Ms. Peterson’s Fat Bottom Gets Spanked

A young woman obsessed with her gym teacher’s derriere finally gets a chance to get her hands on it and humiliate the teacher by spanking her in front of the class after she finds a way to blackmail her in this comical tale.



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Cindy entered her favorite class on her schedule for the Baylor post-secondary institute she attended. Fitness and Athletics. She had no interest in a career in the field, but liked it for one reason. Ms. Peterson. She was the director of the course. She was a smart, mature, in her late thirties (Cindy guessed), and beautiful. Cindy liked men, but as she was getting older she found that she explored erotic thoughts of her own gender. Ms. Peterson was the main culprit for this.

She took her usual seat at the front of the class and watched as the rest of the students took theirs. She waited for that sound. The door opened and she heard the clicking of heels on the floor. Cindy turned her head back and saw Ms. Peterson walking. She had a very unusual appearance that Cindy found arousing. She had a thin athletic build in all areas of her body except for one: Her bottom. She found it enticing that her body was a yin-yang. For the yin, she had slim, firm and athletic arms, face, and abdomen. She also had tiny feet, muscular calves and thighs. But the yang was her bottom. It was FAT.

Cindy had no idea why that aroused her, but it did. Seeing an athletic woman, especially the director of the Fitness and Athletics course at Baylor, cursed with a fat bottom, was erotically amusing to her. She pictured Ms. Peterson dressing in the mornings. Admiring her athletic build in the mirror as she clothed her top; later frowning as she then had to stuff a fat bottom into her slacks. Her mind began to drift as she imagined Ms. Peterson, draped over her knee, giving that fat bare bottom a good hard spanking.

She shook her head and came back to reality. “That is just a fantasy, though it’s a very good one.” She thought to herself smiling as she felt the wetness between her legs.
Then one day something occurred that would change Cindy’s fantasy to reality. She was at the local pharmacy browsing the aisles, when she suddenly heard a familiar click of high heels. She turned and saw Ms. Peterson walking down another aisle. Cindy moved to the adjacent aisle and parted some items on the lower shelf so she could see into Ms. Peterson’s aisle. Cindy gasped in shock as she clearly saw Ms. Peterson look coyly around, and then swipe some items into her bag. She followed her to another aisle, and saw the same thing, another peek around, another swipe of items into her bag.

Cindy laughed to herself. “She’s a shoplifter?”

Suddenly devious thoughts raced through her mind. She quickly followed her to a third aisle, but this time Cindy pulled her camera phone out and snapped shots of the theft. Cindy swished her phone screen as she looked at the shots one after the other. “Oh you naughty, naughty girl Ms. Peterson.”

Cindy followed her to four other stores where she captured shots of theft in all of them. When she had collected enough evidence to present to a board at the Baylor institute, she confronted Ms. Peterson one day after class.

“What are you going to do?” Ms. Peterson asked. Her tone indicated that she didn’t take kindly to being spied on. Cindy agreed and she did feel petty spying on her like that. But a crime is a crime.

“I’ll tell you what you’re going to do. Tomorrow at the start of class, you’re going to announce that I’m taking over the lesson. It will be YOUR lesson Ms. Peterson. You will then receive you’re punishment. I assure you it will be fair and just for a naughty lady. And in return I will remain silent.” Cindy said.

Ms. Peterson looked around and thought about it.

Well, I don’t think I have much of a choice do I. Yes, I’ll accept your punishment if it’s within reason.”

On the following day, Cindy sat in her seat and waited for that wonderful clicking of high heels. When she heard it, she smiled as it sounded slow and meek. She watched Ms. Peterson walk to the front of the class wearing those wonderful grey slacks, that naughty, fat, shop-lifting bottom rounding them out. At first she stood there silent, as though she didn’t want to accept her punishment. But then she finally looked at Cindy and gave her a scowl, then turned back to the class. “Oh you naughty girl, you are gonna get it.” Cindy thought in response to that scowl.

“Uh, we are going to try, uh, something different today.” Ms. Peterson was clearly nervous and fidgeting. Cindy giggled inside. She loved it.

“Cindy is going to be directing today’s lesson.”

The students all looked at each other in confusion. Cindy stood up and walked to the front of the class grabbing a high rise chair along the way. Cindy placed the chair in front of the class and turned it so that it was facing ninety degrees to the students’ field of view. Ms. Peterson stood facing her class looking at Cindy wondering what she was up to. Cindy sat in the chair and looked at her teacher. She then patted her lap.

“Over my knee. NOW!” Cindy said in her best Mother-scolding-her-daughter voice.
“You can’t be serious!” Ms. Peterson said with a smirk.

“Oh yes. You either get over my knee now, or I’ll YANK you over.” Cindy replied.
Cindy could see her hesitate. Cindy grabbed her camera phone out and leaned over to place it on Ms. Peterson’s desk. An inside reminder the students wouldn’t understand, but Cindy knew she would. Ms. Peterson grimaced and again scowled at Cindy. Cindy, again loved it. That naughty, naughty scowl was earning her a harder spanking.

Ms. Peterson meekly walked to Cindy’s side and began to position herself over Cindy’s knee with her face towards to class. Cindy stopped her abruptly.

“Oh no. You’re going over my knee from the other side.” Cindy said with a grin. Her teacher’s eyes bulged. She looked at the students, then at the position Cindy wanted her in and realized what that meant. Cindy wanted her bottom facing the class when she spanked her. Ms. Peterson hesitated again.

“Oh for goodness sakes, will you just get over my knee” Cindy said rolling her eyes.
Refusing to wait, Cindy just grabbed her teacher to her other side and yanked her strongly over her knee with a jolt. Ms. Peterson fell over her student’s knee with such force that she overshot and grabbed the floor with her hands. Her legs un-bent were parallel to the ground and her feet dangled slightly passed Cindy’s knees. She was trying desperately to keep from being bent over Cindy’s knee. She knew bending over made her bottom look fat, and she didn’t want the students to see their Athletic director like that. But Cindy wasn’t satisfied. She grabbed her teacher’s abdomen, and slid her back towards the students. Ms. Peterson’s eyes went wide. Cindy slid her back until she was fully bent over her knee, her big bottom in full view of the other students.

The chair was a high rise and was high enough so that Ms. Peterson’s feet, in those high heels, dangled just above the floor.

“There we go. That’s a proper position for a naughty teacher to be spanked. Your bottom in full view for everyone to see” Cindy said as she wrapped her arm around Ms. Peterson’s large thighs. She then brought her legs together so she could exemplify her teacher’s roundness for the class. The class all gasped wide-eyed at the sight. From their perspective they saw two tiny feet and calves form into voluminous thighs and then a massive round bottom. Above the bottom they saw the back of their teacher’s head, her black hair in a sexy bun. Her head was dwarfed by her big, round grey-slacked bottom.

Cindy then placed her hand under her teacher’s groin to unbutton and unzip her slacks.
Ms. Peterson’s eyes widened in horror as she realized what was about to happen. Curse this girl! Of course she WOULD bare her bottom. Ms. Peterson became horrified as she thought about what was underneath those grey slacks. She wished Cindy would have let her be spanked from the other side so her bottom wouldn’t be seen by her students.
Like a greedy girl opening a present, Cindy grabbed the back of her pants and began pulling them down. Cindy giggled as she found it was difficult to pull down tight pants over a fat bottom. She found that when she pulled at the slacks, Ms. Peterson’s plump cheeks simply moved with her pulls, preventing the pants from being pulled down over her bottom.

“Please Cindy, I beg you don’t do this.” Ms. Peterson sobbed looking back at her student.
“Ms. Peterson, your bottom IS going to be bared and spanked in front of the class. THAT is going to be your punishment.” Cindy emphasized ‘that’ to remind Ms. Peterson of her agreement.

Cindy grabbed her pants with both hands and yanked with all her strength. With the extra force, her teacher’s slacks finally began giving way. Cindy continued with short quick yanks causing Ms. Peterson’s entire lower body to jolt back and forth and her feet to swing and dangle. Ms. Peterson’s eyes bulged wider and wider with each yank as she felt her bare bottom come into view of her students. Finally Cindy pulled them down to her thighs, leaving her trouser to cuff the bottom of her teacher’s cheeks.

Ms. Peterson lay across Cindy’s lap, her face beet red with embarrassment. She could feel the coolness of the classrooms’ air on her bottom, now fully bared for the students to look at. Ms. Peterson remembered what was underneath her slacks. Her face went even redder. She knew what Cindy and her students were now seeing and what she would never want them to see.

Cindy’s eyes bulged and her mouth hung open in dis-belief, as did each of her classmates at the sight before them. Cindy knew her teacher had an ample behind, but she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Now free of the constraints of her grey, tight slacks, Ms. Peterson’s bottom was so round, so fat, it defied logic or reason. How could a woman, so thin and athletic in her upper body and abdomen have so much fat packed into her behind? she thought. Even her thighs, though wide, were tight and athletic. It was true. Ms. Peterson continually worked out to keep toned, but no matter how much she tried, her bottom betrayed her. A genetic curse. And now the Athletic and Fitness directors’ fat bottom was on display. But Ms. Peterson knew there was more to see.

What made her bottom look so fat to Cindy was the pair of tight, skimpy red panties she wore. Many sizes too small for a chubby bottom, they were stringed at the sides, forming into a tiny triangle back. Too small to fit all the way up, the triangle back sat tiny in the middle of her behind, straining to contain two fat cheeks. They looked ready to simply burst off. Cindy also saw something that made her giggle. Across her teacher’s left cheek at the bottom was a tattoo of a single word in red: Fat!

Ms. Peterson just lie there bent over Cindy’s knee thinking about her decision to wear those damn panties. They were a gift from her niece and she had promised to wear them for her. “Today, of all days I pick.” She mumbled to herself. Curse that decision. And curse the tattoo! Oh god that tattoo. She had gotten it in her younger days when she was much thinner thinking it cute on a slightly chubby bottom. But now approaching her forties, her bottom was so very fat now. She heard many of the girls giggling. They were no doubt reading the word FAT! redundantly tattooed across a woman’s obviously fat bottom. To add even more embarrassment, her nieces skimpy panties dug into her fat cheeks so her bottom bulged beyond the panty line making it look even fatter! She was so embarrassed.

Cindy saw her teachers beet red face, and decided a little mocking was in order.
“What a cute little tattoo you have Ms. Peterson.” Cindy grinned as she could see her teacher’s eyes bulge out and her mouth opened. Her head bent down in humiliation.
“Class, what do you think? A very appropriate word for our esteemed teacher’s bottom I think. Yes Ms. Peterson, it is VERY fat. But don’t worry Ms. Peterson. It’s so VERY cute as well. A woman can have her bottom be both fat and cute. But these panties, tsk tsk. I don’t think these skimpy panties mesh well with that tattoo on your behind. They’re much too skimpy for a fat bottom.”

The girls in the classroom were all giggling and the boys were looking slack jawed.
Cindy could feel her teacher slowly slide off her knees as if trying to slink away and she quickly wrapped her arm around her hips and pulled her big bottom back up over her knee.

Cindy could wait no longer. Leaning forward, she placed her left arm across her teacher’s back and lifted her right hand slightly above Ms. Peterson’s right bottom cheek. Cindy bent her face inches from her teacher’s bottom. She gave a slight tap on her right cheek and watched it slowly wobble.

She then slapped it hard and felt Ms. Peterson jolt in her lap as she gave out a slight “Ouch” Her right bottom cheek went flat initially from the slap as the fat spread across the cheek, but immediately rounded back out, then wobbled and jiggled. Cindy noticed that her bottom was so fat, as her right cheek wobbled, it pushed against her left cheek, causing it to wobble as well. With an evil grin, Cindy brought her hand up and began to fully spank her teacher as hard as she could. Quick, strong slaps. One hard slap after the other. Each slap causing her teacher to jolt forward in her lap as she either grunted “OOF”, “OOH”, “OUCH”, her eyes widening with each hard spank. In between spanks Cindy eyed her teacher’s bottom. Her cheeks were bouncing and jiggling like jello. Wobbling in every direction. One cheek bouncing into the other, then the other bouncing right back. Cindy loved that she could stop spanking for several moments, let her fat cheeks continue wobbling on their own, then go right back to spanking her hard again. Cindy grinned as she saw her FAT! tattoo gyrate along with her bottom jiggles.

Ms. Peterson lay over Cindy’s lap wondering when her spanking would end. Curse this girl.

SLAP! “Ohfff’.

Ms. Peterson could feel her bottom wobble behind her, exposed to the class, and knew it was becoming pink.

SLAP! “Ouch”.

She also knew, from being spanked by her boyfriends before, that her bottom was becoming swollen.

SLAP! “Umpf”.

Swollen and pink.

She frowned. It probably looks even fatter with the swelling.

SLAP! “Ohff”.

Cindy stopped and looked at her bottom. “Well now. This is a VERY nice pink bottom now. What do we think class?”

The classroom hooted and hollered. The boys were whistling and cat calling. One girl giggled and began singing Queen’s ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ and they all chimed in. Ms. Peterson eyes bulged in horror. She hated that song. Having it sung while her fat bottom was propped over Cindy’s knee facing the class getting spanked was humiliating.

Cindy was enjoying every minute of it. She loved that song and immediately yanked her teacher’s panties down to fully bare her bottom. She continued to spank her hard.
In between her spanks she began to scold her teacher with a word for each spank. “NAUGHTY—FAT BOTTOMED—TEACHERS NEED—THEIR NAUGHTY—FAT BOTTOMS—SPANKED!” Ms. Peterson could take the pain of the stings no more. She began to kick her legs and squirm over Cindy’s knee. She tried to slide off to stop the slaps but Cindy pulled her right back and just continued to spank her as hard as she could. Ms. Peterson continued to squirm and kick over Cindy’s lap.

Cindy finally stopped. Ms. Peterson went limp, her legs just dangling now as she lay bent over Cindy’s knee. Cindy looked down at her bottom. Ms. Peterson’s bottom was swollen, and red. It looked so much fatter now. All the signs of being well spanked.
“Well done Ms. Peterson. Very nice color. See class, this is what a very well spanked bottom looks like.”

Cindy placed her hands on either side of her bottom, one on each cheek as though framing it. She then grabbed a red lipstick casing out of her pocket. Cindy bent so her face was inches from her teacher’s bottom, while she applied the red lipstick. She rubbed her lips together, side to side to make sure they were fully colored red. She then slowly pressed her lips on Ms. Peterson’s bottom and gently kissed her in a very specific location. She sat up again, a satisfied grin on her face, and looked down at her mark. Right beside the ‘Fat!’ tattoo sat Cindy’s red lipstick kiss.


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.