Good Morning

A woman that loves giving her boyfriend blow jobs surprises him with one as the ultimate way to wake up.

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A 25 min 9 sec recording.

I, your sexy Sharon, awaken from a great night’s sleep. I softly groan, while my pretty eyes slowly open. The darkness in my eyes is flooded by the bright glow of the morning sun that penetrates through my bedroom curtains.

I can’t help myself from gleefully smiling from ear to ear, when I find my head resting on the right side of my hunky guy’s slightly hairy chest. His broad shoulders, along with his semi-athletic body, provide to me the best possible pillow that I could ever have!

I’m also blessed that my guy never rolls around when he’s sleeping, and the fact that he doesn’t mind me at in using him as my very special pillow.

This morning I–his horny babe–crave something sweet. Fruit? Nah. Chocolate? Nope! A very specific kind of sweetness! (Giggle!) A load of hot, globby goo that only my man can provide!

Yes! Sexy Sharon wants to feed on her hunky guy’s cum!

At this point, I hear the song “H.W.C” playing in my head. Specifically, the lyric of “So hot, so sweet, you whet my appetite”.

I also recall how incredibly good my boyfriend’s cum tastes! And not imbued with a salty brine like other men that I’ve had. My guy’s jizz is one of the sweetest wonders that I have ever had the pleasure to savor! When my man ejaculates, I keep pumping his spent cock to drain every last drop out of him!

The music playing in mind switches over to the “Mission: Impossible” theme. With that, I let my slumbering man lay there; while I go into stealth mode to make my hunky guy cum.

I first start off by testing to see if my boyfriend is still fast asleep.

I whisper to him, “Honey?”

Nothing happens.

I then gently poke him in the shoulder.

Again, nothing happens.

I’m fortunate that my guy has already pushed off the comforter from his semi-athletic body, while we slept. My lucky continues, as my stud muffin goes to bed only wearing his cotton boxers.

I gently snake my fingers along the elastic waistband of his boxers, and then yank his underwear off of him. His cotton boxers easily slide off my hunky guy’s prone body. I pull his boxers down enough to fully expose his wonderful cock.

Even after I’ve exposed my boyfriend’s cock to the cool air, he’s still sleeping. I’m guessing that my guy must be in a deep sleep cycle.

I pause a few moments to take in the details of his limp, shaved dick. I rarely have a chance to see my guy’s completely unaroused cock. Most of the time, I see his fully erect member.

Mind you, I’m not complaining that my stud is always rock hard when he’s around me! Knowing that my hot body–especially my huge, firm titties with their pointy, pink nipples–arouses him to an instant hard on makes me feel very special.

I know that my hunky lover just shaved himself the other day. I remember spying upon him, while he dry shaved his cock in the tub. I liked seeing all of his dark pubes disappear from the base of his shaft. With his shaft now completely bare, I no longer have to feel his stubby hairs brush against my lips and my tongue, when I suck him off.

Additionally, I watched my hunky guy use super sharp scissors to trim the rest of his pubic hair that covered his balls and part of his groin. With his groin hair now very short, I won’t have to deal with his pubic hair tickling my nose and my chin when I deep throat him.

As I admired my hunky guy’s unaroused phallus, I could still see a trace of the wide girth in his flaccid member that would make his erection so thick.

Whew! I sense how aroused I’ve become, as my nipples have swollen to their pointy bullet-like tips. I also feel the warmth heating up my bare snatch…(Moan.)…along with the tingling of my clitty.

I lick my luscious lips in anticipation on what I’m going to do next!

I open my mouth wide, and then completely swallow up my hunky stud’s deflated cock! I suddenly felt like a giant sea bass gulping down upon a tiny lure. Unlike the times when my guy is fully erect, I didn’t have to worry about my gagging reflex. In fact, the length of his flaccid dick barely covered my tongue.

I enjoy the soft, and yet slightly cool, feeling of my man’s flaccid cock inside of my mouth. I felt the rush of a euphoric high hit me as only my sensual mouth is going to make my guy’s limp dick grow to the monster-sized manpole that I adore. From a well known cartoon, I heard the words, “I have the power!” echo in my mind.

My luscious lips had formed a seal around the base of his shaved cock. My cheeks have caved in, while I suck tenderly upon my guy’s soft, flaccid cock.

In mere moments…Oh yes! Yes!…my sucking has caused my hunky stud’s cock to swell inside my mouth! It’s an event that I will always treasure in my deepest memories! I felt my man’s sponge-like dick rapidly grow inside my hot, wet mouth.

His manpole rushed to its full erection by simultaneously expanding forward and outward in my mouth. I let my lips stretch out, while my guy’s shaft thickened to its wide girth. I felt the tube of his urethra, where his sweet jizz would spew out, become so big along the top of my flattened tongue. I also felt the small tip of his member grow to a large mushroom.

Being spoiled in never having to fluff my hunky guy to get him rock hard, I was unprepared on how quickly…(Gasp!)…his thick shaft grew to its full, thick erection of seven inches inside of my mouth!

I’m ashamed to admit this…but I freaked out at suddenly having my mouth filled with the long, thick sausage of my man’s full erection! My panic continued as the head of his cock ballooned inside of my mouth while simultaneously snaking past my tongue. Before I knew it…(Gag!)…his bulbous head had made its way to the back of my throat!

I was frightened as his seemingly gigantic manpole made it hard to breathe! Despite the many times that I had deep throated all seven inches of his manhood, I gagged…(Cough!)…from a lack of breath! To stop my gagging from turning into a coughing fit, which might wake up my slumbering man, I had no choice but to pull his now fully erect cock out of my mouth.

My face was bright red, while I recovered my breath! To keep myself as quiet as possible, I covered my mouth with my hands to muffle the last of gagging fit. My hands caught the dribble of my saliva that I had spit out.

Despite my amateur cock sucking faux pas, I smiled upon seeing that my hunky stud’s cock was still rock hard. The slight curve of his shaft didn’t allow his manpole to stand up like a flagpole. The curvature of his wonderful dick, however…

(Moan!)…hits me in just the right spots when we’re fucking our brains out!

“Honey?”, I softly call out again.

Like before, nothing. I sighed in relief that my stud muffin was still fast asleep.

With my enduring luck, I continued my pleasure in sucking off my guy’s throbbing hard dick without any interference! Mind you, I love a nasty face fucking by my man; or being jammed against his groin until I nearly pass out. Right now, however, I’m like a girl enjoying a brand new lollipop!

I thoroughly relish the slow sucking of his rock hard manpole. I savor how I can take my man’s cock inch by inch into my mouth. And then, just as slowly, pull his throbbing hard dick out of my mouth,

When I remove his bulbous head past my lips, I can see the light of the morning sun glisten upon the tiny trail of my saliva trailing from the tip of my cock and to my mouth.

I also have the luxury in taking long licks of his thick shaft. I flatten my tongue against him, and then tenderly lap away at my hunky stud’s manpole. My velvet-like tongue travels from the base of his groin, glides along the underside of his shaft, and then flicks at the large tip of his wonderful cock. I enjoy leaving a shiny sheen of my saliva along his rock hard member.

My private sucking and licking my guy’s thick, hard cock ends as he finally awakens.

Before my hunky man can speak, I put my fingers upon his lips to hush him up. I then whisper into his ear that his sexy Sharon will take care of everything.

I demand from my guy in my sluttiest voice, “Feed me, baby. Feed your sexy Sharon your cum!”

Knowing that my man is awake to spew his sweet jizz for me makes me a cock sucking whore! I switch from the tender, slow suckling and licking of my hunky guy’s cock…(Moan!)…to a furious intensity!

I start by firmly grasping his thick shaft! My fingers barely encircle the wide girth of his manpole. I grip hard enough that causes his incredibly hard shaft to gain a purplish tint! My gripping also causes his manpole to grow a little longer, while making his bulbous head swell up! I adore my man’s steel hard cock so much!

I had hoped that gripping my guy’s dick tightly would coax some of his delicious pre-cum to ooze out! Fucking my lovely pussy and my super-tight asshole so often, however, has given my stud muffin the stamina to hold back his man juice.

Without warning, I’m suddenly gulping down upon the exposed swollen half of my guy’s cock! My lips make contact with my gripping hand. I feel the super-sized head of my stud muffin’s dick rub along the roof of my mouth.

For the next few moments, I wildly suck of my stud’s manpole! I rapidly take his throbbing cock in and out of my mouth. I produce a constant supply of my saliva, while I pleasure my hunky man with my nasty blowjob.

Soon, the combined sloshing and bubbling of my intense cock sucking echoes throughout my bedroom. My guy’s throbbing hard cock is coated with my saliva. My spittle also oozes over my gripping hand, and dribbles over his crotch. A wet spot of my saliva forms on my bedsheets.

I love how my slutty blowjob is driving my studly man nuts! I hear him breathing rapidly. He occasionally manages to moan in pleasure. I feel my bedsheets become taunt beneath me, as my guy grabs onto the thin fabric with his fists.

My gripping hand helps to drive him wild from the pressure I exert onto his hard shaft.

I remove my saliva coated hand from his shaft. I stretch out my fingers to remove the tightness in my joints. With a deliberate popping sound, I pull my mouth off of my man’s throbbing cock!

I know that my stud muffin is so close to orgasm that I can leave his thick, hard dick alone for a few moments.

I move up on my guy, so that I can whisper into his ear. I softly mutter to him in my sluttiest voice that he doesn’t need to hold back any longer, and that he can cum for his jizz-hungry Sharon.

I then whisper the naughty words that always drives my hunky man over the edge!

Those words are: “Cum for me, baby, and I’ll be your anal slut tonight!”

After speaking those dirty words, I hurriedly move back down to my guy’s crotch. With my other hand, I rapidly stroke his incredibly hard cock! My mouth is agape over his bulbous head to await my sweet feeding!

I know that in my guy’s mind, his imagination is going wild in how he’s going to butt fuck me over and over again! He loves pounding my tight, puckered asshole to his heart’s content! He thoroughly enjoys making my forbidden fuck hole gape open for him. He loves making me scream, climax and gush so many times…

(Moan!)…while he does his best to destroy my butt. He always makes me genuinely profess that I’m his anal slut, and that my asshole belongs to him.

Those thoughts push my stud over the edge!

In my mind, I’m delightfully screaming, “Yes! Yes! Oh yes!”

I feel my guy’s thick shaft throb! And then, as if time has suddenly slowed down, I see the first spurt of my hunky stud’s white, hot cum! Like a fountain, his powerful ejaculation starts with a huge glob of his jizz erupt out of the severely swollen head of his steel hard cock! And then his first spurt continues with a long, rope-like trail that’s a mix of his cum and juicy sweetness!

My man ejaculates—right on target—into my open, waiting mouth! His long, strong jet of cum splashes right over my flattened tongue! And then coats the inside of my mouth.

I keep my mouth open to receive the rest of my jizz feeding. This is rather hard for me, as the incredible, unique sweetness of my stud muffin’s cum overwhelms my taste buds! The awesome sweet taste of my guy’s cum immediately sends me on a pleasurable—almost mind-numbing—high! It’s a euphoric high that could easily overtake me. Having fed on my guy’s wonderful cum so many times has given me the ability to not be overwhelmed.

Fuck! Oh fuck! He’s really cumming a lot this morning!

I usually try to keep my lover’s jizz in my mouth, so that I can savor his sweet taste for as long as possible. This morning, however, my man is cumming way too much for that!

Sigh! All too short, at least for me, my stud muffin finishes cumming. I gulp down the last sput of his hot, globby cum down my throat. I feel a slight fullness in my tummy, and then realize that my hunky guy has fed me very well! (Giggle.)

For the next few moments, I greedily pump my man’s spent shaft to coax out any last remnants of his cum. I’m not disappointed, as I squeeze out the last strand of his globby jizz. I quickly lap up white strand of his special protein. A few pumps of my hand causes his clear man juice to ooze out. I hungrily lick up my stud’s man juice, which still tastes so sweet!

After I’m satisfied that I’ve completely drained my stud muffin, I show my love for his semi-hard cock by planting a barrage of soft kisses all over his spent member.

Between each of my gentle kisses, I loving mummer, “I adore this cock.”

Despite waking up from a restful night’s sleep, my hunky guy lays exhausted on my bed from cumming so hard!

I move up to snuggle next to my man. I lay my pretty head on his strong, broad shoulder. My fingers lightly dance and twirl through his chest hairs.

I happily greet, “Good morning, baby.”

My lover wraps his strong arms around my sexy, buxom body to hold me close to him. He kisses me deeply, and not worried that he’s tasting himself on my luscious lips.

We lovingly snuggle together in silence. With my ear pressed against my man, I can hear his strong heart slowing down to its regular beating pattern.

After a few moments, I recommend going out for a hearty Saturday morning breakfast. I deliberately mention to my stud muffin that I need to feed him all day long, so that he’ll have plenty of jizz for me tonight.


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.