Classic Part 2

A two part story of a boss and employee on an interplanetary trip that get stranded on a planet that’s ruled by women, and the employee decides she likes things on this new planet much better than earth, making her once boss her new slave.

This is a hilarious story ones into female superiority will very much enjoy.

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This takes place several months after the previous entry.
(If you have bell that can be rung at this point it would be great!)

(Thinking that this should obviously be played a little annoyed and lecturing. Maybe not
too over the top as I think that this is a somewhat daily lecture. On the other hand I am
not positive how you should play the below lecture you can be very angry, or just matter
of fact, or very annoyed. Do as you think best)

Toto, come here. I have few things I want to talk to you about. First, out on the lawn,
where you emptied the grass clippings from the lawn mower into plastic bags. You must
have dropped a few clipping. (annoyed) They are on the lawn! I want those cleaned up.
You need to be much more careful about dropping grass when you do this. Do you want
my property to look like it is uncared for? Do you think that I am pleased when I see that

Now the little white table in the living room. There is a tiny scuff mark on one of the
legs. You must have touched it with the vacuum. This is not acceptable. You need to be
much more careful in the future. Does such carelessness make you proud of the job that
you did? I want you to now clean and polish the entire table today.

Now, look at this water glass. Do you see the spots? Just because you take them out of the
dishwasher does not mean that you do not need to be careful about spots. What do you
think that one of my guests would think if you served her something in a glass like that?
This must be avoided in the future. From now on all glasses are to be hand washed and

Oh, one more thing. Last night when Diana, that’s Ms. Vaughn to you, was visiting, you
addressed her as “Miss”. I know that she is only nineteen years old, and that you are
fifteen years older then her, but that is a violation of protocol around here. Remember,
unless the Woman instructs you otherwise, it is Ms. Vaughn or Ma’am. Luckily she did
not take notice of this, or did not care, but I noticed it and very much care. And yes, I
know that many of the other boys around here do not always adhere to perfect etiquette
and their Mistresses seem to allow it. (very serious)But, You are not another Lady’s slave,
you are my slave.

I want you to write a note of apology to Ms. Vaughn. Make sure that you ask her

These mistakes are disappointing. I expect an apology and an affirmation that you will
aspire to avoid such carelessness in the future. Lets here it.

(Long pause, at least 30 seconds, due to my conditioning we can expect my response to
be extremely contrite, tearful and heartfelt)

(You resume in a much softer, ALMOST regretful tone)

Oh Toto, I know that it pains you terribly when I express displeasure. I KNOW that I am
difficult. It IS my in my nature to be demanding and a perfectionist. My criticism would
be inevitable no matter who was under my authority. But with that said, you have been a
wonderful slave. I could not be happier with you. I know that you love your mistress and
live for my approval.

(Laughingly) I did tell you that I would be difficult to satisfy.

You are really such a good boy. Even with the treatment I have heard such stories of
resistance and bad behavior with other new arrivals. Not with you though, you are
perfectly obedient and well behaved. Of course as a girl who knows how to control a man
I mist take some credit! But you really are a doll!

Plus, you have been such fun at the parties. (laughingly) Do you remember New Years
Eve, when we dressed you as Baby New Year? You were so cute wearing only a diaper,
happy new years banner and top hat! Of course it was adorable how we were able to set
your implant so that every time you tried to talk only baby talk and cries came out. You
were the life of the party!

Speaking of these little embarrassments, at least you are not owned by Dianna Vaughn.
You know she is a recent immigrant too. She’s basically a bratty nineteen year old who
loves to this ultimate power over men. Her and some of the other ladies have been
making their slaves put on shows! She commands them to have all kinds of kinky sex
with each other in front of the girls! She has mentioned to me that she would love to
involve you. Lucky for you Toto that your Mistress finds all that very vulgar and
tasteless! (Jokingly) Of course if I find any more scuff marks on furniture you might find
yourself in a very compromising position…..(Laughter?)

So yes, I am very pleased with you Toto. I do know how difficult and controlling I am!
But,…it is my prerogative to be difficult and your role to be the subject of it. You really
have filled this role deliciously.

I will not make it easier, in fact I will be constantly raising the bar on you. People used to
bristle at me, they said that I was too demanding. It is in my nature to be controlling and
never satisfied. (amused?)I have now found a person who has no choice but to submit to
my whims and control.

Oh speaking of my need to control…I have been thinking…you have always been in
pretty good shape, since your enslavement you have kept up your running and working
out, but as you told me before I enslaved you, your maximum ideal weight is around 165
pounds. Yet you are persistently stuck around 175 pounds. I will be requiring you to
bring that down, lets say to about 160. I insist on having a healthy and good looking boy!
I will be taking over detailed management of your eating as well as your workout
routines. Oh Toto, don’t worry, I will still allow you treats ….(seriously) very

Now, I have an idea concerning etiquette. There is no requirement for boys to bow to
Ladies. But I think that it is high time to create one, at least for you. Whenever you come
before a Lady, including myself, or if a Lady had commanded or asked for something,
(Feel free to change what you want or how to accomplish it, I am not so sure that I have
this spelled out as interesting as it could be) I want to complete a half bow.

Try it now.

No….your right hand should rest on your stomach
try it again.

better….but bow lower
try it again

now that is too low…again

perfect! as I mentioned, you are to do that whenever you come into my or another
woman’s presence as well as when you are saying “Yes Mistress” or “Yes Ma’am” in
response to an order or request.

I think that the other ladies will be happy with your new politeness. (laughing) of course I
will be observing you and I think that we both know that I will be providing feedback on
your form in order to keep the bowing EXACTLY like I want you tp.

(happily) Oh Toto, you are such a good obedient boy!

(Affectionately, like talking to a pet or child) Come here and kiss Mistress’s foot.

Good boy! Do you like this new shade of polish on my toes?

There are some really hot designer shoes imported from Earth in the stores. Some are
very open and show a lot of foot. I know how much you love that. I expect to be buying
some today.

Kiss my foot again!

Very good boy!

Oh poor Toto. What have I done to you? A few months ago you had your own life,
interests, dislikes. Now you live for my pleasure and are subject to all of my likes and
dislikes. You were a confident, smart and assertive guy (Laughing) Now you cry with
guilt when I nag you about lawn clippings, wear a diaper when told to, and kiss my feet
on command.

Who would have thought that when you left on a business trip with women that by
chance you become an abject slave to that woman, every aspect of your life completely
under her scrutiny and control.

This treatment that we girls use on men, is an amazing thing and a wonderful thing!
Now you have lots of work today, in addition to your usual chores you need to correct
your errors as I have commanded. I am going shopping with the girls. When I get home I
will likely want a bubble bath drawn. The usual – candles, lavender scent, soft music,
white wine, you know what I like.

(Laughing) No, you can’t join me in the tub! This will be my relax time! Shopping and
socializing are hard work!

But afterward (sexy, maybe in a whisper?) Be ready to give one of your wonderful head
to toe massages. And then of course…… (very sensually) I forgot to mention another way
that you please me so very well. I have plans for you tonight. I do not think that you will
not be getting much sleep.

(now lively and upbeat) OK I am off to shop! Time for you to get to work! Oh how
delightful that you exist to serve me! While I have fun an and live a life of luxury and
ease ,you work for me, you pamper me, you labor endlessly for me! Wonderful boy!
See you later Toto!


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.