Brad Part 1

A man becomes the submissive slave to his wife and his doctor when they become a couple and turn him into their domestic slave.



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“Brad” A 14 min long recording.

The back ground in italics is not meant to be read out load, it is just there for you to understand the story and characters.


We are a married couple who are relatively happy. You, my wife, need treatment for temporary medical problem. Brad, a brilliant neurologist is one of your doctors. He is extremely attracted to you and begins to behave observably, calling you, following you, etc. We are relatively strong and effective people, thus, I threaten him and we take legal action to put a stop to his behavior.

Brad kidnaps us however. He puts implants in our brains. The implants are designed to administer pleasure and pain, all different levels as well as types of pleasure and pain. The devices can administer sensations of incredible intensity. An implanted transmitter in Brad’s brain controls the implants. Thus, Brad can administer these sensations to us by just “thinking them (this may sound far fetched, but the technology to make this entire set up work is near at hand if not available already. It would involve messy brain surgery. Lets say Brad has a way to easily implant these things).

Brad only uses the pain settings on me. The device is extremely powerful; it can inflict torment beyond imagining. It can also administer lesser degrees; Brad uses his power to enslave me. He moves into our house. He requires me to call him Master. I am addressed as “slave “ He requires that I serve him hand and foot. I must behave in an extremely servile way. Brad humiliates me. For example make me lick his feet. He uses me as a body slave, I must wash him in the shower, tend is nails, etc. He uses the device to mold my behavior, a little pain if he does not like the way I walk, a little more if I do not speak submissively, a lot more if I am slow to obey a command. The device has GPS so I can be tracked and pain can be administered at any distance like a mobile device. There is no hope of escape. I can be sent thousand of miles away and still be controlled. Brad expects total obedience and is a control freak. He is an expert manipulator and has me behaving extremely submissively whenever he is around.

Brad only uses the pleasure setting on you. He addicts you to him. A little pleasure when you see him. A little more when he speaks. More when he smiles. The device is more powerful then the most addictive drug. Soon you are sleeping with him as he can provide unimaginable ecstasy. Brad is an expert in control and is also able to model your behavior with the pleasure settings. The settings can change your entire mood, your entire outlook to whatever degree that he wants. At first you resist, but he delivers such a variety of pleasures at just the right time you find yourself falling in love with him.

He also delivers pleasure when expressing his opinions and beliefs to you. Before you know it his ideas seem wonderful to you. More on this latter.

Brad treats you as an equal. In fact, he is a romantic and caring partner. He requires me to behave submissively towards you. At first you hate the idea, but the pleasure is provided when you treat me like a servant as well as when Brad humiliates me. He eventually modifies your implant so that you can administer pain to me. Up until this point you have never done so however.

At this stage I have been forced to sign divorce papers as well as my share in our property over to Brad.

I picture the following as occurring about six weeks after Brad has moved in. By this point Brad has brought me to absolute obedience. When Brad is around I behave like a slave towards you. At first when we were alone we conspired together and tried to figure a way out together. The conditioning is wearing you down however. Lately you are acting as if you expect obedience from me even if Brad is not around, however, up until this point you have been unsure and hesitant about it. Even when Brad is around, though getting more and more commanding, you are still kind to me, treating me a little, but as time goes by, treating me more and more like a child or a pet. Remember, as Brad tells you things like, “he is a slave” or “you love to see him humiliated” it is accompanied by really good feelings. Despite yourself these feelings are getting coupled with these thoughts.

Brad is out for a few hours and you decide that we will have a talk. What follows is basically your speech to me.

Here begins the recording:

Joe, Brad is out for a while and I want to have a talk. Well…we certainly have been through a lot of changes in the last two months. This has almost been like a dream. I know this has been really hard on you. I’m so sorry that you have had so much pain. Just a few months ago we were happily married and living as husband and wife! We saw Brad as some kind of mentally disturbed person! Now, well… know.

I do think that you realize by now, that I am very much in love with Brad. I know… he has used the implant on me…but besides that…he is such a wonderful man! Everything about him is incredible; he is brilliant, handsome, romantic, strong, and so very much able to control everything around him! And He treats me like gold! Oh Joe Please try to understand. Life has become wonderful! I know this is so hard for you to hear. Please understand that I will always be very, very fond of you. But,yes, I am very glad that this has happened. ….I love him soooooooooo much!

I’m sure that you hear us through the walls in ecstasy. I just cannot contain myself! The earth shakes, the sky falls and my toes curl when we make love! (Laughingly) Oh by the way Joe, speaking of making love and toes, I know that you are responsible fro trimming Brad’s toenails, please keep them shorter. I got scratched last night!

Lets talk a little bit about Brad. Joe, he IS your Master now, you are his slave. It will be so much easier on you when you accept that fact. I understand how you don’t feel like you can swallow that truth. I also see how he humiliates you. I especially see how tough it is to be a body slave to him. It is so unnatural for you to take care of his hygiene and nails. He really does call you into the bathroom for everything! But Joe, this is now your place.

Lets talk about you and me too. Brad expects you to obey me as you do him. I am going to insist that from now on, you show me the same deference, whether Brad is around or not. That means that you will always address me as Mistress. You will keep your eyes downcast in my presence. You will speak in an extremely polite and courteous voice. You will of course, speak only when spoken to. Always wait till dismissed before leaving my presence. Also, if you are to make reference to Brad when you are speaking to me , do not refer to him as Brad, he is “Master” to you.

You know Joe, I have not used the pain device on you, and I do not want to. But Brad explained that if I let you get away with disrespect, it will only cause disruption in this household. (In an upbeat positive and happy tone) So that settles it! You will act as I have instructed you to, and I will not need to use the painmaker.

Oh, one more thing. As Brad had decreed, we do not address you as Joe anymore, I’m afraid that I am going to have to call you “slave” from now on.

I will say Joe…oh I mean slave, and I don’t mean to be cruel, but it is nice never having to lift a finger around the house. (laughingly)And I am going to take advantage of being served hand and foot more from now on.

Seriously now jo…slave, what I am about to tell you is going to be very difficult to understand, but you must try to understand. You Master really knows what is best for both of us. Believe it or not he is doing this to you for your own good. It was the right thing to do to for Brad enslave you. Think about how powerful and superior Brad is. Two months ago we I were a married couple in love. When we met Brad we looked at him as an obsessive stalker. He was the enemy. You were going to beat him up. We thought that we were going to put a stop to him. That’s not how it worked out, was it? Brad decided that our marriage was not to his liking and he changed it. In six weeks he has turned me into his loving and adoring wife. He has become my world, I love him, I love him, I love him! Please understand Joe, we make passionate love every day!

More proof of Brad’s superior nature. He has turned you into a servile slave, hasn’t he?(laughingly) Do you remember last night how he taught you that trick? In what used to be your living room in front of the women who used to be your wife, he now snaps his fingers and you fall to the floor and lick his bare feet. (laughingly?) His bare feet, the tops, the soles, and between his toes. Afterwards he carried the women who was once your wife upstairs to what used to be your bedroom, I spent two hours joyfully fulfilling his every fantasy. That, Joe, is power.

You probably do not want to hear this, but such power, and yes…arrogance, is one of the things that makes Brad so attractive. Part of me does not like what he does to you, but another part of me….well….You know there was a couple of times when I asked him to go easier on you. Later in the height of passion he asked if I really wanted him to go easier, He asked if instead, I wanted him to go really hard on you the next day….well (laughingly)I am sorry Joe, I think that you had really difficult days after that!

I know, a short time ago you were an honorable man. You achieved success. You were brave, smart and assertive. That life is over now. But slave, all that you did, all that strength that you showed to achieve what you achieved in that past life, must now be channeled in a new direction. You are already perfectly obedient to Brad. For that I am proud of you. But he demands more then perfect obedience. To really achieve success now is to accept your place. You must learn to love the fact that you are a slave. You must strive be the best slave possible. Don’t you see? This will give you meaning and purpose.

Don’t you see Joe. Brad is your Better! He has the right to enslave you. He is actually doing a favor to you by doing this. He is educating you. Under his guidance you will become a better person in this new phase of your life.

Brad and have decided that we will now make joint decisions concerning your training. Brad thought that my first little proposals were great! So for now, the oat meal, boiled chicken and steamed vegetables that you eat every day for lunch and dinner, will be eaten cold. Oh, and no more salt and pepper. Also, the blanket that you have been sleeping with on the basement floor, that will be taken away. When you really have achieved perfection and truly accept your status, we will reconsider returning some of the privileges. We think that this will help motivate you.

(perhaps really positive and cheerful here?) Oh Joe -This is great news! You see, I am on your side. I know you will succeed and will help you. I believe in Brad and I believe in what he is doing to you. Though at times it has been hard for me to watch, I am glad he is doing it. I see that it is the right thing.

Brad talks about breaking your last bit of will. I prefer to see it as teaching. We now have your obedience, soon we will have your enthusiasm. Perfecting your servitude will be your new focus and meaning in life. As I mentioned, Brad knows what is best for you. The day will come when you will thank him for coming onto our lives. In time you will come to love Brad as your rightful Master. You will also develop a new type of love for me as Your Mistress. Oh Joe…this is so exciting! There is no escape Joe, there is no way out, this is Your fate. We will NEVER let you go. It would actually be doing you harm to free you. You are our slave, you are our property. It is time to accept it wholeheartedly. I think that you know by now, that when Brad wants something…Brad gets it.

But it will get better. Brad and I will help guide you to embrace who you are now. After all, you are our captive audience and we have some advantages over you! When your soul, your core being comes to accept it all. Accept that you have no rights. Accept that you exist to serve. Accept that the highest priority is to make Brad’s and my lives better and comfortable. Learn LOVE the fact that you are able to assist Brad in keeping his body clean. Take joy in the fact that Brad is my husband and we love each other. Realize that you are actually very lucky that Brad came along. Feel gratitude towards Brad and myself. When you have achieved all of this, really achieved it, not just give it lip service, then we will likely make things a little easier for you. Brad will not be as strict with you. I am sure that he will not use the pain maker too much at that point either. It will not be easy. But, You will do it Joe, I know that you will! It is your purpose!

(Perhaps more cheerful and energetic here then strict?) OK slave. You do have a lot of work to do today. Before you start please fix me a martini. Then I know that your Master expects all that yard work done.

Then as I mentioned yesterday, you need to have everything prepared and perfect for this evening. That reminds me, I have to do my hair, thankfully I got the mani and pedi yesterday! You know Joe, Brad likes my feet just as much as you do! I think that I will wear the low cut red dress and the black open, high heels, Brad will really like that.

At seven be ready to serve Brad and I our romantic candlelit dinner on the patio. Then drinks in the Jacuzzi. Then…well….Brad and I will take it from there. OK, hop to it slave! Do not disappoint!


The above story was written by a client of mine for a custom recording they wanted made. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I asked for permission to post it and was told I could for others to enjoy it. No one else has permission to copy it or post it.