Fembot Impregnation

A man gets a robot that looks like the woman he loves and impregnates her.


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“Fembot Impregnation”

A 6 min 20 sec recording.
“Hello Issac. Congratulations on your purchase of the Joyce-bot 5000. I am very happy to be here as your fully functional Joyce surrogate. My Joyce body has been crafted to match the real Joyce in every way. I have been shipped without clothing so that you can easily access my Joyce vagina to facilitate my initial set-up.

In order to key me to you permanently I will require you to penetrate my Joyce vagina with your erect Issac penis. Once complete penetration of my Joyce vagina has occured I will commence the calibration process. Now please lay down so that my Joyce body can mount you. Very good Issac, my Joyce body is ontop of you and my Joyce vagina is slowly being penetrated by your Issac penis. Full penetration of my Joyce vagina has occured. Commencing calibration.

I have started moving my Joyce body up and down in order to take precise measurements of the entire length of your Issac penis at every point during penetration. This process will required several minutes of these thrusting movements to complete. Once finished my Joyce body will be keyed to your Issac penis alone. All other penises will be denied entry into my Joyce vagina and only your Issac penis will be permitted.

Very good Issac. Calibration is complete. Your Issac penis is the only penis that will ever enter my Joyce vagina.

Issac, exposure to your Issac penis has raised my sexual arousal levels to maximum! I require your Issac semen to be ejaculated into my Joyce vagina immediately. I am moving my Joyce body rapidly while mounted upon you in order to stimulate your Issac penis to ejaculation as quickly as possible. Issac, my fertility hardware is activating due to my high arousal levels. My Joyce womb has just activated and awaits your Issac semen.

Please ejaculate your Issac semen into my Joyce vagina. Please do it Issac, do it for Joyce. My Joyce body is able to be impregnated if you ejaculate your Issac semen deeply inside of my Joyce vagina.

My Joyce vagina can sense your orgasm approaching. I am tightening my Joyce vagina around your Issac penis to ensure maximum ejaculatory stimulation. My Joyce cervix is opening and engulfing the head of your Issac penis, sealing it inside my Joyce womb to ensure direct semen transfer occurs and impregnation is assured.

I am lowering my left Joyce breast down to you, please suckle it to increase your arousal. My left Joyce nipple feels so good being sucked by you. My Joyce breasts look, feel and taste exactly like the breasts of the real Joyce. Please ejaculate into my Joyce vagina as you suck on my Joyce breasts.

Very good Issac. You have started ejaculating. You are ejaculating your Issac semen directly into my Joyce womb. Impregnation 15% complete. Impregnation 40% complete. I am thrusting my Joyce body against you faster and faster in order to prolong your ejaculation. Impregnation 75% complete. Please continute ejaculating your Issac semen into my Joyce body. I reqiure your Issac semen to continue to flow through my Joyce vagina, past my Joyce cervix and into my fertile Joyce womb. Impregnation 100% complete.

My Joyce body has successfully been impregnated by your Issac semen.

Please rest now Issac and leave your Issac penis inside my Joyce vagina. When you wake up this Joyce body you just impregnated will have transformed into impregnated mode. My impregnated Joyce body will look exactly like the real Joyce would if you impregnated her. Daily release of your Issac semen into my impregnated Joyce body will be required in order to maintain impregnated mode.

Thank you for filling my Joyce body with your Issac semen and impregnating me. My Joyce body loves you.”


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.