In this historical romance story, a trapper canoeing down the Missouri river in the 1800’s comes across a beautiful young lady doing some laundry, and they soon get naughty on the riverbank and have some hot sex in the great outdoors.


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Ransom Miller paddled his fur-ladened canoe around a bend in the Missouri. The river was too wide and too slow to worry about rapids, and sand bars were no problem for the canoe. In fact they made great camping spots. But the underwater logs, whirlpools, and log jams were always a problem. Ransom new better than to be lax. Even though he was nearing Saint Louis, there were still Indians and cutthroats prowling the banks of the waterways. Ransom had nearly lost his life on three different occasions in the past six months. He would not grow…

Ransom spotted a flash of white on a sandbar ahead of him. He back paddled, squinting suspiciously, until the white flash was repeated. A woman was doing laundry on a sandbar extending well out into the river. He stared at the nearby forest suspiciously, while he let his canoe drift forward. Silently he approached the woman on the sand. She appeared to be young and pretty. Her hair was auburn, glowing in the sunlight. Her legs were bare up beyond the knees, the hem of her skirt was tied to her belt to keep it out of the water. She obviously believed that she was alone.

“Hello!” he called while he was still a hundred yards off. She jerked upright, shading her eyes with her hand. Yes, she was very pretty. With her skirt still raised, and her breasts wet from the clothes she had washed, she was a sexy little thing.

“Hi,” she said with a fleeting smile.

“Can I land yonder and make myself some breakfast?”

“Sure, it’s not my sandbar. You traveled long?” she asked, looking at his towering pile of furs, and wondering how the canoe kept from tipping over.

“Nearly a thousand miles, I recon.”

“A thou… a thousand miles?” she sputtered in disbelief.

“About that,” he nodded, pulling the canoe up on the bank. He first dipped his coffee pot into the river, then began gathering driftwood here and there across the yellow sand. He used his fancy pistol type striker to start his fire. It was roaring in next to no time. The striker, a replica of the old horse pistol of the 16th century, was his proudest possession. It never failed to amaze onlookers, until now. The woman continued washing clothes as if she had seen such things daily. He slid the tiny pistol-like striker into his belt and began gathering rocks for his fire.

“I wouldn’t use those,” she said, while folding a wet shirt into he basket.

“I know, they will explode. But I won’t be leaving them near the fire long enough for that. Care for some coffee?”

“I recon,” she nodded. She took a red shirt out of one basket and began swirling it in the water. She then soaped it with a yellow bar of soap, and began kneading it against a rock. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was so damned sexy, built for nothing else, if he was a judge. His eyes kept returning to her beauty. She looked at him. Ransom was caught looking at her wet, and clearly visible breasts. The water had turned her white blouse invisible.

“Sorry,” he said in embarrassment.

“Don’t be, they are there for a purpose. Gawking is as good a purpose as the next.”

“I wasn’t…” He stopped when she gave him a cynical look.

“Ok, I was gawking. I haven’t seen a pair of breasts like that since… Hell, I guess I’ve never seen a set so pretty.”


“Are you married?” he asked hesitantly.

“Are you offering?”

“Me? Hell no!” he exploded.

“Relax. There’s not a thing in that canoe that would interest me, you included.”

“I bet there is,” he said, suddenly sly.

“Like what?” she folded the red shirt into the basket.


“G… gold,” she became suddenly excited. “You’ve got gold?”

“A nugget this big,” he held his fingers out, making a ring the size of a half dollar.

“Mister, if you’ve got a nugget that big, you can have anything you want for it,” she gasped.

Ransom stared at her speculatively, deciding that she was truly interested. He stood, dusted the sand off his worn pants, and headed toward the canoe. He returned with what looked like a common bag of bullets. He shook the heavy bag and dug through the gold. He fished the nugget out and held it up to the light. Her gasp drew his attention back to her heaving, all too transparent shirt.

“There’s probably ten ounces of gold here,” he said, turning the nugget. “For that price I could get a hundred women in Saint Louis. But this,” he said, fishing a smaller nugget out of his pouch, “is just about right. Wouldn’t you say?”

“Oh, I would,” she took it quickly and examined it. She hefted it in her hand and smile. She dropped it into her laundry basket, turned and began unbuttoning her blouse.

Ransom was amazed and nervous. Fearing an audience, he looked around the river. There was nobody in sight, and he could see for at least 30 miles downstream, and five up. He hurried to his canoe and pulled out an elk hide, which he used to cover his precious beaver furs. He laid it out beside the campfire.

“What’s your name?” he asked, watching her breathlessly as she undressed.


“I’m Ransom,” he said, gulping as her bare breasts sprang free, unencumbered by the clinging blouse. They jiggled slightly in the sun. The nipples were small and delicate. The areolas were light pink and dainty as well. But her breasts were firm and breathtaking. They were by far the best set of breasts Ransom had ever seen. Of course he was not as knowledgeable about women as some men claimed to be. He had only been with a handful.

“My God, you are beautiful,” he sighed.

“A woman couldn’t ask for a better compliment,” she said, untying the sash from her waist. She allowed the skirt to slide down of it’s own accord. She stood in a set of white cotton pantaloons. After a brief pause, to allow him to admire her nakedness, she stepped up to the fur and knelt.

“My turn to watch,” she said, looking up at him. He was about to tear his clothing from his body, but he sensed that she wanted more. She wanted him to go slow. Knowing that he would reach Saint Louis today, Ransom had bathed and changed into his clean set of underwear just hours before. Now he was glad he had. Addel wasn’t missing any detail.

While Addel knelt on the elk fur like an Indian squaw, Ransom undressed slowly, one piece at a time. But even then it only took a moment to get naked. Unlike her, he stood in all his naked glory. His semi-hard penis stood out before him. It had wilted slightly while he undressed. He knelt in front of her and put both hands on her pantaloons. He pushed them down gently. She leaned back to allow him to pull the cotton undergarments off her legs.

“My God, Addel, you are perfect,” he gasped, looking at the patch of brown fur above her pussy. It reminded him of one of he beaver pelts. He reached down and smoothed her pubic hair down, as he would one of his pelts. Suddenly, his shaking hands fell to her perfect breasts.

It was well known that some women had larger breasts than others. Italians, though there were few in the country, traditionally had much larger breasts than Indians or French women. But Addel didn’t look French. German, perhaps.

He moaned as his hands claimed her firm globes of flesh and kneaded them gently. He knew that a firm grasp could hurt a woman. He was, above all things, a gentleman.

Addel leaned back on the fur, using her legs behind her for support. In a moment her knees were touching him, her pussy was open and inviting. It was small, with firm puffy pussy lips which made it pronounced.

Her head touched the furs and her arched body lay before him, ready for his manipulations. Being a persistent fellow he lunged forward, pursuing her immaculate breasts. In the light, at the new angle, he could detect the lightest dusting of freckles. Was she Irish? Who the hell cared. Whatever she was, she was ready.

Ransom engulfed one nipple in his mouth and sucked gently. He strummed the nipple with his tongue, while sucking more of her pointed breast into his mouth. She moaned lightly, the first noise of passion she had made. He claimed her second breast in his right hand and massaged it gently as he nursed. Each strum of his tongue brought a hiss of desire from her lips. In fact, she was hissing like a steam train. He enjoyed this small show of power. She was completely under his control now.

Ransom moved over and captured her left breast in his lips while he ran his hands up and down her body. The nipple was already hard, making it hot and enjoyable in his lips. He strummed this nipple slightly, watching her body jerk under his manipulations. He looked up into her face and saw her looking down at him. Her eyes were very exciting. Her lips were full and red.

His mouth left her breast and he quickly kissed his way up her chest and neck. He massaged the nipple in his fingers absently, while his mouth captured and kissed her lips. She moaned into his mouth. Her hands sought out and found his throbbing penis. She began milking it like a cow’s teat. He knew he couldn’t last long that way. He broke the kiss and moved above her. Her hand slid off his penis.

Ransom slid between her open legs and felt the glorious heat enfold his cock as he slipped easily inside her steaming pussy. She cried out. He barely restrained a cry of his own. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back as he began his slow, even slide in and out of her womanhood. Her flesh was so soft against his hips. Her face and hair a vision of loveliness as he looked down at her in wonder.

“This is so damned good,” he whispered.

“Fabulous,” she agreed, pulling his head down into a passionate kiss. She slid forward to meet each gentle thrust of his hard cock. The moisture between her legs was incredible. The heat was heavenly. Her lubrication was abundant, making sex with her even better. He could hear the liquid sounds of his cock penetrating, then withdrawing from her warm sex.

Ransom enjoyed fucking with his eyes closed, so he could concentrate on the intense pleasure he was feeling, but the extreme beauty of the woman beneath him forced him to open his eyes occasionally and look down at her in surprised wonder.

“My God this is good,” she gasped into his mouth. “Fuck me harder.”

Ransom intensified his attack on her sweet flesh. He dropped his mouth for another kiss, his tongue probing her mouth, fencing with her tongue, as he stroked harder and faster, pounding his stiff rod into her wet pudding. He could feel the swollen pussy lips touching his abdomen each time he trust forward. Occasionally his long cock touched her cervix, causing her to gasp out in slight pain, and very intense pleasure.

The slap, slap, slap of wet flesh blended with her passionate sighs, the wind, and the sound of water running around the sandbar. The bright sunlight made their lovemaking surreal. Ransom had never fucked a women outdoors before. It was just one more thing to make this session more memorable.

“You are so hot and wet,” he gasped, forcing himself up on his hands again so he could concentrate on penetrating her delicious pussy. He had never had such a good fuck before. The feeling of her soft skin against his hips and abdomen, the feel of the soft fur on his legs, and the soft skin between his arms, all made his pleasure more intense. Suddenly he knew he was about to cum. The fire in his loins was intensifying quickly into a burning fire.

“I’m almost ready,” he warned her.

“Me too. Cum inside me,” she begged in a low voice.

Ransom licked his lips and closed his eyes. Normally he would pull out to keep a woman from getting pregnant, but she wanted him to stay inside her. Sex with her just kept getting better and better.

He enjoyed the hundred sensations which made sex with a woman so delightful. His body stiffened as his orgasm began. With a strained look he opened his eyes and looked down into Addel’s face apologetically. But she was pursuing her own orgasm. She humped her sex against him, then ground her pussy against his cock until she cried out, followed by numerous little screams. She hunched her pussy against his pelvis, grinding it against his sensitive member relentlessly.

“Oh my God,” he gasped. His cock had stopped spurting his thick cum into her cunt. Now he was too sensitive for movement, but she persisted, twisting and withering beneath him. He ground his teeth until she finally fell silent. Only her panting could be heard above the wind, the waves, and the occasional pop of burning wood in their fire.

“That was heavenly,” she said as he rolled off her.

“It was the best I’ve ever had,” he agreed. He lay beside her looking up at the clouds passing overhead, smelling the wonderful aroma of wood smoke. The smell of coffee attracted his attention. He sprang up and filled cups for the two of them. She moaned in appreciation as she took a sip, then made a face.

“I like it strong,” he apologized.

“So are you a trapper, or a miner?” she asked pleasantly.

“I’m a trapper. I found those nuggets laying in the bottom of a creek. In the spring I’m going back with a few friends and I’ll do some panning. I’ll file on my claim in Saint Louis.”

“So where’s your claim?” she asked offhandedly. He chuckled and wagged a finger at her. Her smile was pure brilliance.

“Well, you are a good looking gallute,” she mused, “you’ve got the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, and you appear to be smart. So if you need a wife, I’m here to sacrifice myself,” she smiled offhandedly.

“Oh, that’s flattering,” he scoffed. He finished his coffee and sat looking at her questioningly. She took the cup from him and sat it on the sand beside hers. She then pushed him back and straddled his legs near the ankles, leaning forward and facing his deflated cock. He watched the way her breasts sank down on his thighs and spread. Every little part of her was beautiful. He would certainly consider her as a prospective mate. She was gorgeous. Her auburn hair spread our around her face, giving her the aspect of a lion. Her brown eyes sparkled in the sunlight.

Addel took his wilted cock into her hand, shook it a few times, then lowered her mouth and engulfed it. The intense heat of her mouth was heavenly, after the chill of the afternoon breeze. The sun was now beneath the clouds and the smell of rain was in the air. But these facts escaped Ransom. He concentrated on the warm mouth sucking his cock to rigid firmness. Addel’s warm lips bobbed up and down on his stiff cock, then she smacked her lips and looked at him. She moved forward, spread her own legs and eased down over his cock.

“Oh yes,” he moaned as her pussy slid all the way down his fleshy pole and resting against his pelvis. He looked from her sweet pussy, to her massive breasts, and her perfect face. Her half smile as angelic, despite the fact that she was bobbing up and down on his cock. It felt like his cock was driving a foot up into her body. Suddenly she changed tactics and began sliding forward and back on his penis. He could feel his manhood churning the wet, messy flesh of her cunt. It was all he could do to keep from crying out. He held her soft hips in his hands, restraining her from moving too much. He was afraid that she would lose control and slide so far that she’d damage his cock. He felt it move several times in the wrong way.

“Easy,” he whispered. His strong hands went to her bobbing breasts. He squeezed each breast while thumbing the nipples into hardness. She cried and closed her eyes. Her thrusts had become more gentle. The liquid sounds of her pussy sliding against his flesh, mixed with her rhythmic sighs of pleasure. Her breath was coming faster, both from her exertions and her feelings of pleasure.

Once again Ransom felt the beginnings of an orgasm. The fire built slowly and gently. He could tell she was close as well. She did not look as beautiful with her face all screwed up in pleasure, but she was certainly sexy as hell. It was only seconds now.

“AT A WAY, ONE STEP!” A voice called out from only a few yards away, followed by multiple laughter. Ransom felt his cock filling her pussy with cum, despite the startling circumstances. Even as his cock pumped cum into her cunt, he twisted his head to see two men in canoe’s back paddling at the very end of the sandbar.

“Heave off or I’ll shoot you,” Ransom yelled.

“We’re a going,” one man said, allowing his canoe to slide down the gentle current. “And we appreciate the show. It’s always a pleasure to see One Step naked.”

“One step?” he asked, looking at Addel. “Are you One Step From Hell Addel? Your THAT Addel?”

“I don’t like that name,” she said, twisting and closing her legs as she sat beside him.

“My God, you are her, aren’t you?”

“I’m Addel Bickford,” she nodded shamefully.

“The daughter of U.S. Marshal Bickford, who has shot 5 men for dallying with you,” Ransom growled. “He’ll hunt me to hell and back,” Ransom said, springing to his feet and searching the greenness of the nearby bank.

“Relax, he’s in Cincinnati.”

“Well I don’t plan on being here when he get’s back,” Ransom said, plunging into the river to wash the sweat off his body.

“He wouldn’t bother you if I were your wife,” she said slyly. He paused, thinking about that. He slowly turned and looked at her. The idea appealed to him. But where he was going was no place for a woman. Even Addel, who had been up the river and back, was not strong enough to take the solitude of the Dakota territory. Or was she?

As Ransom had said, there were all sorts of dangers on the river. Maybe he could get rid of one of them, through marriage. One Step From Hell Addel was a legend around Saint Louis. He would see how it felt to marry a legend.

“Have you got a canoe?” He asked, gathering up his clothes.

She squealed in delight and ran for the distant shore, still butt assed naked. Ransom had to admit, even from a distance she was sexy as hell. It would be a very interesting summer.


The above story was in a collection of erotic short stories I purchased on an adult content website specifically for the purpose of recording and posting on this site. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. Stories purchased on such a site I can post, make recordings of and or sell if I so choose. No one else has the right to post these unless they themselves also purchase such a collection.