Controlled Part 1

A wealthy woman finds herself being sexually controlled by an employee of her husband’s and isn’t quite sure how she got there.


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I gasp as I awaken from a deep slumber. I expect to find myself lying by myself on my enormous, luxurious bed with my head resting on my silky pillowcase, and my body covered by my satin sheets. Instead, I find myself standing in the living room of a stranger’s home.

I’m relieved that I’m still clothed in my very expensive, white designer dress from earlier this evening. My one-of-a-kind dress has a plunging neckline that’s deliberately meant to expose the valley of my large breasts. I’m wearing an invisible bra underneath that keeps my boobies firm and upright, while allowing my nipples to poke through the silky fabric. My white dress is sleeveless with thin straps that rest upon my shoulders. This gives the illusion that my dress barely hangs onto me. The front has a long slit that starts at the hem of my white dress, and then stops just below my pelvis. The long opening provides erotic temptation without exposing my panty-covered muff. The addition of my white, thigh-high stockings provides some eye candy for my well toned legs. My high heels make me a few inches taller than I actually am.

I move to leave, but I find…Dammit!…my body completely unresponsive! What the fuck is going on here?!? I can’t even speak!

My mind is racing in a panicked state, as a guy enters the room. I immediately notice his thick, jet black hair; and his dark eyes. Part of me wants to run my hands through his lovely, thick hair. In this light, his eyes look completely black. His Asian descent is immediately obvious. He seems to be about five-foot, eight-inches with a big boned, semi-athletic body. I like his broad shoulders that I could rest my pretty head upon. His T-shirt doesn’t bulge around his tummy, so I assume that he has a flat or toned stomach. I’m very jealous of his youthful looks from his Asian genes.

If I could move my hands, I would be biting on my finger to show how hunky I think he is. Instead, I have a unemotional, stoic expression.

Upon seeing the Asian guy, I have to speak a certain phrase. I want to say something else, but I can’t! Somehow, I’ve been mentally programmed with what I speak next.

I lustfully tell the Asian guy, “I’m here for you, and only for you. Do with me as you desire. For the next twenty-four hours, I am all yours.”

I want to scream that there’s no way that the Asian guy can have his way with me! In fact, I’m the one who has my way with any young stud that I set my sights upon!

We both suddenly hear the grumble of his stomach. The Asian guy, who’s still ruminating on what’s going on, tells me to follow him.

I soon find myself sitting in the front passenger seat of his black, sporty BMW. I also have my seat belt on. I notice how clean and unblemished the car’s interior is, where I assume that the Asian guy takes good care of his vehicle. From the dashboard, I see that he has gotten nearly every option for his BMW.

I’m saddened, however, as I notice a large, flaming red Ford F-150 in his garage. I’ve always wanted to ride inside a big truck, but none of the young studs that I’ve fucked don’t buy pick-up trucks. And my husband has a personal driver, so he’s never bought a big truck–or any other vehicle–in his entire life.

The Asian guy notices how I can’t take my pretty eyes off his flaming red pick-up truck. He tells me that his Ford F-150 is raised too high for what we’re going to do. With that shroud of mystery, we drive off into the snow covered roads. His BMW has active drive, excellent traction control, and handles quite well on the snowy and icy drive.

There seems to be no one else driving at this late hour, so I get to enjoy a very, picturesque, winterland-like view of the outdoors.

As our drive starts, the Asian guy states that I can respond to his questions. He apologizes in not introducing himself earlier, and tells me his first name is Michael.

He mentions that I look very familiar to him, then asks me if I’m Sharon. Not just any Sharon, but the one who’s the wife of the CEO where he works at. I confirm that I’m the company CEO’s wife.

Michael then asks me how do I feel about my husband. He comments that he’s heard rumors on how I fuck young studs at the company. He wonders why I’m so unfaithful to my husband.

I find myself truthfully stating that my marriage to my rich, old guy is a pretense for my husband to maintain. We have never shared the same bed. And we haven’t fucked since our honeymoon. Our marriage of convenience allows me to fuck whoever I want, as I could publicly expose my husband at any time with his secret, gay relationship. Despite how advanced society has become these days, my rich, old guy would immediately be kicked out as CEO and lose a significant amount of his wealth and power if everyone found out that my husband was gay.

I gasp aloud in shock, “Fucking shit! What have I just done?!?”

I can’t believe that I just revealed my closest guarded secret! No one else knows about my husband’s homosexuality. What has happened to me?!? And what is Michael going to do now?!?

While still keeping his dark eyes on the road, Michael tenderly grasps one of my hands. I immediately feel energy flowing from his hand and into me. I’ve never had such an experience before in my life! This energy calms me down, and then makes me at ease. Michael sincerely reassures me that I have nothing to worry about.

Before I know it, Michael parks his black BMW in the parking lot of a twenty-four hour fast food place. He gazes at me to take in the eye candy of my huge breasts. He then asks me what’s my breast size?

Despite the compulsion to answer, I have no problem proudly telling that I’m a thirty-six, double D.

Michael then orders me to unbuckle my seat belt, and then to go topless to reveal my big tits.

I immediately protest that Michael is out of his fucking mind! I gasp in shock as I see my hands moving with their own volition! My hands deftly unclasp my seat belt.

My arms are now crisscrossed across my huge bosom with my fingers holding…Oh no!…the thin straps of my dress!

I plead to the Asian guy to not make me expose myself in public!

Michael tells me to stop. I sigh in relief has my hands stop moving. He then asks me what’s the problem? The Asian guy comments that I’ve stripped naked, with no issues, for each young stud whom I’ve fucked. Why is exposing my large titties in his car such a big deal?

I snarl at Michael on how dare he force me to expose myself! I remind him that I’m the wife of a rich and powerful CEO, and not some cheap whore that Michael picked off the street!

Michael states that I’m a whore in sleeping with all of those young studs. He remarks that if I’m not a whore, then I’m definitely a slut. He sternly reminds me I’ve proclaimed myself to be his for the next twenty-four hours!

Before I can respond back to him, Michael orders me to continue going topless.

I plead once again, “Please, don’t me do this!”

The Asian guy sits there watching me. I feel so degraded and trashy as my hands pull the thin straps off my slender shoulders. I advert my pretty eyes from the Asian guy’s gaze, while I blush with embarrassment. My hands pull the top of my white, expensive dress down. The fabric gets caught on my nipples, before I tug the top,of my dress down to my waist. My lovely, 36 double-D tits are now fully exposed. My huge breasts are held upright by my invisible bra.

Michael orders me to remove my invisible bra. I sigh as my hands move on their accord again. This time my hands peel off the invisible bra that I’ve stuck to the underside of my huge boobies. With nothing to no longer support them, my big tits are still very firm and upright. I silently thank my plastic surgeon, once again, for the fantastic job he did with my breast enlargement! My huge boobies now hang more naturally on me.

Michael blows a long, high-pitched whistle of appreciation. He praises me on how large and perfectly round my pink areolas are. He also tells me on how much he enjoys seeing my long, pink nipples. He guesses that my pointy nipples must be at least one-inch long! The Asian guy asks why my nipples are so elongated?

I am compelled, once again, to answer Michael. I reveal that my plastic surgeon injected fat and my other bodily cells into my nipples that permanently enlarged them.

With that answer, Michael drives us to the drive through lane of the fast food place.

I am completely freaking out that Michael, who seemed to have been so sincere and nice to me before, would be so cruel to me now! Why won’t he let me cover up my naked breasts?!?

I desperately plead, “Michael, stop! Please don’t do this!”

Michael commands me to be quiet. He then orders me to rub my panty-covered pussy. I am mute once more! I mentally focus with all of my willpower to stop my hands from moving! My hands, however, move down to my white panties. And then my fingers rub the crotch of my panties! I gasp in delight as I rub myself. My breathing quickens as I arouse myself. I moan in how wonderful it feels to touch myself!

Michael lowers his window at the outside ordering kiosk. He then speaks his order. I have no doubt that the fast food worker can hear me moaning and panting in the background. Michael places part of his order, and then muses for a few seconds to consider what else to order.

I can feel my the haze growing in my mind…Moan!…that makes it more difficult for me to think as I further pleasure myself. I have enough of my wits, however, to wonder if Michael really is wondering what else to order? Or if he is purposefully taking a long time to order, so that my moans and pants can be heard? I know nothing about the Asian guy to know what he’s actually thinking.

I loudly beg, “Please touch my tits!”

I always love have my huge boobies touched and squeezed. I go crazy whenever my long, pointy nipples are played with!

By this time, the winter air flows through Michael’s open window and then bleeds into his BMW. I moan in pleasure as the freezing air passes over my huge tits, which feels so wonderful. The chilling touch of Jack Frost isn’t as good as someone playing with my titties, but I’ll take what I can get. I love how the freezing gust seems to bite into my titty flesh, while making my elongated nipples swell even more!

I soon lose awareness of my surroundings, including the food order that Michael is completing, as my orgasm quickly builds within me. A faint red alert of sorts sounds in my brain, as I typically don’t get aroused this quickly! My fingers pass over my covered clit…Oh fuck!…that feels so fucking good! The haze in my mind banishes all of my thoughts and questions. My concealed cunt quakes that pushes a tickle of my sweet juice out of my fuck hole. My sweetness soaks the crotch of my skimpy panties. My rubbing fingers feel how drenched I’ve become…Moan!…and then a jolt of pleasure surged through me! My orgasm swells up even more within me.

I fail to notice that Michael has pulled up to the next window to pay for his order. The fast food worker nearly drops Michael’s cash, as the worker gawks upon seeing me! The worker can hardly believe seeing me topless with my huge titties and my elongated nipples jutting out, while I pleasure myself by rubbing my panties! I’m breathing faster and moaning louder, while my fingers rub the soaked crotch of my panties more and more! My moans can easily be heard through the open driver’s side window. The fast food worker fumbles to process Michael’s payment. Michael tells him to keep the change.

I lustfully squeal, “So close! So close!”

The fast food worker closes their window, and then rushes to gather Michael’s order.

Michael commands me that I can’t cum.

I loud moan in protest, “No! Don’t!”

My fingers not only rub faster to pleasure myself, but are also pressing against my concealed muff.

I mutter in sexual frustration, “Need to cum!”

Oh fuck, oh fuck! I want to cum so badly…Moan!…but nothing I do will trigger my orgasm! I wiggle in the passenger seat, but my fingers continue to frantically rub my super-soaked panties. The sweet smell of my pussy juice permeates the air.

I am completely unaware that Michael has taken his fast food order, and then has driven off. He drives on for a few moments, and then parks his BMW directly under one of the tall lamps in an empty retail parking lot.

I desperately beg, “Please!”

Michael tells me, with his enjoyment blatant obvious in his words, that I don’t get to cum just yet. I fail to notice that he takes an ice cube from his large sofa. He rubs the ice cube around my long, right nipple!

I scream out in ecstasy, “Gguuaahhaadd!!”

The freezing cold ice touching my elongated nipple makes me arch my back! The ice feels so fucking good! A jolt of pleasure rips through me that would have made me cum. Being ordered not to climax hurts so much in me, where I feel like a balloon that’s going to pop!

Michael removes the partially melted ice cube from the super-swollen right nipple. The remaining water dribbles from my long, pointy nipple and then down my titty flesh.

I’m breathing so rapidly now that I’m close to hyperventilating! My completely drenched panties can no longer contain my pussy juice. My sweetness flows down my inner thighs, and then soaks my thigh high stockings.

Michael deliberately teases me by asking if I want to cum.

I want to say “Yes!”, but I’m breathing too rapidly to speak. Instead, I frantically shake my head up and down that I have to cum!

Michael finally tells me that I can cum!

I wail at the top of my lungs, “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Aaaaahhhhh!!!!!”

My much-needed orgasm explodes within me! I jerk wildly and uncontrollably as the first wave of my powerful climax bursts within me! My pretty eyes roll back. I scream out a loud shriek of pleasure with the last gasp of air within my lungs! At this point, I’m not sure if I’m breathing as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss pulses through me. My sexy body continues to spasm wildly in the passenger seat. My huge titties flap from side to side. My cunt gushes with my juices over and over again! I feel my pussy spasm open and close repeated.

I’m not sure if I’m cumming with one huge orgasm, or if I’m having multiple orgasms! All I care is that I’ve finally been allowed to climax! And it feels so fucking good!

The waves and waves of my pleasurable release overtake me, making me pass out! I plunge into darkness, while my sexy body continues to thrash in the passenger seat.


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.