A Dip In The Quicksand

A woman goes looking for a quicksand pit and finds what she’s looking for and takes a dip.


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“A Dip In The Quicksand”

A 7 min 17 sec recording.

I walk in the dark forest in the evening, it’s a foggy walk, I’m walking for 5 minutes, in the news paper they said they found a quicksand pits. I’m curious where that is, I have a rope with me so I cannot drown in the quicksand.

I think I found the pit, It’s near, I can hear the bubbling sounds from a distance, (distance bubble 3) that’s al lot of bubbling quicksand (distance bubble 4) I like to hear those bubbles, it makes me horny and naughty, (Distance bubble 2) Ahh, that’s so nice to hear (Distance bubble 1)

I found the pit! Jammie! I was looking for this, ahh check these bubbling sounds (Close bubble 1) I’m going to tie the rope around my waist and a strong tree, I found one, I’m safe now, let’s get in the quicksand slowly (Close bubble 2)

First my feet, (Feet in quicksand) wow, that bubbled a lot, now my other feet, (Feet in quicksand) Both feet are in it (bubbles from feet) let’s see how long it takes that that my feet are going to be deep in, (single hard bubble) ahh a hard bubble (sinking to lower leg) I’m sinking fast, (sinking to upperleg) wow, that’s really fast, I think this quicksand hasn’t swallowed a victim for a long time, and now it’s my time.

(bubbles from upperleg) ahh I can feel the bubbles bursting under the sticky wet quicksand, I feel myself sinking (Sinking to waist) Wow, I felt that sinking very good! (Bubbles from waist) Ahhh, I like this! (Single hard bubble) shall I open my pants zipper and let the quicksand go in my underwear? Where’s my zipper (close bubble 1) where is it, it’s hard to find it in thick sticky sand, (search for zipper) Gotcha! Let’s unzip (open zipper) ahh this feels great, my underwear fills it slowly with this warm sticky quicksand, (underwear fills up with quicksand) I feel I’m (Sinking to stomach) sinking… So now I’m sunk to my stomach, let’s put my hand slowly on the quicksand, it feels slimy, wet, thick on my hand, and (bubbles from pressure sinking 1) wow, it think there’s a lot of pressure down there, the quicksand needs to get space to swallow my body more and more, that means it take more time for the quicksand to swallow me more, I can enjoy more.

Ahhh, how does the quicksand feels, hmm it’s warm (Single hard bubble 2) thick, wet, it has a pressure on my body, I feel the sticky goo moving on my waist and my feet and beneath it to make more space, the quicksand sprays pieces of mud near my stomach caused by the pressure, (Bubbles from sinking pressure 2) ahhh that was a giant bubble release (sinking to lower leg) and I sunk a bit deeper, I’m now sunk to my upper abdomen, it will not be long before my breasts go in, let’s help the quicksand by moving, (Bubbles while moving 2) (Bubbles while moving 1) (Sinking to upperleg) now I’m in till my breasts, I’m wearing a white top with bra, let’s see if I can sink deeper to let the quicksand go in my top, (Bubbles from sinking pressure2) (sinking to waist) now my breasts are under the quicksand, (quicksand fills the white top) soon I have to cum because I can’t sink deeper til my neck, let’s finger myself, (bubbles from waist) here is my vagina, ahh it’s filled with quicksand, ahhh yes, ahh fuck, my clitoris is all wet and consumed by the quicksand, (underwear fills with quicksand) ahhhh that feels so good!

Ahhh fuck, I almost cum, ahhh, ahhhh I cum….(open zipper) ahhhhh I cummed….i’m Sunk till my neck now, I think the quicksand feels the soft skin of my neck now, hmm how nice…

Okay, let’s get out, it’s midnight now, grab the rope on your waist and pull yourself out! (Pulling out bubbles) now I’m to chest, pull! (sinking to upperleg) now to my upper abdomen, my white top is all wet and muddy! Oh shit! I’m sinking back (Quicksand fills the white top) (bubbles from feet) (Bubbles from pressure sinking 2) to my chest again, now give all your strength! (Bubbles while moving 1) (Bubbles while moving 2) YES! I got out! Let’s take the rope and run back!


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.