Cuckold’s Birthday

A woman tells her husband how she’s going out to celebrate her birthday – with another man.


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“Cuckold’s Birthday”

 A 15 min 48 sec recording.

Hey, honey, you’re finally home…how was your day? Sorry you had to work late, on your birthday, no less, but I’ll make it up to you. Why don’t you take those clothes off, and kneel here beside me. I want you to watch me…I know how much you enjoy watching me put on my makeup, so I don’t want you to take your eyes off me.

Well, let me tell you about my day. I went to the spa and got a nice massage. I got my hair and nails done at the salon…and I gave Traci all the juicy details about our special night tonight. Remember how I needed a little extra money so I could get you a *very* special birthday surprise? Well, I put your credit card to good use…I hope that’s okay. I bought myself a sexy new outfit…I think you’ll like it. I’ll bet you’ve been thinking about my surprise all day, haven’t you? I hope you’ve been really horny thinking about it. Those teasing texts and emails didn’t help much either, did they?

[Very bitchy] Take your hand off of that cock! I will TELL you when you can touch it. [End bitchy]

Awww, how long has it been since you came? Three weeks…a month? At least, huh. I’m soooo mean [giggle]. I’ll bet you have a serious case of blue balls. Are your balls sore? Yeah? Good. I know I’ve been teasing you almost non-stop, and I promised you something very special for your birthday. And what was that special surprise going to entail? Lets see…a nice dinner, a blowjob, and something kinky, hmmm.

So, do you like this lacey new shelf bra I’m wearing? I just bought it today…it really makes my big tits stand out, doesn’t it?

Um…Mike, honey…do you remember a few weeks ago when you told me your most secret fantasy…your deepest, darkest, dirtiest fantasy?

Do you remember what it was?

I’m going to remind you.

It was for me to *cuckold* you, wasn’t it? And I know, sweetie…we agreed that it would best be just left as a fantasy. But, I’ve been thinking about it…and the idea REALLY turns me on! And thinking about you…at home…while your wife goes out and pleasures another man, is so erotic to me.

Awww, the idea of being my cuckold doesn’t turn you on now? No? Then why is your cock so hard?

So here is what’s going to happen tonight.

First, you are going to watch me put on this sexy new outfit that you bought me.

And then I’m going to dinner.

Without you.

Yes honey. I said, *without you*. I am going to *cuckold* you…tonight. Surprise!

Mike…I have a date with a very nice man I met awhile back. He knows I married, and his name is… No…I don’t think I’ll tell you his name. He’s taking me to dinner at that romantic and very expensive restaurant I’ve wanted you to take me to…oh, and I told him that you were paying for it [giggle]. In fact, you’re paying for our entire evening…even the hotel…I still have your credit card, honey. And, in case you’re wondering, yes dear, I do plan on fucking him tonight…among other things. And I want you to know…I have some really dirty things planned for him.

So I want you to watch me put these sheer, black, nylon stockings on. Watch me slide them up my shapely legs. Mmmm, these silky Christian Dior stockings…they feel so good on my legs. They’re so sexy, aren’t they? I’ll bet you would like to touch them wouldn’t you? Sorry dear, that’s not going to happen [giggle]

Then after dinner, we’re going to that club that all your friends hang out at. Oh, and I so hope your friends are there. I’ll make sure they see me with my date, dressed in my sexy outfit. They’ll watch me dancing with him…touching him…letting his hands slide up under my short skirt and expose the tops of my stockings. And they’ll see me kissing him…really kissing him, Mike…long and deep and wet kisses. I’ll feel his tongue in my mouth as I let him fondle my tits.

Your friends do know that it’s your birthday, don’t they? I hope they ask about you [giggle]. I’ll just have to tell them that you’re stuck at home, washing my lingerie and cleaning the house. And then I’ll introduce them to my date. I’ll make sure they know that I’m his *slut* for the night.

Oh, I see this IS turning you on…your cock is so hard. Is it all the humiliation I’m going to do to you, or thinking about me fucking someone else that turns you on? Or maybe it’s both…so, why don’t you go ahead and stroke that cock…slowly.

[A bit bitchy here]
Slower! Do not stop stroking and do not cum! And I don’t want you to stroke any faster, until I tell you. If I have to remind you again, I will make you leave the room…and you won’t see me again until tomorrow.
[End bitchy]

Do you want to know you will be doing while I’m out, honey?

You will be staying here. By yourself.

[Some fake pity added in the next few lines]
All alone, by yourself. While your slutty wife goes out with another man and gets fucked. Are you jealous, honey? Oh…you poor baby [laughing]

Would you like me to cancel my date, and go to dinner with you instead? I’ll bet you would, especially with as hot as I’m going to look. No…torturing and humiliating you is way too much fun. Besides, I want to fulfill every kinky detail of your fantasy of being my cuckold, and I got these clothes to wear just for him. You can beg me if you’d like…in fact, I’d love to hear it…but it won’t change my mind.
[End fake pity]

Now watch as I put on this very short black skirt.

Incidentally, Mike, I was serious about the “washing my lingerie” that I’m going to mention to your friends. I want you to wash all of my lingerie tonight…by hand. That’s all my stockings, panties…everything. I left them all for you in a pile on the couch. And I want everything done by the time I get home tomorrow.

Watch me put on this tight, black satin blouse. I’m going to leave it unbuttoned part of the way, so *everyone* can see my cleavage tonight…except you, of course [giggle]. And my date will be able to touch my tits, whenever and wherever he wants.

You know, while I was out shopping for these clothes, I was thinking all about my date. I wanted to get something that would really turn him on. I wanted to get something so sexy, it would drive *you* fucking crazy thinking about me wearing it out for another man. So do you think this will be sexy enough? I know you love it when I wear stockings, and so does my date. That’s why I’m wearing them…I want you to think about me wearing these sexy stockings, while he gets to enjoy them.

I was also thinking about being on my knees, sucking HIS cock. These luscious, red lips wrapped around his cock…giving him the sloppiest, nastiest fucking blowjob I’ve ever given. You know, I did promise a blowjob for your birthday, didn’t I…I just didn’t say whether I’d be giving that blowjob to you [giggle]. Mmmm, and I’m going to swallow every drop of his cum. And then I’ll lick his cock clean. I’ll be sure and take a picture of me sucking him. Hmmm, should I send it to you right away, or make you wait until tomorrow? [giggle]

To prolong your torture tonight, I might just text you a few juicy details as our evening progresses. Would you like that? You wouldn’t? Awww, well I’m sorry, honey…that’s not up to you, is it?

Now I want you to stroke your cock faster, as I put on these sexy new high heels. These expensive, black patent leather heels, with the bright red bottom. I just love these new heels you bought me, don’t you, honey? Why don’t you kiss them for me.

[Brief pause with some giggling]

Now the other one.

And now I want you to suck on the heel.

Suck that heel…just like I’m going to be sucking off another man’s cock in a few hours. Suck it my little cuckold bitch [giggle]

Mmmm, I think I’m going to *love* this cuckolding thing.

Keep stroking that cock.

Now…I want you to squeeze your balls.



Oh, That must hurt [giggle]. Just imagine how much it will hurt when I squeeze your balls tomorrow. And I promise I won’t be gentle.

So what do you think? Do you think this skirt is too short? Too short for me to go out in public anyway, huh. You can see the tops of my stockings, especially when I sit down, can’t you [giggle]. Can you believe I’m going out like this…without you? Ohh, I really want your balls to ache thinking about me.

Do you think I’m showing too much cleavage? I know this shirt barely contains my tits.

Yeah, too much? You think? [giggle] Good. I want you to think about these tits all night long. Think about these titty-fucking the shit out of my date….covered in oil and straddling his cock. I’ll bet you’d love to stick your face in here wouldn’t you? Kiss and lick my tits while they smother you. Would you like that? Well…that’s just too bad, honey.

I’ll tell you what, Mike…I’ll save the titty fucking until right before I leave tomorrow. I’ll let him shoot his cum all over these tits, and I won’t clean any of his cum off of them, ok?. Then, when I get home, you can stick your tongue in there and lick up every drop. Clean up my cum-covered titties. How’s that sound? I LOVE that idea [giggle].

Ooooh, it’s almost time for me to leave. I’m so excited!

Are you ready to cum, honey?

Are you sure?

Would you like me to stroke it for you? Yeah? I don’t think so! [laughing]

Oh, Mike, no, I won’t be touching your cock tonight. I’m saving these lovely manicured hands for my date’s cock. Maybe I’ll jack *him* off in the restaurant…or in the club.

No, if you want to cum tonight, you will have to do it yourself.

Okay…I want you to stroke if faster now.

Stroke your cock while you think about me out on my date, in my stockings and heels. And think about me parading my date in front of all your friends. Picture me on my knees, sucking my new lover’s cock. Gagging on his cock, and he rams it into my slutty mouth.

Stroke it, Mike. I want to see cum for me.

Are you ready, honey?

Are you ready to shoot you load for me?

You’re almost there aren’t you?

I want to see that cum spurt out of your cock!

Stop! Hand off your cock! [giggle]

Gotta go…my date is waiting.

Enjoy your blue balls, Mike [giggle]. Don’t wait up…cuckold.

Bye honey. [Kisses]



The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.