Brad Part 2

A man becomes the submissive slave to his wife and his doctor when they become a couple and turn him into their domestic slave.


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In the months following the previous recording, Brad goes really hard on me. He uses the pain device incessantly, relentlessly controlling my every action, humiliating me and never being satisfied. His goal is to so effectively torture me and control me in every way that I come to completely accept my position with enthusiasm. During this period I am forced to write essays and speeches extolling the benefits of my enslavement as well as all of Brad’s actions. You have used the pain device on me, but only a few times and on low settings. This usually happened when I tied to speak to you as an equal about my predicament.

He continues to condition you using only pleasure. He otherwise treats you as an equal and actually treats you his very loved wife. You enjoy and very passionate and romantic relationship.

While he secedes in making me very docile, I do not reach the stage where I actually enjoy my position. Until…As we know Brad has access to advanced medical technology. He is able, using some kind of advanced laser process, to painlessly and bloodlessly castrate me. At first my internal rage, already indescribable, is doubled. But shortly afterward, due to combination of the chemical changes relating to the procedure, as well as the unrelenting control , emotional trauma and pain conditioning, I finally begin to calm internally and accept my place. I eventually develop affection and love for Brad and strive to be the best slave possible. One evening Brad grants me permission to speak freely, and with tears of joy streaming down my face I profess my love, adoration and gratitude toward you both. I shower Brad’s feet with kisses.

My treatment eases after that, the pain device, is only occasionally used if my behavior starts to deviate from complete subservience. I am allowed to sleep on dog pillow and allowed to eat somewhat decent food. Brad even shows a little affection for me as he would towards a pet. Of course, absolute obedience is still expected, I am worked hard and serve you both hand and foot. The humiliation also continues but it is less hard edged.

About two years have gone by since the last recording while all this has transpired and it is time for another talk.
Begin Speaking
Slave, come over hear and sit by my feet…..That’s a good boy……since Brad is out for a few hours I want to have a talk.

I so enjoy these little chats. This alone time that we have is very special.

I was just thinking about the last few years, we certainly have come a long way haven’t we slave?

Before Brad came along we were two people of the same mind, we were united in our love for each other. You know it’s very funny, in a strange way we have come full circle. We are once again two people of the same mind, we both love and adore Brad, and we both are happy with the changes that he has made in our lives.

You know of course that I have been influenced by Brad’s pleasure conditioning, but I still have my own mind. I can take a step back and take an objective look at everything that has happened. Three years ago, if either of us had been able to see what would happen, to see what we have become, we would have been horrified. But now, I think that now however, you would agree, the changes seem very natural and right. (Laughingly) Of course you agree with whatever Brad and I want you to agree with.

But just a few years ago we were loving couple. We were also strong, smart and effective people. I am in awe at what Brad has done! I understand that Brad has conditioned me. Oh such wonderful conditioning! I sooooooo love him! My wonderful and sweet Brad!

Did I ever tell you about the first time that Brad and I made love? It was back when I was still trying to resist him. He sat next to me on the bed, sending me a low level of pleasure. He gently tried to hug and kiss me. At that at the moment he also sent a surge of pleasure. It was so strong! So hard to resist! I never thought anything could feel so good. It was stronger then the most powerful orgasm. It took all my mental strength to push him away. The pleasure stopped when I did push him back. I thought to myself that NOTHING could possibly feel as good. Still, I had resisted and thought – Yes I can resist him!

When he leaned over and kissed me again. This time he sent pleasure twice as intense as the first time! I could not imagine that it could be that much stronger! Every inch of my body resonated with unimaginable ecstasy. I could not push him away, I knew that it would stop if I did! But I said to myself- “Just don’t react, you can’t push him away, but just sit there and do not reciprocate,”

I could do that! I could do that all day if I had to.

The third time he kissed me. OH MY GOD,!……the pleasure was ten times more intense, waves and waves of it! If you have not experienced this ecstasy, words do nothing to describe it. It was mind numbing. No human being could resist it. I fell into the arms of this wonderful, powerful man! I actually tore off his clothing! We made passionate love for hours! From that moment on, I was his!
Making love to Brad when he uses the device is the highlight of my existence. It is like an orgasm, but a hundred times more intense and affecting every inch of my body! Of course whatever he wants to do…….Do you remember slave? Even after you and I were married that there were certain things that made me uncomfortable that we did not do. (Laughingly) Well with Brad I have no such inhibitions!
As you know, I very easily adapt the opinions that will please Brad. But he really does not try influence many aspects of my thinking, My interests are the same. I have the same likes and dislikes as always. He has of course changes the way I feel about him. (amused?) And as you know my outlook towards you has been somewhat modified.

For instance, when he first began to command you to lick his feet. I was appalled at first. But every time that he made you do it there was the pleasure. Every time he talked to me about it there was pleasure. He would ask me what I thought about it. At first I told him that I did not like it, I asked him not to do it. When I said those things he would withdraw all pleasure. Of course when I told he how much I loved it when he made you do it, how the power that he exerted over you made him so very attractive, mmmmmm ecstasy!

Before long I began to see everything his way and I understood just how wonderful it was that he enslaved you! This pleasure implant, supposedly it only fills me with physical ecstasy. But, it touches all the pleasure centers that I knew that I had and many that I did not know that I had. The world lights up when Brad uses it. Everything seems right. It reaches into my soul! The power to give and withhold this joy, I know that sounds crazy, but it means that whoever holds this power is simply right about everything and anything!

Of course, I understand that early on this was not easy for you slave From your point of view it was horrendous. Brad invaded our lives. He stole me away from you, using, admittedly by using a kind of mind manipulation. Not just that, but you had to watch it as I fell in love with him, as we developed a loving, romantic relationship. While all this was happening he was ENSLAVING you, and torturing you, and humiliating you, and I was his enthusiastic, willing accomplice, all the while you were forced to smile about it. He then took everything you own, he took your life, he took your pride, he even took your name. (Laughingly) Then he took something else, didn’t he?

Oh slave, it turns out that being neutered was the best thing for you. It calmed you. It brought you peace. It helped you to truly find submission and really become a slave. (Amused)Plus with your new position in life, you really did not need that excess baggage between your legs.

What power Brad has! This was the ultimate act of control and dominance over you. This on top of everything else brought you to the ultimate level of submission. You now thank Brad for taking your entire life. You thank him for taking your wife. (laughingly) And now you thank him for castrating you!

You know when he first proposed the neutering I was shocked. I asked him not to do it. Did you know that he actually left it up to me? He told me that he would only have it done if I OKed it. At first I told him no. But after a few days, of pleasure every time he talked about, and withdrawal of the pleasure when I objected, well….(laughingly)I finally made the right decision!

It really was for the best. Everything is wonderful now! Oh slave, that night that you broke down! The way that you professed your undying devotion and submission to us! You were so adorable! When you showered Brad’s feet with kisses we saw how real your devotion had become.

And now the worship when you gaze at Brad, it is priceless. (Amused) You are so cute, all day I hear you saying “Yes Master” “Right Away Master” “What can I get you Master?” I love the look on your face when he gives you M&Ms as a reward for kissing his feet!

The most amazing thing about it all is that you were once my strong confident husband!

Oh slave, you have come so far! I am proud of you. Though I am more proud of my Brad who really deserves the credit for your transformation.

You finally seem happy and settled in. We have allowed you lots of luxuries out of kindness. But you know slave, as Brad explained you should never be too comfortable. He thought that it would be a good idea if I came up with something to remind you of your place…..(amused?) I have thought of something.

(In a slightly serious tone). Therefore slave, for the next seven days, no more showers in the house for you. Oh you must be kept clean though. So you will shower outside using the cold water hose. (Laughingly)I at least I waited for the warm weather. This is not punishment. You have done nothing wrong. We do these things to you because it is our prerogative to do them. You are our slave. You are our possession. We can do ANYTHING to you on the merest whim. You are helpless before us. Your only option in the matter is to smile, say “yes Mistress” and obey. Like with everything, Brad and I know what’s best for you.

Since I am being objective today I am also thinking about how odd our little arraignment is, yet how to the outside world I seem normal. I go to the gym. I shop with my friends. Brad and I go for walks and out for dinner. I have a great relationship with Brad’s family. No one that we know outside suspects the truth. No one imagines that I come home and I have a slave who was once my husband and who is now a eunuch! A slave who caters to my every whim. A slave who never talks back or argues. A slave who mist be submissive and curtious no matter what my mood is. A slave who is completely in my power.And I have not lifted a finger around the house in years!

(Jokingly) On the other hand, the ONE rule Brad made that I still object to, is the fact that you are forbidden to ever touch me. He gets his nail and body tended to. I must trape back and forth to the beautician! It would be so nice if I could just send you to beauty school and you could do my hair and nails! Such a silly rule! It is a good thing that I love Brad so much! You see slave, I have it hard under Brad’s rules too!

Speaking of shopping, I think that Donna and I might do to the mall tomorrow. I have my eye on a really hot dress that I think Brad would love, I have a picture I can show you to get your opinion, see if you think that if it is sexy enough……..(laughing a little) oh, never mind, I forgot, I guess you would not know anymore!

(Now for some instructions, it has become you motif to give this in a positive, happy but slightly commanding manor.)

OK slave, another day with lots of work for you. In addition to your regular chores, I have a project for you, the closet where I keep what my who knows how many hundreds of pairs of shoes has gotten dusty. I want all the shoes taken out. Then clean the closet. Make sure the shoes are clean. Some might e little dirty from dust use, make sure that they are all cleaned and dusted before you put them back. I expect everything, the closet and the shoes to be immaculate!

Life really is good. I sure was never able to have my house so clean and exactly like I wanted it before Brad came along. Now it gets done without and effort on my part!

Before you get started pour me a glass of wine glass of wine and serve it in the living room. I watch my soap.

Now for later. Run to the store and buy some roses. Brad will be home by six. I want a trail of rose petals leading from the front door to the bathtub. Have a warm bubble bath drawn and set up. Champagne in a bucket of ice near the tub. Oh – and light some nice candles. I will provide the finishing touch for Brad. His loving wife will be waiting naked in the tub!

OK – Hope to it slave! I know that you will not disappoint!


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.