Hot Beach 2 – There Goes The Neighborhood

Warning: For ones offended by racial slurs, be warned this recording contains them. Many are not familiar with the term “racial humiliation”, it is indeed a fetish and a popular one. Many blacks and other races enjoy being degraded for humiliation. Ones into interracial cuckold or black superiority fantasies often like racial slurs being used, so if such terms offend you, I’d suggest you don’t read the following story or listen to the recording.

In this comical sequel to Welcome To Hot Beach, the residents are at a loss as what to do to stop the black, hung studs from taking over the whole town, mayor’s office and all.


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“Hot Beach 2 – There Goes The Neighborhood”

 A 72 min recording.

Hot Beach, a beautiful resort town,located on the Atlantic Coast, in the deep south. Hot beach, where the palm trees are a tropical green, where the ocean is a gorgeous blue, where the sand on the beach is an ivory white, and where the entire town is controlled by black men. Big,strong, well hung, speedo clad black men. This once heavily white populated, racist town of 4 or 5 thousand has been transformed. A year ago, the ban on extraordinarily hung black men wearing small latex speedos, was met with public uproar. After the law was repealed, young idealistic,conscientious black men flooded the town of Hot Beach. These African American men came to exercise their freedom and defy the wishes of the white,”powers that be”. Of course by wearing speedos 24-7, the white people of Hot Beach were exposed to the truth that black men are blessed with enormous dicks. Colossal black penises, that were often 5 times bigger than any white dick. And obviously, this constant reminder of the superiority of black men, has white men and white women “bending over backwards” to do whatever it takes to please these black guys. White guys pay homage to the ‘well hung niggers”, as their once faithful women, become sexual servants to these, hung like a horse, black men.

As we learned last year, everyday life in Hot Beach changed so drastically. Being turned into a cuckold was only part of the white boys transformation. We recall the scene at Starbucks: one by one each black guy that wore a speedo and flaunted his massive dick,went right to the front of the line. White guys would get one look at those giant nigger dicks and step aside,allowing the all mighty black man to be served. Remember the scene at the restaurant: a young black waiter, sporting a speedo that was jam-packed with black cock, received a $600 tip from a white man. And later, that same young black stud, had sex with the white mans wife. Or basically, the white boy paid a nigger $600 to fuck his wife.(laugh,laugh) How bout the changes at the high school: Those 18 year old black students started wearing latex speedos, and Presto!! , everything changed.

The black boys were in charge and the much older white teachers, did as they were told.(giggle) We recall the 40 something mother on the beach as she was trying to deal with her undisciplined son: When a big muscular black stallion of a lifeguard intervenes, he intimidates the white boy with his powerful black body and ginormous cock that is displayed prominently in a “lifeguard red” speedo. He intimidates him so much that the white boy suddenly becomes obedient,respectful and subservient to his mommy and to the lifeguard,who is now mommy’s black bull stud! (laugh) In our first visit to Hot Beach we saw a change in law enforcement: The all white police force whose motto was “to serve and protect” , had transformed into a bunch of white sissy boys,whose motto now is, “to serve and submit” to black dick.(laugh,laugh) Remember the racist judge who first try to ban black men from wearing those size revealing latex speedos: First his decision was overturned, and then everywoman in his life was turned into a slut for big niggers. His now, ex-wife sleeps with lots of black men and spends her enormous alimony on these young black fuck buddies. Of course his four daughters go black, and they are proud of it !! (laugh).

Here we are, one year later, and everyday life at Hot Beach still astonishes one and all:

The local “Hooters” has been transformed. Once it employed young buxom girls, scantily clad and serving beer and wings to gawking white guys. Now, the franchise seeks to give the customers what they want. Hooters now only employs well hung black men. Big,buff,enormously endowed black guys! The “New!!” Hooters features waiters sporting small tight latex speedos, in the traditional orange color of course, as they serve beer and wings.(giggle) These young black studs wait on tables, cook, tend bar, all while wearing an orange speedo that shows off their incredible cocks. Business was great! Crowds of people packed the place, with lines around the block. Gorgeous young women flocked to see these big nigger dicks swaying back in forth before their eyes.

Parties of a dozen or so white girls would gather around a small table ,eat, get drunk and stare at these big black horse cocks. These women would grab and fondle these waiters as much as they could.(giggle) White wives and mothers drooled at these sexy black men, and would stuff cash into those overstuffed speedos, to show their fondness for the superior black dick. These waiters were pulling in up to $2000 a night in tips, simply because they had super colossal black cocks. Each group of white women that would wine,dine and marvel at these well hung niggers , was accompanied by at least one hapless,spineless white boy. The white boy would sit submissively by , offering up his credit card to pay the expensive tab.(giggle) The white cuckold loser would sit and stare at the gargantuan black dicks these waiters flaunted in front of him. The white boy would stare at the nigger cock, admire the nigger cock, respect the nigger cock, idolize the nigger cock, and of course, pay for the nigger cock! (laugh,laugh)

A lot of black dudes in Hot Beach flaunted their giant black dick and enormous black balls. But their were times that even these young african american men were oblivious to the magnitude of their size. Quite often they were unaware of the circumstances that would occur due to the length and outrageous girth of their big black donkey dicks. (giggle) For example: A local psychiatrist tells a story about a white patient being traumatized for life during a brief, but up close encounter with a young black man’s enormous dick, and yet this black man had no idea this white boy ever existed. The story takes place in a crowded movie theater. The white guy, alone at the movies grabs a seat. As the theater fills to capacity, the only remaining seat was on the aisle,to the white boys right.

Just his luck, the last person to walk in was a black dude, and like any black male in Hot Beach, he is sporting a latex speedo, of course he is also hung like a fucking horse!! As this young man sits down, the white guy sitting to his left, looks away ,as not to care a nigger is sitting next to him. When the black boy sits, WHACK! the white guy feels a hard slap across his right thigh. He looks to see what just stuck him on the leg and…….OH MY GOD! it was the black mans cock!! This black guy,whose cock evidently hangs to the left, was so ridiculously endowed that his penis stretched over his own leg and into the next seat and onto the thigh of this hapless white boy. The white guy looked down in shock as this cock head,this black cock head, laid on his leg. As he looked up at the black man,for an apology, and removal of this giant dick, he was shocked once more to realize, the black man had no idea what happened, he was unaware his dick was in this white boys lap.

Whitey was surprised to see this black boy eating popcorn and focusing on the movie screen. This black guy was clueless that his junk was resting on the white boys lap. Still in shock, the white boy kept looking back in forth at the gigantic dick on his leg and at the unknowing black mans face. How could he not realize that his huge black man meat was imposing on the leg and the psyche of this white boy. After a minute or so, it was evident that the white boy was in such a state of shock, he couldn’t muster the nerve to ask the black man to remove his monstrous dick. He simply stared at the huge nigger cock with unashamed awe. The white guy was obsessed with the big dick, he could not look away. This big black donkey dick was stretching a white latex speedo,it was filled so much,and so tight the dark black dick was visible through the white speedo.

The black boy was so big!! I mean for goodness sake, this black horse cock took up two seats. The white guy was taken back not only by the length of this nigger dick, but the weight of it also. This cock was extremely heavy!! The black man had no idea, but his cock was so heavy, he had this white boy pinned down!(giggle) He was unable to free himself from the incredible size and weight of the mammoth black dick, literally put in his place by a big black dick.(giggle) Half way thru the movie, as the white boy stared at the large cock laying on his leg, a beautiful young white woman appeared on screen, in a bikini of course. As the black man gazed at the hot white babe in the movie, his massive dick took notice. The white boy watched as the black cock enlarged on his lap. This big nigger dick grew right in front of his eyes. The python like, black penis, stretched from the white boys right leg, over top his left leg, effectively holding him down. The white boy thought if this nigger has a full erection, his cock will spring from his lap and stand straight up in front of the black mans own face.(giggle) Heck, that thing is so big, it might block the view of the people behind him.(giggle) But, the beautiful white girl scene ended before the black man had a full erection. Whitey sat speechless as this big fat dick recoiled to it’s usual semi-chubby state.

To the white guys amazement, our black movie goer had still not been aware of his cock,, not to mention the effect it was having on others. Even as it became flaccid, it was 3 times as big as the white boys dick.(laugh,laugh) The movie ended after two hours. 120 minutes of being pinned down by a big black horse cock. The black man stood up and walked out of the theater, but he walked right into the psyche of this now bewildered white boy. Psychologically unable to move, the white guy just sat there,drooled and babbled incoherently. A medical team was called in, and now 4 months later, that hapless white boy is still in a mental hospital. The doctors monitor him as he just mutters whats on his seemingly brain washed mind:

big, black, really,big,huge,giant,nigger,long,humongous,colossal,black,extremely large,hung,endowed,nigger,massive. (laugh,laugh) It looks like the white boy will be getting a lot of treatment.(laugh,laugh) In two hours a unknowing black man scarred a white boy for life, with the size of his penis. YES!, I do think the speedo has changed HotBeach (laugh,laugh,laugh,laugh)

Of course, for every black man in this resort town that is oblivious to the effect his large dick has on white people, there are many more that know the advantages of showcasing their big nigger cocks in these latex speedos. Oh yes, a lot of these black dudes believe, “if you got it,flaunt it”. And they certainly get whatever they want. It seems advertising in Hot Beach has taken a new turn. The TV is flooded with commercials featuring young black entrepreneurs, who appear on screen in a tiny speedo, therefore capturing the eye of, well, everyone!! (laugh) It doesn’t matter the product, whatever the ad is selling, the sight of a big fat nigger dick has white people mesmerized. If you had a black boy with a giant cock, holding a 10 pound bag of fertilizer, a white boy would buy it. (giggle) It’s marketing and sales 101: Huge nigger dick makes white boys open up their wallets and give till it hurts.(laugh,laugh).

One wealthy African American businessman, Leon Mandingo, has made a fortune exploiting the incredible size of black cock. He owns an auto body shop, Mandingo and Sons. He has only one advertisement, a giant billboard on route 15, just a few hundred feet from his shop. As the high volume of traffic passes, drivers look up to see a giant picture of Leon and his 4 young adult sons, wearing minuscule latex speedos of course. The commuters of Hot Beach are greeted with a 50 foot high picture of 5 well hung black men. A 65 year old nigger with a 14 inch cock, and his boys, four muscular black boys that are hung like fucking horses! As these unsuspecting drivers look up, they are alarmed at the sight of these big black men sporting such large big black cocks. In fact, white boys especially are distracted. It seems that small,weak ,limp dick white boys lose control of their cars as they stare at the picture of these extremely well hung niggers.

Distracted so much, by their feelings of inferiority and respect for the size of black dick, white boys wreck their cars into trees,ponds,and buildings.(giggle) Of course lucky for them, their mangled and dented cars are just a hundred or so feet from An Auto body shop called: You guessed it…..Mandingo and Sons (laugh,laugh) How convenient that this body and fender shop is owned by the very men that are on the billboard,showing off their big fat nigger dicks.(laugh) Mandingo and Sons is a very lucrative business. White boys are distracted by the sight of these big black donkey dicks, they wreck their car, they bring their damaged vehicles to Mandingo and Sons, and then Leon charges them an arm and a leg to fix the cars.(giggle) Everybody wins!! Well not everybody wins, the black man wins, and that’s all that matters.(giggle) The white man loses! The white man is so intimidated by the well hung black man, that he willingly pays whatever it costs.

It’s typical,everyday life in Hot Beach: black men have enormous cocks and white boys give them money.(laugh,laugh) These small dick white boys sit in the waiting room of Mandingo and Sons like a bunch of obedient,subservient, Bitches!! These white pussy boys even sit by meekly as theirs wives and daughters are invited to back to the garage area where Leons big strong sons are hard at work.The white sissy boys can hear everything from the waiting room, like the sound of their white girls being fucked and fucked hard by 4 muscular black studs, 4 well hung niggers, 4 black boys with giant cocks, 4 young black men with huge donkey dicks. And when one of these white boys begin to complain about being cuckolded by this group of black men, or complain about the long wait, or bitch about the outrageous price, these white boys are sent to the complaint department. The complaint department consists of Leon Mandingo in his office, wearing a shiny gold latex speedo. As each white boy walks in to register a complaint, they are overwhelmed at the site of this enormously well hung 65 year old black man. So overwhelmed they “cave in” to the powerful nigger, thus becoming putty in the black mans hands.

Leon Mandingo chuckles at the white bitch boy and explains the service charge for filing a complaint. Like an obedient little white sissy, the customer agrees and meekly hands over his debit card to the extraordinarily hung african american businessman. Mr. Mandingo chuckles again and declares he has reached a decision on rendering this complaint: He simple turns his back to the white boy and tells him to kiss his black ass.(laugh,laugh,laugh) That’s right, the white pussy boy is ordered to fall to his knees and kiss a black mans ass. Of course, he does!(giggle) That’s what white guys do, bow down and do whatever the black man says.(laugh) As this older black man explains the service charge for filing a complaint is a hefty $500, the white wimp is focused on kissing that niggers ass.(laugh). Just imagine the scene: A helpless white boy is charged heaps of money to fix his car, in the background he can hear his once faithful wife, screaming with delight as she is being taken by a bunch of black boys, very muscular,very well hung black boys. All while kissing a black mans ass, just as this wealthy nigger swipes the white boys debit card, taking another $500.(laugh,) It’s the “African American dream”, become a millionaire and make the white boy his submissive bitch!! (laugh,laugh,laugh)

Let’s check in on our Mother and son. It’s now been a year since this once unruly, disobedient, 18 year old white boy, has had his life turned completely around. Last year he was rude and abusive to his mom. Treating her very disrespectful in public. Along came a knight in shining armor, to save the mom and put the son his place. This “knight in shining armor “, was also 18 years old, but very different from the unruly white boy. This teenager was a lifeguard at Hot Beach. He is a 6’5” tall, 250 pound black bodybuilder, who always wears his skimpy “lifeguard red” latex speedo. And of course being a black boy, he is blessed with an enormous dick. This young nigger has the muscles and cock to dominate the white son and turn this 45 year old mommy into his personal sex slave.(giggle). We knew this change occurred 12 months ago, but let’s take a present day look at life inside the home of this white mother and son:

Rodney, the muscle bound lifeguard, rules the house. That’s right, the big strong nigger is in charge!!! He has got the white milf as his personal fuck toy, a black cock whore that is willing to do whatever her black man says. And , the black, king of the castle, has got the white boy as his : slave, his sissy slave! Just 12 months ago ,this white boy was a hooligan, an out of control disobedient son, and now he is submissively serving a black bodybuilder with a big fat donkey dick.(giggle,giggle) The once, tough as nails, white guy is a household servant for Rodney. He cooks for the black man, he cleans for the black man, he literally does whatever he is told.(giggle) This nigger is fucking this white guys mother, and whitey caters to his every whim.(laugh) The mommy laughs at her son for being such a wimp. She cherishes the fact that her muscular black lover has bullied her white son into complete submission. In fact mommy and her black muscle stud, refer to the white kid as “sissy boy”.(laugh)

“Sissy boy” does as he is told! He was told to wear girly panties 24-7, and like a good sissy boy, he prances around the house in panties,pink satin panties, How humiliating it must be, some well hung black boy is got his mom, spread across the dining room table, fucking her senseless, while the white sissy boy is doing the dishes and wearing a pair of shiny pink panties.(laugh,laugh) Of course sissy boy not only does household chores, he does sexual chores also.(giggle) “Sissy boy” performs oral servitude to the black man. The white boy kisses,licks and sucks the nigger boys horse cock. He falls to his knees and submits to the black dick. Sucking extremely large nigger cock, licking those huge black balls, allowing the black muscleman to forcefully fuck his face, are just a few of the ways “sissy boy” proves , he is the property of , BIG BLACK DICK!!! And when the black stud is finished humiliating “sissy boy” with his 13 inch dick, he joins the boys mother in the “MASTER” bedroom, for the night. While “sissy boy” hears the the sound of his mommy getting stuffed by big nigger dick all night, he returns to his household chores, as he washes Rodney’s clothes by hand. Of course being a black man in Hot Beach, the only clothes he owns is speedos, latex speedos, “triple extra large speedos.(giggle) How humiliating, some big strong nigger is fucking sissy boys mom, and he has to hand wash the very speedos that somehow contain that outrageously large nigger cock!!(laugh,laugh)

Let’s visit Hot Beach High School, one year after the latex speedo craze. Of course all the students and teenagers we speak of are all 18,19 year old legal adults, who just happen to be seniors in high school. The halls of this educational institution are now controlled by 25 black boys. A school of 2000 students and 100 or so teachers and staff are ruled by the speedo clad, very big,very strong, unbelievably well hung black teenagers. These young niggers “run the show”.(giggle) Their big black dicks have dominated both female and male teachers, getting them great grades and complete control of the class. These black boys are the best athletes. The all black football team , dominated all it’s opponents, going 15 – 0 and winning the state championship. These 18 year old black boys, “rule the roost” when it comes to all the teams and all the clubs. They are just simply better than the white boys.(giggle) And when it comes to the ladies, the black guys win again. These black studs don’t just get most of the white girls at Hot Beach High, they get all the white girls. (laugh) High school girls and Hot teachers both fuck black boys, and black boys only.(giggle) Leaving the white boys to jerk off, just daydreaming about the white girl of their dreams surrendering to some big black donkey dick.(laugh)

Just like any other high school, Hot beach High has to address the problem of “bullying”. All around the nation, bullying is a serious offense, that must be dealt with. Of course here, at Hot Beach, home of the speedo lifestyle, where horse hung black boys parade around in the skimpiest,tightest,over stuffed latex speedos you could imagine. The matter of disciplining black students for anything is a slippery slope for any white guy.

Such a case happened about a month ago at Hot Beach High. Some parents noticed their young white sons coming home from school with bruises, black eyes and often in tears. After discussing this with their beaten sons, they found out that some black student, some black boy named Melvin was bullying them. It seems this black teenage boy was physically abusive to them. He would kick their white asses and right there in school, in front of other students, then make them do the most demeaning and humiliating things. Outraged, these parents went to the PTA meeting and demanded some sort of discipline for this black bully, this nigger thug, this young black boy that torments,weaker white boys. But to their surprise, these white parents found the teachers and staff unwilling to cooperate or reprimand this black hooligan. Every white male teacher was frightened of Melvin, they seemed to tremble at the mere mention of his name. Mr. Smith, the white history teacher, turned sissy bitch for young black boys, even suggested to the parents, to drop the bullying issue, claiming, “Mr Melvin” is an extraordinary student and very well hung…. I mean very well behaved.(giggle)

Miss Walker, the gorgeous blond algebra teacher, who over the past year has been a little fuck toy for Melvin and several of his black friends, simply told the worried parents to stop pointing guilt towards Melvin, he is an innocent young black boy with a huge cock…I mean huge heart.(giggle) in fact Miss Walker blamed the young white boys. “Your sons, those wimpy little white boys are at fault. They got no balls, they are a bunch of sissies. (laugh,laugh) After speaking to the entire faculty, these white parents realized that it was up to them to discipline this black kid. And so, 3 of the fathers decided to take matters into their own hands. They searched and found the address of this black boy, and they decided to pay him a visit.

These 3 middle aged white men were big,burly types, outraged and seeking revenge for their beaten sons. The plan was to speak to the lads parents and demand punishment, but if worse came to worse, they were going to kick the shit out of this young black bully. As they knocked on the door, it was answered by a young black man. They asked to speak to Melvin and his parents, the boy replied , “I am Melvin, and my parents are out of town for the weekend. This got a chuckle out of the white men as they measured up this black boy. First of all he was much shorter than the white men, he did not look that tough, he was wearing a sweatsuit, which covered his entire body , but he looked so harmless. The 3 white men pushed their way into the Melvin’s home. With his parents gone, these large white men figured it to be a piece of cake smacking around this short black boy. The white men giggled as they sized up Melvin. They surrounded him and caller him a nigger, a little nigger boy to be exact.

These white men were about to “bully” this black teenager, they were about to beat this nigger and teach him a lesson. But suddenly, as the white men surrounded the 18 year old black boy. BOOM!! BANG!! SMACK!! Somehow, Melvin threw the first punches and caught the white men off balance and knocked them to the floor. Startled, the men regained their composure and simultaneously attacked Melvin. Once again, at the blink of an eye, Melvin was ready once again, punching,kicking and tossing those white men to the ground. Still stunned, the shocked the white men got back on their feet and charged towards the black boy again. And for third time, this much shorter black teen, rapidly began to kick some white ass.(giggle) He was delivering karate kicks and using the white mens faces as a speed bag.(giggle) Minutes ago these middle aged white men were about to gang up on this innocent looking black boy, and now this young nigger boy was beating them like a rented mule.(laugh,laugh) After a flurry of punches, one by one Melvin picked each white man up and threw them across the house and into another room. As these white men came to, they discovered they were in some kind of trophy room. They looked around and noticed the awards and contests Melvin has won in: karate, mixed martial arts,boxing and he has dozens of trophies for being a champion bodybuilder including Mr, Teen USA.

As the white racists men began to realize what a expert fighting machine this young nigger boy is, it was obvious they made a mistake, this black boy was too much for them to handle. They had to escape, they left the trophy room and ran towards the door. To their complete horror, Melvin stood in the doorway, smiling. He locked the door and said, “you white sissy boys aren’t going anywhere”. Just as the helpless white boys stood there silently, Melvin ripped off the sweatsuit he was wearing, and………..OH MY GOD!!!!! He is nothing but muscles! He is built like a greek god! Holy shit!! He is some sort of black muscle god! This nigger has muscles on top of muscles! Good lord, what an impressive physique! This black boy truly is a champion bodybuilder!! Huge Shoulders!! Massive biceps!! A Herculean chest!! Six pack abs to die for!! And huge muscular legs as big as tree trunks!! But as impressive and mammoth Melvin’s muscles are, the white men in front of him were astonished at the sight between his legs. In a royal blue latex speedo, this black boy had a huge, and I mean a huge fucking cock!! It looked like a third leg!! This nigger dick hung to his knees.
This black teenager only stood 5’ 7″ tall, but he was all muscle, and had an elephant size cock!! The beaten white guys, who were trying to escape, were staring right at this young black mans colossal size cock. Stunned, at the largest penis they have ever seen, but intimidated as this teen bodybuilder in a speedo stood before them blocking any attempt of escape. Now, unable to breakout, the white adult men were left to somehow battle this muscular, horse hung nigger boy wearing a speedo that thru some miracle of physics, somehow contained his enormous black dick. Just as the men pondered their helpless situation, the punches flew once again, it was Melvin as the aggressor, and the pussy boy ,white bitches on the business end of a brutal ass kicking.(laugh,laugh) It was humiliating enough for these 3 grown men to be beat up by this teenage black boy, but now they had to endure the embarrassment of watching that big black horse cock swing back and forth as they were being slapped around like a bitch.(laugh)

As he was beating the hell out of these 3 racists, there was a sarcastic grin all over the face of this black muscle god. He knew he was better than these 3 men combined. He also knew, as he was overpowering these white guys, that soon these pussy boys would knuckle under, and give in to this muscle bound black bully. He knew he would break the white guys, he knew that shortly they would submit to him, those white boys will be his bitches and do whatever he says.(laugh) Melvin would grab one of the guys,lift him over his head, and throw him like a rag doll(laugh) The white boys were helpless versus this lean,mean,giant black cock machine! (laugh,laugh) They began to whimper and cry. All 3 of them on were on their knees begging for mercy. Please!Please! they would scream (giggle) Melvin laughed and taunted the 3 crackers as he did his bodybuilding poses. These grown men groveled for mercy and trembled as this nigger boy displayed his mighty black muscles. Still pleading and begging they kept screaming Please!,Please,!Please! (laugh)

These white fathers were beaten so bad there were unable to stand, and stayed on their knees in front of their black tormenter. Unfortunately for them ,they were eye level with that giant black donkey dick! (laugh) They sobbed uncontrollably as they were face to face with a big, black, python of a cock! Melvin stood with his hands on his hips and looked down on those wimpy white sissy boys.(laugh) As they begged and sniveled, the young boy just laughed, rolled his hips from side to side and swung his big, black, man meat, smacking those white boys in the face.(laugh,laugh) Melvin was literally beating these white men with his cock. They were defenseless. Unable to dodge the mighty black cock, they remained on their knees as this nigger slapped them senseless with his extra large weapon.(laugh) Those poor white bitches, physically they were overpowered by the black penis, but just imagine the psychological toll on these men. Allowing a young black boy to bitch slap them in the face with his big fat nigger dick!!(laugh,laugh)

That’s got to be humiliating, to a bunch of white supremacists.(giggle) Literally punch drunk from this rock hard 18 year old black cock, the boys begged even more, Surrendering to this black boy, they begged for mercy. On their knees pleading and begging this black bully for forgiveness. Melvin just chuckled,looked down on these white boys and asked them if they were ready to submit and do anything he said, without hesitation, anytime he snapped his fingers. Crying , the white boys screamed Yes! Yes Sir! Yes! we will do anything you say! Anything!! Melvin laughed again, and said, Kiss the head of my dick (snap fingers) and like 3 beaten dogs, they obeyed and kissed that big black dick head.

They were willing to do whatever humiliating,embarrassing,degrading act possible, to stop the black dick beating.(giggle) Lick my balls,Melvin shouted, (snap fingers) and there they were, 3 big burly white men, licking an enormous set of black balls.(laugh) It was official, Melvin made them his bitches!(giggle) The black boy turned his back to the white bitch boys, and at the snap of the fingers! (snap fingers) they were kissing his black ass. (giggle) Talk about, putting the white man in his place. The humiliation these men experienced: On their knees kissing a niggers ass! (laugh) And that’s how the entire weekend went, at young Melvin’s house. These men who came looking to rough up this 18 year old black kid, have been turned into sissy slaves.

So intimidated by the power of this young boy, they were willing to orally worship his big black donkey dick, on command.(laugh,laugh) Melvin directed the white boys to do as he wished. He brutally introduced the back of those white throats to his massive nigger dick!! (laugh) He would take cell phone video of one white bitch worshipping his black ass, while the other two sucked on his big nigger balls.(laugh,laugh) Melvin mocked these white boys all weekend. Quite often the 3 sissies would look up at Melvin as they were sucking his big fat dick, and notice him laughing at these white wimps, laughing and flexing those huge black biceps. There was no doubt who was in charge. The black boy is in charge! The black boy is superior! The black boy is the master! The white boys obey! The white boys are inferior! The white boys are slaves! The white boys are sissy slaves to black boys!! (laugh,laugh)

As the weekend ended, the realization of everything started to dwell on these white guys: Their sons were being bullied by this nigger boy, They came to teach him a lesson, They were beaten,humiliated,sissified,and now they are at the mercy of this black bully, this young black bodybuilding boy, this black muscle god, this black king with a incredibly large cock!!!

Of course just like state and national government , 2016 is an election year in Hot Beach. And just like nationally, it’s a crazy year for politics in the “new” Hot Beach! The out going mayor, Mayor Whitehead, resigned. He had been publicly humiliated when his trophy wife admitted on “Meet the Press” that she has been fucking 18 and 19 year old black guys. She told the whole world that she is a gang bang slut for well hung black boys. Of course when word leaked that Mayor Whitehead stood by helplessly as these nigger boys cuckolded him, it was too much of a scandal. The public demanded his resignation when they realized their mayor was a cuckolded bitch for his blonde wife and a group teenage black bulls!!.(laugh,laugh).

This years election seemed typical at first. Three white conservative politicians were competing for the mayors office. The “speedo and Big Fat Black Cock” have changed Hot Beach ever so dramatically.But in the world of politics, nothing has changed, it is still the white man in charge. Although black men have been making colossal strides in respect,opportunities and making money, the big money and power still belonged to the white men. The three candidates were racist white men. Their goal was to stop the black man from taking over their town. The black studs have taken their women,their jobs, most of their money, their respect and have forced most of them to suck big nigger dick. But this was one last ditch effort to keep the black man out of City Hall. These white boys were determine to outspend and out trick the black man. Of course when no black man was on the ballot, this angered some of the citizens, well, it angered the white women.(giggle)

White girls in Hot Beach loved black men, and they wanted to see black men and their big hard dicks everywhere, including the mayors office. To make this happen, the young sexy women of Hot Beach have started the”Black Cock Matters” movement. A revolution where white girls demand that their black lovers have the run of the town. Beautiful white wives rallied to promote big dick niggers, and flood Hot Beach with propaganda about the superiority of the black male. The white wimps of Hot Beach watched as their wives and daughters ran around town wearing tight white cut off T shirts with bold print that said “BLACK COCK MATTERS” (giggle) They insisted that a black man run for mayor. The only problem was a law on the books that stated a person had to live in Hot Beach for two years to be eligible to be mayor. It’s only been a year since this southern town was saturated with well endowed black guys. The rebellious women of “Black Cock Matters” searched for a longtime resident that was an african american male. They found only one: a 65 year old man named Tyrone Washington.

A poorly educated ,elderly man who would cut the grass of the neighborhoods wealthy white families. He was looked down upon by the racist white men and women, well until last year. When the latex speedo was all the rage in Hot Beach, Even at 65, Tyrone began wearing a speedo,24-7. Of course, just like all niggers, he was hung like a horse.(giggle). And soon enough, everyone took notice. As he labored in the hot sun with his huge black dick swaying back in forth, the white wives thew themselves at this old black man, and their wimpy white husbands just sat by, like obedient little bitches.(laugh,laugh) Just a year ago the racist white men paid this nigger to do their lawns, now, they are paying this nigger to do their wives.(laugh,laugh) In the past the black man was riding a lawn mower, now he is riding white wives,mothers,and daughters.(laugh.laugh)

So it was official, the “Black cock Matters” movement had a candidate; Tyrone Washington. Of course running against the 3 racist white men with all that money and experience would be a steep hill to climb. Tyrone wasn’t that bright, and he was clueless about the issues facing the citizens of Hot Beach, how could he possibly win the election. The beautiful women of the “Black Cock Matters” prepped their candidate for a series of 5 televised debates. The first four debates were disastrous. The black man was lost,he was uninformed, the white candidates mocked him and the press blasted him for being so ignorant. The black man looked so out of place on stage dressed in a business suit, as he mumbled incoherently about some policy he knew nothing about. The polls showed the black man running dead last with no chance to win the election. The “Black Cock Matters” movement needed to turn the tide, to come up with an idea to change the minds of the voters.

After long deliberation, they decided to bend the rules of the next debate. All candidates were required to wear a business suit during the televised debate. but the ladies thought it would be best if Tyrone showed the televised audience exactly who he is was: a black man with an enormous dick! So half way thru the final debate, as Tyrone Washington was once again being outwitted by the white men, the black man made his move. As Tyrone stood behind the podium, he removed his jacket and pulled off his shirt, exposing his broad shoulders and gorgeous black muscles. He also removed his trousers , of course the podium was blocking the view of his lower body.

Just then Tyrone smiled and walked from behind the podium and towards the audience and the cameras. The place fell silent as everyone gasped at what they were looking at. A muscular black man wearing only an American flag designed latex speedo. The stars and stripes were filled to the brim with a Massive! and I mean Massive! nigger dick!!! All eyes and cameras were glued to this 65 year old patriotic and outrageously hung black man. One of the sexy female journalist screamed, “God bless America” as she stared hard at the big fat black dick. Both men and women at the debate were mesmerized at the sight of this huge black horse cock. I am sure the television audience were stopped in their tracks as Tyrone figuratively stood in their living room, wearing a Red,White and Blue speedo, showing off his black penis.

The white candidates just stood dumbfounded as everyone’s attention was directed towards the muscular nigger with the big black donkey dick.(giggle) One candidate walked off stage, quitting the race, admitting his inferiority to the much better endowed black man. After the debate, the polls had shifted, Tyrone Washington was now the front runner. It seems the voters like what they saw in the black candidate,(giggle) well, the like what they saw swinging between his legs, a 15 inch black cock!!!! Within days another candidate bowed out of the race, or shall we say: “bowed to the black man and his giant black dick” (laugh)

So the race for Mayor was down to two men, Tyrone Washington versus the white billionaire, Ronald Stump. A hateful man, Ronald Stump was a racist, a white bigot who supported the KKK. He simply despised black men and made a campaign promise to begin building a wall around Hot Beach to keep the niggers out, as soon as he was elected. Stump had a lot of support from older white men, which was a cause of concern for the ladies of the “Black Cock Matters” movement. These beautiful white women not only wanted the black man to win the election, they wanted to crush Stump and his racist followers. The movement decided that since they could not compete with Stump’s billions of dollars, they would win votes by showing off their candidates greatest asset, his giant nigger dick.(giggle) The giant nigger dick that turns women into sluts and white boys into little sissy bitches.(laugh,laugh) So the candidate went door to door wearing his red,white and blue speedo, to, shall we say,”influence the voters”. (giggle) So there he was walking down main street knocking on each and every door. “I am asking for your vote”, he would say, to whomever answered the door. The ladies would grin from ear to ear at the sight of this gorgeous black man, even the teen daughters would lick their lips as they were gazing at that overstuffed latex speedo.

Quite often, the young boys who answered the door, took one look at that monstrous nigger cock and ran to their rooms, sobbing at the prospect of their own small penis competing against black men who obviously had the upper hand when it came to penis size.(giggle) But Tyrone was specifically looking for the “man of the house”, in order to get his vote. A lot of times, the candidate would see a husband or father crawling to the door on his knees or ball gagged or wearing panties. He then knew that this white guy, and his family had already been enslaved by some superior black man. ” My work his done here”, Tyrone would say as he continued to the next house. On occasion, the candidate would come to a house that had some redneck racist, some white boy that needed to be taught a lesson. When that white bigot opened the door and was face to face with a tall, muscular black man , and the proud owner of an enormous black dick, things changed.(giggle)

The white guy was hypnotized by the size of that nigger cock. Tyrone would walk in, force the white guy on his knees, and make him his little sissy oral slave. That’s right!! In his own house, the white racist was forced to suck a black dick. The lady of the house watched as her husband was in the living room with a big black cock stuffed in his face.(laugh) Some teen boy watched in horror as his father was commanded to kiss the black mans ass.(laugh). The young daughters giggled at the sight of their daddy licking the black muscle mans balls, his big nigger balls. (laugh) Quite simply, the once racist white boy was now, the black mans bitch. A subservient white wimp whose purpose in life was to kneel and worship the nigger, obey the nigger, and of course, vote for the nigger. (laugh,laugh)

After going door to door “campaigning”(giggle), the polls showed Tyrone Washington leading the race with 92% of the vote. An overwhelming landslide!! But just beating Ronald Stump and his racist followers was not enough. The “Black Cock Matters” movement and Tyrone himself wanted to completely dominate Stump and all the racist white boys of “Hot Beach”. Stump was spending millions in attack ads on TV. Commercial after commercial was about building “the wall” and ridding Hot Beach of these niggers. Or how a black man is unable to lead or under equipped to be mayor. Of course when describing any black man, the word over equipped his normally used.(giggle) With two days until the election, and Stump still producing TV ads, Tyrone decided to pay a visit to the studio where his opponent was filming another ad.

This was the first time Stump would be in a room alone with Tyrone since the black man decided to don a speedo and show off his gigantic black cock. Despite a lifetime of hate and his billions of dollars, Ronald Stump was just as weak, just as powerless, just as mesmerized as any white boy when locked in a room with a big nigger cock! No one knows what happened behind closed doors, but when the newest commercial aired the next day, the whole town was shocked. The ad began with Tyrone receiving a blow job, someone in a KKK hood was sucking his big black horse dick, someone dressed in a KKK robe and hood was down on his knees kissing and licking a humongous nigger cock.(giggle) Tyrone smiled at the camera and pulled the hood off the sissy cocksucker kneeling before him, exposing his identity. Oh my god!!! it was Ronald Stump!! the white racist had been reduced to a cock sucking sissy bitch ….for a nigger!(laugh,laugh) This once proud white man had been turned into the black mans bitch.(laugh) The commercial ended with Ronald Stump, still on his knees,still holding this fully erect,15 inch black cock in his hands, and speaking directly into the camera and saying, “Black Cock Matters, please vote for the superior black man and his big, oversized black dick”. “I am a sissy white bitch, and I approve this message” (laugh,laugh)

That ended up being the clincher, when the racist candidate was turned into cock sucking fag for big nigger cock, on TV, he lost all support. On election day it was a landslide, the black man won. But it was extremely historic, for the first time in American history, someone won unanimously. 2,167 residents of Hot Beach voted, and 2,167 voted for black dick,(giggle) I mean the black candidate! So let’s evaluate the results more, Everyone of the bikini clad babes,fell to their knees for the black man ( giggle) I mean voted for the black man. Everyone of the undersized white guys submitted to the black man.(giggle) I mean voted for the black man. Everyone of the members of the KKK,bowed down to the black man.(giggled) I mean voted for the black man. Even Ronald Stumps family, his model wife, his gorgeous daughter, and his mother succumbed to the elephant sized black dick.(giggle) I mean voted for the black man. But the black mans opponent himself, Ronald Stump also decided to vote for the better man,the more superior man, the man with a dick five times bigger than his own, Tyrone Washington, a nigger with a colossal size dick!!

On inauguration day, Tyrone stood proudly on the steps of city hall, of course any extremely well hung black stud wearing a speedo, is going to be proud.(laugh) As he was being sworn in as mayor, it was hard not to focus on the big picture and the future of Hot Beach. From this day forward, the black man was in charge of Hot Beach. The white residents, male and female had only one purpose ,to serve the black man and his big nigger dick!!! As the ceremony ended, the crowd of white girls,white boys,sluts,sissies,and cuckolds chanted: “Black Cock Matters!!, Black Cock Matters!!, Black Cock Matters!! (laugh,laugh,laugh,laugh,laugh,laugh)


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.