Chastity Device For You

A tiny dicked man must accept he’s been locked in chastity, and he’d better not get hard when Mistress tests him!


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A 10 min 36 sec recording.

I’m glad to see that you’re already naked for me. You’re probably wondering if I’m going to let you out of your chastity device. It’s been weeks since I locked up your little dick now, hasn’t it. Well today is the big day, I’m going to give you the opportunity to set it free. But first you know you have to perform for me. Turn around and let me put these handcuffs on you.

There we go, now get on your knees….Look up at me. There is nothing I enjoy more than watching you try to not get hard in that device. Even a dick as tiny as yours feels pain when it gets hard in that device, doesn’t it? Today we are going to play a game. The only way you can win is if you make me cum without your little dick getting hard. But if you get hard before I finish, I’m going to make you wear that for another week.

If you win, I’ll give you the key and let you unlock your pathetic little dick. And you will make me cum, no matter what. You’re going to use your lips today. Watch me as I rub it through my jeans. You see it getting bigger, don’t you? We both know that’s what excites you the most. You only like to pretend that you don’t love it. I bet you’re envious, that I can just let my big dick get nice and hard and stretch down the leg of my jeans.

You can see the bulge, can’t you? You see how excited I am. Watch me unzip, try not to get excited. This is the part of me you love the most. Are you ready to see it? Keep your eyes open. Stare at it while I pull it out. There we go baby, look right at it. You see how hard it is?….. You see it throbbing?….. Watch me stroke it, pay attention. I’m going to stand right in front of you, look up at me while I stroke it close to your face. Look into my eyes.

Now open your mouth, nice and wide. Stare into my eyes while I slide it right between your lips….(moaning, whispering)….there we go…ugh…close your lips around it baby…ugh…take it deeper into your mouth….ugh….keep those eyes open, on me….ugh I know you dream about more than just my cock, don’t you? You love staring at my breasts…. I’m not wearing a bra today.

How about I undo one button on my shirt….. there we go. Is that unfair of me baby? We both know once you see my nude breasts your little dick will get hard and this game will be over. And now we’re just a few buttons away. You want me to give you a better chance to win this game? Tilt your head back…let me push it in deep….. open up that throat for me. (laughs) There we go.

Now my little sissy can take it nice and deep. You ready to have your throat fucked baby? Here we go, all the way in. Very nice….. Nice and slow…. In and out….. You love this, don’t you? Feeling my big throbbing cock pumping into your throat. Feeling your eyes fill with tears. Feeling yourself so overwelmed by cock that you can barely breath. Knowing that in a few minutes I’m going to fill your mouth and throat with my cum.

That makes you feel good about yourself, doesn’t it? That even a pathetic loser like you can make a big strong cock like mine cum. We both know that isn’t the case though, is it? Your just a faggot who gets used. You don’t even deserve to have a dick, even that little one. You’re too much of a sissy to have a dick. (Low serious threatening voice) And that tiny thing that I locked up between your legs belongs to me.

Don’t you ever fucking forget it…… And you know that means you’re not allowed to get it hard without my permission. I’ll give you that permission as soon as you make me cum. Keep taking my cock into that throat baby, nice and slow….ugh…. You’re lucky I trained you to deep throat, look at how easy it is for you to swallow it all. I can stuff this big cock balls deep into your face. You’re such a well trained sissy for me. It makes me want to reward you!

How about I undo another button on my shirt? Look up at me…. watch…. there we go, only two more buttons to go baby. And you got me so close to cumming. I think it’s time to get rough with you. Let me grab ahold of you and fuck that throat harder….(moans)….. make me cum you little faggot…. (moan)…..look up at me…….watch me undo another button……(moans)…..don’t let that dick get hard baby…. (moans)…..last button baby, here we go, watch me open my shirt…look, look baby….(moans)….stare at my tits baby…. (moans)…

I’m going to cum baby…. (moans)….I’m cumming (orgasm) (laughs) Ha ha! You actually thought I was cumming, didn’t you? Did your little dick get hard? (laughs) Take your mouth off my cock and show me. There it is, all smashed up against that little cage. Look at that little thing trying to get free. That looks like it hurts….Well? You shouldn’t have let yourself get hard. I have a surprise for you baby. I’m going to let you have the key afterall. But first I want you to finish sucking my cock.

Open your mouth, there we go….close those lips around it…. nice and fast baby. The quicker you make me cum the quicker you get the key…..(moans)… we go baby…..(moans)….I’m going to cum inside your mouth, don’t swallow it….(moans/starts to orgasm)….keep that cum in your mouth……(moans/finishes orgasm). ….Very nice. Now take your lips off my cock.

You ready for me to give you the key? I have it right here in my jeans pocket. Open your mouth and stick your tongue out, show me how much cum I gave you first…… Look at all that baby, that’s a nice big load I gave you. I was very generous with you today. Stick your tongue for me…. There you go…. I’m just going to put the key right here on your tongue. Close your mouth. Now swallow.


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.