Classic Part 1

A two part story of a boss and employee on an interplanetary trip that get stranded on a planet that’s ruled by women, and the employee decides she likes things on this new planet much better than earth, making her once boss her new slave.

This is a hilarious story ones into female superiority will very much enjoy.

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Background; It is the future. You and I are traveling on a business trip in space between planets. Though I am kind of like a supervisor to you it is a casual corporate hierarchy I are working relationship is relaxed and I in no way abuse power.

Our ship crashes on a planet. This planet has been colonized by people much like 20th century middle class citizens of a Western nation so language and culture are familiar to us.

Except the society is controlled by women who have enslaved the men using a mind controlling implant that submits and suppresses various parts of the brain that makes men obedient. Some sort of automated mining operation provides ore that is exported and keeps the colony so rich that the woman can live in luxury and never have to work.
I have been given the treatment, I know that it was dome to me but do not fully realize all the effects. You have been offered citizenship on the colony.

I am in a holding room and you enter.

Joe – How are you? I have been worried about you.

We need to talk. You know I have accepted citizenship, along with a house, property and assets here.

They have also told you that as a male you are fated to be a servant here.

I need to tell you something else …..It turns out that as the person who you came here with – I have the right to claim you as my property. (Maybe a little guilty laughter) And I have chosen to do so!

Oh you look so surprised! It will be a little be of a role reversal. Not that you were ever a bad boss (tentatively but amused). I would even say that you were a sweet guy.

(amused) Now you might find that I like to wield power a bit more then you did. And I have been known to be VERY difficult……

But this treatment is supposed to make you very compliant….

(half to yourself) It’s only partially activated, lets see….they gave me this little remote…I raise this level….and i’ts supposed to make you crave approval, especially MY approval…I bring it to this level…and instill a little fear of disapproval….and this one, makes it impossible for you to become angry…..lets see….. we press this button and your sexuality becomes more linked with submission……a few more tweeks with these buttons here for the finishing touch.
Hmm…lets see how it worked….

Lets try something…
If I drop my tube of lip gloss on the ground like this…


Pick it up and gently hand it to me


As I drop it again,,,

Again, Pick it up and gently hand it to me

As I drop it again,,,
(slightly amused laughter) Pick it up and gently hand it to me!



No matter how often I drop it you keep obeying…

As I throw it into the corner…


(even more amused laughter) Go fetch it and gently hand it to me!
Good boy!

Lets see how submissive you really are…

here’s a tissue…
You see how dirty the bottom of my shoe has gotten? (sweetly)Be a doll and clean it off for me.


That’s right….get it all…

no, not clean enough, you can do better!


That’s good,

I like your new attitude! The treatment is amazing!
A few points about respect…You know how you are to behave around here….make sure you have your head bowed and eyes downcast at all times…I want you like this IMMEDIATELY


Oh you are always to address me as Mistress.

Say it! Say “Yes Mistress”


And when you address any other women here remember, it is “Ms” and then her last name or Ma’am. Understood.?

To think that You were actually my boss!
( amused) you now have become my slave!
Say it – “I have become your slave, Mistress”

That has a nice ring to it…say it again – “I have become your slave, Mistress”
Good boy!
This place is wonderful. You should see my new house! But of course you will soon! I will have lots of work for you…cooking cleaning…laundry…yard work…..You will toil night day and night for me!
of course you also will be at my beck and call….attending to my every need.

(good naturedly and amused) I think that you will find that I can be difficult to please….but of course you will go to the end of the earth to please me…
(Very amused, laughingly) Oh, on the way home I want to buy a little bell, that way when I need you I can ring it and you can come running. Poor Joe…you went on a business trip with a female colleague and ended up as that woman’s slave!

It’s so nice here. the social life too…I have already been accepted among my peers….all day the girls constantly visit each other…we gossip, go shopping, talk fashion….we never lift a finger…the guys do all the work and serve us hand and foot.

Now to your name, Joe is not a name that a male would ever have around here. so I will need to rename you….

How about…………..I know!…..Toto….(some laughter) you know, like Dorothy’s dog in the Wizard of Oz? i always liked that name, it fits you and it is cute. (I struggled with the name thing, if you can come up with something better, please feel free to use it)
(seductively) Now, You must be wondering if you will be serving me in other ways…

(kind of a combination of seduction and amusement) well a girl has to get to know a slave first before she decides on that.

Of course the prospect of having complete control over a lover…of no arguments, no disagreements …..being able to change bad habits instantly…..doing only what I want whenever I want it… you are cute…plus I already know you…..(cheerful)…OK…lets say there’s a good chance of it!

(jokingly as you would never really do this) Of course you had better really satisfy me…some of the girls around here have had their boys neutered as a result of poor performance. Something tells me that you would not want that!

I had such difficulty with past boyfriends…they often said that I was not easy to satisfy….that I was too demanding….I admit they had a point
but now you must deal with all that….from a subordinate position with no power at all….subject to my every whim and mood (amused?) oh Toto… might not be so very easy for you! You will likely be saying “I’m sorry Mistress”…”I will try to do better Mistress” very often!
Just think you were my boss! At best we acted as almost equals, now I OWN you…I can say anything to you…..treat you as I like…and you will take it! You will fall over yourself to serve me and please me no matter how difficult and demanding that I choose to be!

I am so happy Toto! I was living a mediocre life, existance was dull, I was Working too hard….my relationships were not working out…..

Now, I am moving into a gorgeous, enormous house on beautiful property, I will never work again, I’ll have a thriving and fun social life…and best of all I have a slave at my beck and call completely under my thumb!
This place is truly a paradise for women.
Sometimes a girl really gets lucky!

Lets go home Toto!


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.