Warning: For ones offended by racial slurs, be warned this recording contains them. Many are not familiar with the term “racial humiliation”, it is indeed a fetish and a popular one. Many blacks and other races enjoy being degraded for humiliation. Ones into interracial cuckold or black superiority fantasies often like racial slurs being used, so if such terms offend you, I’d suggest you don’t read the following story or listen to the recording.

A group of black men learn hypnotic secrets to humiliate and get revenge against white men who have done them wrong in this comical tale of black male superiority.



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Racial discrimination has haunted this country for years. Black people have not only been discriminated against, but they have been held back,they have been cheated out of a fair chance,and have had their lives altered by bigoted white people. Even in the 21st century, hateful white men are prejudice towards black men. They steal, lie and defraud black men every opportunity they can.

Recently, a group of young black men have bonded together to exact revenge on those white men that have shown racist tendencies towards them. These black men in their early 20’s have been the victims of racial hatred in college,in the work force,or in their everyday lives. Revenge is what these black men seek, they literally and figuratively want to bring the white man to his knees. They have spent a considerable amount of time figuring out the proper way to seek their revenge. Physical pain and economical distress are great ways to get even. However these black men decided if they can humiliate white men,really humiliate them, disrupt their perfect lives and scar them forever, their revenge would be most satisfying. In fact since every man relishes a healthy sex life, to humiliate a white man sexually and psychologically, would be the ultimate humiliation.

This group of black men heard of a great hypnotist in the jungles of Nigeria. King Akeem had hypnotic powers that could control any human being. He was a wise elderly black man,who was in the final stages of life. King Akeem, agreed to teach these african american men his powers, as long as they promised do use it for good, not evil. After spending 6 months in the jungles, after mastering the art of hypnotism and gaining the ability to control any human being using triggering devices, the black boys left and returned to the states.

Their promise of good intentions stayed in Nigeria. The black guys hated white guys and had every intention of using their powers to get revenge. They decided that instead of hypnotizing a white guy,his entire family ,friends and co workers, it would be more entertaining,more of a psychological humiliation if they just hypnotized one person, maybe two. That way it would alter the attitude of those not hypnotized,and inadvertently scar the white man. For example: Instead of hypnotizing both a white woman and man to kneel when they heard the words black dick, if they just hypnotized the white woman to kneel(who would not remember later what she did) the white man would forever remember his woman kneeling at the words, “black dick” and thus would be altered for life.

With this idea, here is the first trials of Hypnotic revenge. A couple of the black men traveled to Jamaica, to hypnotize the honeymoons of some of the racist white men they have known.

Tyrell, a 25 year old black law student wanted to seek revenge against a white lawyer, let’s call him Tom. It seems that Tyrell was an up and coming assistant in this prestigious law firm. However,Tom, afraid that the black man was a better lawyer, secretly told the law partners that Tyrell was embezzling money from the firm. Although this was far from the truth, the black man was fired. Tyrell,now a master hypnotist was finally going to make the white man pay.

Tom arrived in Jamaica to celebrate his honeymoon. He had just married a 20 year old bombshell, the love of his life, Sarah. Tom had planned an elaborate 2 week first class honeymoon for him and his beautiful bride,14 days,they would not forget. Tyrell’s plan was to separate the newlyweds as they signed into the hotel, just long enough to hypnotize Sarah, show Tom 14 days he would never forget and forever ruin the white mans life. Tyrell’s plan was not to confront Tom,just to hypnotize his wife, sit back, watch and laugh as the white boys honeymoon was destroyed. At check in, Tom registered at the front desk,while Sarah stopped at the gift shop. Tyrell took this opportunity to hypnotize the 20 year old white girl .

His commands to her were: 1- Mock your husband for having a small dick and remind him constantly that black men have bigger cocks 2- Never,Never have sex with your husband Tom 3- Whenever you meet a black man, throw yourself at him and become his slut,his cock sucking, personal whore. It only took a moment to hypnotize her, and she had no idea that anything happened. Tyrell laughed as the young white couple entered the elevator and commenced their honeymoon.

Tom and Sarah entered the honeymoon suite, at Toms request Sarah went to the bathroom to put on her sexiest lingerie. Tom ordered Champagne from room service, and got naked himself. Within minutes , Sarah came out looking oh so sexy! She took one look at her husband standing naked with an erection, and her first words were, “Damn you got a small dick”, Tom laughed nervously, thinking his new bride was joking, but to his horror, she said, “seriously, you have a tiny little dick”. Whhhhhat! the white boy stuttered. “Your dick is puny”,his young bride shouted. Sarah,was unconsciously saying exactly what she was programmed to do, her poor husband was stunned at her criticism. He tried to defend himself by saying his dick was average size, but once again Sarah remarked, ” you have a minuscule dick”.

While Tom tried to process what his wife was saying, he lost his erection. His white penis shriveled up, as he felt so embarrassed about his beautiful bride mocking his little dick on their wedding night. Sarah laughed, “now your little pee pee is limp too.(laugh,laugh) The white husband once again proclaimed his dick was not small. But his wife not only reaffirmed it was tiny,but she did exactly what she was hypnotized to do , when she said, “Yes, Tom you have a small dick, you know who has big dicks, black men. That’s right black men have huge fucking dicks”. The white boy was completely emasculated, how dare his new wife talk about the size of black dick on their wedding night. Almost in tears, Tom ran into the bathroom.

Sarah, unaware of how she was hurting her husband, just continued, as she shouted thru the door, “Well it’s true, those nigger dicks are really big!!”. A minute later, there was a knock at the door, it was room service with the champagne. With her husband in the bathroom, sobbing like a bitch, Sarah answered the door. Just her luck,carrying the bottle of champagne was a 19 year old black man. As the black guy entered the room,the hypnotized bride, subconsciously did as she was programmed to do, she threw herself at the black man. She fell to her knees,whipped out that nigger dick and began to suck like there was tomorrow. Of course being a young horny black man, the hotel worker had no problem letting this hot blond suck his dick.

He did not care if this girl was on her honeymoon, he did not know where her husband was, he just smiled as this little white slut gave him a blow job. Minutes later, after composing himself, Tom opened the bathroom door. To his complete horror, there was his young bride on their wedding night, sucking a big black cock. The white boy screamed and the black guy giggled, pulled his dick out of the white girls mouth,and ran frantically out of the room. The white husband, totally shocked, could not believe his young bride was just on her knees sucking a niggers dick. Of course Sarah, being under a hypnotic spell, was unfazed and actually yelled at Tom for scaring the black boy off.

The new husband pleaded with his bride to stop this behavior, he asked her to forget about what has happened to this point, and begged her to have sex with him. Of course,as she was programmed to do, she denied the white boy sex. So Tom’s honeymoon nightmare continued. His beautiful wife,wearing the sexiest nightie,showing off her perfect ass and big tits, refused to have sex with him and spent the evening mocking her husbands small white dick and raving about big nigger dick. The next morning,the nightmare continued. Sarah could not keep her hands off any black man,and the fact that her husband was by her side,did not matter. At breakfast she ran off with the black waiter.Hours later she met a surf instructor and despite her husbands objections,she sucked his giant black cock right on the beach. After lunch Tom returned to the honeymoon suite, to find his wife being tag teamed by 2 much older and incredibly hung black men.

Once again, Sarah not only did not apologize, she remarked about the preposterous size of the nigger dicks that were fucking the shit out of her. While wiping the tears from his eyes, the white husband did take notice that these older black men did have dicks at least 14 inches long. Unaware his wife was hypnotized, the white boy wept openly at the thought of enduring another 12 days on this nightmare of a honeymoon. His new bride denied him sex , mocked his tiny penis and became a whore for black men, on an island full of well hung niggers. The white boy was totally emasculated as he witnessed his wife fuck any and every black man she met. As his wife constantly insulted his tiny dick, the white husband had an inferiority complex toward these black men and their giant donkey dicks.

Tom, feeling so insecure, called home to speak to his mother. As the little white boy cried to his mommy about his new bride being so mean to him, Sarah grabbed the phone and once again the hypnotism kicked in. “Your little boy has a small white dick, and I need a big dick, a big nigger dick, lots of big nigger dicks,” and she hung up. Tom wept uncontrollable as he realized not only has his honeymoon be ruined, but his entire life is ruined. When he goes home he will be called out for having a teeny weeny dick, and his wife will be chasing big black cocks all the time. As the young couple left the hotel on the final day, Tyrell watched from across the street, the black man laughed as the white boys life had been changed forever. Tom would never have sex with his wife, yet he would be cuckolded by his wife and black men with huge fucking cocks. REVENGE IS WONDERFUL!! (laugh,laugh,laugh)

The next act of vengeance was instituted by Leroy, a 30 year old black man, now revengeful hypnotist. About 10 years back Leroy was set up by a crooked white cop, we will call this cop, Tom. Long story short, the cop was stealing money from a local electronics store he was hired to protect. When the owner suspected someone was embezzling money, Tom, the white cop had set up an unsuspecting black stock boy named Leroy. One thing led to another and Tom not only blamed Leroy, he testified against him in court. Since the bigoted “system” trusted the white police officer, the young black teenager was unjustly sentenced to ten years in prison. Leroy spent 10 long years in prison with nothing to do but lift weights and plan his revenge against the racist white man. After he was paroled, Leroy, now a very muscular black ex con thought about just attacking the white man,kicking his ass or worse. However, when he became a master hypnotist, the black bodybuilder figured he would use his new found powers to humiliate the white boy and change his entire life, forever.

This white cop was celebrating his honeymoon, in Jamaica. His bride was the gorgeous Joanne. A beautiful blonde, domineering to most men, but she was attracted to Tom’s police, take charge commanding attitude. This white boy had also planned a 2 week,once in a lifetime honeymoon for his new bride. Leroy’s plan of revenge was different from Tyrell’s. Instead of hypnotizing the white mans wife, and watching how the husband reacted to being cuckolded. Leroy decided he was going to hypnotize Tom, and take notice how the white wife viewed her husband as he was hypnotized into obeying the black mans every command. Basically,the black bodybuilder was going to make the white boy his submissive bitch, and sit back and laugh as Joanne began to treat her new husband like a little sissy.

Just as the white couple arrived, Leroy posing as a hotel bell hop, confronted Tom alone. The racist white cop did not even recognize the black man he railroaded to prison ten years ago. It took just a minute to hypnotize Tom, Leroy’s instructions to the white boy, “obey my every command,my every wish, forever”. That quick, Tom’s life had changed.(laugh)

The honeymoon, begins as the married couple along with Leroy,the bell hop, took the elevator to the honeymoon suite. “Carry our suitcases boy” Tom said to the black bell hop. His wife giggled as her “in charge” husband gave orders to the black boy. “Listen white boy”, Leroy sternly said, “from now on you refer to me as Sir!”, “and you carry the suitcases,boy”. The white bride was stunned at the insubordination this “nigger” showed her husband, yet she was excited to observe how her macho husband would fire back at black man. To her amazement,the hypnotized white husband grabbed the suitcases and replied, “yes sir” to Leroy.

Joanne was shocked to see her husband give in to this black man. Joanne demanded that Tom reprimand the bell hop, Leroy laughed and said, “your white husband is going to do exactly what I tell him”, he looked at Tom and said” Right white boy”, “yes Sir’. Tom meekly answered. The white woman was taken back as her once macho husband, stood by as this black bell hop took charge. Leroy slapped Tom in the face, just to taunt Joanne. The proud woman demanded her husband stand up for himself, Leroy just laughed and called the white boy a little wimp, a submissive bitch. Much to Joannes disbelief the black man said, ” You are a bitch,right white boy?” “Yes Sir”, Tom said. Joannes jaw dropped to the floor as her husband knuckled under to this black man. Leroy then slapped Tom again,demanded a $300 tip and made Tom thank him.

Of course,that is exactly what happened. Joanne was astonished to see her husband get smacked in the face,thank and then pay a black man ….on their honeymoon. Leroy walked out of the suite and stood outside the door to eavesdrop on what the young white couple said. Tom, completely oblivious of how he obeyed the black mans every wish, unaware that he was hypnotized, was surprised that his new bride started yelling at him for submitting to a “nigger”. Joanne was furious, “how dare you take orders from a black man”. ” Stand up to that nigger”. Hearing the entire conversation, Leroy was in the hallway laughing at the white boys predicament. Joanne went on and on, “I did not marry a wimp, I married a man, and you better grow some balls,or else.” “This is my honeymoon and I need to be fucked by a take charge man, I need to be dominated and fucked by a cocky,aggressive man”. “What I don’t need is a sissy little wimp who take orders from another man, a fucking black man”.

As Tom stood by just taking this verbal assault from his wife, Leroy laughed as he listened and planned his next move. The hypnosis worked and now the black man was about to re enter the honeymoon suite and show this white woman what a sissy bitch she married. Joanne hated wimps and needed a powerful man, and that is exactly what Leroy was going to show her. The black man barged in the honeymoon suite, grabbed the bride tied her to a chair and stuffed a ball gag in her mouth. Joanne was outraged as Tom stood by , like a submissive bitch. Leroy told Joanne to watch her husband become a black mans sissy slave.

The hypnotized white boy, had no choice but do exactly what he was told. And so it began, Leroy slapped and punched the white boy, he smacked him around and even had Tom thank him for doing so. Unable to move or speak Joanne looked on puzzled as her new husband, a cop, an ultra masculine man, a take charge alpha male, just allowed this black man to physically dominate him,right in front of his wife. The white woman watched as her husband submitted to this nigger. Leroy put on quite a show as he commanded the white boy to kneel before him. Tom answered “Yes Sir” to whatever the black man said. Joanne was astonished to hear her white husband suck up to this black man, literally admitting that he is inferior to the black race. Leroy even made Tom beg to be his bitch.

The black muscle man laughed as the white boy begged like a dog.(laugh,laugh) At one point Leroy walked to the other end of the honeymoon suite, dropped his pants and ordered the white boy to crawl on his hands and knees and kiss his black ass. Of course the new bride and groom had no idea that they were the victim of a revengeful hypnotist, so as he was programmed to do, Tom obeyed Leroy. In disbelief Joanne watched as her new husband got on all fours and crawled across the room and kissed the black mans ass. You could read her thoughts, how could her white husband kiss a niggers ass, on their honeymoon.(giggle) What kind of submissive sissy did she marry! Leroy enjoyed tormenting the white boy, after all this racist white boy was the reason he spent 10 years in jail.

Having Tom kiss his ass was just the beginning, Joanne was about to witness her husband become the black mans oral slave, a sissy bitch for nigger dick! Being tied up, Joanne was forced to watch as this nigger made her husband pull out that big black cock. Her eyes opened wide at the sight of this enormous black penis. Leroy then commanded Tom to beg him to slap him across the face with his giant black dick. Once again Joanne lost even more respect as the white boy begged to be whipped by that nigger cock. And the sight of Leroy actually pounding her husbands face with that massive black meat, while Tom was thanking him, was just another sign of who was in charge…..The Black Man!!!!

Leroy was far from finishing, he stood in front of Joanne posing and showing off his incredible black body. Joanne was looking at what she always dreamed about,an alpha male, a huge bodybuilder with a extremely large dick. What this beautiful woman never realized was that her dream man… was a black man. And now that she is aware that the black man is superior,she was about to learn how inferior her husband, the white man, really is. Leroy ordered Tom to crawl over to him. Now, right in front of his new bride, the white boy was ordered to suck dick, suck black dick, suck very big black dick! And like he was hypnotized to obey, the white man did just that, he sucked a nigger cock right in front of his wife.(giggle)

Joanne had been convinced, her husband was a sissy bitch. The woman could no longer respect a man that sucks a black mans dick. Inches from her face, her husband was eagerly giving a nigger a blow job. The black man had dominated her white husband to the point he was face fucking him. The white man was literally licking the black mans balls. How could she marry a man who was on his knees sucking a big nigger dick.(giggle) And for that matter, Joanne always wanted an Alpha male, a take charge, dominant man, how could she not be attracted to this black bodybuilder who was emasculating her white husband. Leroy kept humiliating Tom in front of Joanne, he pulled his dick out of the white boys mouth and forced him to beg, literally beg to suck black dick. And like the sissy fag his wife was beginning to know, the white boy did just that.

He pleaded with Leroy: “Please Sir,Please let me suck your black dick!!” “I am begging you,please shove that nigger cock in my mouth!!” Leroy watched Joannes reaction and laughed as he waved his monster cock inches from the white boys face, teasing him and making him grovel even more. The white boy continued: I am your slave, please give me your big fat nigger dick”. I will kiss your ass, I will do anything, please let me suck your big black dick!” “I am your puppet and you are my puppet master! Your wish is my command! I am begging you Please allow me the honor of sucking your black cock!!”

It was written all over Joannes face,watching her white husband beg to suck nigger dick was too much. She would no longer consider him a man. From that moment on, the man she married was the black mans sissy. Her white husband had been emasculated by the black man, turned into a cock sucking whore by a nigger. Leroy knew he had completely changed the way Joanne thought about her husband. He knew he had control over the white boys honeymoon and future. Leroy’s plan now was simple, set Joanne free and watch as she treated her husband like the submissive little white sissy he is. Leroy would sit back an observe this woman humiliate her white husband, embarrass and black mail him by spreading the word to everyone that her white husband sucks nigger dick.(laugh,laugh)

Just as planned, as soon as the black muscle man untied Joanne, she smacked Tom right across the face. Leroy laid on the white couples bed and laughed as this wife smacked, beat and berated her husband for being a cock sucking fag. She held nothing back as she screamed at her spouse: “You are a fucking submissive little bitch!” “You are a sissy, a black man’s sissy!” “You!!, white boy, suck black dick!” “You are not a man!, A man does not suck cock! And I am going tell the whole world that you were on your knees sucking a big nigger dick!!” “Yesterday we were married and today here you are sucking on a giant set of black balls.(laugh) You little white bitch!!!”

Leroy just laughed as Joanne continued to scold Tom: “You are a wimp, this black man ordered you to kiss his ass and like an obedient white boy you dropped to your knees, puckered up and kissed every inch of that niggers ass.” “What a pussy you are!! Seriously white boy, on your honeymoon, in front of your wife you begged to suck a black dick”(laugh,laugh) “Well if you want to act like a sissy slut. I will treat you like one.”

Just as Leroy had planned, Joanne turned against her husband. Now the second part of his revenge was about to happen. This gorgeous white girl needed a man, a real man, not a wimp like her sissy white husband. As Joanne verbally abused her husband, she realized the real man that she needed so desperately, was the big muscle bound nigger that just feminized her husband. So as the white girl continued to mock her husband, she made sure Tom was aware who the real man was: “Look at you Tom!, a submissive bitch. And look, just look at this black man, he’s got huge shoulders,biceps as big as your head,washboard abs, and a remarkably huge cock.”

“He is a dominant man, and you are his submissive boy”. “This black man is in charge, and you are here to obey him!”. “The black man is god, and you are here to worship him.” “This big dick nigger owns you”. “The black man is your master, and your are his slave.” “I hate beta males, but I love alpha males, and this black bodybuilder ,he’s an alpha male, a muscle bound stallion, a super man with a big black horse cock. Sorry white boy, but not only did this black man take your manhood, but he’s gonna take your wife.” (laugh,laugh)

During the next 13 days, Tom’s perfect honeymoon was turned upside down. The black stud fucked Joanne senseless and Tom obeyed Leroy’s every command. Joanne got the aggressive fucking she so desperately needed and the white boy thanked the black man for fucking his wife. Joanne laughed at Tom as he begged the nigger to give his bride the big hard dick she desired. Joanne often ordered Tom to do something embarrassing or emasculating, like wearing panties or sucking Leroy’s dick while she videotaped it. But she had no idea that her husband was hypnotized by Leroy, and only took instructions from him, she just thought Tom had some sort of sissy complex toward the more superior black man.

Of course the black man had no problem ordering the racist white boy to do whatever he or Joanne wanted. So there was the white boy, prancing around the honeymoon suite in a pair of satin panties,while some big nigger fucked his wife.(laugh,laugh) And if Joanne wanted a video of her white husband sucking black dick to show family,friends and the entire police station, Leroy ordered the white boy on his knees while Joanne whipped out her phone and got a close up video of the white boy sucking on a 13 inch nigger cock.(giggle) The humiliation was never ending: The black stud had the white girl on her knees sucking his dick,and her husband on his knees kissing his ass, at the same time.(laugh) Joanne and her black lover would order the most expensive champagne, pour it all over Leroy’s giant black balls and command Tom to lick it up.(laugh) And nothing can be more emasculating than a white husband begging a black man to fuck his wife. (laugh)

By the end of the honeymoon Joanne could barely walk from being fucked so hard, for so long, by such a huge black dick. And the white boy had actually started wearing knee pads, because his entire honeymoon was spent on his knees begging and thanking the black man for making him, the black mans bitch!!! (laugh) So as the honeymoon ended,Leroy had gotten his revenge against the white boy, but maybe the worst is yet to come. Leroy may stop by and see Joanne and Tom every once in a while, but until then, the young couple will go home and the white wife will be sure to tell everyone how her husband is a slave to the black man.(laugh,laugh)

These are just two of the many stories of revenge from this group of angry black hypnotists. I will gladly share more with you in the future. Until then, be careful white boys, you better respect the black man, or someday you might end up begging the black man for mercy! (laugh,laugh,laugh,laugh)



The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.