Doctor Victoria Dominique, Crime-Fighter

Doctor Dominique is held at gunpoint by a burglar, but quickly takes control of the situation as only she can.


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Doctor Victoria Dominique parked her black luxury sedan in the basement lot of her office building. It was well after midnight on what was technically Saturday morning. Victoria was on her way home from a dinner party, and she had decided to stop by her office to retrieve some files she’s forgotten when she had left Friday afternoon. While she didn’t usually see clients on weekends, she sometimes went over their files at home on Saturday or Sunday, if she had the time.

Dr. Dominique was a professional hypnotherapist. She was highly respected, and she maintained a large, very successful practice in the biggest city on the East Coast. With her excellent reputation, openings in her schedule were rare, and she never had a shortage of clients willing to pay her very high hourly fee.

While she held a PhD in psychology, Victoria’s specialty was hypnosis; she was a true expert in the field, a Master Hypnotist with knowledge and unmatched skill in nearly every hypnotic technique, theory and method of induction. She was trained or certified to treat any ailment that hypnosis was commonly used for, from the typical smoking cessation and weight loss, to sports hypnosis and hypno-birthing. She was also an expert in more uncommon areas, such as stage hypnotism, hypnotic age regression, forensic hypnosis and covert hypnotism. Dr Dominique was known for her success at hypnotizing clients whom other hypnotists had deemed un-hypnotizable.

Victoria was a stunningly beautiful woman; she was tall and slender, with long, thick wavy black hair and incredible violet eyes. The possessed a natural, classic beauty, with high sculpted cheekbones and full pouty lips. Her fair skin was smooth and flawless. She had a peerless toned body, with large, firm round breasts, a fantastic ass, long firm legs and perfect sexy feet. Tonight, her long hair was in an elegant updo, and she wore a low-cut purple silk blouse along with a short, tight black skirt. She had on a pair of simple diamond stud earrings, and a very large, beautiful amethyst solitaire pendant hung on a long fine gold chain around her neck. Her long fingernails were painted with a perfect french manicure, and a delicate diamond bracelet adorned her left wrist. She wore a pair of expensive, strappy black sandals with four-inch stiletto heels, and her toenails were painted a deep, dark purple. She wore a platinum toe ring on each foot; the one on her left middle toe was a smooth, plain band, while the one on her right second toe was set with a large amethyst.

Victoria was a very smart, witty, sophisticated and extremely confident woman; incredibly disarming, she was an expert at reading peoples’ moods and emotions, and making them feel relaxed, comfortable and at ease. She was always well-spoken and polite. She was independent and resourceful. Anyone who knew her would describe her as warm, friendly and caring.

Most of her empathy was feigned, however; in truth, Dr Dominique was self-centered, arrogant and vain, although she kept these traits well hidden. She considered most people beneath her, seeing them as weak and easily manipulated.

Victoria had discovered her incredible talent for hypnosis her sophomore year in college; already very good at influencing others, she quickly proved to be a natural at hypnotism. She found that she could easily place a person into a deep trance, and with a little conditioning through suggestion could get them to do almost anything she wanted. Victoria found that it gave her a thrill, a feeling of power, to influence someone’s thoughts and actions. She began to take advantage of her subjects, using them for her own amusement. This gave her an erotic thrill, a rush like nothing else she had experienced; by the time she obtained her PhD, she had honed her hypnotic skills to perfection, and many of her fellow students, as well as some of her professors had fallen under her hypnotic influence. Some she simply humiliated, turning them into her servants, enjoying the simple knowledge that she could do so. The more attractive ones however, both men and women, often became her love slaves. Of course, they never had any conscious recollection of doing so; Victoria was always careful to make certain that the memories of their servitude were hidden deep in their subconscious, along with a post-hypnotic trigger to instantly bring them under her power whenever she desired.

Hypnosis was now both Victoria’s profession and her hobby. While she did of course help the majority of the people who came to see her, she continued to turn the ones she deemed worthy into her obedient slaves. She didn’t rob them of anything other than their free will, although she could have easily done so; she had all the money she needed, thanks to her thriving and lucrative practice. She did it because she loved the power; nothing excited her more than having power over other people.

Victoria was very careful to keep her extracurricular activities a secret; the National Guild of Hypnotists would be very interested in what often went on during her “sessions”, not to mention the state board who granted her therapy license, and of course the police.

Therefore, none of her slaves remembered that they were their hypnotherapist’s playthings, although sometimes she allowed them to be aware of what was happening to them while they served her, so she could savour their fear and humiliation.

Dr Dominique took the elevator up to her 37th floor office suite. The building was quiet and deserted. She hesitated before flipping on the lights in the outer office; Victoria was very sharp, and she knew instantly something was not right. She could see that her receptionist’s desk was in disarray, papers scattered and drawers partially open, as if it had been hastily searched. Even as she realized that someone had broken into her office, she noticed the door to her private office where she saw clients was ajar slightly, and there was a faint light inside. It was probably from her own desk lamp, she judged. She was about to turn on the lights and asses the damage, when she heard a faint noise inside her office.

Victoria froze; the burglar was still there! A feeling of panic went through her; for an instant, she wanted to run, to call the police and hope they could catch the intruder. She knew that was what she should do, that it was the sensible thing, that it was what most people would have done.

Dr Victoria Dominique was not most people.

She was superior.

Victoria closed her eyes for a few seconds and took several slow, deep breaths. She forced herself to calm down and focus. Opening her eyes, she set her purse on the floor and crept up to the door. Her heart was still pounding as she peered through the crack; her desk’s lamp was indeed on, bathing the room in soft light. It took a moment for Victoria’s eyes to adjust before she spotted the intruder, crouched in the shadows beside her desk. The dark-clad figure had found her floor safe, and was apparently attempting to open it. Much to Victoria’s surprise and annoyance, the intruder did exactly that. The hypnotist watched as they began to rifle through the safe’s contents, which Victoria knew was mostly business papers, along with her business checkbook and deposit bag.

Victoria watched for a moment to make certain that there was only one intruder, then stepped back and gathered her thoughts. She was still frightened, of course, but much less so now. Her fear was quickly being replaced with anger and indignation. She decided that this peasant was going to be very sorry that they’d broken into her office. She took another moment to compose herself, to focus her thoughts on what she was planning to do; being scared or angry wouldn’t help, and thanks to her iron discipline she quickly cleared her mind and relaxed, her emotions under tight control. She knew she had to be very cool and careful; the intruder was likely to be armed, and probably not stupid, since they had gotten past the alarm and easily opened her safe. Resolving not to underestimate the intruder, Dr. Dominique walked into her office.

The intruder’s head snapped up to look at her; they quickly stood, pulling a large revolver from a pocket and pointing it at Victoria.

“Oh my!” the hypnotist blurted in mock surprise.

Victoria looked startled and frightened; this was mostly feigned, however. She was a little frightened; the gun was quite an intimidating weapon. However, she was also sizing up the intruder, taking in every detail.

They were a little shorter than Victoria, dressed all in black, including leather gloves and a ski mask. A long duster-style coat covered the burglar’s body, and they wore black combat boots. Victoria noted nice, large blue eyes behind the mask, and she could tell from them that the intruder was startled to see her. A small black duffel bag sat beside the open safe.

“Don’t move, bitch!” the intruder said in a harsh whisper.

Victoria could see that the would-be burglar was tense, but luckily was professional enough that their finger was on the revolver’s trigger-gaurd, rather than the trigger itself.

“I won’t! Please, j-just don’t h-hurt me,” Victoria said, making her voice quiver.

“Hands up! Do what I say and I won’t have to hurt you. I will, if you give me a reason,” the intruder promised, still whispering.

Victoria, still looking frightened, raised her hands. She could tell that the intruder was a bit uncertain; she suspected that they had never been interrupted during a robbery before.

“What do you want?” she asked, doing her best to seemed intimidated and non-threatening

“Shut up! Are you alone?” the intruder hissed, obviously a bit rattled.

“Yes, I am; I promise I will cooperate. I will do whatever you say, just don’t hurt me,” Victoria said meekly.

“That’s a good girl,” the intruder said, relaxing a bit.

“What do you want?” Victoria asked again.

“What do you think, you stupid bitch? Money,” the intruder replied harshly.

They were standing about eight feet apart. Victoria told herself to be patient, to just wait for her chance. She was confident she could handle this little gutter rat; all she needed was to capture the thief’s attention for a moment.

“Please, just don’t hurt me. There is no reason for you to use that big, heavy gun,” Victoria said reasonably, her voice less shaky.

“Give me your money. Now,” the thief replied.

The intruder was clearly trying to disguise their voice, and Victoria suspected she knew why.

“Please, that gun is so big… so heavy. I-I don’t have any money with me, I’m sorry, but I will give you my pendant. It’s all I have, but It’s very valuable,” Victoria offered, indicating her necklace.

The intruder’s eyes narrowed; a curt nod told Victoria to proceed.

The doctor slipped off her pendant with practiced ease and held it up so it dangled from its chain.

“See? It’s very valuable. I will give it to you if you just lower the gun… I’m frightened by that big…heavy gun,” Victoria said smoothly.

She took a slow, cautious step toward the intruder, seeming timid and cowed. The pendant turned slowly about, glittering in the lamp light. The intruder seemed to relax just a bit more, obviously not feeling too threatened by Victoria.

Just as the wily hypnotist intended. The mask-clad thief’s eyes were on the big gemstone, obviously intrigued and trying to appraise it.

“Here, take a closer look… it’s very beautiful, the way it sparkles… it really draws your eyes…please, you really don’t want to shoot me with that big, heavygun, do you? Just take the pendant and go,” Victoria said.

She was subtly emphasizing certain words, her voice slowly becoming smoother and more soothing.

Oblivious to the danger, the would-be thief motioned Victoria closer. The hypnotist took two small, graceful steps so that she stood only two feet from the intruder. She smoothly raised the pendant, subtly twisting its chain, causing it to spin and glitter even more brilliantly, reflecting the light right into the burglar’s eyes.

“What kind of stone is that?” the intruder asked, still whispering.

“It is an amethyst, a very valuable one. It is far more valuable than that big, heavy gun…You can tell by the way it absorbs and reflects the light… it really draws your eyes… especially when it moves…,” Victoria suggested confidently.

She noted with satisfaction that the gun’s barrel drooped ever so slightly as she started the pendant swinging gently back and forth.

“Amethyst? They aren’t worth that much,” the thief said skeptically.

The intruder’s eyes were indeed drawn to he magnificent gemstone, however. Victoria could tell that the intruder was intrigued but cautious; she knew she needed to finish this quickly.

“This one is… look closer at it… see how it sparkles… as it moves back and forth…back… and forth… it is very relaxing to watch…as it swings back and forth… it really draws your eyes…,” Victoria purred soothingly.

The pendant was slowly gaining speed, and Dr Dominique expertly timed her words to the rhythm of its swing.

“That-that’s not enough to make up for walking in on me,” the intruder rasped, clearly distracted by the spectacle of the glittering gemstone.

“You do not want to hurt me… the sound of my voice is very soothing… it feels wonderful to listen to my soothing voice and watch the pendant as it swings back and forth… back… and forth… you are feeling very relaxed… you want to keep listening to my voice and relaxing more with each word I speak… relaxing more with each swing of the pendant… back… and forth… it is so easy to listen to my voice… it is very comforting… very relaxing… it is very difficult to hold up the that big, heavy gun…you don’t really want to do anything except listen to my soothing voice and watch the sparking pendant swing back… and forth,” the hypnotist continued firmly.

Victoria’s voice seemed to flow like honey around the thief, suddenly powerful and insistent. The hypnotist could see their blue eyes starting to take on a slightly vacant look. A look she recognized as that of someone who was falling under her power.

Like so many other helpless men and women had before, powerless to resist Dr. Victoria Dominique.

“W-what?” the intruder asked, seeming confused.

“You must keep watching the pendant… you cannot take your eyes off it… you must keep watching it swing back and forth as you continue to listen to the sound of my voice,” Victoria continued without missing a beat.

The intruder was being quickly overwhelmed by Victoria’s hypnotic energy. The gun drooped, as the pendant continued to sparkle dazzlingly into the burglar’s eyes.

“ You are so relaxed… that gun is so heavy… too heavy to hold onto much longer… so heavy that when I tell you to drop it, you will… won’t you, my pet?” Victoria droned on.

The gun and the arm holding it dropped several inches.

Too late, the intruder realized what was happening. Victoria noted sudden panic in the blue eyes behind the mask, probably as they realized they indeed could not take their gaze from the pendant.

“N-no.. stop…stop!” they stammered.

The intruder sluggishly began to raise the gun, finger fumbling for the trigger.

“You will drop that gun now; it’s much too heavy for you,” Victoria suggested.

The intruder’s eyes widened in surprise as the pistol bounced on the thick carpet.

“N-nooo…,” they said slowly.

“Very good… just listen to my voice and obey… it is very easy to listen and obey… listen and obey… listen… obey… you cannot move…. You cannot speak… you must keep listening to my voice and watching the pendant….” Victoria continued.

The hypnotist’s voice was now like steel wrapped in silk; strong, beautiful, soothing, irresistible…

“Mmnnnf,” the intruder tried one more time to protest, then fell silent.

Struggle was useless; the intruder stood, arms hanging limp, eyes vacant and glassy as they followed the swinging pendant, seemingly rooted to the spot as they slipped into the depths of a hypnotic trance. Helpless, unable to resist, able only to listen… and obey.

“Very good my Pet… watch the beautiful jewel as it absorbs the light… absorbing your will along with it… with each swing of the pendant you relax deeper… you must obey my voice now… I am going to count back from ten, and when I reach one, you will be deeply hypnotized… completely in my power, under my command… you will obey… Ten… you are getting sleepy… nine… your eyelids are getting heavy… eight… you are so relaxed… so sleepy… seven… your eyelids are so heavy… heavy… it will feel so wonderful to just close them and sleep… sleep… six… you will continue to obey my voice even asleep… you will obey me… five… you must obey me… four… you will listen and obey… listen and obey… three… my voice is now the only thing you can hear my Pet… the only thing you will respond to… you will obey my voice from now on… two… you are sleepy… sleepy… you eyelids are so heavy… you cannot stay awake… One, sleep my pet… you are deeply hypnotized and in my power now…” Victoria finished the induction.

The pendant had slowed as she counted, stopping precisely as she spoke the word ‘one’.

The intruder’s eyelids slammed shut.

They stood silently, head nodded forward, shoulders slumped.


Victoria let out a long, relieved sigh. She took a moment to compose herself, then smiled smugly at her latest victim as she replaced her pendant around her neck.

No one resisted Victoria Dominique; especially not some lowly street criminal.

Time for some fun, the thought. She was going to especially enjoy this.

“Can you hear me, my Pet?” the hypnotist asked.

“Yes,” the intruder murmured.

“Good; Listen very carefully: You are deep, deep asleep; nothing ill awaken you until I awaken you. You will do anything I command; I am your Mistress, and you must obey me. Do you understand me?” Victoria asked firmly.


“Good; now, let’s put you even deeper under my control. Kneel before your new Mistress, my Pet,” Victoria commanded.

The burglar assumed a kneeling position before the hypnotist, eyes still closed.

“At the count of three, you will open your eyes. You will then stare into my eyes. My beautiful, captivating eyes. My eyes will capture you- and your heart- and you will stare deeply into them. You will then belong to me, heart and soul. From that moment on, any time I look into your eyes and tell you to ‘obey’, you will instantly become helpless, utterly unable to resist me; you will accept any and all commands and suggestions I give you. One…two…three… look into the eyes of your Mistress!” Victoria commanded.

The captive criminal’s eyes blinked open to instantly be captured by the deep violet eyes of Dr. Dominique. The hypnotist’s incredible gaze bored into the intruder’s blue eyes. Victoria’s iron will completely overwhelmed the burglar’s already hypnotized mind. Resistance was impossible; Victoria’s eyes were now the hapless burglar’s whole world.

The intruder stared ahead, eyes wide, mouth hanging slightly open. Satisfied, Victoria casually picked up the revolver and stepped back.

“Now stand up, my little puppet. Let’s have a look at you; remove your duster and take off your mask,” the hypnotist ordered.

Completely unable to resist Victoria’s orders, the intruder rose and threw down the heavy coat and pulled off the dark knit mask.

Victoria smiled approvingly, for what was revealed was a beautiful young woman.

The perceptive doctor had been fairly certain that the intruder was female, and she was pleased that she was an attractive one. She was athletic, with a fantastic dancer’s body. Her long blond hair was in a tight bun, and she wore a snug black body suit.

Victoria was excited and pleased; she had captured a real prize! The fact that the now deeply mesmerized beauty had been trying to rob her at gunpoint made it all the sweeter.

She stood still, staring vacantly, awaiting her Mistress’ orders.

“What is your name, my dear?” Victoria asked.

“Tanya, Mistress,” the young woman immediately responded.

“What a delightful name! Tell me Tanya, do you consider yourself a professional thief?” Victoria asked.

“Yes, Mistress,”

“I see; and were you sent here by someone? Were you after something specific?” Victoria asked.

She believed that this was probably a random burglary attempt, but the doctor also believed being thorough and not taking unnecessary chances.

“No, Mistress,” the hypnotized beauty replied.

Victoria smiled; this would be nice and neat, with her in complete control of the situation.

Victoria Dominique loved to be in control.

“Tell me, how did you open my safe so easily?” Victoria inquired.

The hypnotist had noticed that the safe was simply open; there were no tools, nor was it damaged in any way.

“I got a job at the company that makes them, then stole a list of customers along with the master combinations,” Tanya responded.

“Well, well. How resourceful; now its time for you to see how resourceful I am, my Pet. When I snap my fingers, you will awaken from your trance. You will be completely, wide awake; BUT, you will not remember that I hypnotized you. You will also be completely, totally compelled to obey all of my commands. You will not be able to resist my orders. You will know in your heart that you must obey me, even if you consciously do not want to. You will simply be unable to resist my commands. You must obey Victoria Dominique. You will not consciously remember these instructions; your subconscious will remember them for you, and compel you to obey Me,” Victoria instructed.

She could hardly wait to see the young woman’s reaction to her predicament; the doctor felt her vagina moistening in anticipation. She leaned in and gave the entranced blond a long, passionate kiss; then she held up her hand in front of Tanya’s face.


Tanya started awake, blinking rapidly.

“What the hell? I said hands up—,” Tanya began.

She started again, as she realized it was Victoria who held the gun.

Her gun!

Tanya looked confused and surprised as she realized she no longer wore her coat or mask.

“Hello, Tanya,” Victoria said calmly.

“How do you know my name? What is going on?” The young blond demanded.

“You have become my slave, Tanya. How does that make you feel?” Victoria said with an evil smile.

“Slave? You bitch, I’m no one’s slave! If you hadn’t gotten my gun somehow, I’d SHOW you how much of a slave I am,” Tanya fumed.

She looked angry and confused.

“Give it your best shot,” Victoria challenged.

The hypnotist calmly flipped out the gun’s cylinder and pushed the ejection rod, throwing all of the bullets onto the carpet floor. Tanya looked incredulous; Victoria smirked.

“You asked for it, bitch,” Tanya said.

She got into a martial arts stance, then stepped forward raising a fist to strike.

“Stop,” Victoria whispered casually.

Tanya froze. She looked shocked.

“What the hell?” she demanded, struggling to move.

Her muscles simply wouldn’t respond.

“What’s the matter, dear? Not so tough all of a sudden, are you?” Victoria taunted.

Tanya grunted in frustration as she struggled to move.

“Get back down on your knees. I like you in that nice worshipful position,” Victoria ordered, tossing the pistol aside.

Victoria’s command seemed to echo in her mind, and she felt a sudden, overwhelming compulsion to obey.

Tanya sank to her knees. She looked suddenly afraid; she had no idea why this beautiful dark haired woman was able to make her do such a thing with only a softly spoken word. Somehow, inexplicably, she simply knew she had to obey Victoria. Tanya tried, and failed, to stand, unable to resist the hypnotist’s command.

“H-how?” Tanya asked, an incredulous expression on her face.

“Let down that gorgeous hair of yours,” Victoria whispered next.

Tanya obeyed, her long hair tumbling down her back. Victoria’s words were soft, but powerful; no matter how Tanya tried she could not resist the commands the woman was giving her. They seemed to override her own weaker thoughts and desires.

“That’s much better; now we’ll begin your training, my pet,” Victoria said smugly.

“What? What’s going on? What happened?” Tanya asked, her voice quivering.

She looked even more frightened. Victoria felt even more aroused; she loved the look of fear in her victims’ eyes. She found it erotic, exciting.

“Lesson number one: Foot Worship. Lick my foot, Slave,” Victoria commanded, extending her right foot a bit.

Again, Tanya struggled to resist, but she could not; it was as if Victoria’s voice was inside her head. She went to her hands and knees and began to lick the sexy shoe and foot of the hypnotist.

“What has…happened…to me? What have…you done?” Tanya spat out as she licked.

“I hypnotized you; you broke into the wrong office, you stupid slut. You came here to steal from me, but instead I’ve stolen something from you: your freedom and your will,” Victoria explained with an evil laugh.

“H-hypnotized?…N-no…” Tanya said, continuing to lick.

The young woman was stunned; she could hardly believe what was happening.

“Oh yes, dear; I could just turn you in to the police, but I’m not going to. I’m going to punish you myself,” Victoria said ominously.

“I-I’m sorry…please… don’t do this to me… I wasn’t… going to… hurt you, I swear… I’m sorry,“ she said, panic evident in her voice.

“Oh no, dear; you’re not sorry yet, but I promise you will be. Now don’t just lick, Slave; kiss my sexy feet as well,” Victoria ordered.

The hypnotist walked slowly across the room, forcing Tanya to crawl across the carpet after her like a pet, continuing to kiss and lick at her feet. Victoria reached the couch and sat, slipping off her sandals.

“Now really worship your Mistress’ feet, Slave. Kiss every part, suck each toe,” Victoria commanded.

Tanya obeyed; a tear trickled down her left cheek as she worshipped Victoria’s sexy bare feet. The hypnotist smiled.

“This is what you get for breaking into my office, and pointing a gun at me, you little slut. You thought you were someone tough, powerful, didn’t you? Now you see that compared to me you’re nothing, just a foot-slave. You are now my toy, my helpless plaything. I can do whatever I want with you, make you do anything. You are my Slave,” Victoria taunted.

Tanya began to sob.

Victoria laughed.

She sat for several minutes, enjoying watching the young woman humiliate herself.

“Okay, that’s enough for now, Slave. Let’s move on, shall we? I want to see that tight little body of yours. Stand up and remove all of your clothes. Slowly,” Victoria commanded.

Sniffling, Tanya rose. She stripped naked while the smirking hypnotist watched. Her body was glorious, feminine and almost perfect. Her navel was pierced, a blue crystal glittering in the lamplight, her vagina shaved, her toenails done in a french pedicure.

“Very nice; what lovely tits! Now get back on your knees; its time for your next lesson,” Victoria commanded.

Tanya sank once more to her knees.

“Please, I’m sorry, don’t to this to me. Please,” Tanya begged.

“Begging won’t help, dear; but I do love it when my slaves grovel. Feel free to continue,” the hypnotist said.

Tanya’s lip began to quiver; another tear trickled down her cheek.

Victoria rose, a wicked smile on her lips. She turned around and bent over, lifting her skirt to reveal the full, round white cheeks of her sexy ass. She wore no underwear.

“Kiss my ass, my little Master Criminal,” Victoria commanded.

The hypnotist wiggled seductively.

Unable to resist, Tanya began to alternately kiss each of her Mistress’ firm ass cheeks.

VIctoria laughed.

“You’re pathetic, my little slut. You were very easy to hypnotize. Very easy to turn into my obedient slave,” Victoria taunted.

The hypnotist was obviously enjoying herself.

“Fuck you!” Tanya shrieked between kisses, her frustration boiling over.

The blond, horrified by her own actions, was struggling desperately to stop what she was doing, to resist, but she could not.

“I see you haven’t learned your place yet; how about a little extra credit lesson?” Victoria replied, unfazed.

Reaching behind her, the hypnotist grasped her ass cheeks and pulled them apart.

“I think you know what to do, my Pet; lick my ass,” Victoria whispered.

Tanya tried to resist with every fiber of her being; it amounted to only a second’s hesitation. Tears began to trickle down her cheeks as she flicked her tongue into and around Victoria’s asshole.

“Come on, slut, you can do better than that,” Victoria said, thrusting her ass into Tanya’s face.

Sobbing, Tanya buried her face in the hypnotist’s sexy ass and licked.

“Mmm, good girl! You are learning! Mmm, keep it up! Harder, dear… yes, that’s it; very good!” Victoria said.

The hypnotist moaned with pleasure. Tanya continued to sob as she worshipped her new Mistress.

“Mmm… Don’t cry Tanya; it won’t do you any good… this is your life now, serving and worshipping me. You won’t even remember any of this, until I want you to. Don’t worry, your life won’t change too much; just every once in a while you will get a phone call from me and you will HAVE to return here and worship me,” Victoria explained casually.

Tanya began to cry harder, her sobs muffled.

Victoria was unmoved; in fact, Tanya’s crying only aroused the hypnotist more. She enjoyed her new slave’s attention for several more minutes, reveling in the humiliation she was inflicting on the would-be thief.

“Okay, stop, my little slut,” the hypnotist finally gasped.

Victoria stood, turning to face the blond.

Tanya knelt before her, face streaked with tears, chest hitching. Smiling evilly, Victoria slowly removed her clothes, revealing her peerless naked body. The stunning hypnotist then let down her lustrous hair, shaking her head so it cascaded down her back and around her shoulders in soft waves.

“Look at me, my Pet. Look at the beautiful body of your Mistress. Worship me with your eyes,” Victoria commanded.

Tanya obeyed, looking up at her Mistress; her eyes roamed the hypnotist’s magnificent body. It was impossible not to be awed by Victoria’s incredible physique; much to her own disgust, Tanya quickly became aroused, nipples stiffening as she stared at the woman who had enslaved and humiliated her.

The perceptive Doctor Dominique noticed her newest pet’s physical reaction and smiled; she reached down and casually fondled one of Tanya’s breasts.

“I can see you have the proper appreciation for my body, Slave. Tell me, have you ever eaten pussy before?” Victoria asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” Tanya replied, flushing with embarrassment.

“Wonderful! Then you know what to do to please your Mistress,” Victoria said.

She sat on the couch, grabbed Tanya’s hair and used it to move the blond’s face to her wet, waiting pussy.

“Eat me, slut,” Victoria commanded, leaning back and spreading her legs.

Tanya obeyed.

“Mmm… yes! That’s it! Yes, lick me… lick me, slut! Harder!” Victoria said loudly.

Tanya increased her efforts, licking harder and deeper, as well as sucking at the hypnotist’s clit.

“Mmm…ah… harder! Harder, slut!… Yes! Yes, YES!” Victoria screamed.

The blond continued to eat her Mistress’ pussy for what seemed like an eternity.

“Yes! That’s it, you worthless little slut! Suck that clit! Worship me, WORSHIP ME!,” Victoria shouted as she finally had a massive orgasm.

The hypnotist grabbed Tanya’s hair, pulling roughly as she shuddered in ecstasy. Then she shoved the blond to the floor.

“Mmm… ah… on your hands and knees, slave,” Victoria commanded, panting.

She put her feet up on Tanya’s back as if she were an ottoman.

“Now, my little slut, who do you serve?” Victoria asked, stretching and giving a contented sigh.

“You, Mistress,” Tanya replied, subdued.

“Thats right, slut; you serve Me. Forever, if I desire. Say it,” Victoria commanded.

“I will serve you forever, Mistress, if it is your desire,” Tanya said.

“Again, my Slave,”

“I will serve you forever, Mistress,”

“Louder, slut,”

“ I will serve you forever, Mistress,” Tanya said loudly.

She was completely humiliated, still on her hands and knees with Victoria’s sexy bare feet on her back.

“Again Slave; louder!” Victoria commanded.


“I do so love to hear those words, my pet. Now let’s make sure you neverbreak free of my spell. Back on your knees, Slave,” Victoria commanded, putting her feet down.

The hypnotist stood, looking down on the kneeling, naked blond.

“Look into my eyes, Tanya,” Victoria commanded, leveling the awesome power of her deep violet eyes on the helpless slave.

Tanya’s blue eyes went wide as they met Victoria’s incredible gaze.

“OBEY ME!” Mistress Dominique commanded in a powerful voice.

“Yes… Mistress… I… Will… Obey… You…,” Tanya responded quietly, now so totally, deeply entranced she could barley form the words to reply without her Mistress’ instructions.

“Now, when you leave my office, you will awaken and forget everything that has happened tonight. However, if you every hear me say, in person or on the phone, ‘You are Mistress Victoria’s Slave Girl’, you will instantly fall under my power just as you are now. You will then remember everything that has happened to you. You will also remember that you are my slave, and you MUST serve me in any way that I choose. You will HAVE to obey my every command. These instructions are now in your heart and mind FOREVER,” Victoria said with such force that Tanya cowered slightly.

“Y-yes… M-M-Mistress,” Tanya whispered, awed.

Tears were rolling freely down her cheeks; she knew that she was now truly Victoria’s slave, forever.

“Just remember, you brought this on yourself. This is what you get for trying to play cat burglar. Now go write your cell phone number and address on the pad on my desk. Then get your phone and get out of my sight, Slut,” Victoria commanded.

Crying, her will completely broken, Tanya obeyed. She wrote down her number and address, then retrieved her cell phone from the pocket of her duster. She didn’t get dressed; her Mistress hadn’t told her to.

“Welcome to slavery, dear. See you soon,” the hypnotist said mockingly as Tanya left the office.

Doctor Victoria Dominique leaned back on the plush, comfortable couch and chuckled. It had been an exciting night. The hypnotist smiled as she imagined Tanya coming out of her trance, naked, carrying only her cell phone and not having a clue what had happened to her.

“I wonder if crime-fighting is always this easy; maybe I should become a cop,” she said to herself, laughing.



The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.