Daryl The Sissy

Sweet sissy Daryl loves to be encouraged in his love of being a sissy and wearing girls clothes and pretty panties.


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“Daryl The Sissy”

 A 20 min recording.

Hello Daryl, I wanted to talk to you about something very important, something you keep hidden away from everyone. You see sweetheart I know your secret, I know who and what you really are and I think you need a little push in the right direction.

You have always known you were different haven’t you Daryl, not like the other boys. They would play rough and tumble games but you were too scared, you wanted to play with the girls didn’t you princess. You see I know you are a sissy Daryl, a sissy who dresses up as a little girl and plays with dollies. Admit it Daryl, admit to me that you are a frilly little sissy.

It’s ok to be a sissy Daryl and I know you feel much more comfortable in little girl clothes, much more happier. You are not a man, you have never been a man, how could you possibly ever be man with such a tiny little willy? No my Angel, you were never destined to be a man, you were always destined to be a little girl.

You need to embrace the sissy you really are Daryl, forget about ever pretending to be a man and enjoy being the little girl inside you. Wouldn’t you feel much happier if you could be a little girl all the time? Of course you would.

I love sissies Daryl, they are sweet and kind but so many never express their true nature and that is why I want to help you, I want to help you be who you really are inside.

Think about how magical it feels when you are dressed in your little girl clothes Daryl, just how natural it is for you. You belong in little girl clothing Daryl, not boring men’s clothes, you are a princess, a girly boy, a sweet little pansy.

Don’t you wish you could live as a little girl full time Daryl? Don’t you wish you had your own little girl bedroom and wardrobes full of pretty dresses? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up each and every day in that bedroom knowing you never have to pretend to be a man? And it’s so important you understand you are not a man, only then will you be able to truly accept you are a sissy.

Imagine getting out of bed in the morning surrounded by pinks and other pretty colours, imagine opening a drawer stacked full of pretty panties, your panties Daryl. Imagine a room full of dolls and stuffed animals, all sorts of girlie toys, books and games. Wouldn’t you just love a room like that?

Sweet little sissies like you Daryl are just too timid to be anything other than little girls, with your hair in ringlets or braids, a cute pair of cotton panties, knee high socks and a darling dress. You want to live as a little girl so much don’t you Daryl, I can tell. So why don’t you, what is stopping you? Are you afraid people will make fun of you? Well of course they will, but that doesn’t matter as long as you can be the little girl you really are. Sissy pansies will always be the subject of ridicule I’m afraid, but as long as you are being true to yourself what does that matter? No man would play with dollies or wear a little girl dress, so you cannot be a man. Simple.

Say it loud Daryl, say “I am a sissy and I want to be a little girl”. Say it from the heart, say it loud and proud. “I am a sissy and I want to be a little girl”. Good girl Daryl, such a good little girl. Doesn’t it feel better when you openly admit you are a sissy?

There are so many things that point to just what a true and absolute sissy you are Daryl. It’s not just your love of dressing as a little girl, or should I say your need to dress as a little girl Daryl? Because it is a need isn’t it princess, you need to dress as a little girl so much. But there are other things. There is that teenie weenie between your legs for a start. You do understand how small it is don’t you Daryl? It can only be used to make tinkles, but that is all you need it for.

You understand the difference between your teenie weenie and a proper sized willy don’t you my sweet sissy boy? You understand Daryl your willy is just a clitty, nothing more. But I have a feeling you not only understand but are happy to be so tiny. Am I right Daryl? I think I am.

I know too Daryl that you are a panty sniffer, it’s ok most sissies are, they just cannot help their utter fascination over worn undies. Silly sissies. You just love to bury your nose into the gusset of a pair of dirty panties don’t you Daryl and the scent comforts you so much.

I have to admit I do find it a little funny how you sissies love our dirty panties so much, rifling through laundry hampers, getting so excited, so very flustered when you find a nice fresh pair. I know how you look at the stains in the gusset with such awe and fascination before, with trembling hands you raise them to your nose to take a good long sniff.

I bet you wear them too. Am I right princess, do you wear women’s dirty panties? Of course you do, you wear them so your tiny little bits smell just like a girl. That’s actually quite sweet, but what would the girls in the office think of you if they knew you wore dirty panties under your jeans Daryl? Have you ever wondered sissy boy? Have you ever wondered what they would think if they saw you dressed up as a little girl Daryl? You know that they really should know don’t you.

Oh my sweet little pansy Daryl, hiding away in the adult world, posing as a man, such a shame. You have just ached for so long to let go of that pretend manhood and embrace a life of frills and lace. Such true pathological sissies like you Daryl absolutely need to live as little girls 24/7 and I mean live as little girls not just dress up as one. That means being treated as a little girl Daryl and you being expected to behave as one. Still I think a timid little Nancy boy like you Daryl would find that very easy.

It must have been hard for you growing up at school being the utter pantywaist sissy you are, seeing the other boys in your class mature and develop whilst you were just stayed a simpering pansy. Did you hide away in the changing rooms during games frightened they would notice that teenie weenie of yours and laugh at you? Oh I am sure they did and of course you wanted to run away to the girls changing room where you belonged didn’t you Daryl? Such a sissy.

I bet there were lot’s of, let’s say events in your past, where you had to try to hide the fact you were a sissy. But really sweetie, you shouldn’t have been hiding your sissiness, you should have been embracing it. Are you embracing it now Daryl? Allow yourself to be that little girl inside of you, let her out, let her be free. You are a little girl Daryl, you will always be a little girl.

I know you are dressed as a little girl as you listen to my voice and you just love your little girl clothes don’t you Daryl. You ache to feel pretty and each article of clothing feels so right, so natural. Feel those little girl clothes adorning your body Daryl, caress the texture, you need to wear these clothes all the time.

Be a good little girl Daryl, truly embrace your sissiness, revel in it and don’t be afraid. Wear your little girl clothes with pride, show the world what a beautiful pansy you are Daryl. You are a sissy princess, so why not show the world?

Something else you need to understand girly boy, you will never be with a woman, but I guess you already knew that, sex is just something everyone else does not sissy little girls like you Daryl. Surely people have already commented about the fact you are a so called grown man who has never had sex. What have they said? Do they laugh at you? Do you think they maybe know you are a sissy with a tiny penis Daryl?

Why continue living a lie? It is obvious you were born to live life as a little girl Daryl and just because you will never be with a woman doesn’t mean you need to be lonely. You know what I am referring to don’t you, you know because you have thought about it many many times. Be honest with yourself, you have imagined many times what it would be like to experience sissy love.

Such utter sissies like you Daryl need to be with other sissies, who else will understand those feelings that eat you up? You are a pansy Daryl, a fairy, a Nancy boy, you need to be with another such as you. Pansies are so cute together, all dressed up as little girls, playing sweetly, cuddling and kissing. Don’t you want to kiss and cuddle with another sissy Daryl? Of course you do. You ache to find happiness with another sissy, a pansy who will love you for being the timid pantywaist you really are. A sissy who will help you dress each day, help you braid you hair, play dollies with you, hold your hand as you both skip down the street. A sissy who will hold you tight as you softly sleep and caress you through your nightie.

And when you both get excited in your panties, which I bet will be a lot because if it is one thing I do know about sissies its they get very excited a lot. Well when that happens you can rub each others pee pee’s and make your cute little squirties.

Won’t that be wonderful, having your teeny tiny willy rubbed by another sissy Daryl? And won’t you love rubbing another sissies pee pee, feeling it stiffen in your hand and then squirting little droplets of sissy cream. Such a fairy you are. But it is ok to be a fairy Daryl, you were born that way, it’s simply how you are. A sweet sissy who loves her little girl clothes so much.

Step out of the shadows Daryl, show the world the real you, skip around with your pigtails bouncing up and down, find sissy love, be a little girl full time, let your sissiness take over. Tell people you are a sissy, tell them this is who you are, don’t be afraid just tell them. Be confident in your sissiness, let it shine from within you, you are not a man so stop trying to act as one. Buy more dresses, more dollies, more girl toys, walk down the street in your best party dress and when people stop and stare you just say ‘yes I am a sissy boy, so what’.

I know this is a huge lifestyle change for you, but you need it so much. Allow the little girl inside you to take over, grow your hair long, shave off all your body hair, even around your teenie weenie, take small dainty steps and always make sure you are carrying your favourite dolly with you everywhere. You do have a favourite dolly don’t you Daryl? Of course you do.

Well now princess, I expect your tiny little willy is all excited in your panties, do you like to rub it Daryl? Silly question, of course you do, sissies just cannot control themselves when it comes to their teenie weenies. I bet you are a real chronic masturbator Daryl, I bet you cannot go five minutes without touching yourself. It’s ok most sissies are chronic masturbators and the funny thing is I know you don’t even think about sex when you tug at the tiny thing, sex is for grownups and all you think about is being a little girl don’t you precious.

If you were a man Daryl then chronic masturbation would be a problem, but in sissies it’s quite cute, watching them huff and puff as they tug away on their tiny baby sized willies, their pigtails bobbing up and down until they squirt into their panties. That’s what you do isn’t Daryl, rub yourself silly.

I bet you are rubbing yourself right now as you listen to my voice, in fact you have been rubbing yourself from the very start of this recording.

Are your panties getting damp Daryl? It’s ok keep rubbing that silly little willy of yours. Good girl Daryl, such a good girl, that’s it rub your tinky. Oh it feels good doesn’t it princess, so very good. Keep rubbing for me. I can picture you Daryl, the skirts of your dress lifted up and your hand in your pretty panties. Such a cute imagine.

Keep rubbing Daryl my sweet little Nancy boy, imagine another sissy is kissing you, touching you, imagine how good it will feel. You are such a good little girl Daryl, such a natural sissy. Keep rubbing sweetie.

You must be getting close princess. Will you do squirties for me? That release will feel so good. Rub a little faster Daryl. Good girl. Listen to my words.

You ARE a girl Daryl, you need to be that girl. Be that girl Daryl, be her all the time. Rub for me Daryl, rub your sissy clitty, I am going to count to five and then I want you to squirt your sissy cream in your panties. Five – good girl Daryl, rub your tinky. Four – you love being a sissy Daryl. Three – it feels so good to be a sissy. Two – it feels good to be a pansy. One – squirt for me Daryl, squirt into your panties.

Good girl Daryl, I bet that release felt so wonderful didn’t it. Are your panties all wet and sticky? Well you need to keep them on, it will remind you what a sissy masturbator you are.

So you know what you need to do now don’t you? Stop all this nonsense about being a man, you are a sissy little girl and you need to be her. You also need to stop calling yourself Daryl, Daryl is a boys name, you need a girls name and you already know the name don’t you Samantha. You are and have always been Samantha, now live your life as you meant to be, live life as a little girl, you really will be happier.


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.