Revenge On The Boss

A woman decides to get revenge on her mean boss by playing around with the boss’s husband.


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Until about 15 months ago I had an excellent relationship with my boss. Her name is Janice. Unfortunately, that all changed when she had a party at her home and invited a number of people from work.

It was my first opportunity to meet her husband Peter.  I wore a new silk blouse to the party which showed off a bit of cleavage.  When I was introduced to Peter he couldn’t take his eyes off of my breasts. As the evening wore on I noticed that every time that I looked around I spotted Peter looking my way. He seemed to be running into me about every 10 minutes. He offered to get me drinks and showed a great deal of interest in my conversation and my points of view.

At one point in the evening I was speaking to a few people and happened to mention that I
did not have a boyfriend at the moment. Peter happened to be walking by again and declared that he couldn’t believe a woman as beautiful as me didn’t have a boatload of men in her life.

As luck would have it, Janice just happened to appear at that moment. The next week at work I noticed that Janice was not as friendly towards me as she had been in the past.
I was hoping this would pass and certainly didn’t expect to run into her husband again.
I debated whether to go to the Christmas party for fear the same thing would happen.
I asked Janice if she was going and she said she probably wouldn’t so I decided it was safe to go.

Though they arrived late, Janice and Peter did in fact attend the party. I did my best to avoid both of them and was quite successful until late in the evening. Janice had gone to an adjoining room with some of the girls from work and Peter suddenly appeared before me and asked me to dance. I thought that since it was an upbeat song it would be alright.
When the song ended though the DJ put on a slow number and I turned to go back to my table when Peter grabbed me and pulled me close to him to begin the slow dance.

He pressed his body against me and told me how much he enjoyed the song. As we were dancing, I noticed that Janice had come back into the room and was not looking
very happy about the situation.When I returned to work I noticed that Janice’s attitude towards me had turned ice cold. I was no longer being given the plum assignments but instead had to labor through tedious grunt work. Not only that, but I had got so much of this menial work that I had to put in long hours just to complete it on time.

The only thing I had to look forward to was the upcoming convention which featured numerous new industry advancements. That convention was going to be held in Las Vegas.
It would give m a well deserved break. However, about a week before the convention was to take place Janice informed me that she didn’t think it was a good idea for both of us to be away from the office at the same time. Instead, she chose a more junior and much less accomplished person to join her on the trip.

I was both angry and disappointed but I kept those feelings to myself. The day they left for Las Vegas was very depressing for me. Not only because I wasn’t going but also because Janice had left me with an incredible amount of uninteresting and mundane work.
That night, after my shower, I decided I wasn’t going to just sit back and take it.
I put on my sexiest outfit and drove over to Janice’s condo. I remembered the security code from when I had been to her party.

When Peter answered he sounded both surprised and excited to hear my voice. When he opened the door I could see that he was absolutely mesmerized by my appearance. He took in my short skirt with the slit on the side, and of course he couldn’t take his eyes off
my breasts, which were nicely enhanced by my push up bra. He didn’t seem to know what to do, so I took his arm and led him to the couch. I then informed him that I was very upset with him for causing all these problems for me. I had done nothing wrong and yet I was suffering because he couldn’t hide his feelings for me.

He tried to deny that he had any serious attraction to me so I quietly purred and started rubbing the area between his legs. He said I shouldn’t do that but of course, did nothing to stop me. I then informed him that it was time to go to the bedroom. He was clearly stunned and aroused by my suggestion. I told him it was time to pay Janice back for her cruelty towards me.

Peter reminded me of a little boy at Christmas as he watched me disrobe. I then helped him remove his clothes and we started kissing. He kissed me all over. He couldn’t get enough of me and I was loving it. I parted my legs and guided his head between so that he could serve his new mistress. I was moaning loudly as his tongue flicked back and forth across my throbbing clit.

Just then his phone rang. I ordered him to ignore it and continue what he was doing.
I glanced over at it though and saw from the call display that it was Janice. I decided it would be fun to answer. Janice was horrified to hear my voice and demanded to speak to her husband. I told her that it was just not possible as he was preoccupied having a tasty meal of my wet pussy. She started shouting at me and I laughed and hung up, turning off the phone. I then instructed Peter to make love to me like he’d never made love before.

He reminded me of a wild animal in heat. He was wild with passion as we made love numerous times. He couldn’t stop telling me how much he loved me and how I was so much better than Janice in every way. This of course delighted me no end.
When we were done he mentioned that Janice would be furious with both of us but I told him to leave Janice to me. I realized that Janice enjoyed being married to Peter as it brought her both economic comfort and social status and I was sure she wouldn’t want to give that up.

On her first day back at work I marched right into Janice’s office and locked the door.
Before she could say anything I told her to shut up and listen to what I had to say. I said that from now on things were going to be different at work. I was going to be treated the way I had been in the past and get work assigned to me that was in keeping with my knowledge and expertise.  As well, when the next promotion opportunity came up I would be the one to benefit from it.

Janice laughed and said she had no intention of complying with these requests.
I smiled and said if she didn’t then Peter would be moving out of her condo and coming to live with me. I informed her that he made it clear to me that he loved me more than he could ever love her and that he already had asked me to marry him.  Agree to my demands and I would agree never to see Peter again. By not doing so she would lose the husband she so badly needs. Of course, she agreed.

It’s been 6 months now that things have been back to normal and I’ve just received a wonderful promotion with a hefty increase in salary. To top it all off, I’m no longer reporting to Janice. I do sometimes wish that I could pay Peter another visit though and experience his expert tongue on my pussy just one more time but I suppose that it’s just not meant to be.

What a shame.


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.