Oral Surrender

A submissive woman surrenders her mouth and tongue to pleasing her Master to the very best of her ability.


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“Oral Surrender”

An 18 min 13 sec recording.

Oh my God master. Your naked body looks so amazingly hot. All fresh out of the shower and toweled off, and your gorgeous cock looks so beautiful right now. I just love the way you keep your pubic hair trimmed so short so there is nothing to obstruct the view of your beautiful hard cock and your nice smooth balls. I can’t wait to find out what you’re going to do to me with that cock today and what you have planned. You know how much I love and adore your beautiful muscular body and spending time with you master. I love it so much and I’m so excited that you’ve decided to use me for your pleasure today. I’ve gotten all dressed up for you just like you requested.

In my black sheer nylons with matching black bra and panties and I’ve made sure that my hair is all fresh and clean, shiny and beautiful for you. I can tell by how hard and throbbing your gorgeous your beautiful cock is right now that you are very pleased with how I look. I love it when you ask me to make myself so beautiful and glamorous for you master. How may I serve you today master? Mmm? A nice long slow blow job. I would absolutely love to do that for you master. I absolutely love sucking and worshiping your beautiful cock, with my lips, mouth and tongue and making you ejaculate really nice and hard. I love it when you shoot it right into my open mouth and allow me to swallow it, and I also love it when you just spray it all over my pretty face and decorate me with a great big load of cum. I wonder which it will be today master. Will you allow me to taste your hot load of steamy cum? If I’m a really good girl today will you reward me by totally filling my mouth up with your fresh cum and allowing me to swallow it all down? Please master? I promise I will do a wonderful job for you.

I’ll suck your cock so good for you. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see whether or not you decide to reward me by filling my mouth up or spraying it all over my face, but I promise I’ll work really hard to do a good job because I would really love to experience a hot giant cum load today. I’m not even kidding master. I would really love some hot fucking cum today. Oh yes, master. I love the way you’re rubbing your big hard cock all over my face. Don’t you just love seeing your hard cock against my beautiful face? I’m looking up at you adoringly with my eyes wide open just thoroughly enjoying the feel of the smooth skin of your big, hard cock rubbing all over my face and nose. It feels so good master. It’s so rock hard and swollen just rubbing all over my face. I can’t wait to taste it and suck it for you, master. Oh yes, master. Please slap me gently with your dick now, all over my face.

What’s that? You want me to beg you for it? Okay, master. Please master, please take your big hard cock, grab it at the base and make it swell up really huge and please slap it all over my pretty little face. Please spank it against my cheeks and bounce it off of my forehead. Yes master I fucking love that. Slap it all over my face master. It feels so fucking good. Wait, where are you taking your cock master? Okay master. I’ll massage my hair all over it for you. I’ll gather up a bunch of my hair in my hands and rub it all over your hard cock and your smooth, swollen balls. Doesn’t that feel wonderful master? Don’t you just love feeling my soft silky hair slide all over your cock and balls? Mmm master that looks so hot. I love running and rubbing my soft silky hair all over you.

Here, let me take a long strand and wrap it around the base of your cock. I’ll put my hand over it and slide it slowly up and down the shaft of your cock. Nice long slow strokes. Just sliding my soft silky hair up and down the shaft of your rock hard swollen cock. Mmm, your cock is swollen up so huge and hard. It feels so fucking good in my hand. I love massaging your cock with my soft silky hair. May I please suck on your beautiful hard cock now master? Okay master, I’ll beg you for it like a good girl. Please, please, please master. Please slide your big hard cock right between my red lips and into my mouth. Please let me suck you nice and deep into my mouth.

Please let me worship your beautiful hard cock with my hot wet mouth. What’s that master? What kind of slave am I? I’m your beautiful little cock sucking slave. I love sucking and worshiping your hard cock. I love it when you fuck my mouth gently and I also love it when you just take me and use my mouth and fuck it hard and deep. Yes master, you can treat me gently or you can treat me rough. I can be your adoring little cock sucking angel, or I can be your nasty filthy slurping gagging cock sucking slut, whatever you want, whenever you want. What will it be today master? Will you gently slide it into my mouth or will you use me as a cock sucking slut? Both, mmm okay master. I can do that for you. So first I’ll be your cock sucking angel. Look down and watch me gently run my tongue all over the swollen mushroom head of your cock. Watch me lick up the pre cum that’s leaking out of the tip. Mmm it tastes so hot and sweet.

I can just imagine how wonderful your entire hot steamy load would taste, shooting into my mouth. Yes master, look down and watch me lick all over the shaft of your cock while I massage your nice smooth swollen balls with my hand. Watch me worship your cock with my tongue and lips. Watch as I suck on just the head and pop it in and out of my mouth. Mmmm (slurping). Oh master please let me suck it nice and slow and deep for you now. Please look down and watch me slide your cock nice and deep into my mouth and suck it really good for you. Mmm (slurp), mmm (slurp), mmm (slurp) Ohh ohh (slurp) mmm (slurp), (kissing sounds). Oh yes master. That tastes so fucking good. I love the way your big thick cock fills my mouth up so well. I love feeling your hot hard cock in my mouth. Mmm (slurp), mmm (slurp), mmm (slurp), (kissing sounds), (sucking sounds). Ohhhh, mmmmm. That feels so good in my mouth. My pussy is getting so wet from worshiping your cock master. I love sucking your cock. What’s that master? Time to be your nasty little cock sucking slut now? Okay master. I can most definitely do that for you.

I’ll get really nasty for you now and become your dirty little cock sucking slut. Here, let me stick out my tongue? Please slap your hard cock on my tongue master. Oh fuck yes master!! I love that. Yes master I am your dick slap slut now. May I suck it deep now master? Okay master, I’ll beg you for it like a nasty little slut. I’ll beg you really good because I need it so bad. Please master, please take your big hard cock and fuck my mouth with it. Please make me take it nice and deep and fuck my face. Please master, please use me as your personal little face fucking slut. Please fuck my mouth nice and deep and hard. Yes master, mmm (slurp), mmm (slurp), mmm (slurp), mmm (slurp), mmm (slurp), mmm (slurp). Oh yes master, fuck my mouth. Mmm (slurp), mmm (slurp), mmm (slurp), mmm (slurp), mmm (slurp), mmm (slurp). Oh fuck yes master. I love the way you fuck my slutty mouth. Please put it in balls deep now. Please make me choke on it master. mmm (choking), mmm (choking), mmm (choking), mmm (choking), mmm (choking), mmm (choking). Yes!! Oh master that is so fucking hot and nasty. What’s that master, back to the cock sucking angel now? Okay master. Mmm (slurp), mmm (slurp), mmm (slurp), mmm (slurp), mmm (slurp). Oh master, I love sucking that big hard beautiful cock (slurping sounds). Oh master, it feels so fucking hard and hot and huge in my mouth. I love sucking you off like this (slurping sounds). Mmmm, are you going to let me taste your load today master? Are you going to let me eat all of your hot nasty cum?

Please Master I would just love to swallow all of your hot fresh steamy cum for you today. Oh, you want me to beg for it? Okay master, gladly. Please master, please place the head of your cock right on my tongue and jerk it off right into my open mouth. Please fill my mouth with a nice big hot fresh steamy load of cum. Please feed me your hot nasty cum and allow me to privilege of swallowing it all down for you, like a greedy little cum slut. Please, please master I need it so bad today! Oh master you look so good. I love watching you stroke your hard cock, right in front of my face. It looks so close to cumming. Oh yes master please, please spray your hot steamy load of cum right into my open mouth. Please master please, shoot all of your hot jizz right into my open mouth.

Please fill my mouth up with your hot steamy cum. Oh my God. Here it comes, here it comes. Yes, yes, mmm ,mmmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. Oh God it tastes so fucking good master. Please shoot it all out, please feed me every last drop of your hot steamy cum. Mmm, mmm, mmm, (slurp). Oh thank you master. Thank you for allowing me to eat your hot steamy cum. Mmmm, it tastes so wonderful, please milk out every last drop onto my tongue, mmm. Oh so fresh, so good, so hot. So hot and nasty and steamy, fresh from the source. I love the way it tastes. I love eating and swallowing every last drop for you master. I love feeling it spray into my mouth and feeling my mouth all full of your cum and then swallowing it all down for you. Fuck, that was such a big hot load master.

You totally filled up my entire mouth and I swallowed every drop for you like a good little girl. Mmmm, that was so nice master. Thank you so much for using my mouth today. I totally loved it. Oh thank you master. I’m so happy to hear that you are pleased with me today and that I was a really good slave for you. I’m so happy that you enjoyed yourself so much. I love serving you and satisfying you and it makes me feel so good when I know that I have done something special for you. Yes master I’m really looking forward to our next time together also. I’ll be sure to be exactly on time, and I’ll be ready to do and say anything and everything you want, as always.


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.