Impregnating Joyce


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“Impregnating Joyce”

A 6 min recording.

“Hi Issac, its so good to see you here. And you’ve brought a friend with you! You say her name is Joyce? What a pretty name!

So what brings you and Joyce here today? Oh, I see, you want to impregnate Joyce but neither of you are sure how to do it? Its ok, I can help you!

First things first, you’ll both need to remove your clothes. That’s good, both of you take everything off. Oh Issac, don’t you think Joyce is so beautiful? Her long brown hair and brown eyes, her lightly tanned smooth skin, her b-cup breasts and her shaved vagina. Oh, and of course her flat belly, but I’ll help you make it swell.

I can see you like her body, your penis is rapidly becoming erect.

Now Joyce, I need to check to see if you’ve ovulating. I’ll do this by inserting one of my fingers deeply into your vagina; subtle changes in your temperature will let me know how fertile you are. Now just relax as I push inside… There we go. Goodness Joyce, your vagina is very wet right now. You must be looking forward to having Issac impregnate you. Now hold still… Yes, you’re ovulating right now Joyce, your body is more then ready for Issac’s seed.

Now Joyce, please lay on the edge of the bed with your legs open.

Issac, stand in front of Joyce between her spread legs. Very good! Now we’ll need your penis to penetrate her vagina. I’m going to take your penis in my hand and guide it inside Joyce’s vagina; just relax and let me take care of it. Here we go! I’ve got your penis… I’m pressing the head against her vaginal opening. Relax Issac. I’m going to place my other hand on your buttocks and use it to push you forward. The head of your penis is opening her up. You’re sliding inside of Joyce. Stay calm and relax Issac. You too Joyce. And one final push… There we go Issac, you’ve penetrated Joyce’s vagina completely with your penis.

Joyce, wrap your legs around him. Good girl. Hold him tight.

Issac, look down into Joyce’s eyes. Look at the woman you’re going to make a mother soon. You love her, don’t you? Of course you do Issac, you love Joyce. Just hold yourself deep inside of her and look at her, think of how much you love her, how much both of you want this impregnation to happen.

Issac, I’m going to slip a hand between your legs and grasp your scrotum. There, my hand is holding you firmly. And now I’m going to rhythmically massage your sperm laden testicles while your penis remains deep inside of Joyce’s vagina. Don’t thrust, just keep yourself as deeply inside of her as you can, I’ll take care of the rest. With your penis so deep you’re positioned directly at her cervix so when ejaculation occurs your semen spurts directly into Joyce’s womb.

Joyce, just relax and enjoy Issac’s penis stretching your vagina. Look up into his eyes and see the man about to plant his seed within you. Joyce, you’re orgasm for Issac already? Its ok, ride the pleasure out for as long as you can, I’ll make sure his seed gets where it needs to be.

Issac, I’m going to squeeze your scrotum hard now, the pressure on your testicles will induce ejaculation. There, I’m squeezing… And there we go, I can feel your body responding, your penis pulsing inside of Joyce’s fertile body. You’re being such a good boy for Joyce, giving her your semen like she needs.

Issac, place your hands on Joyce’s belly. You’re impregnating her as I speak. Your semen is spurting inside of Joyce’s vagina. Spurt after spurt after spurt all deep inside of Joyce. You’re bathing her egg in your sperm, fertilizing her. Joyce is conceiving right now, with your penis still lodged deeply within her vagina.

Good job Joyce, you’ve successfully made Issac ejaculate inside of your vagina. You’ve been a god girl for him.

And congratulations Issac, you’ve inseminated Joyce. With your hands on her belly you’re actually feeling her become pregnant from your sperm. You’ve been a good boy for him.

Now why don’t the two of you lay down together on the bed and fall asleep still joined. That’s good, Issac and Joyce, falling asleep together after making love.”


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.