Welcome To Hot Beach

Warning: For ones offended by racial slurs, be warned this recording contains them. Many are not familiar with the term “racial humiliation”, it is indeed a fetish and a popular one. Many blacks and other races enjoy being degraded for humiliation. Ones into interracial cuckold or black superiority fantasies often like racial slurs being used, so if such terms offend you, I’d suggest you don’t read the following story or listen to the recording.

 The residents of Hot Beach will never be the same when the quiet beach community is invaded by thousands of well hung black guys ready to take over the white women  and show them what they have been missing in the way of their big, black cocks. The white men simply can’t compete and are thwarted at every turn in this comical story of black male superiority.


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“Welcome To Hot Beach”

A 47 min 52 sec recording.

It’s a proven fact that sex sells. That attractive women wearing skimpy clothes get attention.That hot women wearing tight skirts and showing a lot of cleavage,  draw stares. Chicks with big boobs stop traffic and have men lining up to do whatever they ask. Big titty women have other women jealous and men drooling at the site of their huge breasts. And in the resort town of  Hot Beach, this is especially true. Although there were many indecency lawsuits against the town,the powers that be have always struck down these lawsuits. These “powers that be” are wealthy white businessmen ,judges and politicians. having scantily clad young women walking around town was good for business and pleasant to the eye of these white perverted men. Although many women complained about the hot bodied young girls wearing yoga pants,sling shot swim suits,or micro bikinis  24-7, there was no beating town hall,and these influential men  actually encouraged such a dress code.
However, the town of Hot Beach changed at the end of the summer 2012. On the gorgeous white sand beaches, with thousands of young women flaunting their beautiful bodies, and even more pasty white pervs staring at them. It seems that one young girl arrived at the beach with her boyfriend, a 21 year old black boy. Hot Beach was a 99 % white southern town and that’s the way the older white leaders wanted to keep it.  As the young girl stripped down to her tiny bikini,  her black boyfriend shed his shirt and shorts and was only wearing a small shiny blue speedo that barely contained his incredibly large penis. It seemed the entire beach came to a halt as both men and women stopped and stared at this well hung black boy. 
There were gasps of awe at the site of this speedo clad black dick. Several hot young girls gathered around the black stud for a closer look. White women walked away from their white husbands and boyfriends for a up close look at the black boy with a giant cock. The white men stood there stunned at the sight of this nigger boy with a cock that hung down to his knees. Before long the entire beach was focused on this young black man. Within an hour, the police had arrived and arrested the young man for indecent exposure. It seemed the white,”powers that be” were threatened by this young black man showing off the enormous cock he was blessed with. The white judge ordered him released,however he was ordered never to wear a speedo,g string or any skimpy swimsuit again. 
Of course every female in town marched to town hall and complained. How dare these white men have two dress codes, how dare they discriminate against black men, how dare they encourage young women to walk around in tiny bikinis, yet order black men to conceal their large dicks. The white officials stood firm, however the story was all over social media and on television. The case went to the state supreme court, and they over ruled the local authorities. Hot Beach could no longer prohibit anyone from wearing skimpy speedos,bikinis or any clothing as long as a person was not completely naked. As the entire country heard about the decision, it seemed to backfire against the white men in the town of Hot Beach. By the following summer, black men flocked to this beach resort. 
They wanted to avenge the discrimination and move to the racist town. Thousands of black boys arrived at Hot Beach seeking jobs,beach life and beautiful women. These black men came armed with their big cocks and skimpiest speedos. From this time forward, they would literally and figuratively own Hot Beach. Of course with their arrival, also came thousands more bikini clad white girls. The law stated no person could be naked,so these black men and young white girls pushed the dress code as far as they could. In fact a newly designed “latex” speedo was designed for the very well endowed black boys. These latex speedos came in hundreds of colors and prints,they had logos,words and designs on them.  
The latex  speedo fit skin tight, like a condom. It stretched tightly around the muscular black bubble butts of these studs. It fit snuggly around their huge black balls. And showed off the size of these massive black dicks. The latex would be so tight around these big nigger dicks,that every vein could be seen, every huge cock head visible for all to see and admire.  Of course the latex would accommodate the giant horse cocks  as they became erect,  stretching the speedo to the max as these black boys had hard ons for the white women of Hot Beach. 
 As you can imagine, these well hung niggers got all the white women. They fucked as many white girls as they wanted. These black men fucked the wives of these once influential white men. These black boys stole the white boys girlfriends, they turned the white daughters into their personal fuck toys. And obviously the white boys were left cuckolded by these black boys. The white men of Hot Beach no longer had sex with their own girlfriends and wives,they were left to jerk off and only dream about the women who left them for the bigger black men.     
But the sex life of the citizens of Hot Beach was not the most obvious change since these black guys moved to town. It seems everyday life completely changed in this resort town.  Like a bikini clad, big breasted girl gets attention, these young black studs wearing skin tight latex speedos also get attention. That’s right! A Black man showing off his horse cock in a latex swimsuit, also gets attention,  a lot of attention.(giggle)  Attention from white women and white men. The sight of these enormous cocks had women staring, licking their lips, turning their heads, and daydreaming of sucking and fucking these colossal black cocks. But more importantly was the effect these scantily clad black boys had on the white men in town. 
The white boys were literally stopped in their tracks at the sight of these massive niggers dicks. When a white boy made eye contact with one of these enormous black cocks he would be frozen,his jaw would drop,he would be hypnotized by the obviously superior black penis that was in his sight. The new “speedo” law allowed any man to wear a tiny skin tight swimsuit in town, but no white man dare wear one,because  as we all know, white boys have tiny little dicks. 2 inches on average(laugh,laugh)  And everyone knew black men have bigger dicks. 14 inches on average.   But now that we see the size difference 24-7,  the white boys world has turned upside down. When a white couple is walking down Main Street, and a Black stud is sporting a speedo, the woman stares with delight. 
The white man gets one look at the huge black member and is stunned. The white boy feels inadequate,insecure, under equipped. As whitey becomes hypnotized and stares at the giant black man meat, you almost know what he is thinking. The white boy is overcome with thoughts of inferiority, he feels overwhelmed by the size of the black mans cock. The white boy can’t help feeling like less of a man, as he stares at the incredible bulge ready to burst out of it’s latex banana hammock. The white boy feels feminized as he looks at a dick not just 2 or 3 times bigger than his, but often more than 5 times bigger. 
Deep down inside the white boy is willing to submit to the black man, simply because nigger cock is bigger,better and deserves to be respected. As the black man continues to walk down Main Street, the white boy is so preoccupied at watching the huge black dick that he often walks straight into a lamp post or parked car.(giggle) Leaving the white boy humiliated as both his girlfriend and the well endowed black boy laugh.  The entire town of Hot Beach is full of scenes like this. These black studs know the power their cocks have over white men and they get exactly what they want. 
Here are some examples:
A young white couple goes to a restaurant to celebrate their wedding anniversary. The waiter is a 21 year old black boy working his way through college. He is wearing only a shiny black speedo that is housing a black cock that is the size of a baseball bat. As he approaches the table, the young wife grins from ear to ear. The white husband is shocked at the enormous size of the waiters cock, yet he is unable to look away. The white boy is mesmerized by the mammoth cock the black boy processes. As the waiter recites the daily specials both husband and wife stare at  the huge cock.  The wife orders a drink,something incredibly large I can suck on she says with a chuckle. 
The waiter asked the husband for his drink order and the white boy mumbles incoherently as he continues to stare at the black boys cock. When the time came to order dinner the white boy asked the waiter a question concerning the menu. As the waiter turned toward the white boy,  his huge black cock accidentally flopped down and sprawled across the very menu the white boy was holding. With this giant nigger dick inches from his face, something clicked inside the white boys head: anyone  with a dick this enormous,deserves respect. From that point forward,  the white boy would answer the waiter: yes sir or no sir. The young wife giggled as her husband basically drooled at the huge black dick.She began to wonder,who is serving who? The white husband was helpless as he watched his wife slip her phone number in the shiny black speedo, the young black stud was wearing. 
When the check arrived,the meal was like $60, the wife suggested another $60 dollars for a tip. As the husband reluctantly wrote $60 on the tip line, the young black boy once again stuck his large black dick in the white boys face. Out of total respect to the huge black cock,the white husband added another zero, giving his well hung black superior a $600 tip.  Later that evening, the white couple was home trying to celebrate their anniversary with sex. But with the thought of an enormous nigger dick in his head, the white boy could not get his dick hard. He felt so inadequate, he could not get an erection. The phone rang later, soon after the frustrated wife stormed out the door. The white husband knew she went to meet the waiter, and he also could not blame her. After all, his tiny limp white dick was no match for the extraordinary large black dick.(giggle) 
Just as women with big tits seem to get all the attention, just as the men have always bent over backward to cater to their every whim,  this is how these well hung,speedo wearing black men have been treated. For example, the line at the local Starbucks was filled with white guys, waiting 30 minutes or more. The pretty young girls working behind the counter noticed a black man entering the door. Despite the numerous white boys waiting, the girls waved the black man to the front of the line. The white boys complained and asked what made him so special. Just then then black man wearing a gold lame’ speedo turned towards the white boys.  The sight of what looked like a soft black dick that was some 10 inches long, put the white bitches in their place. In fact those little white boys apologized to the black man saying stuff like: “sorry sir” or “pardon us for being so rude,Sir”.   And to top it off, the pretty young girl at the counter gave him his coffee for free. As the black stud left, another well hung black boy entered the store, obediently the white boys let him in the front of the line.(giggle)
All over town the new dress code had changed everyday life. Anytime a well muscled black man with a huge cock swinging in a skin tight speedo approached, white boys became instantly submissive. They would open doors for the black man. The white boys would answer, “yes sir’ and ” no sir’.  They would stand quietly by as these niggers would take their women from them. The white guys would look at these giant black dicks and automatically become the black mans bitch.(giggle)  On one occasion,at a crowded grocery store parking lot, a sports car pulled right in front of the entrance. An obvious no parking  and fire zone. 
One irate white bystander approached the car in order to yell at the driver. Just as the white boy was about to ask the if this driver thought the rules did not apply to him ,out of the car pops a young black man,dressed only in a red speedo. The white boys anger instantly turned into admiration as he gazed at the black man who had a dick the size of a horse,a very big horse!  The white boy just stared , and instead of yelling at this black man, he obediently grabbed a shopping cart and asked if could be of any service. The black guy,knowing he was in control,patted the white boy on the head,and said,”watch my car for me,little man.”  Yes sir, the submissive white boy mumbled, and by the time the black stud returned,the white boy was wiping the car clean. As whitey stood silent gawking at the black mans monster size dick , the black guy said ,well don’t just stand there bitch, put the groceries in the car. Of course the white guy said “yes sir”. (laugh)    And thats life at the New! Hot Beach.
The new latex speedo dress code changed everything in town. For example, Mr Smith, a white teacher at Hot Beach High School, soon became a submissive bitch to big black dick. Mr Smith was the senior history teacher who was known as a strict disciplinarian, a racist,especially known to fail black students. His students,all seniors,and all above 18 and of legal age, hated the strict teacher. Of course things changed when these young black students were allowed to wear tiny latex speedos in class. The white teacher called Leroy Jackson, a young black boy to his desk. Leroy,the teacher smiled,here is your test, you got a F.  As Leroy approached, his humongous cock,stuffed in a neon green speedo, flopped across the teachers desk and on top of the test paper with an big red “F” on it.  
With the racist white teacher sitting at his desk, this speedo clad black dick was directly in front of his face. Mr. Smith was speechless,he was stunned, right before his eyes was a giant cock,a cock of epic proportions.  A cock bigger than any white man can even dream of having. The white teacher had feelings of inferiority as he admired the enormous black dick that was inches from his face. He realized this was not a black boy standing at his desk, this was a man, a freakishly well endowed black man. At that instant, Mr Smiths lifetime of  racism had been turned against him. The white man knew that anyone with a dick that large was a better man than him. Simply put, the black man was his superior,and he was put on this earth to obey the black man. 
Somehow, Mr. Smith  took his eyes of the giant cock long enough to look up at this well endowed black boy, the young black student had a smile from ear to ear. Leroy Jackson knew his big fat black horse cock had put the white man in his place. And the white mans place is to serve the black man. Mr. Smith looked at the huge black dick again,and like the obedient white bitch he was,he changed the grade to an A plus.  He submissively said, “Mr.Jackson, here is a grade more fitting a man of your superior size”. (giggle) All the white students got the grade they earned, but one by one each black boy walked up to the teachers desk,flaunted his enormous black cock an instantly got an A plus.(giggle)   
One beautiful blonde girl walked into class a half hour late, Mr Smith  automatically gave her detention. “No excuses” the teacher said,and the young girl said “have you met my boyfriend Tyrone”. In walked a 18 year old black boy wearing a shiny blue speedo, with a cock that hung to his knees. Obviously the white teacher apologized to the young girl and her black boyfriend, after all, big nigger dick rules the classroom and Mr.Smith.  The entire school had changed, The school nickname was changed from the eagles to the Bulls, a more fitting name for the well hung black boys that roamed the halls. 
Although all the students were 18 and legal, it was fascinating to see these young black boys dominate older white men. The football team practiced in latex speedos with team colors,red and blue, and the word Bulls on their ass. Every white teacher,  male or female did exactly what the black boys wanted. Even Principal Jones,a white bigot from way back, was turned into a submissive bitch at the sight of these big dick black boys. Often the principal was in his office, kissing the black boys ass, and I mean literally on his knees kissing a black boys ass.(laugh) 
Even the all white police force became subservient to the big dick black men of Hot Beach. While setting up a speed trap, a white cop noticed a car speed by,  the passenger ,a beautiful blonde babe, was topless and she was giving a blow job to the driver, a black guy of course. The cop rushed to pull the speeding car over, at last the white cop was going to make the black man pay. Speeding,public nudity,even expired tags. When the interracial couple pulled over, the white cop noticed they were putting their clothes back on, the girl quickly putting her top on,and the black man covering himself with one of those latex speedos. As the cop approached the car, he realized this was his chance to throw the book at this black man, to finally show this “nigger” who the boss was .  
As the white police officer lowered his head in the drivers side window, he began to say “I got you boy”, but suddenly ,the cop was stopped in his tracks. Now that the black man was wearing a a speedo, a white latex speedo, and he was rock hard from this white slut sucking on his dick. His gigantic black dick pointed straight up and stretched out the open window. So as this useless white cop stuck his head in the window, he was staring at the head of a tremendously large dick head. The head was as big as a fist, and since the latex speedo was a clear white, the large black mushroom head was easily transparent, and left the white cop shocked and mumbling “uh,uh,uh,uh,uh.uh”.  Once again, a racist white boy was instantly transformed into a babbling idiot at the sight of a big nigger dick. 
The white bitch just stood there drooling at the black dick head that was literally throbbing and defying the laws of physics by somehow not breaking the thin layer of latex. Both the white girl and this well hung black man laughed at the cop,as he stood mesmerized by the big black horse dick. The black stud joked, I guess you want to see my license and registration, the white boy,still staring right at the huge dick head, mumbled: uh,uh,uh,uh,uh! (laugh) The black man,obviously in charge, swung the car door open and knocked the cop to the ground. The black man jumped out of the car,stood above the white boy. grabbed his giant erect black dick and said “here is my license and registration bitch, my 15 inch black cock”.  
The white boy was in a state of shock as he looked up at this monster size nigger dick. After all, the white bitch must have thought, a man with a 15 inch cock is a super man, a super black man. How inferior the white boy had to feel knowing he had a 2 inch dick,yet this nigger had a cock 7 1/2 times bigger. The white girl just laughed as this once proud, officer of the law , was reduced to submissive slave to this well hung nigger. The girl laughed at the cop and told him to search the speedo for weapons, still staring at colossal black penis in front of him, the cop replied: uh,uh,uh,uh! 
The black man waved the 15 inch prick and said ,”you heard the lady, bitch.  Frisk me!”  The white boy,still gazing at the enormous dick,realized there was no possible room to hide anything in that skintight latex speedo. But the white cop realized that he was obligated to do whatever a man with a cock that big says, he obediently began to do as he was told. Starting with the giant mushroom head, the white boy rubbed his hands around the skintight latex,feeling every pulse of this black mans penis. As he started to frisk the enormous shaft,the white boy thought to himself, this man does have a weapon in that speedo, a 15 inch black weapon that conquers and enslaves white boys. The black guy had a dick that just would not stop. When he reached the bottom of the shaft, the white boy gasped as he saw and caressed the enormous black balls. 
Once again he muttered: uh,uh,uh,uh,uh!  my god he thought, this nigger has a got a huge set of balls. In the background the black guy and his white slut giggled as this white man admired the big black balls. Whitey was in a trance as he juggled the baseball size testicles. Obviously, the black man has bigger balls,therefore, the black man is in charge.The white boy has tiny little balls, so the white boy must serve the black man. Of course then came time to frisk the back of the speedo, the black mans athletic bubble butt, stretched the latex to the max. It was like he had to basketballs stuffed in his speedo. The white girl suggested the cop kiss the black mans ass. And like the little white slave he was, he puckered up and kissed the latex covered black ass. What a sight, a cop pulled a black man over, and there he was, on the side of the road, kissing that niggers ass.(laugh,laugh)  
Knowing they were in control, the interracial couple began forcing the cop to do whatever they wanted. They made the cop write himself speeding tickets,and made him double the fines. They forced him to drive them around in his squad car while they fucked in the back seat. They took him to their home and forced the white cop to handcuff himself, they made him worship the black man and his extremely large dick. They sissified him, they emasculated him, they feminized him and like any inferior white boy, he thanked  the black man for doing so. (laugh,laugh)   Yeah! there is a new sheriff in town, and it’s black cock, big black cock, really,really big black cock!
Of course here in the town of Hot Beach, most of the fun and excitement takes place at the beach. The speedo dress code is most prominent here, on the 2 mile long gorgeous white sand beaches. With 5 star hotels,million dollar beach homes,adult resorts,hip bars and restaurants. The beaches have beautiful young bikini clad ladies enjoying swimming.volleyball.surfing,parasailing, any outdoor activity you could dream of. Hot Beach had it all,  and now it was overpopulated with extraordinary well hung black men wearing latex speedos that showed off how big,  black dick really is. There was no where to hide if you were an insecure white boy, big nigger cock was everywhere. 
Huge black dick was there for black men to flaunt it, for white women to fuck it, and white boys to respect it. The beach was crowded with sun worshippers. Every young white couple that was sunbathing would soon be joined by a black stud that would layout next to them. Wearing an ever so tiny speedo and blessed with an ever so large dick, the black boy would eventually attract the curious eyes of the white couple. The woman would stare at the humongous black dick she always dreams about, while her husband stares knowing very well the black boy that is laying next to him in the sand will soon be cuckolding him, and there is absolutely nothing the white boy can do about it. 
Eventually the white wife would offer to rub oil on the black stud,and soon the husband is alone watching his wife caress every glorious inch of that black body.With the black boy laying on his stomach,the white girl would massage his back and loudly proclaim her love for big black men,despite her husband being within earshot. She even had the nerve to tell the husband to buy drinks for her and her new black boyfriend, As always the white husband, began to refuse, and as always he needed to be shown who the boss was. Without saying a word, the black boy rolled over and exposed that giant dick between his legs,  the white husband looked at the huge nigger cock,and jumped to his feet and obediently ran to fetch drinks for his superior and his wife. For the rest of the day, the white boy would cater to the black mans every whim. by days end, the black stud and white wife would walk home, hand and hand in the sunset. Walking several feet behind them, was the now humiliated white husband, carrying all the beach chairs and towels.(giggle)
Every 200 feet or so along the beach, was stationed a lifeguard. They all happened to be very well muscled and very,very well hung black boys. Each was equipped with a whistle,a life preserver,a 10 foot high lifeguard chair, and of course a red spandex speedo.  Of course wherever there is a lifeguard with a big black horse dick, there is always a dozen or so beautiful women hovering around. The guards would show off  by whistling orders at some white boy to come to the guard chair. Imagine a white boy standing below the chair, he would look up at a big black dick looking down at him, mesmerized, he would be obligated to do what the black boy told him to do.  The girls would laugh as the white boy submissively did as he was told. J
Just the sight of a black cock turned every white boy into the black mans slave. Remember on Baywatch how the girl lifeguards ran across the beach in slow motion, as their bodies glistened in the sun. Now imagine a bunch of well chiseled well hung black guys running in red speedos, as their giant nigger dicks swayed back in forth. These black boys had the attention of everyone on the beach, everyone! 
One 18 year old white punk was at the beach when his mother came calling. His mother,a 40 something,big breasted beauty, came to take her son home to do his household chores. As the mom ordered the boy to leave, this little punk,cursed at her in public,screamed at her,and said ,there was nothing that could make him listen to her. Just then a black lifeguard, just getting off duty,overheard the argument and intervened. The black boy walked up to the punk and said,”  I think you better do as your mommy said”. Like a little smart ass, the white boy yelled,” Who is going to make me!”   As the white boy turned around,standing in front of him was a muscle bound black lifeguard wearing a skintight red speedo that contained a huge fucking  dick. In a state of shock, the white punks jaw dropped at the sight of the cock that hung between the black mans legs. 
With a red latex speedo on, it looked like this nigger had a Pringles can stuffed in his swimsuit. The white boy was dumbfounded by the awesome size of this black horse cock. As he stood there drooling at this giant black penis, the life guard started asking this once cocky white boy some questions. You want to listen to your mommy right? … “yes sir”, the white boy submissively answered.   You want to apologize to your mommy,right? …”yes sir”    You want to go home and do chores right?… “yes sir”  You want to obey your mommy right? ….”yes sir” , the white son said.  Once again, a white boy confronted by a massive nigger cock, had been turned into a slave, a white submissive willing to do whatever the black man says. 
To add insult to injury,the boys mommy jumped into the black boys arms and thanked him for emasculating her son. She laughed at her son and ordered him home to do chores, he obeyed like a little bitch.  The mommy and the lifeguard also went home. It seems that things are going to be different in that house now, the mom and her extraordinary hung black lover are in charge,and the white boy is going to be a domestic slave,forced to do household chores while his mommy becomes a whore for black cock,huge black cock.(laugh,laugh)  
Then there is the story of the white judge who a year ago outlawed the one black boy from wearing a speedo in public. It was his racist decision that led to the upheaval and the eventual overturning of the law. Now his hometown was overcrowded with young black men with foot long dicks, crammed tightly into latex speedos. This racist white mans life had turned upside down. The judge had lost his beautiful young wife to these well endowed niggers. The $10,000 dollar a month alimony check he wrote to his wife, was humiliating enough. But the real insult was that she was spending this money on those “hung like a horse” black guys. She even invested her ex husbands money in a latex speedo store. Once a week, she would sponsor a speedo fashion show to highlight the many styles and the many hung black men of Hot Beach. The white bigot thought his life could not get any worse, but it did.(giggle)    
The judge, tried to have a family day at the beach, to salvage what was left of his family. He had 4 daughters: one 21 year old, twin 19 year olds, and a 18 year old. They were all beautiful, all “daddy’s little girls”. It was a very hot summer day, the beach was packed, and within minutes the father knew a day at the beach was a bad idea. As his girls stripped down to their bikinis, a horde of black men flocked to these young white girls. Instantly the white man was staring at a dozen or so black horse dicks. He was helpless to stop his little girls from running off with these black studs. One by one his daughters laughed at him as they were carried off by these niggers. His oldest girl said, “I am going with these black bodybuilders, don’t wait up daddy”. 
The father stood frozen as he watched his daughter walk way with 4 of the biggest strongest well hung niggers you can imagine. One of the twins ran off to play volleyball with a group 5 or 6 black boys, she simply said, ” I’ll be back daddy, I am going to play with their balls”.  The other twin went parasailing with a black teenager, which seemed innocent enough. However minutes later the white father looked up in the air, and there was his daughter 200′ foot above the beach. But only the black boy was strapped to the parasail, daddy’s little girl was hanging on to the his enormous nigger dick,with both hands and both lips.(giggle)  The white dad started searching for his youngest daughter, 10 minutes later he found her, The only girl in the middle of a 10 person game of Twister.  “Left hand blue”, “right foot green”, Right hand red”. 
His baby girl and 9 black muscle men wearing latex speedos were contorting their bodies in the most sexual ways. The poor white man stood silently as his baby girl had 3 gigantic black dicks laying across her face, two more black cocks in her right hand, and a set of  big balls swinging in her eyes. The white man left the beach in tears, knowing that even his precious little girls were the property of big black nigger dick. He stumbled into a resort hotel to drink his worries away. he entered the elevator,and before the doors closed, a single black man entered ,he held the door for his friends. His friends,  25 black men, gorgeous black men, well hung models, speedo models. 
Although the elevators capacity was 15, these big dick black guys crammed into the elevator, the white racist was packed in the center of 25 black men with anaconda size dicks. His only comfort was the elevator ride would be over in a minute. As the elevator began to move, the black models remarked about the fashion show on the 12th floor they were entered in. The white man soon realized that these men ,these black men with cocks that belong on horses, are participating in his ex wife’s speedo fashion show. The white bigot was thinking that it was his racist attitude that started this speedo craze, and now here he is with a bunch of 13,14,15 and 16 inch black cocks pressing against his entire body. He also cringed at the thought that because of his divorce settlement,it was his own money that was paying these black men.  
My god! he thought to himself, I surrender to nigger dick, I succumb to big black horse cock, I submit to all black men!  It will be my honor to lick a black mans balls! I will beg to kiss a black boys ass!  And as a final act of regret ,he shouted out loud to the black men in the elevator, “Please let me worship big black dick!!!”  And like a sign from above, the elevator suddenly stopped. A voice came over the speaker and said, the elevator is broken and we will have you out in about two hours. The black men laughed,  the white boy was squeezed in the center of  25 well hung niggers, with two hours of free time…….Let the worshipping begin!! (laugh,laugh,laugh)  


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.