Gentleman’s Club

A lap dancers at a gentleman’s club gets a little to close with one of her customers she likes a little too much.


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It’s a Friday night, and the gentleman’s club is busy as always. Most of the crowd consists of guys who want to get their rocks off. There are also a few couples here. There’s always one or more bachelor parties going on too.

I really hate the public stage during the weekends, because there are too many cheap guys crowding the stage! All of the cheap bastards are excitedly waving their one dollar bills, and then hoping that I let them give me their singles.

If I could avoid these cheapies, I would, but the club manager wants us gals to keep everyone happy at the club. And so, I have to bend down while hoping someone behind me doesn’t try to cop an unwanted grope of my ass. And then I have to extend my right leg out, so that the cheap bastards can slip their dollar bills into my garter belt. I have to kick away one or more of these assholes, because one of them always thinks they’re entitled to caress my leg.

I stand naked on the public stage in my bright red high heels. I just finished my public dance set. I make sure that my garter belt, which holds a lot of money, fits snugly to my right thigh so that none of my money slips out. I can then bend down to pick up my discarded bright red top with gold trim, and my matching red and white striped bikini bottoms.

I hate feeling their dollar bills against my skin, because their dollar bills are always soaked with their grime and sweat. I don’t want to think about where their dollar bills were before they gave them to me.

And there is no way that I’d let them slip one of their dirty dollar bills between my breasts!

I think about all of this while I make my way into the office wing of the club. The manager has set up a fingerprint lock, so that only us gals can enter. This prevents some horny patron trying to get into the office area, and then think that he can sex with one of us gals like in some porno scene that the goofball watched.

Inside the office wing, I head to the money cage where I had over the money from my garter belt to the accountant inside the cage. She will count up my money, and then set aside my cut. With the club doing so well, the accountant earns an income far more than what she could make in the private sector. And she also avoids the hassles in being a professional female in the private sector.

I leave the office wing, and then head back out to the public area of the club. While I don’t have any job benefits, the club offers other benefits that I cannot get anywhere else. Speaking of benefits, I see one of them now.

At the bar, I see you–one of my favorite guys. I can easily identify you, because of your thick, black hair and how nicely you dress. While other guys don’t dress that nicely with their casual collared shirts or tight-fitting muscle shirts and jeans, my guy always wears a well pressed dress shirt; a colorful tie; and dress slacks. I know that you have shaved while getting ready to come to the club.

Before I reach the bar, I giggle to myself in thinking about you as “my guy”. While we’re not dating, most of the other dancers know that I’m okay if they talk to you; but they’re not allowed to offer you lap dances or VIP time.

I stop in my tracks, when I see one of the other gals talk to you. This gal, Ginger–I think that’s her name, looks like a porn star. Ginger has long, bright blonde hair. She uses a good amount of makeup that enhances the Aphrodite-like beauty that she was born with. I take solace that Ginger isn’t completely perfect. She has breast implants to give herself an exaggerated bosom. She also has the “invisible” braces to fix her teeth.

My heart skips a beat, when I see Ginger sitting close to you. I know how she works a guy in the club. Ginger lures in a guy by pretending that she’s strongly attracted to him. She then follows up by making the guy believe that there’s a chance she would go home with them. Ginger does this to keep a guy around the club for as long as possible, while draining their wallets. After Ginger has completely drained a guy’s wallet, she moves onto the next victim.

My anxiety and worry quickly disappear, as I see that my guy doesn’t take Ginger’s bait. She comes close in shoving her gigantic, fake tits into your face. You, however, doesn’t fall for Ginger’s boob play.

I resume approaching the bar, but I come in behind you so that you can’t see me right away. I make sure that Ginger sees me. As soon as the money-greedy blonde sees me, she says her goodbyes to my guy and then slithers around for a new victim.

I suddenly feel as giddy as a schoolgirl, when I approach my guy from behind. I place my hands over your dark eyes to blind you. I purposefully bend into you, so that I can whisper into your ear.

I softly tease into your ear, “Hi, Mikey.”

That’s right. We’ve seen each so many times that you have no problem calling you “Mikey”, and not “Michael”.

I remove my hands from your face, and then quickly move to sit next to you.

I nearly melt in my seat, when I see you smile warmly at me. I think that you, Mikey, looks so cute when you smile at me. Your smile makes me feel warm and makes me want to jump your bones at the same time.

I start the chit-chat by asking, “How’s my Asian stud doing?”

Ooops! I called Mikey “my Asian stud” already. I only call you by that nickname when I’m incredibly horny. Despite doing my pre-club ritual in masterbating with my Hitachi wand until I had exploded with a mind-blowing orgasm, so that I have enough control over my libidio at the club, I find myself incredibly randy around Mikey tonight.

Maybe I’m so damn horny in being jealous at Ginger’s attempt to steal my guy away from me? Or maybe I’m looking forward in stripping and dry humping Mikey several times tonight?

You, Mikey, tell me that you’re doing much better now that I’m here.
I see the bartender delivery Mikey’s favorite drink of a dirty martini to him. The bartender was nice enough to add a second, cheese stuffed olive in his drink.

I suddenly crave for my own dirty martini with it’s salty and savory taste.
I ask the bartender, “Can I have the same thing that he’s having? And you can put it on his tab.”

I know that Mikey won’t mind that I’ve put my dirty martini on his bar tab.
While I’m waiting for my drink, I let my guard down around Mikey and then complain about the abundance of cheap, one dollar tippers tonight. You don’t say anything, and just gazes into my pretty eyes while I get my frustration about the cheap bastards off my chest.

I really appreciate that his dark eyes never stray to gaze at my scantily covered breasts, or to gawk at the rest of my sexy, barely clothed body. Just by having my guy listen to me and letting me rant helps me feel much better. My anger about the cheap tipper disappears, and then I no longer care about them.

Just when I have finished my rant, the bartender brings me my dirty martini with extra, cheese stuffed olives. I immediately take a slip of my drink. My taste buds are hit with the taste of the good vodka that was used, and then the saltiness of the olive juice overwhelms my tongue. There’s just the right amount of olive juice used, so that I don’t feel like that I’m drinking in the ocean.

I deliberately take the toothpick of olives out of my dirty martini. I hold the strung up olives long enough for a drop of my drink to drip off the olives. The drop hits the surface of my dirty martini, and then circled rings ripple across the cloudy surface. I then take the first olive to my luscious, lips that are glossed in a heavy coat of hot pink lipstick.

I clamp onto the olive with my teeth, and then slowly pull the olive off the toothpick. I catch your gaze, and then purposefully suck on the olive as if it was the head of my guy’s cock. I even manage to cave in my cheeks like when I’m giving a blowjob.

My teasing causes Mikey’s jaw drop to the floor as you stare agape in astonishment at me. I enjoy how much I can tease my Asian stud, and then giggle at how much I can entrace you with just an olive.

I chew my olive, and then take a swig of my dirty martini to wash down the salty vegetable.

I ask my guy, “Can I interest you in a lap dance, Mikey?”

You gulp down the rest of your dirty martini and then answer, “Always.”

I step away from the bar seat, and then offer my hand to you. I blush as you take my hand. I led my guy through the mass of guys and gals in the public area, and into the large hallway where the lap dances are done.

The large hallway looks like two large rooms where the dividing wall was removed. Both sides of the large hallway are lined with comfy chairs for the patrons to sit in, while us gals straddle them. Most of the lap dancers are being given to guys. There are a few lap dances, however, that are being given to ladies.

There are also a few lap dances with couples, where a married man is receiving the lap dance while the spouse holds his hand. The wives are passionately kissing their husbands, while the stripper dry humps him. It looks as if the couple is inviting the stripper to swing with them later on.

I led you to and then sit you down in one of the middle seats. There’s plenty of room on both sides of the comfy chair, so there’s no worries that anyone else will bump into us.

I straddle your lap, while I wait for the current song to end and then for the next song to start up. For my guys, like Mikey, I don’t start a lap dance during mid-song so that they don’t get shorted and only get a lap dance for 2 ½ songs instead of 3 songs.

I inquire, “Did you miss me, Mikey?”

You don’t say anything back to me. Instead, you grab onto my curvy hips and then flex up your pelvis.

I gasp in a mix of lust and surprise as I feel your steel hard erection straining against your pants and poking my covered mound.

The next song starts, so I begin my lap dance by squatting down more on you–my Asian stud–and then deliberately rubbing my covered snatch against your concealed erection. I slowly grind my hips back and forth as I dry hump you. I deliberately slide slowly along you, so that I can savor the feel of your full erection against me.

Dry humping is the closest that you and I have ever gotten in making out. There are always eyes watching in the club, including the VIP area upstairs, to where there’s no way I could covertly have sex with you.

I pant and moan when my clitty presses against the tip of your manpole. My sensitive love button has swelled and popped out from its fleshy hood. I keep nudging my covered clit against you throughout the rest of the first song.

If we were both naked, my Asian stud, where your rock hard dick was rubbing against my moist sex, then there’s a good chance that I would burst with a small orgasm.

Instead, I feel like my lust for Mikey turn into sexual frustration! I want to desperately rip off your clothes, and then fuck your brains out…but I can’t do that. I’m forced to stay content that we can touch and play, but have to keep our clothes on.

The second song of my lap dance with you starts. I peel away from you enough, Mikey, so that you get a good view of my breasts. I quickly and deftly strip off my red and gold top to expose my large, natural tits. My nipples have already swollen into pointy tips, and then swell even more in being freed and exposed.

I flash you a wicked smile, because I know that you desperately want to grab and maul my huge boobies. Your hands can’t even pass over my titty flesh, because the club rules don’t allow the patrons to touch the girls.

I giggle in delight as I can touch the club patrons as much as I want!

I bring my hands behind me, and then grab a hold of your hands at my supple waist. I guide your hands to my barely covered ass cheeks.

You tease, as always, by trying to squeeze my butt!

I immediately slap your hand with a loud smack that echoes around us.
I mockingly announce in a stern voice, “Behave, Mikey!”

I know that you, my Asian stud, are actually a very good boy. You pretend to break the club rules, because you know that I get so horny on scolding my Asian stud.

I resume grinding my covered snatch against your groin. I like how your hands are on my ass, where it feels like you’re trying to prevent me from bucking off of you.
With my hands free, I tease you with my large breasts. I place my hands on the outer sides of my fabulous, natural tits; and then press my boobies together like giant, soft pillows. I squeeze my big tits together into huge ovals. My large, pink areolas and my swollen nipples are pushed closer into your face.

You, Mikey, show me how much you love my big breasts by flicking your tongue out at my nipples. You’ve done this many times before, where you expertly keep your tongue an inch away from my swollen tips.

As I mentioned, baby, I can touch myself as much as I want. I release my large titties, which wobble slightly after being released. I then circle the outer edge of my big areolas with my fingers.

I tell you, “Oooh, that feels so good! My titty flesh so nice and smooth.”
I then get a little naughty by grasping my swollen nipples. I moan in pleasure as I gently pinch them between my fingertips.

I feel a jolt of electricity shoot from my sensitive, pinched nipples, go down my spine, and then zap my swollen clitty.

I tease you by saying, “You like that, don’t you? I know that my Asian stud loves seeing my pinch my big, swollen nipples. Would you be nice to my nipples, baby? Or would you be rough and abusive to my nipples?”

I further tease you by tugging my pinched nipples up and down. This also makes my huge breasts bobble like bouncing basketballs.

You tell me, “Just come home with me, sexy Sharon, and then you’ll find out what I do to your big, swollen nipples. And you’d find out what else I’d do to you.”

I moan and coo in delight as I close my eyes, and then let myself imagine what it would be like to be fucking you. From tonight, and the many other times that I’ve dry humped you–Mikey, I know that your cock is thicker and longer than the average sized dick.

I fantasize that we’re both naked and sweaty, while we fuck our brains out. You, my Asian stud, are lying underneath me; while I squat onto your steel hard cock. Oh fuck! I am bouncing fast over you! When I push myself upwards, Mikey, only your bulbous head remains just inside my drenched cunt. And then I sat back down–Fucking shit!–onto your thick, hard cock!

Your thick shaft stretches out my pussy! Fuck, yes! And then your manpole drives deep inside of me! I try to ram your wonderful dick deeper into me, but I can’t because my ass cheeks are already mashed against your groin. I can feel your cum-filled balls pressing into my butt crack! And clitty–Oh fuck!–gets poked by your public hairs!

I am taken out of my sex fantasy about us, baby, when I hear you talk to me.
You ask me, “The third song has started, Sharon. You know what I want from you?”

I teasingly inquire, “What, my Asian stud?”

You lustfully demand, “I want you to cum for me, baby! I love hearing you and seeing your facial expressions as you climax.”

After all the many times that you’ve seen me at the club, Mikey, I love it that you always want to see me orgasm. We both know that I usually fake my orgasms, but neither of us care. We only care about sharing the sexual energies and the strengthening the bond between us, when I climax.

I nod my head and then confirm in a raspy voice, “Yes, my Asian stud, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum while riding your thick, hard cock!”

I start my sexy performance of my fake orgasm by leaning in close to my guy. I press my huge breasts against your face. I smile in appreciation that Mikey shaved before coming to the club tonight. My titty flesh feels so good against your smooth, shaven face.

Unlike other guys, I don’t have to worry about my tits getting scratched by someone’s five o’clock shadow. I make sure that I’m not suffocating my Asian stud with my large boobies. I leave just enough room, where I can feel your hot breath surging into the valley of my breasts. Your hot, snorting breaths burst against my flesh in fast, strong bellows of air. I love the feeling of your hot breaths between my breasts, because I feel like I’m riding a strong bull.

I gasp out in pleasure, “Yes, my Asian stud! My strong, powerful stud!”

I pick up the pace by flexing my hips fast over your crotch. I dry hump you as fast as I can, like I would if we could actually fuck our brains out. I can feel my ass cheeks rippling in your hands as I rapidly dry hump you.

I grip your thick, black hair tightly in my hands! I’m close in tearing out clumps of your dark hair.

I pant and gasp faster and faster, as a signal that I’m getting so close in cumming with my fake orgasm!

I blurt into your ear, “Oh fuck, Mikey! So close! So close!”

I’ve danced so long at the club that I instinctively know when the songs are about to end. My instincts alert me that the third song of our lap dance is reaching its finish.

Before the third song nears its end, I act out my fake orgasm. I start by pushing away from you with hands on your chest. My hands tightly grip your necktie! I arch my back. My swift movement causes my huge breasts to flop upwards to where the tips of my boobies nearly hit my chin.

I tightly close my eyes, while keeping my mouth agape. I then shiver and quake as if I’m actually cumming, and as if the waves of my orgasmic bliss are cascading through my sexy body!

The third song in our lap ends. I deliberately collapse upon your manly body, my Asian stud, as if I’m completely drained from my seemingly mind-blowing–but fake–orgasm.

You declare your appreciation to me, “That was incredible, as always, sexy Sharon. I love seeing you cum!”

I can’t help grinning from ear to ear in hearing your delightful praise! I feel sexier than normal, while seemingly floating on Cloud Nine. I find myself giggling on how happy I feel.

I gasp in shock and surprise my sweet juice gushes out of my snatch to soak the crotch of my bikini bottoms. My bikini bottoms instantly feel hot and sticky.
You ask me out of concern, “What’s wrong?”

I embarrassingly admit, “You know, Mikey, how I gush for you when we’re upstairs for VIP time?”

You state, “Yes.”

I confess, “Well, my Asian stud. I just gushed into my bikini bottoms.”
You inquire, “Really? Do you need to change outfits?”

I declare, “Thank you for asking, Mikey, but I’m good. I didn’t manage to soak all the way through my bikini bottoms.”

I see you reaching for your wallet, but then I hold your hands to stop you.
You ask me, “You don’t want me to pay for our lap dance?”

I tease, “That depends, baby. Do you want another lap dance? Or do you want to go upstairs?”

You suggest, “How about we get another drink first?”

I muse about your idea for a moment and then respond, “Okay. Drinks it is. You can pay me for the lap dance at the bar, and then pay me for our VIP time.”

You tease, “Do you think you can handle one hour of VIP time with me?”
I happily laugh that you want to spend that much alone time with me. I always enjoy our one-on-one time together.

I tease, “Hmmm! One hour alone with you, Mikey, sounds heavenly! I’m pretty sure that I can make you jizz in your pants before our hour of pleasure is up.”

You immediately counter, “Not if I make you gush again.”

I laugh again at how playful you are tonight.

I further tease, “You know how I get to do all the touching? Tonight, my Asian stud, I’m going to reach into your pants and finally grasp your thick, hard cock! I might even make you jizz into my hand. Your cum always seems so sweet that I might even sample how you taste!”

You ask out of concern, “Are you sure that you’re okay, Sharon, in walking to the bar with your soaked bikini bottoms?”

I reassure you, “It’s okay, Mikey. I want to walk around, so that people can smell my sweet scent! It will drive the cheap tippers crazy, and show them what they’re missing out in being such cheap bastards!”

I demand, “Come on, Mikey, let’s get to the bar already! I’m so thirsty!”


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.