Lingerie Shopping

A crossdresser finds some fun in the dressing room while shopping for lingerie at the lingerie store with the store owner. To Listen To Me Read This Story, Click “Lingerie Shopping”  A 10 min 24 sec recording. You are the owner of a high end lingerie boutique that I’ve shopped at now for a year …

Daryl The Sissy

Sweet sissy Daryl loves to be encouraged in his love of being a sissy and wearing girls clothes and pretty panties. To Listen To Me Read This Story, Click “Daryl The Sissy”  A 20 min recording. Hello Daryl, I wanted to talk to you about something very important, something you keep hidden away from everyone. …

Lingerie & Stockings

To Listen To Me Read This Story, Click “Lingerie & Stockings” – A sexy scenario describing us fucking with me in some sexy lingerie and stockings. A 4 min 34 sec recording.

Panty Lovers

Listen to “Panty Lovers”   “Panty Lovers” – For all the panty lovers out there. Ones that wear, sniff, and use stolen ones for masturbating into. A 4 min long recording.