Descriptive Impregnation

A description of impregnation, from undressing to penetration to fertilization.


“Descriptive Impregnation”

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A 4 min 43 sec recording.

“Oh, hello Issac! I didn’t mean to barge into your bedroom like this but… Oh my Issac, are you naked on your bed? And is that your hand grasping your erect penis? Did I interrupt you from masturbating your penis? I’m very sorry Issac. I see you were looking at a picture too, what is it a picture of? Oh Issac, this is a picture of me topless! I was wondering where it had gone! You’ve been masturbating to it a lot, haven’t you? You poor boy, using your hand and a picture of me to achieve climax. Didn’t you know that I have a perfectly willing vagina that is more then eager to accept your penis? Just stay laying down like that, Eden will take care of you. Let me take off my blouse, and my skirt…

Do you like my bra and panties? Don’t worry, they’re coming off right now too. Now just relax, I am going to mount you and allow your penis to penetrate my vagina. Here we go, I’m climbing on top of you… Lowering my hips down… Just hold still Issac… There we go, the head of your penis is inside my vagina now. Do you like how it feels? You feel so nice inside me. I hope you’ll reward me with your semen; I would very much like it inside of me. Now let me take you all the way within me. There we go! You’re penetrating my vagina completely now Issac. You’re going to ejaculate soon, aren’t you Issac? Its ok, just relax and use me as a vessel to hold your semen. In fact I’m ovulating and at my most fertile right now Issac, if you release inside of me you’ll impregnate me!

Oh Issac, I felt that change in you as I said that. I can feel you tensing up… Its ok Issac relax and release inside me, relax for Eden… [In the next part describe how it feels to have me ejaculate inside you, as well as explaining the path my sperm is traveling to reach your egg. Once it reaches your egg I’d like to hear you orgasm. Be as dramatic and descriptive as you wish for this entire section, there is no such as too much detail]. Oh Issac, put your hands on my belly. Can you feel it? You’ve fertilized me with your sperm. You’ve claimed me Issac, in the most intimate way a man can claim a woman. I am yours now Issac.

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a vessel for your seed, you have fulfilled me completely by filling me with you ejaculate. Now sleep Issac, you’ve done so much work delivering your semen inside of me. Let me lay on top of you and hold your close against my naked body as you drift off. Its ok, you can fall asleep with your penis still deep inside my vagina. Good boy Issac, now sleep.”


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.