Chastity Part 2

This takes place about one year after Part I. Joan is continuing her world travels and has been out of touch with our couple of protagonists. This is another talking letter.


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Chastity Part 2″ A 14 min 04 sec recording.

Hi Joan! Once again I am so glad that you will be returning home for a few weeks. I am sure that we will have such fun like we did last time!

I am happy to say that Joe continues to be as obedient as ever. My control over his organisms translates into control over him in so many other ways. Life is so good…. I am served hand and foot, I do not lift a finger, Joe is obedient, he never argues, complains or gives me the slightest grief.

What else would a girl want? Well Joan…let me come right out and say it…(sort of a little guilty mischievousness)…. I have taken a lover.

As you know restriction upon Joe’s orgasms makes him unable to satisfy me in certain ways. Plus, while I love what I have molded Joe into….Sometimes I long for…well…a real strong and assertive man.

Josh is a very successful Stock Broker. My company does business with his. He knew that I was married but asked me out anyway. (Approvingly amused) He has a little bit of an impetuous arrogant streak. Oh Joan…..he is so handsome and assertive but also so very sweet and chivalrous. (Enthusiastically) He is also a fantastic lover.

Oh, and Joe knows, from the beginning, before my first date with Josh, I told Joe that I was going to begin an affair with another man. Joe, not surprisingly, was shocked and angry. Our original deal, when Joe first came under the control of the device, specified that I was to be in complete control of everything and that I would do whatever I pleased. Unless I asked for Joe’s opinion, my say was Final. I responded to his shock and anger by reminding him of this and emphasized that he must accept my decision. However, I knew that this was a crossroads and a huge step in terms of Joe’s submission.

At that point I did speak to Joe frankly, I gave him a chance to go back to the way that our marriage used to be. f he made this choice I of course would not initiate the affair with Josh. I told him that if we choose this path, that we could not have it both ways, that meant no more chastity, control or anything like that. We would be a vanilla couple forever. On the other hand, if he choose to continue under my control,

I would not give him a chance to pull out again soon, trying to change his mind would only bring punishment. As we know this chastity device if full proof. As it goes right to the control centers of his brain, He has no chance of escaping it, no way to remove it. I am in complete control of his ability to orgasm. I decreed however, that once a year, every year, I would give him the option of pulling out of this. Between his yearly decisions there would be no way out, he was not even allowed to bring up the subject. I also reassured Joe that he was my husband who I loved and anything that I did outside of our marriage was just for fun and satisfaction.

Joe chose to keep his sexuality under my control. I was delighted!
(Sounding determined)

I next imposed a two week extension upon his current wait for an orgasm, based upon his disrespectful reaction to my decision! This was on top of his normal one week wait for release. (Should we say more then one week wait for release? I cannot imagine it being extended so long even even perfect behavior, but She is in control here….Your call)

Oh just a second Joan – (Talking aside, Sweetly) Joe, how is the basement cleanup coming? (Pause as if you are listening)…good….when that is finished remember that dresser that you moved into the guest room last week? I know it was a lot of work but I have changed my mind and I decided that I want it moved back into the main bedroom….be a darling and do that for me later. Don’t forget today is also change the sheets and bedding and polish all the railings day…..I want lunch in about an hour, you may be too busy to join me so you can just serve it me on the patio, I’ll have white wine today. Make sure you grab something to eat for yourself, but you may have to eat it fast…(very affectionately) Your such a sweet thing Joe! (Happily enthusiastic) Now back to work dear.

So at the end of his scheduled three weeks of chastity I asked Joe what he thought about my affair with Josh, which had really started to get steamy by that time, Joe knew how he was expected to react. (Laughingly) He told me that he thought that it was wonderful that I now had a lover to satisfy me and that he hoped that the relationship would continue for a long time.

Joe had a nice orgasm that night.

When you get home I want you to meet Josh. We can go out and talk. He is such a great guy. He is really witty and charming. I think that you will really like him.

I have really great relationship with Josh. The funny thing is, Josh thinks that I am keeping the affair secret from Joe. He thinks that I am sneaking around! I tell Josh that Joe travels on business a lot. It is simpler and easier to explain like this.

I usually see him about two nights a week for dinner and fun! usually once every month or so we go away for the weekend together.

I must admit that we do all sorts of sexually fun things that I never did with Joe! (in an amused mischievous whisper) I admit that I am a little submissive with Josh. (More amused) Lets just say that I have become something of an oral expert!

(In a mischievous whisper)…and just between you and I Joan, I cannot believe how much better endowed Josh is then anyone else I have ever been with, and yes, that includes Joe!

(In amused sympathy) poor Joe, he gets to release once every week or so if he is lucky, usually by his own hand. Josh gets to cum, over, and over, and over again whenever and however he wants! (Amused) It is so unfair!

Joe must always speak very respectfully of Josh. Once he said something to the effect that Josh was not all that bright! (Emphatically) This really made me angry! Well….I said to Joe, “do you think that the fact that Josh can have me whenever he wants, while you suffer in chastity indicates a certain level of intelligence? I then added three days to Joe’s sentence. (Triumphantly amused) Joe now only speaks very highly of Josh.

A couple of times I have even incorporated Joe’s attitude modification into his orgasm. (Laughingly) Oh Joan, I can be terribly wicked. Sometimes, when Joe does get to release, I handcuff his legs and arms to the bedpost so he is spread-eagle, helpless and cannot touch himself. I then jack him off giving me complete control. A couple of times, after I had him all worked up and close to coming, I told him that I was thinking of changing my mind as to whether I was going to allow him to release. Oh Joan, the terror in his eyes! I told Joe that the only way that he would be allowed to release would be if he begged me to continue my affair with Josh. After he did I kept egging him on! I made him praise Josh, tell me how wonderful; he is! I made him tell me how much he admired Josh. Oh Joan, I can make Joe do or say anything!

I have played a mean but fun game when it comes to gift buying for Josh. When Josh’s birthday came around. I wanted to buy him a nice watch. I decided to take Joe shopping with me. We looked at several different watches, some more expensive then others, I asked Joe which one he thought that we should buy. Joe choose one of the lower priced ones. (Mock seriousness) That was thee wrong choice. I told Joe how disappointed I was him to skimp on Josh’s gift. (amused) For such disappointing behavior I added five more days to his chastity!

(amused) When Christmas came along I sent Joe out to buy gifts for Josh! He actually spent way, way too much! I did not punish him for that. Next time though, I may need to put some caps on his spending.

As you know I sometimes tease Joe. I especially like to do this when I am getting ready for my dates with Josh. Sometimes I parade around the house naked and while I am getting dressed.

I tend to dress in classy but sexy outfits when I go out. When I am getting ready for my dates with Josh I model them before Joe, ask him if he thinks if Josh will like find me attractive. At these times I can see that Joe is so tuned on! He is squirming for release!. But there is NOTHING that he can do about it!

Joe has a foot fetish. I have him do my toenails as I prepare. (Amused) I can tell he becomes so aroused and frustrated. Once again there is NOTHING that he can do about it. Add to the fact, he knows that in a few hours Josh and I will be making love, and of course, there are no restrictions on Josh’s orgasm!

I must admit Joan, two years ago when I first began to use this device on Joe, I was unsure about the whole thing. But now down the line, I have come to LOVE the nature of our relationship, not only do I get what I want, how I want it and when I want it, but I SO enjoy the power. Yes it is really nice to have a lover like Josh….but just the concept, that I have “persuaded” Joe to accept the affair, that I can make him express enthusiastic support for it…is mind boggling. Such power can go to a girl’s head!

So Joan….. I heard something about you having a new boyfriend. I will want to hear all about him! (jokingly) If I may be so presumptuous as to give you advice, but you do need to get one of these chastity devices for him. Every woman in the world should get her man under control like this!



The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.