The Garden Hose Incident

I decided to write about this following topic since so many have asked me about it. In the “Me Masturbating” audio I mention an experience with a garden hose. I have told this story several times since it has piqued the curiosities of many that have heard about it and wanted further details.

I didn’t elaborate in the audio about it, since I planned on posting that audio at sites where the subjects spoken of or written about need to be over the age of 18.

At the time of the “garden hose incident”, I was 15. My mom and I were housesitting for a friend of hers. It was in the summer, and around midnight. I went outside to water some flowers. It was a hot night and I was horny. I then got the idea to use the high pressure hose nozzle the same way I used the shower massager. I was wearing a caftan, a loose fitting loungewear item that goes down to the ankles, nothing underneath it.

It was a foolish and risky thing to do, and now I would never do such a foolhardy thing. It wasn’t even in a backyard, it was a front yard. There was a cement step I sat on at the edge, legs spread, caftan pulled up around my knees and I aimed the high pressure of the hose at my clit.

A water induced orgasm is usually very fast and furious, so I knew I wouldn’t be there long, it was likely under 5 minutes. When I look back and think how a car might have caught me in the headlights, or if someone had come walking along the sidewalk, or if my mom had come out to see what was keeping me so long, I shudder to think of all the things that could have brought my little hose adventure to a very embarrassing end….Luckily none of those things happened and it was fast and furious and I came quietly with no one knowing about it. It does remain one of my more memorable sessions to be sure though due to the risk involved.

So for all of you that have wondered about that brief mention of that incident in that audio, there is the full story. I do hope you enjoyed hearing about it.