Paetra’s Shoe Fetish

A woman with a shoe fetish is rescued from sinking in quicksand and she and her rescuer are soon escaping criminals in this unusual tale.


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“Paetra’s Shoe Fetish”

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Paetra slowly opened her eyes. She didn’t know what had happened or how long she had been out, but she knew that she wasn’t any place she knew she had ever been.

Her arms were tied over her head in a padded set of wrist restraints. She couldn’t breathe out her mouth either. Forcing her tongue outwards showed she had a red ball gag in her mouth and the harness around her head and. Looking down she realized that she had no shirt on. She could tell that she was wearing panty hose and, and lifting her leg so she could see she was wearing a pair of red patent leather stiletto high heel shoes.

She let out a cross between a sigh and a worried moan.

Paetra had a serious shoe fetish, and if it wasn’t for her current predicament she could have enjoyed what she was wearing. She felt as if she knows what a man would feel when he has an orgasm when she first looked upon a sexy pair of shoes.

Putting her high heeled foot down, she heard the board under her. She focused at the sandy soil that was around her. She was standing on a single board about a foot square, and it was wobbly underneath her feet.

“Don’t fall or you’ll hang from your hands” she thought to herself. “OK, what else, or who else is around”.

Off to her left were several pairs of shoes; Clunky thick heeled platform shoes, Mary Janes, ankle boots, and other stiletto shoes. They all had 5″ heels or so. She felt herself moisten as she looked at those heels. If she could get out of here, she would take off with those, and no one would be the wiser. Off to her right were a mass of muddy or sandy objects; shoes? Boots? How did they get there?

She was feeling steadier on her feet, which was a good thing, and as if someone was watching, her hand cuffs released. She looked upward and watched them as they were pulled up. They had only gone up a little bit and they stopped.

She tried to get the ball gag out but it had a tiny padlock and she couldn’t remove it. Putting her hands down to her sides she noticed she wasn’t wearing panty hose as she had first thought but garter belt and thongs.

She was not wearing anything that she had owned at all! She had to get out of there, and quickly, before whoever it was that put her there came back!

The first step off that board should have been a warning. The second put her out of reach of the board she had been standing on. The sand that had surrounded her was giving away under her. She was sinking! Her high heels were still visible to her, but she was past ankle deep. The sand collapsed over the tops of the shoes and the glossy red was no longer visible.

As the sand continued up her ankles, she tried to pull her left leg out. The sand undulated like her water bed back home. That only pushed her right deeper. Without another thought she pushed her left leg in and pulled her right out. She panicked! Where she had only tested pulling out her feet, she frantically pulled and pushed her way deeper and deeper. Her calves had disappeared, soon followed by her knees. She realized that she wasn’t doing any good and stopped as she had sunk to the upper part of her thighs.

“Sunk? Sand? Wait, hold on a second! This couldn’t be happening!” She did not want to say the word that came to her mind. But fear was overcoming her, overpowering commonsense. And she was still settling deeper into the sand.

“No! No, no, no, nononono!” Without another thought her mind screamed; “QUICKSAND!!!”

Her muffled scream, which sounded more like “kwkthnd”, was not heard past the forest clearing she was trapped in.

As she sank deeper, her bare skin at the tops of the stockings touched the sand that surrounded her. It tingled. As she struggled it tingled more. It felt as if there were thousands of tiny little mouths sucking her legs.

She had to get out of there. Looking around found nothing within reach to help. As she sank deeper and deeper, the sand that felt like tiny little mouths were kissing and sucking at the cheeks of her but and her crotch. Seeing those high heeled shoes and feeling that sand was causing her to become very moist. She was becoming so wet she couldn’t stand it. She had not been this wet in a long time.

Her hands that had held her 36DD breasts to keep from moving around too much, had begun to massage and tug at her nipples. She had found all of this becoming very erotic and couldn’t understand why it was. Her hips were now below the level of the sand, and she gave a hip thrust. A little at first, then another, a little bit stronger. As she began to massage her breasts and grind her hips to her unseen lover, she continued to sink. Her waist and trim flat belly were now being kissed by the hungry quicksand. She followed her belly with a hand and begun to pleasure herself, and with the front of the thong away, the quicksand rushed in and could now kiss and suck her there as well.

She was totally mindless as she sank deeper. Her ribs were soon under the sand, soon to be followed by her breasts. Her breasts were floating on the surface of the quicksand, half of her nipple above, while the other half was being kissed and sucked. Unsure of what was going to happen next, she decided to relent to growing waves of pleasure. She felt that her growing passion was going to be the most fantastic orgasm that she had ever had. Probably to be her last as well.

There was a crash in the bush in front of her and a young man suddenly appeared, tall, slim, and the muscularity of someone who used his body for work instead of going to the gym to pose. The swollen member in the already tight blue jeans indicated that he had been watching her for some time. Was she already gone and in heaven?

She stopped massaging herself and attempted to raise her arms as she called for help. In her excitement her voice faltered even without the aid of the ball gag.

The man said; “Relax and hold on, Paetra. I’m going to get you out before they know I’m here.”

There was cloths line that he pulled the coils over the top of his head that had a loop already made into the line. He threw it to her and it landed nearby with a soft thump.

“Please, put this over your head and under your arms; I’m going to pull you out. OK?”
Paetra had settled deeper and her breasts were under the quicksand. She reached over and pulled the rope over her arms and head. She tightened it under her arms and braced for her to get pulled out.

Nodding to her new found rescuer, the line tightened and she felt herself being pulled through the wet sand; it was snow plowing in front of her and touched her chin. As she maintained eye contact with him she saw the muscles strain in his arms and shoulders. She was going to “thank him” when she got out of this mess and not be shy about it at all.

Two feet in front of her hands, she notices the clothes line start to puff out; it was beginning to break. The pressure of her being pulled was too much for the rope. The next instant the rope spun and failed, sending the man to the ground. “Quick now, tie it back together;” and he threw it back to her.

She knew several types of knots and the quickest yet strongest is a square knot. Holding her arms over her head in front of her allowed her to tie the knot in five seconds. In those five seconds she sank to below her chin. Her sand covered arms that were above her head pushed her even deeper into the sand. The fear that she felt about not making it out were evident in her eyes as she pleaded to him.

“That’s alright, Cutie. You’re not going to die here, won’t die now, I can assure you. Roll onto you back as I pull. Then kick your legs like you would ride a bicycle. We’ll get you out real soon.”

His reassurance and confidence helped her a lot. She didn’t feel if she was going to die. As he pulled, she turned and started to move her feet. It was working; she was getting pulled out. “Arch your back a bit; It’ll get you on top quicker;” he asked.

She did that and started to pull herself with her arms as well. In her first pull, she knew she was going to get out. The second pull, her breasts almost rose from beneath the surface, and she could see him above her. At the third pull, she was at the edge and he was able to reach under her arms and pull her free and onto her feet. Despite all the struggling the red stilettos were still on. She looked into the eyes of the stranger that rescued her. She stood 5’8” with her heels on and she still looked up at him. He was quite a handsome man. She began to feel a bit light headed and leaned on him. With the sand drying out, it began to fall from her semi naked body.

He started talking about this being his family’s land and him being the sole owner after his parents passed on. He had gotten mixed up with these guys that had the same interests as him but they started taking it farther and farther.

“No one was supposed to get hurt and it was all supposed to be consensual;” Edwin said. “You were the seventh woman that we’ve taken here that I know of. One of the other guys gave you a roofie and brought you here.”

So the story further unfolded; the oldest man was the self appointed leader and his son was the youngest. Both were psychopaths and wanted to kill the women that were brought here. “There are wireless cameras here; watching everything that goes on. We really need to leave now, “He said.

As if on cue, dogs were barking in the distance, men were shouting instructions. Worse yet, shots were fired. Ed reached down to a small backpack and pulled out a long sleeve shirt and tossed it to her. As Paetra put it on she glanced at him and for the first time everything started falling into place. He was blushing and making it obvious that he was not looking at her. “He’s shy,” she thought to herself and smiled.

“So tell me, Ed; How much time before they get here?” She stole a glace at his hard on, her thoughts going along a different path.

“I figure less than three minutes. I have a pickup this way.” He pointed over his shoulder, away from the commotion, along another path.

“So why me? Why did any one want to kill me?”

Ed looked quickly at her and she knew that she had him, but was shocked by what came out next.

“Paetra, they were going to have to get through me to do that. I wasn’t going to allow that to happen. The second I saw you I felt you and I have known each other our whole life. I don’t know why. But I know when this is done, I want to see who you are and what you’re about.” He was so close that his faint smell of cologne was enticing but unrecognizable. She rose to kiss him, but caught herself; If she were to start anything sexual, she wouldn’t have wanted to stop.

“You’re a nut, is what you are,” Paetra chuckled as she swiped up the backpack and walked over to the shoes. “So, what, are you asking me out?” She quickly started stuffing the high heel shoes into the pack; if she was to get away now, she was taking those fine pieces of foot wear with her.

“I’m asking to go and have coffee that is for certain. But first things first; let’s get out of here.” He picked up a short barrel AR-15 with a collapsible stock and focused his attention towards his house in a parting glance.

As the two of them started walking out towards safety, Ed looked at her with a smile and said; “You know, hun; you looked smoking hot sinking back there. That’s a fact!”

“Yea, I noticed,” not being able to hide her smirk. “I noticed you are packing!” She did not hide the fact that she looked at carbine and his crotch. “Are you going to be able to walk ok with that third leg?”

“It was that obvious? Sorry.” Ed blushed fiercely.

Chuckling shortly, she said; “That’s ok pal, I’ll take care of that for you when we get out.” She was positive that her smile was going to last forever her cheeks hurt so badly.

The State Police and Federal authorities interviewed Ed and Paetra, and the entire group was rounded up. The death toll was soon revealed and Paetra and Ed considered themselves more fortunate than before. Among the charges were 12 counts of Murder with Depraved Indifference, 13 counts of Kidnapping, 8 counts of Interstate Kidnapping, More charges were being considered.

Paetra returned to Ed’s house after getting her belongings from her home of Vancouver, B.C. She was going to testify at the trial after all. The two of them made love furiously a few times before moving their love making sessions out to the quicksand pit.

After their third anniversary of meeting each other, Ed pulled Paetra from the quicksand again. As she was regaining her breath from laughing, and straining from getting herself out. She looked at Ed, who was oddly on one knee, looking intently at her. She stopped brushing sand from her again naked body and noticed he was holding a small white box up for her to…

“Paetra, will you marry me?” Ed opened the box to reveal a most brilliant and stunning diamond engagement ring. She fell into his loving arms, and smothered him with a warm kiss that said it all.



The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.