I Want You

A man has a threesome with two sexy women.


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A 24 min 46 sec recording.

I want you to watch me while I make love to another woman. The thought of you being there, excited like you have never been, and already so hard at the idea that I would fuck another girl, is making me so unbelievably wet.

I was always curious about what sex would be with another woman, and in a way it excited me, but I would never have done it if it wasn’t for you. The fact that you are turned on by me fucking another girl and letting her fuck me makes me want to do it right now.

Now listen, I want you to picture this:

We are in your flat, you, me, and Sophie, that jaw-dropping girl we met online. She is amazingly sexy. Gorgeous wavy brown hair, amazing smokey brown eyes, a mouth with full lips that are begging to be kissed by mine. And her body… Oh my god, she is a goddess. Her voluptuous breasts are bigger than mine, they look so soft and amazing, like the rest of her body. Everything, her lips, her breasts, her ass, her perfect legs, everything is just shouting for sex. And to see her, in her gorgeous lingerie, looking at me like she is already licking me, is making me trembling with apprehension and excitement. I can see she is already looking at my bra, mentally ripping it off.

So, we are coming at you, both wearing tight lingerie. Without saying a word, we slowly caress your body, letting our hands wander around in and out of your clothes. She is kissing you while I’m licking your ear, sucking on your fingers while I take your shirt and pants off. We gently push you on the couch and we both lay over you, kissing you, taking your hands and softly make you feel our breasts, our whole bodies, and letting you feel how excited and wet we already are. I very, very slowly take off your boxer shorts, letting your dick out. Sophie slowly gets her head down and without using her hands, she licks you from the base to the top, all the while looking at you, and then letting your dick slowly penetrate her voluptuous lips. She would let a single muffled moan out, Mmmmmh.

My hands are now starting to wander on her body, attracted by every inch of her soft skin. She immediately but slowly reacts, and starts to caress me too as we both get up and walk towards the bed. As our fingers explore each other tense bodies, our eyes meet, and one second later, her lips would be on mine. Oh, it’s the first time for me, to kiss a girl like that. She’s an amazing kisser, her lips are so soft, her tongue, playing with mine, is so sweet, yet just firm enough. As we kiss, our bodies get closer together and I can feel her breasts pressing against mine, only covered by the thinnest lingerie. I’m still kissing her, and as I’m feeling her breasts with both my hands I start realizing “Oh my god, I am about to have sex with that girl and she is about to have sex with me, homosexual sex, forbidden sex! Two girls together! I know she wants to fuck me with every inch of her body, and I too want to fuck her so bad now!”

As she lower her hands on my ass, I grab her head, lick her ear and whisper gently “Oh Sophie, please fuck me!”. She looks at me with her mouth slightly open and smiles as she sensually crawls on the bed. Laying on her back, she silently gazes at me, waiting for me. I still can’t believe I am about to make love to that woman, but here she is, on your bed, in lingerie, watching me. I cannot wait any longer, I join her on the bed. As I lay besides her, she immediately gets on top of me and starts kissing me again. She is on her knees but I grab her ass and make her entirely lay on top of me. I can feel her whole body so tense under her lingerie. I can’t believe I am caressing the ass of a woman in a g-string. The kisses we share are deep, soft and sensual. Her lips are making me crazy and every inch of her perfect body is reminding me that I am having sex with a girl. Her long hair brushing on my face, her full breasts rubbing on mine, her feminine voice, and her moans that mix with mine and start to fill the room. I know you are watching us and having the time of your life, and it is making me want her even more.

I can feel the pleasure rising as her legs rub against mine. She grabs my head and sucks on my tongue, mmmmh, it’s so good. I then suck on hers, it’s incredibly soft and sensual. As we are still passionately making out, I reach for her breasts and undo her bra. She immediately reacts and takes it completely off. Her breasts are amazing, big, round and perfect, I just want to lick them. So I do: I grab Sophie and get on top of her. I kiss her mouth, her neck, and get down on her left nipple. She breathes heavily and moans a bit as I let my tongue out and I lick and suck at that perfect boob. She reacts by gently but firmly grabbing me by the hair and putting my face in the middle of her breasts. I grab and press on both of her boobs with my hands and lick her between them, slowly going up her body and finally licking her voluptuous lips again before kissing her as we breathe more and more heavily as the scene gets hotter and hotter.

She then gets her hands behind me and start to wander around my ass, reaching under my panties, further and further and… mmMMh! Then, her caresses come up again as we are still making out, and she undoes my bra before getting her hands under it and cupping my breasts. She gently massages them and then take my bra completely off. The feeling of her boobs against mine, so softly rubbing together is almost making me dizzy with excitement and I can feel an unbearable desire rising, a desire to be fucked, fucked by that girl.

I feel her being on the edge of excitement too, she stops kissing me, quickly rolls us around, then sits on me and looks at my face. Oh my god, she gets even sexier with her hair a bit wild, going down on her body, half-hiding her beautiful breasts. She starts to intensely rub my body from top to bottom. As she gets close to my belly button, then to my panties, she leans again her face towards mine and lays a deep kiss on my lips as she lets out a small moan and let her hand slip down between my legs. She wanders a bit around my panties, between my thighs. The feeling I get is just too much, I want her inside me, now! She answers to my moans by slipping her hand under the fabric and on my oooOOOhh. I can’t believe how incredibly good this feels. She’s slowly rubbing her fingers on my lips but the excitement is so much, this is it, a woman is fucking me, she wants me to come, it’s so much that I’m about to come already. My moans are getting louder and louder, and as I move my hips, she answer by rubbing me a bit harder, and harder and mmmMMMH Oh my god, I’m about to… As I get so close, she slips two fingers inside my wet pussy and kisses me at the same time, muffling my scream as I orgasms MmmMMMMh!

She gently caresses my trembling body and whispers “How was it to be fucked by a woman?”. I answer by grabbing her head, giving her a deep kiss and getting fast on top of her. The look she gave me when she was on her back, with her brown hair surrounding her sexy face was just too much, it meant “I want to be licked now!”. And oooh do I want to lick her now.

I lay on top of her and start to lick on her tits, first the right one, and then the left, while I play with them with all my fingers. My tongue is slowly playing with her nipples, and her moans are making me so incredibly horny. As I’m going down on her, I still play with her breasts and reach up, with my right hand and put a finger in her mouth. She sucks on it like if it was your cock, or like mine, if I had one. She grabs my hand with boths of hers and licks one finger, two fingers, oh my god. I can’t wait any longer, I get down, licking her belly button, then reach her beautiful g-string. I get my hands under her ass and squeeze both her cheeks as I kiss her pussy through the fabric. I can feel her body tensing up, just as mine. I want to make her wait, make her want my tongue, but I just can’t wait anymmmmMMMhh!

I get her panties down, and as I slide them down her insanely sexy legs, her breathing is getting more and more intense. I look at her and she smiles at me before closing her eyes and opening her legs. I grab her thighs and slowly blow on her wet lips. She lets out a begging moan and twists her body in sweet agony. I let my tongue out and lick her from bottom to top in a single deep stroke. She lets out a gasp and puts her hand on my head, gripping my hair. I lick her pussy with long, soft moves. My tongue penetrates her as the thought “I’m fucking a girl with my tongue! “I’m a woman fucking another woman!” gets stuck in my head and drives me insanely horny. I keep on fucking her like this and go up on her clit, licking, kissing, sucking on it. Her moans are turning into screams and I lick her harder and harder. It’s getting so hot… soo hot oh my god, I can’t help but finger myself too. My tongue is still going crazy on her and the pleasure is just too strong. I’m fingering myself with one hand, squeezing her breasts with the other and with my mouth…. Mmmmh!

She says “I’m about to come babe, don’t stop, don’t stoooooOO!” Her scream and her body twistintg with pleasure is too much, I come with her as the waves of pleasure take my whole body and seem to never stop increasing . My mind is going wild, but I am still licking her until she stops me and takes my head between her hands and kisses me, tasting herself on my lips and my tongue. She almost urgently rips my panties off and gets on top of me again with a wild smile on her face. Our sweating bodies are rubbing and sliding off of one another. Our legs are squeezing each other, and every time our breasts touch, and her long hair strokes my body it reminds me of how incredibly sensual she is.

I want her, and she wants me. She gets off of me and slowly goes around me on all four, like a wild animal. She looks so hot, it seems impossible but there she is. She’s now upside-down on top of me, kissing me, and slowly going down again. She lick my lips as I lick hers, then my neck, hers, her breasts, and she sucks on mine… Oh my god is this happening?

She keeps on going down, kissing my whole body as her perfect shapes are passing in front of my face, for me to lick, suck, kiss and caress every inch of her. She gets to my belly button, then to the side of my thigh and now she is on… mmmh. I grab her thighs and put my mouth between them. She lets out a muffled moan on the first strike of my tongue. She responds by taking my whole pussy into her mouth. Oooh, this is it, this girl is fucking me with her lips, her tongue, her whole body. Her tongue.. oh her tongue penetrates my pussy again and again. As she licks me and I lick her, our moans are getting louder and louder and I just want to tell her how I feel. So out ot breath and between two sighs, I say “Sophie, don’t stop! Aaaah! I want you in me! Fuck me Sophie!”. She answers with soft muffled sounds mixed with pleasure sounds and suddenly inserts a finger in me, still licking. I feel her whole body trembling on mine, her tongue twisting on my clit, her finger, hmmm two fingers now, going in and out of my pussy. I try to keep up with my tongue, but she is so good, oh my god, the pleasure is rising I never want it to end! I grip her ass and bring it closer to my face so I can fuck her deeper with my tongue. She can’t hold back a small scream before licking me again. As I hear hr voice, I realize again that it is a woman I am having a 69 with, and the thought of it, it feels forbidden, so wrong, but so right in all the other ways.

Our rhythm accelerates as we feel each other’s pleasure. She tells me “I’m about to… I want to come with you!”. Her telling me that drives me crazy and makes me licks her pussy and her clit faster and faster. She lets out intense moans that make my clit vibrate and brings me on the edge of ecstasy. “Sophie! I’m OoooOOOh I’m coming!”. She buries her mouth deep in my pussy as my whole body is shaking with spasms of pleasure like I’ve never felt before. I focus all my mind on bringing her to orgasm as I’m having the most intense one of my life. Mmmmh, It doesn’t stop, I keep coming in her mouth again and again as her pleasure rises too. She suddenly lifts her head with a “Yes!” and then her whole body, sitting on my face. She nearly screams my name between two moans of pleasure. As the thought of what is happening crosses my mind, she puts both her hands on my breasts and caresses, squeezes them, as I feel my nipples fully erect in her hands. I lick her faster and faster, following the rhythm of her hips moving on my face. I move one hand up and play with her tits too. As I think she’s about to come, she goes down on me again and passionately licks my whole pussy. This is too much, I let out a gasp and fuck her harder than ever with my mouth as she does the same to me. I’m about to pass out with the pleasure, and finally hear her scream “Oh my god, yes!”. As she comes in my mouth. Her orgasm makes me come too, and we hold one another’s pussy in each other’s mouth so tight while we experience waves of ecstasy come and go for I don’t know how long… mmmmmmmh. She comes up to me again and gives me a soft kiss with those perfect lips that made me come so hard. She whispers in my ear “This is the first of many, many nights.”

I want her again, and again, and again. Next time, I might try and fuck her with something else…


The above story was written by another author I have done recordings for. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it unless the author gives it to you.