Dr. Britney: Therapist

Warning: For ones offended by racial slurs, be warned this recording contains them. Many may not be familiar with the term “racial humiliation”, it is indeed a fetish and a popular one. Many blacks and other races enjoy being degraded for humiliation. Ones into interracial cuckold or black superiority fantasies often like racial slurs being used, so if such terms offend you, I’d suggest you don’t read the following story or listen to the recording.

Listen in as Dr. Britney counsels Tom, a life long victim of black male superiority, as he recounts the often comical misadventures of his life.


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“Dr. Britney”

A 35 min 26 sec recording.

Dr. Britney : Therapist

My name Is Dr. Britney, a licensed therapist in human behavior. Basically, I listen to a persons problems, and help them manage and deal with these setbacks through encouragement and behavioral modifications. I handle all sorts of life’s problems, but quite often they are sexual difficulties, and quite often they are men,specifically white men. I am obligated by law to keep these sessions confidential, however some of my patients are so helpless and so fucking pathetic I feel the need to share these stories with someone.

As a Doctor and healer, I always try to give practical advice, however sometimes I just wish I could just shoot straight from the hip and tell these losers what I really think. So for my enjoyment and yours, I would like share some of the most outrageous cases I have worked on, and the therapy I wish I could have recommended to these worthless men. To protect the identity of these patients, I will just use one generic name for all the cases. Let’s see……..how bout Tom! Yeah, that’s what I will call my patients …Tom!

This one patient of mine, Tom, came to me an emotional wreck. It seems he was a victim of bullying his entire life. He was bullied in school,at clubs,at work, everywhere. Surprisingly, he was a rather large man, 6′ 2″ 240 lbs. He complained that he was quite often smacked around by guys smaller than him. He literally cried in my office that he feared these bullies, despite, their sometimes smaller stature. I asked him what made him fear these guys. He claimed all these men were black, and he thought black men were thugs, and he was terrified of “niggers”. I asked him to not use such a racist term in my office, to which he sobbed, ‘but I really hate niggers”.

He went on and on about how he had been bullied and bitch slapped, smacked and beaten by black men. He had been punched and punked by black boys, whipped and humiliated. As he sniveled like a little bitch, I asked him for specifics, and so this white boy explained about his High school years. Tom mentioned as a senior,where all the students were at least 18, the black guys kicked his ass all the time. He said one black boy, Leroy not only took his lunch money, but made Tom carry his lunch tray. The entire school laughed at the white boy as he was turned into a slave for the black kid that was kicking his ass. Tom, talked about how he spent 7 or 8 hours a night doing homework for the black students that were bullying him.

He was doing homework for Tyrone, Byron, Melvin, Rodney and Dion. These black bullies would get A pluses and Tom would get his ass kicked. On prom night, Tyrone not only kicked Tom’s ass, but he stole his prom date,he stole his limousine,and he left Tom tied up, and crying on the stage in front of everyone.

Tom explained how his life is no different now, than it was in high school. He said that these mean niggers still bully him today. He mentioned how his black co workers abuse him every chance they get. For example the white boy is forced to do his share of the work and the work of the muscular black man in the office next to him. And if he doesn’t, that black stud beats the shit out of the white boy. Tommy cries has he confesses that he was once bullied into giving his two weeks vacation to Leroy, the black man that works on the loading dock.

Tom also weeps like a little girl when he talks about how his boss, Mr.Johnson, bullies him. He is frightened at the sight of the tall, muscle bound black superior. Mr. Johnson smacks him around so much that the white boy shakes like a leaf at the mere thought of his boss calling his name. The black man snaps his finger and Tom runs to his side like a frightened little pup. Tom’s co workers laugh at him for the transparent way he kisses the bosses ass. “Yes sir Mr.Johnson”, No sir Mr. Johnson”, “you look wonderful today Mr. Johnson”. Tom feels it necessary to kiss up to the boss, anything to avoid the wrath of that black bully. Heaven forbid the white boy make a simple mistake, Mr. Johnson would beat the living shit out of him. Tom even complained that he was bullied at the company picnic, right in front of his girlfriend.

The black boss bitch slapped him right there in front of his date. The complaining white boy went on for hours and hours about being bullied by black men. When he was finally ready to hear my suggestions and counseling, I, the distinguished Dr.Britney, acted like a true professional. I was compassionate, understanding and sympathetic. And this is what I said: Ahhhh! poor Tom I understood your problems and I am deeply concerned for you. These horrible black men are out of line, no one has the right to bully another person. Listen honey, you are correct in bringing this to the attention of a therapist. Wipe those tears away Tom,you should not feel inadequate, or “less of a man” just because these black boys are physically more dominant.

Here Tom, I will give you a shoulder to cry on and let me reassure you darling, we will straighten this problem out. I suggest that you talk to these bullies and reason with them, explain to them that your are a man that deserves respect. This is the 21st century, grown men need to talk out their differences, and bullying is no longer excepted in today’s society. Trust me Tom, with about a dozen or so more counseling sessions, you could regain your confidence as a man, and everything will be just fine.
That’s what the, “Therapist in me” said to my patient Tom. But let me tell you what the woman in me would have said to this pathetic excuse of a man:

You wimp, you sissy little bitch! You consider yourself a victim of bullying, I consider you a pansy, a fucking cowardly little white boy who is afraid of black men. You are no victim, you are a weak pushover. How dare you blame black men for your problems. It seems to me that you not only a wimp, but a racist. Only a bigot would use the word “nigger”. But if you want to refer to black men as “niggers”, I will throw it right back in your face. You are a sissy bitch to “niggers”!! “Yes, you are being bullied by a nigger!!” “The reason you are getting beat up by niggers is that you are a white wimp!!” (laugh,laugh) Now don’t start crying again Tom, just listen to the truth.

The reason these black men slap you around like a little bitch is because they are bigger, stronger and superior to you. Quite simply, “the black man is better than you.” Listening to you complain about getting bullied makes me laugh out loud. The thought of a black boy, shorter than you, smacking you around is hilarious.(giggle) I can imagine you being beaten and humiliated in public by a young black boy.(laugh) And by the way,white boy, height has nothing to do with why these “niggers” dominate you. Black men are domineering because they are bigger where it counts, yeah that’s right , they have huge cocks. Much much bigger than any white boy.

They have the upper hand because they have huge balls. Enormous balls!, big masculine black balls! How’s that for brutal honesty Tom, “niggers have gigantic balls”. (laugh) Sorry white boy, you have no balls!! (laugh,laugh) Deep down inside, this is why you have been bullied your entire life. Sure these black guys are more muscular, and can fight better than you. But deep down you are unable to defend yourself because these black boys are so well endowed. You feel inferior to these”niggers” because they have cocks over a foot long. I am sure as you have been knocked to the ground, and look up at your black tormentor, you notice the huge dick between his legs.(giggle)

I am sure after being humiliated in front of family and friends, by some teenage black boy, you think to yourself, “good lord that nigger has got some set of balls”. (laugh.laugh) But let’s face it Tom, you are to blame for most of your problems. You have no backbone! You are a pantywaist! You white boy are a wuss! A cream puff! Are you crying again? (laugh) Figures, you are nothing more than a whimpering little white sissy boy, who is the black mans bitch! What’s that Tom, you are not a wimp?You are not the black mans bitch?

Well, let’s review your past: In high school you say the black kids, all 18 years or older, kicked your ass all the time. How about Leroy and they way he tormented you. You have to admit you were his bitch. He took your lunch money,kicked your ass and your response was to carry his lunch tray for him, and let him order you around like a slave, right in front of the cheerleading squad.(laugh,laugh)

Way to show the entire school what a pussy you were.(laugh) And how bout you being the home work bitch for those 5 black studs that were bitch slapping you everyday at school. I bet you really felt like a wimp doing their homework while trying to nurse the bruises and sores those vary black guys gave you.(giggle) You would think those black boys would treat you well for getting them good grades, but no, they still beat your ass everyday.(laugh) And how about your prom night,there is a night you will never forget.(giggle) How humiliating is that! (laugh) You saved up all year, got the nerve to ask a girl to the prom,somehow she accepted.(giggle) You bought a tuxedo,rented a stretch limousine, paid for the girls dress, bought a corsage and when you arrived at the prom Tyrone took over from there.(laugh) Let me get this straight, this black boy beat the shit out of you in front of your date, emasculated you as the entire school looked on, tied you up and then left in the limousine that you paid for.(laugh)

Yes, white boy cry, cry like a little girl, you are such a wimpy white bitch. But let me add to your tears. Before this counseling session I did some background investigation, it seems that you have not told me everything about your high school years. I found out that Leroy not only made you carry his books, but forced you to wear a sign on your forehead that read,”Leroy’s Bitch”.(laugh,laugh) How humiliating! you wore a sign so the entire school knew, you were a niggers bitch! (laugh). And you conveniently left out a juicy tidbit about your home life. Evidently your mommy had a thing for young black men. Sadly for you she became fuck buddies with some of the black boys that were bullying you. In fact while you were in your bedroom,reluctantly doing homework for Tyrone, Byron, Melvin, Rodney and Deion, your mommy was in her bedroom doing Tyrone, Byron, Melvin, Rodney and Deion.(laugh,laugh)

Cuckolded and bullied by your mommy and a bunch of black boys. You are a pussy!!! (laugh) Evidently you left out some details about prom night too. After Tyrone stole your girl and kicked your ass,he actually had the balls, the gigantic black balls, to get prom pictures taken, the ones that you paid for. He had twenty some pictures taken of him with your girl, and you laying at their feet, crying and licking your wounds.(laugh). And when prom was over,Tyrone untied you,grabbed both you and your date and announced to everyone that he was going for a limo ride and that bitch is going to lick his balls. You were so angry that the “nigger” would even think about forcing your young girlfriend to lick his balls. But what could you do to stop this big strong black boy,you are a wimp Tom.

Tyrone proceeded to fuck your prom date in the limo,while you sat helplessly and watched. He fucked her hard and often, he turned her into a slut for his massive black dick. But what happened after he finished with her was the most humiliating thing that ever happened. He told you to come over and lick his balls. That’s right, when he announced at prom that “the Bitch” was going to lick his balls, he was talking about you.(laugh) Oh the horror,the embarrassment,the emasculation. Of course Tom, you could have stood up to this bully, but no your a sissy, a wimp, a pussy. So you submitted once again and right in front of your prom date you licked his big black balls.(laugh) This nigger turned your prom into your worst nightmare, and there you were licking his nigger balls.(laugh,laugh)

Look at you now Tom, 5 years after who graduated high school, 1 year after college, you are a grown man,and you are still a wimp. Still being bullied by black men. Look at you, an executive at a prestigious finance company, yet you are the office bitch, a little white wimp who literally bows down to the black men in the office. What a pussy you are! Stop crying white boy, you deserve to be called out like this. Only a sissy boy lets some black guy force him to do his work. But you’ll do it, you better or that nigger will kick your ass.(laugh) And let me get this straight, the black guy that works on the loading dock, someone well below you on the corporate ladder, made you give him your two week vacation time.(giggle) So in July, while you were slaving away at work, this young black boy was lounging on a beach, on your dime.(giggle)

Fuck the corporate ladder, seems to me the black boy is your superior.(laugh) While were on the subject of superiors, How about your boss, Mr.Johnson. Oh my god,white boy, look at how frightened you are when I mention Mr.Johnson.(giggle) I can just imagine this black man bullying you. Smacking you around in the break room, Punching you if you miss a deadline, bitch slapping you in the elevator. How I would love to see you suck up to your black boss. How I would enjoy seeing you obey his every command, run to his office every time he snaps his fingers.

There you go again white boy, sobbing like wimp. Don’t cry to me Tom, it’s not my fault you are the black mans bitch boy.(giggle) What’s this about the company picnic, Mr. Johnson bitch slapped you in front of your girlfriend.(laugh) This seems to be a common occurrence, a big nigger humiliating you in front of your girlfriend.(giggle) This just confirms what I said earlier, “You got no balls white boy” and the black man, “The black man has a huge set of balls”. (laugh,laugh) But once again,because I am a top notch therapist, I did some investigating of my own.

I uncovered some facts that you conveniently left out. I found out that the black co worker that forces you to do his work, also forces you to spend your weekends at his house, as his maid. (giggle). Sorry Tom, but your not just his work slave, you are the black mans household servant. I can picture him, relaxing in his Lazy boy, while you are doing his laundry and washing his dishes. Good lord, white boy, you have absolutely no backbone. The black man not only bullies you, he enslaves you! You not only surrender to this nigger, You are his sissy maid!(laugh) Look at you snivel,Tom! I bet you feel like crying as you are forced to cut his grass,take his suits to the dry cleaner and cook his meals. (laugh,laugh) I also got the scoop on the company picnic.

It was open to all employees and their families. A wonderful,fun for all, event. But not only are you a wimp Tom, but you are not that bright either. You were stupid enough to bring a date and your mother to the company picnic. Big mistake white boy! Within ten minutes of arriving, it seems that your mommy and Leroy from the loading dock, hooked up. As you did not have enough to worry about, you know with all the bulling and becoming the black mans bitch, you have to be reminded of your mothers fondness for well endowed black boys. I mean , let’s face it: ” Your mommy loves big black cock”, “Your mommy is a fuck toy for big strong black men”, quite simply, ” Your mommy loves nigger dick”. Oh stop crying white boy!! You think you would be use to having big niggers screw your mom. (laugh) But the most embarrassing part was, after the picnic, Leroy and your Mom kept seeing each other.

And when Leroy kicked your ass and demanded your vacation time, he ended up taking your mom to the beach with him.(laugh) So while you were laboring at work, this black boy was laying on the beach, getting his black dick sucked by your mom, and you were paying for it.(laugh,laugh). I said it once and I will say it again, you got no balls white boy! And that black boy, he’s got big balls, big black balls, and their bouncing on your mommy’s face.(laugh,laugh) Now let’s talk about Mr. Johnson, you mentioned he was a big man, but WOW! 6’6″ 270 pounds, and an avid bodybuilder. No wonder why you are scared of him white boy.

What you forgot to mention was some of the ways he torments you and emasculates you, and how you submit to whatever he forces you to do. For example, he makes you get his coffee, and if you don’t move quick enough, he’s been known to smack your face, right in front of the other employees. Is it also true that he makes you wash his car, during your lunch hour.(giggle) You are such a little bitch! I also understand that on casual Fridays, when every one dresses comfortably, Your black boss makes you wear panties, pink panties.(laugh) I can just picture you running around the office wearing nothing but pink panties, saying Yes sir Mr. Johnson, No sir Mr. Johnson.(laugh) Oh god, white boy, you are such a sissy boy. How humiliating, a big black man makes you wear girly panties and you run to his side anytime he snaps his fingers.(giggle)

Of course you are known as the office brown noser, and during your last performance and raise review, everyone expected you to kiss Mr. Johnson’s ass, but you outdid yourself Tom. In Mr. Johnson’s office, behind closed doors, you asked for a raise,but within 5 minutes that black man had you agreeing to a decrease in pay and begging to keep your job. That black bodybuilder had you on your knees begging, begging to be his bitch. He no longer wanted you to figuratively kiss his ass, he wanted you to literally kiss his ass. So there you were, on your knees begging this black man for your job, and kissing his black ass. How emasculating is that white boy, kissing that niggers ass.(laugh) Of course let us not forget the company picnic.

Having your mom hook up with one of the black boys that bully you, was humiliating enough. But how about the date you bought to the picnic. Joanne was a beautiful blonde,way,way out of your league boy. The picnic was at the lake, everyone brought there swimsuit. You were so proud as Joanne ran around in her tiny bikini, for once you actually felt like a man in the company of this gorgeous girl. But just your luck, finishing his swim and walking right towards you and Joanne was Mr. Johnson. Wearing a blue speedo that was soaking wet, he was like a greek god. This black bodybuilder, had broad shoulders,massive biceps, the most well defined abs, huge muscular legs, and quite simply a dick so large a horse would be jealous. Joanne leaped into his arms immeaditely.it didn’t take 30 seconds for you to be cuckolded by your black boss. “I’m taking your girl” , Mr. Johnson said, and what did you say, “yes sir”(giggle)

Let’s face it, the girl knew it, the black man knew it, and by now you knew it, “you got no balls”. And as for the black man: he’s got big muscles,a big dick, and big fucking balls.(laugh) Later that evening as you watched your girl over by the lake sucking your bosses big black cock, Mr.Johnson snapped his fingers, and like the little sissy cuckold you are, you ran to his side. ” Go to the store and get me some condoms,so I can fuck your girl”. You obediently said “yes sir”, and ran to do exactly what the boss said. Oh fuck!!, what a fucking bitch boy you are Tom! This nigger is about to fuck your girlfriend and you are going out to buy the condoms for him.(laugh,laugh) You are truly a pussy boy! Now when you returned 30 minutes later, Joanne was busy trying to deep throat the bosses fat black dick.

You gave Mr. Johnson the condom you purchased, he bitch slapped you across the face, and yelled “one condom” I am going need more than this bitch, he literally shoved the condom down your throat, bitch slapped you again,and ordered you to return to the store and buy 5 more. All while you could hear Joannes laughter muffled by that enormous black dick in her mouth. Tell me white boy , that must be emasculating having your girl laugh at your sissy ass while she is sucking a large nigger dick.(laugh)

A Half hour later you return with 5 condoms for the black bull to fuck your girl. Once again he bitch slaps you, he screamed “Regular size condoms, those are for little white dicks”. And to prove his point he forced you to try to put a regular size condom on his massively erect black cock. You were humiliated as you tried one condom after another as your girlfriend watched and laughed her ass off. Each broke as you tried desperately to slide it over the bulbous head. How embarrassed you must have felt.

Once again you hurried back to the store and once again you returned, this time with the largest condoms “your” money could buy. Here you go sir, these are called “elephant condoms”. The black man once again ordered you to put a condom on his dick, luckily they fit, it was a tight fit, but they fit that massive black dick. he made you watch as he fucked Joanne like she had never been fucked before. You watched as your black boss fucked your girl all night long. In the morning, Mr. Johnson made you thank him, and then he left you alone with Joanne. The girl looked at you, kicked you in the nut sack and said, “take me home bitch” . You cried that your balls hurt, but Joanne replied, “You don’t have any balls white boy, Now Black men ,they have balls, big balls, big enormous balls.(laugh,laugh)
That’s right Tom, cry. Cry like a little girl!! Because that is what you are, a little pussy.

You are not a man! Only a sissy boy would buy a black man condoms to fuck his girl. I am sure Joanne laughed in your face as you obediently put the elephant size condoms on Mr.Johnson’s giant black erection. But let’s sum your entire life up: You were a sissy bitch for black boys in high school! You are still a pussy boy for black men today. As your therapist, I no longer consider you a victim of bullying. I categorize you as a bitch, the black mans bitch. The black man has total control over you, so you just might want to give in. Respect the black man! Admire the Black man! And submit to the black man!

Now bitch, I want you to come back for about a dozen or so more counseling sessions, at $200 an hour. I’ve got a lot more to tell you about why your little wimpy ass is being bullied by black men, or shall I say why you are being bullied by niggers.(laugh,laugh)
I hope you enjoyed this one therapy case I shared with you today. As you can see sometimes I enjoy taking off my Therapist hat, and just venting. This is one of many pathetic white boy patients I counsel, I will be glad to share more with you.



The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.