Lingerie Shopping

A crossdresser finds some fun in the dressing room while shopping for lingerie at the lingerie store with the store owner. To Listen To Me Read This Story, Click “Lingerie Shopping”  A 10 min 24 sec recording. You are the owner of a high end lingerie boutique that I’ve shopped at now for a year …

Welcome To Blush Lingerie

A cross dressing man goes shopping for some lingerie and gets friendly with the sales lady who is more than happy to help him make his selections. To Listen To This Story, Click “Welcome To Blush Lingerie” A 9 minute 50 sec recording. ******************************************************************************** The above story was written by a client of mine for …

Lingerie & Stockings

To Listen To Me Read This Story, Click “Lingerie & Stockings” – A sexy scenario describing us fucking with me in some sexy lingerie and stockings. A 4 min 34 sec recording.

Panty Lovers

Listen to “Panty Lovers”   “Panty Lovers” – For all the panty lovers out there. Ones that wear, sniff, and use stolen ones for masturbating into. A 4 min long recording.