Conquering Wonder Woman

An Asian super stud sexually conquers Wonder Woman in this unusual fantasy.



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In an abandoned warehouse, a familiar red boot kicks in a set of large, metal doors into a huge room.

A well-known superheroine steps into the large room. Aside from her long, dark hair and her buxom figure, she’s easily identified by her patriotic costume. No one can mistake her golden tiara with its ruby star; her red top with a golden eagle in flight; her gold bracers; her golden belt and magic lasso; her blue, star-spangled bottoms; and her red boots with the white stripes.

[The tall, athletic female confidentially calls out:] “Alright criminals, give up because Wonder Woman is here!”

The Amazonian superheroine scans the room.

[And then she mutters:] “No one’s here.”
[She curses in disgust:] “Another false alarm!”

Her super-sensitive ears hear a clicking sound, and then her beautiful eyes catch sight of a barrage of tiny darts launched at her!

Wonder Woman, due to her super-human powers, moves her arms at super-speed so that her golden bracers can block and deflect the tiny darts from hitting her. Her arms move in a blur of motion that the human cannot follow.

While the Amazon superheroine manages to block or deflect nearly all of the tiny darts, there are so many darts that one dart jets past Wonder Woman’s blockade and nicks her left shoulder!

[Wonder Woman instinctively yelps in pain:] “Ouch! My left shoulder was nicked by one of those tiny darts.”
Wonder Woman checks her shoulder.

[And then she concludes aloud:] “Nothing but a flesh wound.”
[The Amazon superheroine mutters to herself:] “Time to leave.”

[Wonder Woman blurts out in shock and surprise:] “Great Hera! I can’t move my legs! I’ve lost what control of my entire body! The tiny dart must have been coated with something that’s affecting me.”

[The Amazonian superheroine mutters:] “Great Hera! Ooohhh–! Feeling light headed. Vision getting blurry. Mustn’t pass out! Can’t…can’t…black out! Can’t–!!!”
[There are a few seconds of dead air, as Wonder Woman collapses to the floor unconscious.]
Sometime later, Wonder Woman wearily opens her beautiful eyes as she regains consciousness.

[She mumbles:] “How long–Groan!–was I unconscious?”

[Wonder Woman realizes aloud:] “And now I’m lying down on a king sized bed.”
[The Amazonian superheroine angrily snarls:] “Great Hera, I’m naked! Someone has stripped me of my costume and of my golden power belt! My wrists are tied–Grunt!–to the head board. And my legs are bound–Grunt!–and spread eagle.”

[Wonder Woman mutters to herself:] “By Hades, without my golden power belt, I have no super-strength to break my bonds.”

[The naked and bound Amazonian states aloud:] “Wait, who’s that? I can see a guy from the corner of my eye. He’s Asian. Probably Korean. He’s shorter than me at five feet, eight inches. He has thick, black hair. His eyes look nearly black. He’s…hmmm…hunky with nice broad shoulders. Shoulders that I could rest my head on. He’s better than average looking, and seems to stay in shape enough to keep a flat tummy.”

[She rebukes herself:] “Merciful Minerva, do I have the hots for someone I’ve never met?!? Have my adventures as Wonder Woman kept me out of a relationship for so long?!?”

[Wonder Woman notices aloud:] “Oh, there you are–Asian guy, standing next to me.”

[She barks:] “So you’re going to take advantage of me?!? By the gods, do you think that I’m afraid in having sex? On my homeland of Paradise Island, I frequently had secret sexual encounters with the minotaur. I thoroughly enjoyed his monster-sized phallus!”

[The naked superheroine gasps in shock:] “Great Hera! Gasp! Why did I just tell you all that?!? No one else, not even my mother Queen Hippolyta, knows about my secret sex with the minotaur!”

I show something to the bound and naked superheroine.
[Wonder Woman stammers in shock:] “You’re–Gasp!–you’re using my magic lasso on me! You’re holding one end of my golden lasso. And the other end is tied to my wrists! My magic lasso compels me to tell the truth!”

I ask Wonder Woman a question.
[The helpless Amazon repeats my question aloud:] “Do I want you?”
[Wonder Woman stammers her response:] “I–Nervously clearing her throat.–I do find you incredibly hunky. Actually, I find you studly. The big–Moan.–.big bulge in your pants…makes me want to–”

The bound superheroine squeals in a mix of shock and pleasure!
[Wonder Woman blurts out:] “Merciful minerva! Moan. You’re squeezing my huge breasts with your hands. I can feel your fingers–Moan.–fingers digging into my titty flesh!”

She hears me comment about her tits.
[The naked Amazon snarls in anger:] “Are my breasts real?!?”
[Wonder Woman remarks:] “Don’t you feel how your hands–Moan.–easily knead my breasts? By the gods–Pant.–that feels so good when you squeeze my breasts! And how you don’t feel–Moan.–any hard sacks in the center of my breasts? Just by mauling my breasts, my Asian stud, you’ve made me wet!”

[The horny superheroine cries out in pleasure:] “And now you’re–Moan!–flicking your thumbs–Ooohhh!!!–over my pink nipples! Feeling bolts of lightning shoot–Moan.–down my spine and directly into my bare snatch! Making my nipples swell–Pant.–and my swollen clit reveal itself. So sensitive! Getting so wet!”

Wonder Woman suddenly feels her arousal dissipate as I remove my hands from her huge tits.

[The bound superheroine protests:] “No, my Asian stud, don’t stop! Go back to kneading my large breasts, and flicking my nipples.”

She hears me ask something.
[Wonder Woman repeats aloud:] “Would I do anything that you asked?”
[She snarls in anger:] “By Hades, no! Wonder Woman will never be subservient to a man!”

[Wonder Woman howls in pain:] “Aaauuuggghhh!!! You’re pinch–Grunt!–pinching my pointy nipples! Ooouuuccchhh!!! Too–Pant!–too rough!”

[The bound Amazon pleads:] “Don’t! Whimper! Pinching too hard! Stop! Feels like–Hissing in pain!–like you’re going to pop my nipples! Don’t! No more!”

[Wonder Woman protests:] “Great Hera! How–Hissing in pain!–how can so much pain come from my nipples!?!”

Blinding, searing pain shoots through Wonder Woman’s entire, sexy body! Just when she thinks her poor, abused nipples will continue to be tortured, she feels me release my vice-like grip on her nipples.

[The tortured superheroine sniffles:] “Merciful Minerva! Sniffle. You’ve released my nipples! Hissing in pain. My poor, abused nipples!”

[Wonder Woman complains:] “Look at my nipples! They’re crimson red. And my abused nipples have swollen to bigger than ever before! You’ve made my poor, abused nipples grow to over one inch long!”

She hears me tell you something.

[The naked superheroine defiantly rebukes:] “My sweet juice is oozing out of my bare muff?!? Are you telling me that rough nipple play makes me a horny slut?”

[Wonder Woman gasps in shock:] “Great Hera–Gasp!–you’ve taken out your cock! You’ve shaved your shaft, and trimmed the public hair on your balls! Your phallus looks so incredibly huge! And the head of your cock looks like a giant mushroom!”

With her magic lasso still tied around her hands, Wonder Woman unknowingly admits, “Your hard, shaved cock looks almost as amazing as the minotaur’s monster-sized phallus.”

[Wonder Woman proudly boasts:] “You can force yourself upon me, and have your way with me, but I–Wonder Woman–will never be yours!”

[She blurts out in a mixture of fear and panic:] “Yyyiiieee! Gasp! By the gods! You’re press–Pant!–pressing your bulbous head against my asshole! My tight, puckered asshole! So much–Grunt!–much pressure! Your bulbous head covers–Pant!–covers my entire asshole!”

[The naked Amazon pleads:] “No, don’t! Stop! Please don’t fuck my butt! I’m still…Damn my magic lasso!…still an anal virgin! None of my sisters at my homeland of Paradise Island ever put their fingers inside of my forbidden hole. I never even let the mighty minotaur put its monster-sized cock inside of my butt.”

[Wonder Woman stammers through gritted teeth:] “The pressure! Grunt! Your cock is pry–Pant!–prying open my anal opening! Forcing open my–Grunt!–my tight, puckered asshole!”

[She suddenly howls in pain] “Ggguuuhhhaaadddsss!!! Hissing in pain. You’re in me! Pant! Your gigantic head slip–Hissing in pain.–slipped through my asshole! By the gods, it hurts! My anal ring just tight–Whimper!–tightened around your shaft! Can’t–! Great Hera! Can’t push you out!”

[The bound Amazon begs:] “Please–Whimper. Ooowww! Take your cock out of my ass! Feels like a tree–Hissing in pain.–tree trunk has been jammed into my butt!”

[Wonder Woman cries out in pain:] “Ooowww, ooowww! Hissing in pain. You’ve jammed more of your thick, hard cock inside my asshole! My anal–Grunt!–anal passage stretched out! Stretched out so much! Feels like my butt is being rip–Pant!–ripped open! Stop! Hissing in pain! Take it out! Take it out!”
[She sighs in relief;] “Sigh of relief. Thank the gods, you’ve taken your cock out of my ass!”

[The naked Amazon shrieks in pain:] “Aaarrrggghhh!!! Grunt! Fucking shit! Fucking shit! Pant. You bastard! You damn bastard! You ram–Hissing in pain.–rammed your entire cock into my asshole! Ooowww, ooowww, ooowww!!! Pant. You’re torn–Whimper.–torn open my anal passage! Feel your balls right against–Pant.–against my butt cheeks.”

[Wonder Woman realizes to her horror:] “Merciful Minerva, with my arms and legs tied down, I can’t stop you from fucking my ass!”

[Wonder Woman stammers:] “By the gods–Pant.–you’re pulling out again! I can feel–Grunt.–feel every inch of your thick cock pulling out of my freshly deflowered ass.”

[She admits:] “I never knew that–Whimper.–that my asshole could throb and burn so much.”

The bound superheroine has a moment to breathe and catch her breath, while only the bulbous head of my steel hard cock remains inside the bound Amazon’s asshole.

[Wonder Woman shrieks in pain:] “Yyyeeeaaarrrggghhh!!! Hissing in pain. Fucking bastard! You–Grunt.–you rammed your thick, hard cock back into my asshole! Pant. You feel so incredibly huge inside my butt!”

[She pleads:] “If you’re going to fuck my ass–Pant.–fuck it slow. Fuck my asshole slowly! Pant. Please fuck it slow!”

Wonder Woman’s plea falls upon deaf ears, as I pound her deflowered asshole hard and fast!

The helpless Amazon screams in pain over and over again each I slam my thick, shaved cock back into Wonder Woman’s asshole!

During the next minute of anal fucking, Wonder Woman tries to ask me to stop; but she only manages to incoherently blurt out “Don’t!”, “No!”, or “Stop!”

Throughout the second minute of anal sex, it’s hard to tell if Wonder Woman is still hurting and protesting her rough anal fucking; or if the sexy Amazon has started to enjoy her nasty anal fuck. Wonder Woman now moans, in addition to her panting and grunting.

Between her pants, grunts, and moans, Wonder Woman also cries out “Don’t!” and “Stop!”. She blurts out these words so fast that, instead of sounding like separate phases, it now sounds like Wonder Woman is crying out “Don’t stop!”

[To verify the sexy Amazon’s encouragement to be ass fucked, Wonder Woman lustfully urges:] “Yes, my Asian stud! Moan! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass! Pant! Harder! Faster! Grunt! Pound my butt!”

The horny Amazon hears me call her something.

[Wonder Woman repeats aloud:] “Anal slut? Pant! Yes, my Asian stud–Moan!–I’m your anal slut! I love–Pant!–love your thick, hard cock fucking my asshole! Grunt! Wonder Woman is your anal slut!”

[The horny superheroine demands:] “Right there! Moan! Oh fuck, right there! Just like that–Pant!–my Asian stud! Just like that! Make me cum! Moan! Make me cum! Butt fuck me, and make me cum!”

[The anal loving superheroine loudly announces:] “So close! Pant! So close, baby! Gonna cum! Pant! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Gonna–!”

Wonder Woman howls like banshee as she explodes with her first ever anal orgasm!

[She loudly wails:] “Aaaaauuuuuaaaaahhhhh!!!!! Cum–Pant!–cumming! Cum–!”
For the next few moments, the bound Amazon wildly thrashes against her bonds as she explodes with her anal climax! Her long, black hair whips back and forth. Her large, 36C breasts flop back and forth from as she thrashes about.

Her slightly gaping cunt spasms open and close as she cums. Each time her pussy spasms, a creamy mix of her feminine jizz and sweet juice is pushed out.
Wonder Woman feels me slam hard and deep into her asshole again.

[She manages to blurt out:] “Baby! Baby–!”

Feeling my thick, hard cock ram all the way into Wonder Woman’s forbidden hole triggers the peak of her climax! She throws her beautiful head back! Her entire, sexy body stiffens as all of her muscles lock up. Her beautiful eyes are wide open, as Wonder Woman blankly stares into space. The ruby lips of her mouth are gaped open in a silent howl of pleasure.

Wonder Woman looks like a statue enwrapped with pleasure.
For the bound superheroine, she feels like time had stood still during her orgasmic bliss.

In reality, only a few seconds have passed. The peak of Wonder Woman’s amazingly powerful and intense anal orgasm passes. The naked Amazon shakes and quakes in her bonds, while the end of her climax flows through her. She can only manage to pant and grunt during these moments.

And then finally, Wonder Woman collapses onto the king sized bed. She licks her lips, while desperately trying to catch her breath. Her buxom bosom heaves up and down with her rapid breathing.

The sexy Amazon is still incredibly aroused to where her pink nipples remain to be one inch pointy tips, and her big clit is still visible.

Her groin is a large, cream mess of her feminine jizz and her sweet juice. It looks as if the Asian guy had ejaculated all over Wonder Woman’s bare cunt.
Actually, I’ve been doing in my best into holding back my orgasm. I can’t hold back any longer! I manage to thrust in and out of Wonder Woman’s asshole, and then I explode with jizz!

Wonder Woman can feel me cumming deep inside her asshole.
[The horny Amazon lustfully encourages:] “Yes, my Asian stud! Yes! You’re cumming in my asshole! Moan! Yes, baby, complete your anal conquest of Wonder Woman!”

The enchantment of the magic lasso compels Wonder Woman to keep telling how it feels like to have me ejaculate into her butt.

[Wonder Woman tells me:] “Oh fuck! Moan! You’re cumming! Felt your first hot rope of cum shoot inside of me! Depositing so deep inside my bowels! Feels like burning lava! I love it!”

[She delightfully calls out:] “Merciful Minerva, yes! Felt you shoot deep inside my asshole again!”

[The bound superheroine lustfully desires:] “Yes, my Asian stud! Moan! That’s it! That’s it! Shoot all of your cum into me! Completely fill up my asshole!”

[Wonder Woman teasingly asks:] “Finished cumming, baby? By the gods–Moan.–I can’t believe how much of your cum that you spewed into my butt! I never thought someone from Man’s World could ejaculate so much. You, my Asian stud, almost ejaculated as much as the mighty minotaur!”

[The sexy Amazon demands:] “Are you pulling out, baby? Don’t pull out all the way! Yes, my Asian stud! Moan! Keep at least half of your wonderful cock inside of my asshole. Just like that, baby! Feeling the empty part of my anal passage tightening up, and trapping your jizz trapped deep inside of me.”

Wonder Woman confesses, partially due to the enhancement of her magic lasso, “I want to feel your cum deep inside my asshole for as long possible!”

[The horny Amazon admits:] “I never thought that it would be possible, but you–my Asian stud–have conquered me. Words cannot describe how much I desire you, baby. As long as you promise to fuck my ass again, then you can proclaim that Wonder Woman is yours.”

[Wonder Woman teases:] “You know, my Asian stud, if you untie me…and I can help revive your spent cock again. My freshly fucked asshole needs time to recover, before you butt fuck me again. But I have time to suck you off, or to have my bare muff pounded by you.”

[She inquires:] “Come on, baby, what do you say?”


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.