1. What is the purpose of this site? Why did I create it?

Quite simply, to bring joy to others. I made my first recording, “Passionate Description”, for a phone partner I had at the time. I didn’t  write it down, just did it free speaking. I sent it to a few other chat guys and they liked it as well, so I continued to do more at their request. I had a small collection of recordings after a while. Although I did post them at Literotica, as new recordings are added there by others, yours fall down the list and get buried. I wanted a site of my own, for my recordings where they wouldn’t be getting buried by others lesser efforts.

2. Did I make this site to make money? Will I direct you to a paid site? Will I ask for your credit card?

I did not make this site to make money. My purpose was and is altruistic. However as time went on, this site has been up for over 3 years as of this writing, (the site was created in 2010 and I wrote this in 2013), ones told me I was giving away a lot for free, which I am. There’s no doubt about it, and they also told me I was being silly in being so generous as to not even consider promoting myself considering how much enjoyment has been gotten by others of my recordings.

So after 3 years, I am including banners to my paid sites for phone and recordings. If people choose to visit them or use them that is up to them, I am not here to lead people on like some smarmy cam girl giving out links to paid sites. The banners are there, that’s passive advertising. If ones are looking for paid services they can visit the sites and do as they wish, if not fine, I am not here to get clients.

This site is personal, I do love phone sex with young North American men and if they have the type of voice I seek, I certainly do play with them at no cost, but it is also what I do as my career as well. I have never once said to anyone if they didn’t pass my audition that they could phone with me still-for a price. That is so not me or what I would ever do. Ones have come right out and asked for my paid site and I wouldn’t give it to them, I didn’t feel comfortable doing so. Several people I chat with though as I said told me it was ridiculous that I give away so much and not even feel I should have a banner to my own site.

As I pay for this to be privately hosted, it costs me money to keep this site up, not a lot, but a bit, yes. I am an altruist. I like bringing joy to others. The only benefit I get from this site is feeling good some are enjoying my works. I get the occasional “fan mail” from ones who have found and enjoyed my works. Women, couples, guys. Even a few vision impaired guys have sent me messages telling me of the joy my voice and recordings have brought them. That touches me. To think that ones far around the world in places I will never see have gotten joy from my simple little site.

3. Do I use Skype or Discord for my phone sex?

No. I audition over them. But for the rare few that have the voice I seek, I use a real phone. I call the guys, I do not give out my number.

4. I don’t have Skype or Discord or no mic on my computer. Can I still audition?

Sorry, no. Not everyone can try out. You’ll live. Very few are what I seek anyway, so chances of acceptance are slim to begin with.

5. I’m outside of the age ranges you mention, or live outside of North America, is there a chance for me?

Sorry, no. I know what I want.

6. Do I ever phone with women? Or couples?


7. Why don’t I like deep voices? What does “The Voice” I seek sound like?

I find them intimidating and not sexy. I know most women prefer deep voices and taller men, well I’m not most women.

Several guys have asked me a sensible question in regards to the type of voice I seek. I have been asked what celebrity has the sort of voice I seek. A fair question. I can’t really think of an exact one, but I guess these three are in the right range of a higher voice I prefer. The lead singer from Maroon 5 Adam Levine, Justin Timberlake, and Jesse Eisenberg.

No, I do not have “a thing” for any of these celebrities, it’s just they were the closest ones I could think of in the voice range I seek. I listed them in my order of preference. If at some point I think of others more closely fitting my ideal voice, I will be sure to modify this list.

8. Why don’t I like accents?

I just prefer an accent similar to my own, North American.

9. Does it turn me on knowing guys around the world are getting off to my voice?

No. I like making others happy, knowing they are enjoying my works, but do not in any way get excited by that. Now if it was a handsome celebrity like Ashton Kutcher listening to them and being naughty with himself…..that might get me going!

10. Am I shaved or natural?

Totally shaved.

11. Why don’t I have my picture on this site?

Seriously? Would you?! It is a privacy issue.

12. Do I take suggestions for future audio stories?

No. I write what I write. If the public likes it, great, if not, too bad. You can’t please everyone.

13. Do I cam?

No. No interest in cam or pics. Voice is all I’m concerned with.

14. When I audition, is there a script?

As absurd as this sounds, it’s frequently asked. No, there is no script.

15. What is my ideal call length?

At least 30 min. long. I do not like quickies, boys…..No need to rush. Longer is always better.

16. What do I like to talk about on calls?

Not into role play, just regular description. What I would do to you and you to me. Sensual and sexy. My recordings are indicative of my phone style, and I like similar types of guys. I love to have long, relaxed calls and cum multiple times. One of my favorite phone guys ever, we talk between orgasms and it is very leisurely, 90 min calls, and I came 7 times with him once. Now that’s a satisfying call in my books…..

17. Do I care about your cock size?

No. I will NEVER ask to see pics of it, or see it on cam. I honestly don’t care if it’s an inch long or drags the ground. I will never be seeing it or touching it, so it makes no difference to me. I’m concerned about your voice first and foremost. Then your sexy sounds, moaning and breathing, never body rubbing noises, then your descriptive ability. Cretins with limited vocabularies will not get far with me. It never ceases to amaze me ones that pop up to chat and say, “I’ve got a huge cock, baby…..” Well good for you. Does anything about this site lead you to believe that will impress me? It’s about the voice……..

18. If you do this as a job, why do you do it for free on your personal time?

Most people have zero clue what the job of phone sex operator is really like. It’s comical but true to say many think we operators are actually getting turned on and masturbating during business calls. That’s not happening. Very, very rare, any operator will tell you if they are telling the truth. If you could hear most business calls, becoming aroused is the last thing you’d be. Holding back laughter, disgust, horror, those are adjectives I’d mention.

100% of callers are not weird, I’ve even turned some into personal for free phone sex partners if I liked them enough. Talking about sex all the time is as arousing as talking about the weather. I do not masturbate on business calls, nearly no operators do, it’s a myth, and a laughable one, and one I am upfront about. Talking to some older man about some weird fetish I have zero interest in is not arousing in any way, it’s what I’m being paid to do, it’s MY JOB. When I find young guys online, or rather they usually find and approach me, if I’m actually going to be masturbating with them, they are going to be what I want. I need to like their voice and masturbation sounds, otherwise I have no interest in them as a personal partner. So business and personal calls are like night and day, nothing similar at all.  So if you think I’m getting horny while conducting small penis humiliation, racial humiliation, talking to some guy dressed up as a woman, someone that is interested in children, violence, or any of the other nonsense that is part of my job, think again.

19. What is the purpose of the chat box?

I’ve honestly been turning on the site chat box less and less, as regular visitors to this site may have noticed. Why? Because a great many guys seem to feel it’s some sort of free cyber sex box. I can assure you, it is not. So I really don’t need to waste my time with idiots coming onto the chat box thinking they will be getting any sort of fetish chat or cyber sex for free chat, which a great many do.

So what is its purpose? For ones to ask about the recordings, possibly set up ordering an audio or a paid phone sex call, or just to be friendly and say you really enjoy the site. Some have even set up phone sex auditions on the chat box and said, hey, I think I have the type of voice you’re looking for, let’s chat over voice on Skype and see. I actually have gotten several for free, phone sex partners that messaged me after they found the site and they DID have the voice I was looking for. I am however not here to type sexy to you as you jerk off, that is NOT happening. I wouldn’t expect most of the idiots that do expect that to have read this far though.

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