The Friendly Skies

A sexy airline attendant has some naughty, mile high fun with a passenger during a flight to get back at her fiancé who she thinks has been cheating on her.


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“The Friendly Skies” A 25 minute 57 sec recording.

I’m Sharon, and I’m the one of the senior flight attendants for the private charter airline where I am employed.  This was too good of a flight to pass up, a red eye from Chicago to London, non-stop, and not even a dozen corporate executives in my entire first class upper deck of the jumbo jet.  I nearly cancelled when my fiancé and I got into an argument, just a few hours before I needed to be at the airport.  I found text messages on his phone from one of his coworkers, a woman who I have loathed since the first instant I met the skanky gold-digger, messages that could only mean they are having an affair.  He denied it.

Rather than escalate the fight, I decided that the time apart would be good for us both, for him to miss me a little and see how badly he really does want me, and maybe for me to score a little something on the side too.  Though I act like I’m so much better than that, I’m really not above a nice hard revenge fuck to even the score, so to speak.  So I’m here, with a smile on my face, my diamond engagement ring hidden away in my purse, not on my finger.

I’m wearing our standard red flight attendant uniform, which consists of a white blouse and red skirt, along with red heels.  Most of the flight attendants wear flats or low heels, but I preferred go with a hotter look with my three inch pumps.  I have also hiked my skirt up a couple inches to show a tad more leg than would normally be appropriate.  Finally, I cinched my blouse at the waist and opened the top button to give it a more curve hugging appearance and to accentuate my curvy and feminine D cup breasts showing off some nice cleavage.  Overall, my outfit is definitely on the sexier side, but all just barely within the strictly defined rules set by the airline.

I carefully styled my wavy blonde hair to give it that long and loose wind-blown supermodel look, while still keeping it styled professionally and work allowable.  As always, I did my make up for a beautiful effect.  My big bright eyes and fully pouty red lips were accentuated nicely by my soft, natural toned cosmetics.

I stand at the private entrance to the first class cabin, and I greet each person individually, and welcome them aboard.  You are the last person in the group, the tenth passenger.  I felt a little self-conscious as you looked me up and down, when you boarded the plane.  Not self-conscious from dislike, but rather because I enjoyed it, maybe a little too much.  Some part of my brain went into “panic mode” with you, a stranger on my overseas flight, checking me out, and it snapped me back to one word, engaged.  I quickly buried that thought and replaced that terrible word ‘engaged’, with a better one, ‘available.’

I reminded myself that I enjoyed the way you looked at me.  I nearly wet my panties as I secretly wondered what your touch would feel like, your hands against my bare skin, how you would kiss me, how you would hold me, how our tongues would taste to each other, and best of all what your cock would feel like, rubbing along my body, touching my soft skin, in my mouth, and inside my pussy.

First class passengers aren’t expected to put away their own bags when they fly with this airline.  That is one of the jobs of the flight attendant.  Efficiently, I worked my way down the aisle and helped the executives with their carry-on bags.  Finally, I reached you, my mystery man.  I saw that you took the window seat in the last row in front of the small meeting room, several rows behind your closest co-worker and fellow passenger.  I took your bag and reached up to put in the overheard bin.  I stretched provocatively to give you an eyeful of the curves and swells of my luscious breasts under my blouse, and a peak at my long, toned, and tanned legs beneath my skirt.

My focus was so intent on the view I presented to you, that I nearly tripped. You quickly got up and held me around the waist, so I didn’t fall.  Your touch felt like sparks of electricity shot through me, not the bad kind, but the very good, exciting kind.  I practically melted in your arms.  It took a moment to control my excitement, but then I thanked you, and I gave you a sweet smile.  I looked down and noticed that you had a huge bulge in your pants.  I looked just long enough to make sure that you knew I spotted your ‘problem,’ without being embarrassingly overt.  Before I walked away, I gave you a wink and a quick smile.

My thoughts of you were lustful and erotic as I performed my boring and mundane in-flight duties.  I ran many revenge fuck scenarios in my head, all with you as my partner, but I still paused at the idea of actually cheating.   Even with only a few passengers, it still took some time before I cleaned up all the dinners, the movie finished and all the drinks were done, and I used that time to reach my decision.  I darkened the cabin lights, and, slowly, everyone nodded off into a restful sleep for the majority of the red eye flight.  I found you a big blanket that I covered over you, and it fit over the empty seat next to you as well.

I made a pass up and down the aisle again to make sure everyone was asleep.  I brought my personal bag with me to the conference room.  In there, I slipped off my uniform and slipped into the slinky barely decent dress that I brought to wear, just in case.  It was the proverbial little black cocktail dress, except that I picked out a red dress, not black.  The hemline hit a little above mid-thigh, and the neckline was a deep plunging v showing off abundant cleavage, while the back of the dress was nearly non-existent.  I finalized the outfit with my ‘fuck me’ five inch stilettos.  I slid into the empty seat beside you, and covered myself with the big blanket.

You woke up aroused and you looked under the blanket to see I had your pants open.  My soft, delicate fingers were wrapped around your hard rod, while I trailed kisses up from your neck, around your jaw, and firmly on your lips.  You reciprocate as you kissed my bare shoulders, up my neck, jaw, cheek, and then some soft kisses on the lips, before we exchanged some deep, passionate French kisses, swirling our tongues together in each others mouth, while I continued to rub and stroke your hard cock under the blanket.  We continued to kiss deeply and passionately for several long minutes that felt like hours.  I pulled away from your kisses and put a finger to your lips.  I moved my head downward into your lap.

The blowjob started with me licking your cock shaft like an adults-only lollipop.  My tongue slurped as I licked up the whole length of your dick, stopping as I lightly flicked my tongue across your penis head.  My pretty mouth bobbed up and down on your fully erect, throbbing shaft as I worked the blowjob in earnest.  I sucked greedily, as I moved my mouth up and down your hard cock.  You stifled a moan, and I knew that I was pleasing you.  I played with your cock head, as I twirled my tongue all around, in circles.  I let out a soft moan as I felt your hand work down my body and find its way to my thong panties under that tiny dress.  Your fingers slipped under the tiny garment and found my clit.  I shuddered as you rubbed my clit with your thumb, while your fingers found their way inside my overheated pussy.  I licked your cock head, while your fingered my pussy and rubbed my clit, our motions synchronized together for maximum pleasure.

I continued to suck, while I stroked your cock with my hand, with your thumb and fingers still doing their exquisite job on my clit and pussy.  I felt you match my rhythm, as you bucked your hips and cock up in unison with my body motions, while I also pumped and bucked my own hips in response to your fingering and thumbing motions.  I felt the little drops of pre-cum on the head of your dick, as your hard cock moved in and out of my mouth.

I knew that you were close to blowing, so I increased my tempo.  I bobbed, sucked, and stroked faster and faster, while you played with my hair, occasionally grabbing my hair hold to hold my head in place to thrust your cock upward.  Finally with a stifled grunt, you shot your load of cum up into my sexy mouth.  Greedily, hungrily, I slurped down every drop of cum you gave me, swallowing the entire load for you.

I straightened out the dress as I whispered into your ear to meet me in twenty minutes in the conference room for round two.  You smiled and agreed and started to tell your name was John…  But I cut you off and said no, that it was hotter like this.  I tell you that we should never know each other’s last name, phone number, or e-mail.  We will just be a fun memory, to recall fondly: two strangers on a long flight who hook up, never to see each other again.  You agree and I smile, reminding you about twenty minutes.

Promptly, twenty minutes later, I see you get up and walk the few feet to the conference room door, and enter.  I give another check of the cabin, and find still no activity, I follow right behind you.  I enter the little conference room, and shut and lock the door behind me.

Without a word, I hike that tiny red dress up and pull it over my head to reveal my lusciously curved naked body.  Much to your apparent surprise, I had already removed my bra and panties.  I move you over to the sofa by the windows and we sit together.  We resume our frantic French kissing from earlier.  I can feel your cock getting hard against me, the way we are sitting.  As we kiss, I undress you.  I start with your tie, and then pop open the buttons on your shirt, one by one, accenting each button with a kiss.

You toss your own shoes aside.  I sexily slide in between your legs and unfasten your belt and open your pants.  I move closer and closer.  I move my head down.  In a sultry move I learned many boyfriends ago I grab your zipper in my teeth, and pull it down.  You smile at me, stunned and highly impressed by that little zipper trick.  With one motion, I pull your pants down and off your body.  I latch my thumbs into the waistband of your boxers and give those a yank, pulling them off, as well.

I slide my naked, lusciously curved body against yours.  I let my full round breasts brush against your body, all over every inch and move my body along yours.  I hear and feel you gasp, as my hard nipples graze over your erect cock.  I squeeze my boobs together, pressing your cock between them, as I bounce my body, titty fucking you, using my large full D-cup breasts like another pussy or mouth, to pleasure your cock.

My pussy is more than ready for some pleasure of its own.  Since you are already lying down, I simply shift positions and straddle over you.  I squat down, with my hot pussy right over your face.  I tell you to eat me out, which you do.  You lick, driving your tongue in and out of my wet hole, while I start to finger your clit again.  You continue to lick and lap at my pussy lips, slowly running your tongue across the length of my lips, but showing great care not to shove your tongue inside my tunnel, while my fingers work back and forth over your enlarged clit.  Then you switch tactics and start to drive your tongue in and out of my wet pussy.  You keep working on my clit.  While you lick at my pussy lips, one of your fingers finds its way inside way, while your thumb works on my clit.  That inserted finger slowly probes my insides, taking very little time to locate my g-spot.

You lick and finger at my pussy, running your fingertips around gently in circles as they probe deep into my wet tunnel, hitting that super-sensitive g-spot every time.  At the same time, your tongue alternates between sucking and licking on my excited clit and then probing inside my snatch.  You switch up the motions on me, and I never can be quite sure where the next moment of pleasure will come from.  I know that you can feel it as my nipples stiffen and my whole body quivers in excitement, so closer to a huge orgasm.  You increase your speed and rhythm as my pussy tightens, ready to cum.  Your fingers move faster and fast, as you focus more and more on my g-spot, until finally, I am ready to explode.

It is difficult for me as I struggle to stifle my sexual noises, when every inch of me just wants to moan loudly in ecstasy, but this is a secret sexual rendezvous, and I don’t want to wake up the other first class passengers, so I put my face into the sofa and let my sexual sounds get muffled into the cushions.

After I come down after that great orgasm high, I re-position my body to allow you access to my pussy, missionary style.  My legs are spread and arched upward toward my head as you position your body between my legs and grab them for a little extra leverage.  Still drenched inside my pussy from that amazing orgasm, you have no problem thrusting your cock in and out of my tunnel as fast and hard as you want.  You drill me and pound relentlessly as your balls slap against my tight ass hole.  I moan softly as I grab my knees for support.  I sense your body tense, and I urge you to slow down and let our excitement last.  I don’t want you to cum yet, I don’t want this ecstasy to end, I want to prolong it, for as long as we can.  I am happy that you agree with me, as you slow your motions down, and come down off the edge of another orgasm.

It isn’t long before we are both ready to continue.  I myself brace against the sofa, bent over with my head down and ass up, for a doggy style insertion.  I don’t need to explain what I want next, as you move in behind me.  Your cock is hard again and ready for more.  I brace against the sofa arm, as you slowly inch that cock into my wet tunnel.  After a few slow strokes, you find your rhythm, and you start to pump me hard.  I use the sofa to push back against you, and soon we are totally in synch.  Your balls slap against my clit, as I push back and drive my pussy backwards in coordination with your cock thrust.  We moan and groan, as we continue the rapid sexual pace.  Your grab my hips for extra leverage, as you start to really pound your rock hard man meat into me.

It isn’t much longer before you blow that load of yours deep inside my wet snatch.  Your cum and my juices flow together and a little oozes out of me as I switch position and sit beside you.  We cuddle briefly on the sofa in our post sexual bliss.

We drift off to sleep, arm in arm, cuddled together as the overseas flight continues on through the darkness of the night sky.   I’m startled a few moments later, when my flight capable phone rings…

You breath heavily as you jolt out of your seat on the plane.  Sunrise is past and the plane is engulfed in daylight.  You look out the window and see we are over land, but still high in the air, so our landing is still a while off.  You look over at me and smile, and I return the smile, but I quickly return to my duties and don’t look back at you.

Your mind races.  What happened?  Did we really fuck like that?  Was it a dream?  Did you just fantasize that whole sexual adventure?  Or did it really happen?  You’re just not sure.  You don’t remember leaving the conference room, after you blew a load of cum.  What was it, your second, third?  More?  You just can’t be sure and it’s all a little fuzzy to you.  You do remember that we cuddled very sweetly on the sofa, after we wore each other out.  But, you woke up in your seat, covered with that same blanket you fell asleep in the same spot, and fully clothed.

You look over at me, and you see I’m in my proper flight attendant uniform, with no trace of that sexy dress anywhere in sight.  I see a bit of disappointment in your face as you look me over.  You notice that my uniform blouse is buttoned up and showing much less cleavage and tightness around my waist than you remember.  You also notice that you can see much less of my legs under the longer, less form-fitting skirt.  You also couldn’t help but notice the ring on my left land, as the sunlight beams in from the windows and sparkles off the diamond in every direction.

You get up and walk over to the little conference room.  You look around in there, but see nothing out of the ordinary either.  The sofa is neatly arranged, no wet spots, nothing at all to indicate that a sexual rendezvous had occurred.  You decide that you must have dreamed it, or imagined it.  You return to your seat, as the pilot announces the landing.  You sigh as you resolve yourself to the fact that it was just a dream, a great dream, but a dream none-the-less, and you never truly had the mind-blowing sex that you imagined you did, with me, your hot blonde flight attendant.

The landing goes smoothly.  I very professionally thank all of the first class passengers, and tell them that I hope to see them again soon.  I can’t say what I want to say, and I have to do my best acting coy routine, with you more than any of the others.  You stop before you leave, and you look like you want to ask me something, and I get ready to say something, but you turn and leave the plane.  You put your suit coat on, as you walk down the jet way toward the terminal.  I watch you from the plane as you button the suit jacket.  Something feels odd and wet to you, against your shirt.  You reach into the jacket pocket and find a pair of bright red, and still moist, thong panties, my panties.  You look back and stare at me.  I give you a mischievous smile and wave.  As I close the plane doorway, I blow you a kiss and wink, never to see you again.

I sigh in the quiet plane.  I grab my phone, and call my fiancé.  I tell him that I believe him about the messages, and I apologize for getting angry.  I give him my return schedule, and tell him to pick me up at airport, and we’ll worry about my car later, so I can give him a more proper apology on the ride home.


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.