Special Girl

A 12 min recording. A naughty girl gets fucked by her daddy.


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Listen to “Special Girl”

“Pull up that pretty pink skirt baby…pull those pretty lil panties down and let Daddy see what makes you his special girl.” He said as he slowly stroked his own cock and watched her.

She giggled and tapped her foot in mock coyness and then slowly lifted her skirt for him, inch by inch. She loved watching him get turned on by her body. She brought it up until her pretty pink panties were showing and then giggled again. His cock twitched and throbbed as he slowed his stroking in anticipation.

“You wanna see Daddy?” She asked in her best lil girl voice.

“Mmmhmmm baby girl.” He smiled and licked his lips.

“OK. . .but just for you.” She grinned and it her finger tip. “Just for Daddy.” It felt so good to be so naughty.

She slipped her fingers under the elastic waist band of her panties and slowly worked them down, keeping her legs close together so she didn’t ruin the surprise. He watched her and nodded as she finally let them fall to her ankles and stood back up and lifted her skirt over her hips. He smiled and waited for the finally of her little strip tease. As he watched she opened her legs more and more until her hard cock popped out and rose up, pointing right at Daddy.

She giggled and shook her hips so it waved at him. “Hi Daddy!” They both laughed and then got very quiet. He motioned for her to come closer and she took tiny steps, the panties around her feet making walking difficult.

“Such a special baby girl for Daddy.” He said and reached out and stroked her cock. “So big and hard for me huh? You must like Daddy a lot.” He said and she nodded, her pig tails bobbing all around as she did.

“Mmmmm wanna see how much Daddy likes you?” He asked and she nodded again. He smiled and leaned forward and took the head of her cock into his mouth and slowly began to suck her in, inch by inch. She purred and held her skirt up higher so she could watch him suck her, she loved to see Daddy swallow her full six inches.

She felt his hands grasp her ass and pull her into his mouth and she closed her eyes and concentrated on the sensations. She could feel his tongue rubbing the bottom of the shaft as the full length went deep into his throat. Daddy was such a good cock sucker when he wanted to be. His lips clenched and pumped the shaft as he began to bob up and down her length, making lots of wet sloppy sucking sounds.

“Ooooooo Daddy.” She said and quivered as he sucked her faster and faster, using one hand to play with her asshole. She spread her legs a little and he slid a finger deep into her and began to massage her prostate as he sucked. The resulting sensation was so good she was worried she’d cum to fast and wanted to make it last.

Daddy began to rub harder and suck faster, trying to make her cum. He was hungry for a face full of her, wanted to get a mouth full of her sex. She closed her eyes and leaned back a little, the hand grabbing her ass keeping her balanced.

“Oooohhhh Daddy. Daddy…I’m….Daddy” She tried to talk but the words just kept getting all jumbled and mixed. She started giggling and reached down and grabbed Daddy’s hair and pumped his face. “Ya Daddy. . .suck me good Daddy…Baby girl needs it Daddy. . ..ooooh Daddy.”

He started to make a deep humming his throats and the vibrations tickled so bad but, when combined with the sucking and rubbing and face fuck . . . they were heaven. Her breath went short and she started to shiver. She could feel it starting, there was no holding back now. Daddy added a second finger up her ass and she moaned, she wished he could fuck her and suck her at once. She started to wail and then grunted as her load of cum exploded into his mouth.

Daddy fucked her ass hard with his fingers and pressed her magic button as she came. She screamed and filled his mouth with her cum and he sucked it all down cause Daddy was good at that. He kept milking her cock until she was dry and starting to go soft. His tongue swirling around the head as he let her pull it out of his mouth, the sensation so powerful she felt her knees going a little weak.

She stepped back with tiny steps and stood there, cock going limp, wet and drained. She smiled as she saw a little cum drip out of the corner of Daddy’s mouth. he smiled at her and she giggled.

“Am I special Daddy?” She asked.

“Very baby girl.” He answered and stood, his hard cock bouncing as he did.

“Very very special Daddy?”

“Yes Baby girl.”

“Mmmm Daddy gonna fuck me now?” She asked and wiggled her ass.

“Oh yes baby girl. . .Daddy is gonna tear you up now.” He said and smiled. She felt a thrill run through her hearing that.

She turned around and pulled her skirt over her ass cheeks and bent, leaning on the couch. “Mmmm Daddy. . .tear it up.” She looked back at him and smiled. He was rubbing lube on the head of his cock, getting ready to do just that.

She bent further forward and felt him spreading her cheeks. Then she felt his tongue in her asshole, slowly sliding in and then spreading wide and opening her up. She moaned and pushed back onto his face, it felt so nasty and so good. He rimmed her ass good, licking and tongue fucking her until she was stretched enough to take his big cock.

He gave her ass one last rimming, swirling his tongue all around inside her and tickling her until she squirmed. She felt his cock head press against her asshole and braced herself. She loved the feeling of him sliding into her, even the little bit of pain as his big head split her open for the first time. He pressed in gently and she moaned as he slipped into her ass.

He slid all the way into her until she felt his balls slap against hers and then he waited. Seconds later the clench response passed and her ass eased up and was ready to fuck. Slowly he started sliding in and out of her, bringing his cock almost out until just the head was in her. She moaned and grabbed the couch for support. Grabbing a handful of her hair he began to pump her with more force, his cock slamming into her nice and hard.

“Mmmm Daddy.. . break it Daddy.” She whispered to him.

He started fucking her faster and harder and pulling on her hair until her back arched and she was pulled back into the fucking. The sound of their bodies slapping together each thrust was like applause as they fucked. She began to giggle and he fucked her harder and harder.

“Am …I …special … Daddy?” She asked as he fucked her.

“Special. . .” He answered in ragged breath.

“Special…baby. . . uhhhh. . .girl …Daddy?”

He fucked her harder, his cock slamming in to her asshole so hard she was knocked forward on each thrust. “Baby. . .” was all he managed but she knew what he meant. She bent further forward and stuck her ass up higher so he could fuck her even deeper.

Daddy spanked her ass cheeks as he fucked her. He let go of her hair and smacked her ass hard each time he slid all the way in. The burning sensation added to everything else and she was in heaven.

“Love…Daddy’s. . .cock!” She cried and he smacked her even harder as he got nearer to cumming.

“Fuck . . . me. . . Daddy!!!!!” She cried and he did. . . even harder…faster. She felt his sweat dripping on her back and he was breathing in gasps.

“Dadddddyyyyyyyyyy!” she cried.

He groaned and grabbed her hips and fucked her three times brutally hard and she felt his cum starting to fill her. So much cum, blast after gooey blast of hot sweet cum filled her up. He kept thrusting until he was milked dry and then he leaned on top of her.

“Special … girl. . . ” He gasped.

“Mmmmm … special. . . Daddy.” She said back through ragged breath.

This story was part of a collection I bought. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I have the right to post it and have made the recording of it.