Celebrity Listener

This random rambling of mine has been rattling away in my brain since my first posting at Literotica a few years ago.

I have become rather obsessed with the idea of a celebrity finding my recordings and site. I know it’s absurd, they likely have much better things to do than poke around some woman’s odd little blog. Yet, by the same token they are people as well, it’s just that they have jobs that put them in the spotlight. They have the same needs, wants, and desires as the rest of us.

I am not a person easily impressed by celebrity. I seldom watch movies, and not much television. I’m just not a star struck person. I think it’s insane the way people idolize people because they are famous. I think most celebrities are not that intelligent, very vain and live shallow lives. So no, it doesn’t impress me much at all. I think of that Shania Twain song, “That Don’t Impress Me Much”, that’s pretty much it.

Yet they are famous and some very handsome, and of course it’s neat to think you’re turning on someone you know of, rather than just some nameless, faceless person online that finds your recordings.

I don’t know if any celebrities have ever gotten off to my recordings, it’s a fun idea to think that my voice has emptied a celebrities balls! Maybe they have even chatted with me on my ping box and I don’t even know it. Stranger things have happened I am sure. It would be very neat to have a celebrity as a phone partner, I would love that, but celebrity or not, they’d have to have the type of voice I like and good masturbation sounds to keep me interested, famous person or not. After all, that don’t impress me much…..