The Caress

A story about a young man that appreciates a well manicured hand on his lady.


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“The Caress”

 A 6 min 30 sec recording.

It was dark when I entered. The only light in the room was above the bed where he lay, arms and legs stretched wide, fully exposing him to me. He was covered with a sheet, colored velvet to match the rug. The room was silent, except for the loud step of my bright red stiletto’s as I slowly paced around him. The space between his legs stretched tight on the sheet, it had been slowly growing since I had walked into the room. It jutted out from under the sheet, trying oh so hard to escape. It glistened at the head, twitching a little bit, engorged to its full potential.

Yet, it was falling, slowly lowering itself down, retreating away from the surface. It took about a minute or two for it to shrink back to its normal size under the sheet. As I noticed this I thought, “This is NOT to be.” Carefully, a hand dropped languidly to the retreating organ. Elegant fingers began slowly stroking it. Long fingers, slim fingers, these fingers were my fingers. Immediately his cock engorged as my fingers slowly caressed it back to size. With my fore-finger I sought the most sensitive spot and began to tease it in a slow circular motion.

My perfectly manicured nail gleamed and glistened in the light against his cock, the bright red polish enhancing the nail’s beautiful shape. My fore-finger was moving gently, now spreading the glistening fluid that was leaking out of his head. As I started to hear him moan I withdrew from him, standing back to watch as the organ pulsated and throbbed, aching for release. After a couple of minutes as I saw that his cock was not getting softer, I decided to go and freshen up some more. I was gone for quite a while. While I was gone, I reapplied lipstick, changed into a tight leather outfit that exposed much of my cleavage for him, and re-did my nail-polish.

The lipstick I wore was spectacularly red, and my new nail polish was the same shade. Both would look good on his cock, so I decided to go and see if he was ready for me. As I walked back into the room, he did not hear me enter, which was surprising, as I had slipped back on my stiletto’s to make an entrance. But, since he had not seen me, his organ was quite soft when I walked in. It almost immediately shot up when the hand dropped again. At this, I decided that he had been a good boy, and that I may let him cum. At the right time of course. At this thought, I quickly threw the sheet off of him, exposing his body completely, and his bare cock. It was standing erect, at attention, for me.

Precum was already oozing out of the tip, and with an elegant forefinger, I started to spread it all over the head. He looked up at me, and saw that I had changed. At this, his eyes widened and I pushed his head back down with my newly and perfectly manicured fingernails. After that, I thought to myself, “Let’s see how long this boy can last.” I wrapped my fingers around his hard shaft, just under the head, and started to stroke him slowly. He started to moan, and his breaths became heavier. I could tell I had him at the edge. In response to this, I lowered my head to his cock and started to suck on the very tip of his head.

My bright red lipstick started to smear onto his cock. I started to pump his cock faster, and with my free hand I massaged his balls. He was so close to orgasm, I could feel his cock pulsing in my hand. I could hear him moaning, his moans becoming louder and louder, starting to turn into whines, I knew he was aching to cum. With this, I lowered my head lower onto his cock and within seconds flat, I took his entire length down my throat. He stayed deep in my throat for at least five seconds, and I could feel his heart beat inside my throat. I came up from his cock, looked him in the eye, and said to him, “Now, you may cum for me.” At this, I took his entire shaft, down to the balls into my throat, as I heard him moan, and felt him shoot his load into me, in hot wet spurts.


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.