The Glass Elevator – Part 2

The lusty woman just can’t stay away from her boyfriend’s neighbor, and her libido takes over once again.


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As the elevator doors closed, I pondered what I had just done with the stranger in the glass elevator, Mark. I couldn’t believe I had been so horny that I fucked a stranger on the way to my boyfriend Jim’s birthday evening we had planned. I was just so horny and he was so handsome, I couldn’t control myself. I got caught up in the moment, what can I say…

I only hoped my boyfriend Jim wasn’t home from work yet so I could clean myself up. I prayed this would be one of many nights where he was held up at work. I walked to the door of his unit and let myself in with my key. Thank God he wasn’t home yet. I looked at the clock, if I was lucky traffic would be heavy and hold him up, I could even give him a call and ask him to pick something up to further delay him. I looked in the fridge and thankfully he was running low on milk, so I texted him to pick some up and he replied back that he would, so that bought me a few more minutes.

After getting fucked that way, I had to have a shower. I took off and examined the lingerie, no cum stains at least, so I didn’t need to worry about washing it. The panties were another story. The were soaked. I quickly washed them out in the sink and used Jim’s hair dryer on them. So they were good. Now, I had to hop in the shower and get me clean and redo my makeup and get back in the lingerie. He’d wonder why dinner wasn’t started yet, but I’d just have to tell him I’d been running late. I got in the shower and hurried like hell, dried off and did my makeup and got back in the lingerie. Wow, that was close. I had no sooner stepped back into the shoes when I heard the key in the lock. I felt guilty for doing what I’d done with handsome elevator guy, but God, it felt so good and I was still horny. Jim was going to get full advantage of that horniness.

“Hello sexy, happy birthday! I think I just may give you some birthday spankings later on,” I teased as Jim breezed in the door and set down his briefcase on the hall table.

“Well, well, well, someone has gotten themselves some new lingerie for the occasion I see,” he noticed.

“I got it for you my dear, hopefully I will be the favorite present you unwrap tonight,” I said.

“I thought you were going to make us dinner?”, he questioned.

“I’m sorry, I got held up and just haven’t started it yet. If you don’t want to wait, we can just order in, that’s fine,” I offered.

“No, I can wait, I had a late lunch,” Jim said.

“Ok, good, I have some nice steaks for us, and a cake,” I said.

I started to prepare the dinner in my corset, stockings, panties and heels as Jim went to go have a hot shower to refresh himself for the naughty activities of the evening ahead. Just as I was putting things on the plates, Jim came up behind me and hugged me and started nuzzling my neck and grabbing and squeezing my breasts further arousing me. He sat at the dining room table as I served him and then myself. We chit chatted about his day and I tried to concentrate as I kept thinking about the handsome Mark from the elevator, wondering if I’d run into him again and what I’d say if I did.

I’d better start focusing or I’d have Jim wondering what I was so distracted by. I was so horny again, I just wanted to get to bed and fuck Jim’s brains out. We sat in the living room and talked about plans for a summer vacation we were thinking of going on when I couldn’t stand it anymore, I just got up and knelt down in front of Jim and started running my hands up and down the inside of his thighs and over his crotch. I could feel him grow hard as my hands caressed him teasingly through the fabric of his pants. He started to run his fingers through my hair and all I could think of was Mark’s beautiful cock. I unzipped his pants and reached in and got his cock out. Jim’s cock was nice, I had no complaints, it had always served me well, but it wasn’t the cock I was thinking of wanting to suck and have fuck me again.

I closed my eyes and took the hardened member in my mouth and slowly started to drool all over it and bob my head up and down on it. I could hear Jim’s breathing get deeper and harder as I sucked him down my throat, the entire seven inches of him. I could actually feel him throbbing in my mouth, his veiny cock that was dripping precum into my sucking mouth. His fingers pushed on the back of my head forcing me to gag on it. I had no troubles though, I loved to deep throat his dick. I could feel him getting closer to blowing his load and got ready for a throat full of his jizz. It came in hot, gooey spurts and I swallowed every drop of it greedily.

Jim picked me up and carried me to the bedroom and he tossed me into the middle of the king sized bed and then quickly tore his clothes off, his pants were undone already from the living room blow job. Once he was naked, he rolled me over on my stomach and undid the corset from the back and tossed it in the chair in the corner, then pulled my panties off so all I had on was the stockings and garter belt, which he left on me. He climbed on the bed and got on his back, I stradded him and my shaved pussy lips opened to accept his cock. I was already moist and it slid in easily. To think less than three hours before I’d had another man’s cock in me, another man’s cum, God I felt like a slut, but I loved it.

I started to rock back and forth on Jim’s huge dick inside of me. The juices were soaking his cock and balls and I was rotating my hips in little circles grinding my stiffened clit against the base of his cock. My tits were bouncing up and down and he reached up and rubbed my stiff nipples with his thumbs as I rode him faster and faster. I could feel my orgasm building up inside of me and it was going to be a blockbuster. The fact I’d fucked two men so close together was a huge turn on for me, I’d never been such a horny bitch before. To cheat on Jim on his birthday, God what a whore he’d think me if he knew.

I came so hard and screamed accordingly and as Jim felt my cunt muscles clench around his cock as my wave of contractions came over me, he shot his creamy load into me until his milk was squirting back out my pussy lips and dripping down his throbbing shaft. I just lay there on his chest, his softened cock still inside of me as I caught my breath and my tits crushed against his chest. I barely had time to catch my breath before Jim turned me over on my back.

“I know I had dessert baby, but I want me some cream pie,” he whispered in my ear.

He started kissing down my tummy and soon found my glistening wet cunt, overflowing with his cum and mine and his tongue slid inside of me and started lapping our combined juices out of me. Once he had every drop of his cum licked out, he focused on my clit and flicked his tongue expertly across it driving me wild and giving me another equally loud orgasm. He licked me well past when I stopped screaming, which I love. I like to touched until I have stopped breathing hard.

“Sweetie, I had a wonderful birthday, thank you so much for coming over dressed up so pretty for me and making us such a fantastic dinner,” he said appreciatively.

“I love you, Jim. I’ll go home and let you sleep, I know you have that meeting in the morning, good night dear,” I said as I got up to get dressed and go home.

As I was exiting the building, I made sure to look at the names on the mailboxes in the entrance way and looked for Mark’s. I wanted to see what unit number was his. Ah yes, there it was, the floor beneath Jim’s. Mark Wellington, Esq. A lawyer, impressive. Jim was going out of town next week on business, after all…



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