Daryl The Sissy

Sweet sissy Daryl loves to be encouraged in his love of being a sissy and wearing girls clothes and pretty panties. To Listen To Me Read This Story, Click “Daryl The Sissy”  A 20 min recording. Hello Daryl, I wanted to talk to you about something very important, something you keep hidden away from everyone. …

Panty Enchantment

A man loves to indulge his women’s panty fantasies. All the brand names, colors, styles, it’s all so much silky goodness for his cock. To Listen To Me Read This Story, Click “Panty Enchantment”  A 25 min 33 sec recording. Just hearing the word “panties” makes you hard, now doesn’t it. Panties. Soft, silky panties. …


To Listen To Me Read This Story, Click. “Sissification” – Listen up, sissies, this is for you. Strap on fans, cum lickers, you’ll like this……. You naughty, cumslut panty boys. A 3 min 37 sec recording.

Panty Lovers

Listen to “Panty Lovers”   “Panty Lovers” – For all the panty lovers out there. Ones that wear, sniff, and use stolen ones for masturbating into. A 4 min long recording.