Bad Cindy

A 7 min 40 sec recording. A naughty girl gets spanked by her daddy after he finds out what she did with the boys at school.


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“Bad Cindy”

Cindy bounced into the room with her usual energy. Her plaid skirt flitting up slightly as she did and her breasts straining against the fabric of her white cotton blouse. Her pig tails bounced on after she stopped, taking one last lil bop to settle finally framing her precious face.

One of her socks was half way down her calf, the other pulled full over her knee. Her Mary Jane shoes clicked as she walked over to him so seductively. She stuck her lollipop back into her mouth and gave it a good suck looking at him and grinned her evil lil grin. She was up to no good, that was for sure.

He put down the magazine he was reading and pat his lap for her to come over and sit. She grinned big in reply and jumped onto his lap. Curled up like a kitten she grinned and sucked her loli as he played with her hair. “You bein good baby girl?” He asked her.

Cindy thought a moment and then shook her head.

“No?” He asked and laughed. “And what are you doing that’s bad?” He smiled at her, thinking she was joking.

“Mmmmmm, don’t wanna tell.” She said.

His face hardened a little as he realized she was being serious. “Come on . . . tell me. . .what did you do?” he pulled her up straight in his lap. “What did you do baby girl?”

Cindy laughed and stuck out her tongue. “Not tellin!” She said and laughed.

His voice became stern and hard. “Tell me now.” She knew he was serious now too.

“But. . . ” She twisted one of her pigtails, “You’ll get mad.”

His look told her she wasn’t getting out of this.

“I. . . . I. . . .I. . .”

“Come on…out with it.”

“Well,. . .I was playin with some boys at school and then were bein nice and they were all wantin me to see what they got down there,” She said pointing between her legs. “And they showed me and well. . . ”

“Well, what?”

“I let em stick them in my mouth and I sucked on them and they got bigger, one was real big Daddy! They said I did it good so I sucked and sucked and then they gave me a surprise.” She grinned big at him.

He was definitely pissed. “And how many boys were there?”

“Ummm…only four.” Cindy said counting on her fingers.

“You gave blow jobs to four boys at school today?”

“Uh huh. . .and they said I suck real good!”

“Cindy…You’ve been very, very bad.” He pulled her sitting straight up and spun her on his knee until she was facing away. “And bad girls must be punished. Now be brave and take it…you’ve been bad!”

He pulled her back and flipped her onto his lap facing down. Cindy tried to struggle but he held her down. “Now Cindy. . .this hurts me more then it does you.”

“Nuh uh!” She screamed as he pulled her skirt up and panties down to mid thigh.

“Take it or I’ll get the belt dammit!” She stopped struggling so much, that belt hurt like hell. Pulling her panties down further he twisted them around twice and tied her feet with them. Opening her blouse he pulled it back half way down her arms and then twisted that too and tied her in place. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

“And no bra? You have been a lil slut today haven’t you?” He asked pinching her nipple hard enough she cried out. He let go of the nipple and reached between her legs, still holding her still with his other hand. He grabbed her hard cock and balls and pushed them out of the way and closed her legs again.

“Now be good and take your punishment.”

Cindy struggled a little but, not much. When his hand hit her hard the first time and that burning sensation went through her she moaned and squealed at once. Then his hand hit again and again. He alternated which cheek was spanked but never stopped, his hand was always smacking her again and again.

The sting of it went through her, the burn of the pain tingled all the way to the tips of her toes. Soon she was pushing her ass up into the spanks to make them harder and harder. Her ass was bright red but she needed more, she was a bad lil slut, she deserved more.

The sound of the spanking echoed and reverberated through the room, the staccato smacks and her moans melding in her mind. He hit harder and harder and still she pushed her ass up, she wanted to be good and take it all, take everything he had. His hand hurt as he hit her again and again but he kept going until he saw tears in her eyes.

Then it stopped and Cindy found her breath again and was able to sob in joy/release. His hand gently rubbed her burning ass cheeks as he spoke soothing words. He pulled the panties free from her ankles and helped her stand up and look at him. Her beautiful breasts rising and falling so sensually as she sniffled from her cry.

He was looking down at his pants and it was then she realized she had cum all over him. Her cock was still covered in her cum and so was he. She giggled and bit her finger.

“Ooops. I made a mess.” Cindy said grinning.

“Yes you did and now you better clean it up. Now show me how good you suck baby girl. . .show Daddy what a good slut you can be for him.”

Cindy grinned . . . and people wonder why she is such a bad girl?


This story was part of a collection I bought. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I have the right to post it and have made the recording of it.