The Christmas Party

A young office worker and the co worker she’s had a crush on finally get together at the office Christmas party in an unexpected way.


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This party was the last social function that Melissa was planning to attend for a long time. She always hated office parties and this Christmas party was no exception. She sat quietly by herself in the near dark room with an untouched drink in her hand. The music was at least nice, she thought to herself. Christmas carols were some of her favorite songs. She placed her eggnog on the end table next to her and looked around for the hostess to ask for her coat. She was nowhere to be found, as usual, Melissa thought.

She got up and went to the kitchen where she thought the coats may have been taken. Her purse in her hand, she found her coat and put it over her arm and began to walk towards the door.

“Going somewhere,” Eric asked.

“Home,” she answered.

Even before turning around, she knew who’s voice it was. As she gazed up at his handsome face after turning around, her stomach muscles tightened. His green eyes impaled her, and she winced at the emotions he brought to life within her. Eric had been the star of her fantasies for over three years, and it was all she could do to stay still. He never seemed to notice her feelings and she accepted things the way they were. It was no fun risking possible rejection, especially with someone she worked with and would have to face daily, so it was easier just to bury the feelings and not do anything than to chance anything awkward like that.

“I asked you if you were going somewhere,” he said.

“And I replied ‘home’,” she countered.

“Why, it’s still early,” he ventured.

“I don’t have any reason to stay,” she replied.

“I’ll give you a reason,” he suggested.

“What possible reason could persuade me to stay here with a bunch of drunken idiots that I don’t even like?”

“This,” he replied as he advanced towards her and grabbed her by the arms and pulled her towards him until her breasts crushed against his chest. He brought his warm, moist mouth down forcefully over hers. Melissa pulled back, eyes widened, mouth agape and reeling with the shock.

“Why did you do that, Eric?”

“Because you are standing under the mistletoe,” he laughed.

Melissa looked up and she was staring right at it, a sprig of it attached to the light fixture they were standing under. She hadn’t noticed it before.

“Did you like that, Melissa?”

She didn’t answer, she looked down and began to blush and feel very uncomfortable. She knew that was the only reason he’d kissed her, it wasn’t because of feelings on his behalf as she’d have hoped would be the reason he’d kiss her.

“I asked you if you liked it,” he repeated again.

She was still silent. She picked up her purse and coat and turned her back to him to get to the back door to escape without having to go through the living room of people. He quickly came up behind her and wrapped his strong, muscular arms around her and held her tightly. The force of him grabbing her sent her purse and coat to the floor. She tried to vainly grab the doorknob just inches in front of her fingers.

“Let me go,” she protested weakly. “I have to go.”

She struggled again, but Eric just held on tighter. She didn’t resist anymore. Melissa realized that if she stayed still he would loosen his grip and she could then flee. His grip did loosen when she quit struggling and he felt her muscles relax. When she unexpectedly bolted he was taken by surprise. His reflexes however were too fast for her and he grabbed her by the waist and pressed himself against her.

“My, you’re being difficult tonight,” he laughed.

Melissa wanted to turn around and tell him she loved him, but she thought he had just been celebrating a bit too much tonight and would have played this game with anyone who had crossed his path. She let her resistance go, just leaving it up to him.

He leaned his head in beside her ear and whispered, “Do you want me to go?” He said seriously.

She couldn’t bring herself to say yes, so she just placed her hands lightly over his on her waist hoping he would take that as her answer. He didn’t.

“Say it,” he demanded. “Say you don’t want me to go.”

“No,” she answered defiantly.

“Say it,” he repeated in a husky whisper she could barely hear.

“I don’t want you to go,” she replied.

“Fine,” Eric replied.

His arms around her waist untangled themselves from her hands and his large, warm hands expertly traveled up towards her already passion taut breasts. Eric decided he wanted to feel skin, not that her angora sweater didn’t feel nice tot eh touch, he just wanted to feel flesh against flesh. His hands moved back down and drew under her baggy turtleneck sweater. He was very pleased to find that she was braless. With his arms under hers, he fully cupped both breasts and sensually rubbed each nipple with his thumb as he breathed heavily into her ear. Melissa closed her eyes with pleasure and leaned back against him.

“I love you Eric,” she whispered quietly hoping he wouldn’t hear her proclamation of love.

“I love you too, Melissa,” he said sincerely.

When she heard this, she turned around to face him and wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his mouth towards hers. She opened her mouth welcomingly to him, and he accepted gratefully. She eagerly sucked on his lower lip and his hot, wet tongue licked her lips. She hastily pulled off his sweater, and then her own. She kissed him again and quickly undid his belt and zipper and pulled his jeans off. His boxer shorts were next, then her bikini underwear. Eric effortlessly lifted her onto a counter and she pulled him down to her hot, waiting body. She roughly raked her long red nails down his smooth bronze back and he moaned and arched with pleasure.

He retaliated by taking her nipple into his mouth and nibbling on it rather hard, but she groaned with delight. She looked at him with passion dilated eyes and nodded. He understood. She parted her creamy thighs eagerly for him and awaited his impalement. When he entered her hot wetness she smiled and kissed him wantonly. He brought his arms under hers and lifted her shoulders to his lips. She arched so her breast was right at his lips. He took her rosy tip in his mouth and ran his tongue over he pink peak. Melissa bucked with pleasure against his hared length of maleness until she got her release. Shortly after Eric closed his eyes and shuddered as he came inside of her. They were both spent and breathing very hard and he collapsed on her and she with her arms wrapped tightly around him.

All of a sudden they were met with deafening applause in the background. They both stiffened and looked stunned out at the entire staff. They looked quickly at each other and then back at the staff and burst out laughing. They got off the counter and bowed at the clapping crowd, then quickly grabbed their clothes to cover themselves as the crowd returned to the living room to give them their privacy.

“It’s about time you two got it on,” someone said from the group exiting the kitchen. They pulled on their coats over their half dressed selves and left for Melissa’s house to continue their new relationship together.


Note: I wrote this story in my late teens many years ago, so it’s not exactly of my current caliber of writing, but it’s not too dreadful, so thought I’d post it anyway.


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