A poltergeist runs into a lost love in the woods and they reconnect in an unexpected way in this romantic story.


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 A 13 min 28 sec recording.

I have been in this state of existence for a long time. I do not even know when “now” is
but the “I” I used to be ceased to exist in 1986. I was in the US Army and was clubbing in
West Berlin. My buddies and I were having a fantastic time. We “ceased” very quickly,
and I do not know why.

“Now” for me is not what I was born to. I had substance, then; now I do not. I can be
everywhere when I want, and coalesce and become almost substantial like I had been
before I ceased. I do know I have returned home, but I chose to live, to reside, in a
wooded area that reminds me of when I was a child. I do not frighten the animal residents
as they can not see me. I have had human visitors to my woods, and like a fog that
encompasses the woods, I can see them and what they have in their hearts, where ever
they enter my woods. I have seen drunk and disrespectful poachers, Mafia types- Italian,
Russian speaking, and wanna be’s. I have also seen first time lovers, kids who have never
seen “this lizard”, “that frog”, or “the butterfly over here”. I can choose to coalesce at
will, and have done so for different reasons.

The poacher I saw and chose to ignore him at first, until I looked into the poison of his heart. Like the “fog” that I am when not irked,it took me awhile to summon myself in one place, to coalesce, in front of him. This was one of the first times that I recall where I had moved an “owned” object; I moved the safety to fire and then moved the trigger to fire the weapon. I have moved air. Leaves, and insects, as well. The Russian’s, whom I still despised, all had deer flies “influenced” to enter their ears, noses, shirt cuffs, collars, to force them to leave my woods. Insects are easy to influence, and I didn’t have a problem, but the stiff spring of the 30.06 rifle was very difficult. I had insured that the rifle was pointed in a safe direction before I shot it.

I loved the look on his face, as he came out of his drunken slumber. But he was looking at
me. I was still in a state of some substance, but he was absolutely looking at me. I chose
to approach him, and with a low guttural scream, I lunged at him. I dissipated and I went
back into my normal state of being. He ran back to his car, leaving his Winchester
behind. I never saw him again.

Years passed. I became more adept at “dissipating” and “coalescing”. Moving objects
became easier. I discovered that if I “coalesced” to move an object, I became visible to
all; animal or human. Deer were confused, as well a human. “Where did that man come
from” or “Where did that dude go”; are some of the thoughts I have felt. I became more
aware, when I was dispersed, of the comings and goings in my world. I was normally

A woman entered my woods. My state of being was spread out over tens of square miles
at this point; it was easy for me to “see” her. She had no purpose here. I could feel that
she was not looking for anything. She was just walking. She had a bit of sadness in her
heart; was she thinking of an old lover? She was younger then. She was still very
attractive now. She was not in any danger; I influenced some of the more dangerous
animals to stay away. I encourage the types that she may like to stay longer and not be
fearful. She loves chipmunks, and rabbits. Wait; why do I know this? For some reason I
am not discovering this from her, I am recalling this myself. Why? Intriguing. I begin to
gather from the miles I have dispersed myself.

She is wearing a flannel shirt. Blue jeans. Hiking boots. She looks around her
surroundings. Poplar trees, elm, blue spruce. She is walking slowly over a crest of a hill.
There is a creek on the other side. A whitetail deer had become stuck many seasons ago
in this same area. She may turn away. I was still trying to coalesce my form to look at her
better, not realizing I would need to use my abilities. Her appearance was becoming
clearer as I coalesced; her long brunette hair was so clean and shiny, it reflected blue
from the sky. The flannel shirt was tied above her bare abdomen, sleeves rolled to above
her elbow. Her shape was very pleasant, and athletic; familiar. Why do I feel like I know
her? I never married or have had children.

She was 25 meters to the muddy area on her side of the creek, and I was still gathering
myself. The metallic bracelet on her right wrist, and watch on her left wrist were very
apparent now. She wasn’t looking where she was going, just at the sky through the trees,
or her hands. Her legs were toned; calves and quadriceps were well defined. Her
abdomen, while not the six-pack she possessed back when she was younger, was still flat.
Her unseen arms were toned as well. A sport bra supported her breasts. This was going to
be interesting when I became visible to her.

She was only a few steps from that quicksand now. Were should I form at; across the
mire or behind her? My “fog” is really gathering well, too well. What had been a nice
sunny day was reducing her ability to see, so… The two steps that were left were with her
looking around at the fog, and not the softening ground in front of her.

Unable to prevent the inevitable, she stepped onto the spongy mass of muck and was
ankle deep. Thru the fog that was myself, she looked at the muck as it swallowed the tops
of her boots. She was sinking but I had to coalesce behind her if my human shape was to
pull her out.

Her struggling was getting her only deeper. Shin deep quickly progressed to her knees.
Her breasts jiggled as her struggles proved fruitless. At some point as her sinking went
past her toned thighs, she cried out for help, and continued to pull and push with her legs.
This was deeper than the deer had sunk and with her non-stop thrashing about, she was
going to sink much deeper. She had been reaching for anything as I started to form on top
of the hill. She had looked behind her in my direction but I don’t think she saw my
vaporous form.

The quicksand was around her waist as I had completed my transformation. I called down
to her saying I would help. Running on legs I had not used was bringing back sensation I
had not felt in many years. Joy at being alive was a close enough feeling but I knew that I
could not remain in this form for very long. With her arms out stretched over her head,
she had twisted and turned to reach for me. I was almost to her as her muddied breast
disappeared below the turned over surface of the mire.

With tears streaming down her face, she pleaded for me to get her out. I slowed and
skidded to a stop just short of her. Testing the surrounding area, I cautiously stepped
forward. The ground feeling damp, it moved like a water bed, I reached for her hand and
pulled. A look of relief came across her face as she realized she was coming out. Within
moments mud was falling off her shoulders and from between her breasts. Her waistline
and blue jeans soon followed. With an effortless final heave, the remainder of her legs
were out of the bottomless pit of muck.

She rolled onto her back, gasping for air and trying to recapture her breath. I may confuse
her but I decided to leave, until I looked at her bracelet. It was a name I had not seen in
years; my own. She was wearing a KIA bracelet that one wore to remember a loved one
that had been killed in combat.

I looked more closely at her face; she looked like she had seen a ghost. If she wasn’t
lying in my lap I would have gone. Putting one hand around the back of my neck she
pulled me close and gave me a deep kiss, and started sobbing.

“I have missed you so; I thought I would never see you again. Now that I am dead, we
can be together again.” the velvety sound emanating from her beautiful lips. I smiled at the woman that had grown from the fiance I had once known and said; “No, You are very much still alive. However I am not. I haven’t been for a very long, long time.”

“We knew each other then” This was both a question and a statement.

Seeing my questioning brow she simply said; “Yes.”

We both had too many questions for the situation. I laid down next to her a traced the
long forgotten but familiar features of her face as she looked into my eyes. Kissing her
was both painful and rewarding.

After hours had passed, we stood and walked away from the pit that had reunited us
again. I watched her walk away to a once familiar car, and drive away. I dissipated once
again and went back to the woods that were once again our woods. More in agony knowing that a love that I had once had, I could never again have, but was still as close to each other’s heart than ever before.


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.