Chastity Part 1

A woman decides to give her husband a brain implant to change and temper his personality and make him into a more agreeable husband and companion in this humorous story.


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Chastity Part 1″ A 12 min 41 sec recording.

Background: we are a married couple. Over the years I have liked to play around at being a submissive including chastity, orgasm control, domestic service, etc. You initially have mixed feelings about all this. You are not naturally dominant in a sexual way. However, you really do like the advantages of getting your way with things, getting housework done, etc. We have played around at chastity, sometimes I will be locked in a chastity belt for an entire weekend. I Only get released and get an orgasm if I behave, do domestic chores, etc.
Enter Joan. Joan is your friend and a brain researcher. We learn that Joan has perfected an implant that is 100% effective at preventing orgasm. Much more convenient and effective then a chastity belt, it can be easily implanted in the brain to control physical sensations. Once in place, it makes it impossible to even feel stimulation or get an erection unless a remote is used, to “unlock it Like the pain device in the Brad stories the remote can be implanted in you and can be activated by you thinking (this technology is real, at this point these things are just very difficult to implant) Joan’s technology is very advanced however. Joan’s “Virtual Chastity Belt” and controller implants are easily given, it is like getting a shot.

I initially beg you for us to get the implants and for you to use it on a 24/7 basis. Though initially hesitant you agree, on the condition that this is serious and once done there is no going back.
All this was about a year ago. Joan has been traveling on business over the past year and you have not communicated with her much. This will be a talking message that you are sending her.
(Excited and happy) Hi Joan. I am so glad that you will be coming home! A lot has happened in the last year. Let me fill you in.

As you know, Joe convinced me to have the Virtual Chastity Belt and controller installed. At first I was skeptical about all this, but then I thought, “I could really benefit from this arrangement, if I play my cards right I could make some really big changes in Joe”

I knew right off the bat that if this was to work I would need to establish some strict guidelines that allowed for no deviation. First and foremost, if I ever decided to tell Joe that his time was extended in chastity, that I would need to stick with the extension no matter what.
When we first activated the device I told Joe that if he was well behaved, that I would let him have an orgasm in five days. We then proceeded to live our lives for the rest of the week.

(Amused) Well, I could tell that as the days went be he was getting antsy. I think that before he was actually masturbating twice a day! After the five days he mentioned to me, very eagerly, that time was up and asked when I was going to let him Cum.

I first reminded him of Sunday night, I wanted him to watch TV with me but he decided to read instead, I told him that decision had added a day to his sentence,

Then I reminded him how on Monday I had suggested that he wear a sweater when we went out, he ignored me and wore a sweatshirt, that a move cost him another day.
Then there was a Wednesday night…he very subtly complained that I was making spinach a little too often….(cheerfully amused)…another day for that!

Finally I told him that I was imposing a new rule, he was never allowed to even ask for an orgasm, if he ever did that would add time, (very amused) since the new rule was effective immediately that meant that his decision to ask me if his time was up added another three days to his time!

Oh Joan, you should have seen how upset he was, (a little bit of mock indignation) he immediately began to argue with me! I put a stop to that. I told him that such disrespect would never again be tolerated…(a little triumphant)I added another seven days to the six that he had already earned!
Over the next few weeks I proceeded on a program of behavior modification. I slowly began to ask him to do more and more of the chores and housework. The slightest objection or argument from him earned him additional days. I have a certain little phrase that I use. If Joe does anything that displeases me, or exhibits behavior that I wish to change, I say, ‘That’s one more day”

A very simple phrase, don’t you think Joan?

But a very powerful phrase, I think for Joe it has become a terrifying phrase.

In a couple of weeks I had him doing everything and I was not lifting a finger (a little haughty) Of course his housework and chores must be up to my satisfaction. And I can be difficult and demanding. Of course when I do correct him , (In a playful whisper), OK I you might say I nag him, his only choice is to be extremely respectful and apologetic. If he gives me the slightest argument or resistance, (cheerfully, laughing) “That’s one more day” works very well to set him right.

Oh just a second……(Speaking aside, sweetly) Joe….be a darling and bring me a glass of wine.

(back to talking to Joan) As I was saying, he also now caters to my every whim. He runs around serving me all day!

I have made some other changes. Remember that ghastly hard rock music that he used to listen to. One day I told Joe that we were giving away all those CDs to charity and that we were erasing every last vestige of that music horrible music from the computer. You should have seen the look on his face! He began to hesitate, (amused) but of course that added one more day! Now Joe listens to dance music and love songs, you know, great top 40 stuff. With my encouragement I make sure that around the house or when working outside with headphones on that he listens to good music like Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake (feel free to substitute or add some musical acts here, it would be sexy if you picked some.) Remember when he used to make fun of this music? (Slight laughter). You know I think that in his mind, he couples his new music taste with sexuality and pleasure and has really come to love this music that I have chosen for him.

His tastes in television has also changed, Remember all of those really boring science fiction movies he watched? No more. We enjoy all of my favorite shows now. (laughingly) Joe now is a faithful watcher of shows like The Bold and the Beautiful and Dancing with the Stars.
Just a second……(Speaking aside, sweetly)…thank you Joe. How is it coming with the leaves? (pause, in a slightly more commanding tone) You want to speed up the pace dear. When you are done outside you have a lot to do inside today. I want the Kitchen and bathroom moped. Last week you forgot to move the refrigerator and mop underneath, When you do the windows today I you also need to be more careful, you left some streaks last week. I am sure that you WILL do a better job today. Don’t forget to check in an hour as I will likely want my afternoon tea. Run along now!

(back to speaking to Joan) …

Sorry Joan, where was I?
Oh…I thought it would be nice to turn him into a better dresser. He is never allowed to wearing jeans and other shabby clothing now. Even around the house I want him to look neat and groomed. Thus, he wears dress pants and shoes, and a shirt and tie, even if we are just staying in. Often, at my suggestion he wears a suit when we have dinner. As he looks so cute in a bow tie I thought that it would be nice if he sometimes wears one! It is amazing how with my encouragement and the proper motivation he has accepted all of this!

Oh Joan, when I allow Joe to speak freely he about it tells me how badly he needs to release! He will do ANYTHING to please me and make me happy as he knows that is the key to his orgasm. This implant makes him so helpless! There is nothing he can do to get the slightest pleasure or relief, aside from making that sure my every wish is fulfilled! In a way, he really has become a kind of slave.

When it comes to his earned time I have been absolutely unbending. If I give him extra time, I NEVER give allow him a reprieve He is never permitted to ask for early release, (amused) except of course when I tell him that he is allowed to beg!

(very amused and mischievous) Sometimes I play these little head games with him. A few weeks ago I kept telling him all week that if he was good, that I would allow him release on Saturday. Saturday rolled around and I casually said that he was doing very well and that if he continued his good behavior that he would get his promised orgasm on Monday like I had been promising him! (More amused) Well…you should have seen the look on his face. He very politely tried to remind me that Saturday was the promised day. (in mock indignation) Well….I could not just sit still for that…I gave him another THREE days for contradicting me and arguing! (Laughter)
Other times I will bring him right to the verge of orgasm and then change my mind. He then has to wait for more days (Amused) I can be very hard on him!
You may be wondering about our sex life. I have Joe under such tight control on most days; He also does not last very long when he is allowed stimulation. Lets say that his oral skills have risen to the level of an expert! Hour long massages whenever and however I want them are nice too!
Based upon both observation and what Joe has told me, I am really amazed at how much power and control that this device has given me. I am so happy that we made the decision to use it! I would never go back to our old life.

You see, the longer Joe goes without an orgasm that more naturally submissive he becomes. Add to the fact that he absolutely CRAVES and is dying to come all the time. He knows that any behavior that is less then perfect is going to add time to his sentence, thus, he goes to the ends of the Earth to obey me and please me. I cannot tell you just how much he is so focused upon me and my needs!

Though hesitant about this at first, I have come to love the fact that he Joe is so obedient and complaint. My girlfriends tell me how their husbands do not listen to them, do not pay attention to them, are inconsiderate, always argue. I think (very cheerfully) not my husband! I have turned Joe into the perfect pet!



The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.