into bitches for the alpha males.

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Let’s Talk About Prison Punks And Their Jockers Now Boys And Girls.

Two big jockers corner Joseph and threaten to beat him up unless he
agrees to drop to his knees like a prison punk and give them both oral sex.
If he does, they promise, they won’t pull his pants down and give him a butt
pounding. But as soon as he’s done, they think differently. Well, this punk’s
gift is for wrapping his lips around bigger men’s dicks.” They are about to
bend him over when Gus comes along.

Gus rescues Joseph. The new punk thinks he has been saved, until he
realizes Gus has a proposition. If he will be his “prison wife”—submitting to
anal and oral sex, and basically being under Gus’s complete control—then
Joseph will be saved from repeated gang rape by other sex-starved

It is an arrangement known as hooking up where a physically weaker
prisoner tries to avoid being assaulted repeatedly by coming under the
protection of a “jocker” who will sexually enslave him. In most cases, the
jocker will try to force his reluctant punk to become more feminine. (A
similar storyline occurred in the OZ, the disturbing HBO series that made
sexual violence and forced feminization in prison part of pop culture. Gus
completely feminizes Joseph, who is too weak, scared, and vulnerable to
offer up much, if any, resistance. It begins with their first unwilling act of
sex. As in many stories of forced feminization, rape is the moment when a
punk’s will is broken and the feminine transformation begins: “He
understood now that there was no manhood to salvage once you’ve let
yourself be taken like a woman. And so the prison punk didn’t just sob. The
prison punk cried his heart out into his pillow as his jocker husband gave
him a honeymoon he would never forget.”

The punk is shocked again and again as his jocker forces him to knuckle
under. Gus forces his new punk to wear makeup and women’s clothing.
Under his jocker’s domination and the threat of gang rape, the punk
continues to become increasingly feminine.

Later, Joseph the prison punk falls for another prison punk, Carlos, another
man who is “hooked up” with a dominant prison bully, but not required to
undergo feminization. There is much more to Joseph’s story—his being
cuckolded by his wife and former boss, at the same time that he is being
robbed of his masculinity and manhood in prison.

Predictably, she brings in “Big Al,” a huge man likened to Arnold
Schwarzenegger—a man whose gender and sexual identity is
unimpeachable, unlike weak Mark or Joseph. Mark is ashamed because he
chose to wear an especially feminine raspberry nightgown that night, when
he is being exposed to this big, strong man’s man. He forces his penis in
Mark’s mouth and then forces anal sex on him. The striking thing about this
horrific scene is how the author portrays Mark as responding to Al sexually.
In fact, he adopts the new name that Big Al gave him (Linda), completing
the transformation that rape apparently commences. He is now Linda.
The message is either that gender and sexual identity are completely
pliable, or that certain weak and cowardly men are predisposed to be
sexually dominated by men like Gus or Big Al whose sexual identity is not
remotely in question because of their physical prowess. Even though he
engaged in homosexual acts every night, he never had to question himself,
because he was always on top, always in complete control, sexually
dominating his punk completely. But Joseph– well, Joseph was left to sort
out the wreck of his sexual identity.

Taylor Stark is a school wimp and member of the softball team who suffers
severe retribution for calling in sick for a game. The other members of the
team, led by the school bully, punish him by forcing him to wear makeup
and dress like a girl. From there, the charade gets out of control as the
group continues to force him to enact a female identity and, of course, the
guys eventually pull his pants down and give him a prison punk-like butt
pounding. Taylor is renamed “Bambi,” and he becomes essentially their sex
slave—a sort of “prison wife” on the outside. A cowardly man is a prison
bitch if he doesn’t stand his ground against other men. People make jokes
about prison rape, as if it is par for the course that a shoplifting conviction
naturally brings with it the penalty of sexual violence and trauma. Prison
inmates rationalize the rape and forced sexual relationship of “hooking up”
as a reflection of the gay tendencies or personal weakness of particular

As one prisoner put it:

Yeah, that happens. Prison bullies pick their punks carefully. Prison
bullies want to dominate a guy who acts like a girl. They want to be with a
man who will act like a woman when forced to. They hook-up with punks.
There’s plenty of forced sex in prison. You know, if you act like a punk,
you’ll get bullied and dominated like a punk. Every man is one rape away
from being broken, rebuilt, re-gendered as a prison punk. And prison is
the ultimate metaphor for forced sexual domination where brute force
allows the strongest to rewrite the rules of identity and society.


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.