Birthday Cake

A 6 min 53 sec recording. A nude girl gets covered in frosting and is the entertainment for a hungry group of men.


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Amber was naked on the table when the chef began to work. She was excited but not fully hard so he called to his assistant who dutifully began to suck her until her cock was rock hard and ready. Applying a cock ring and a wrap of silk, he made it stand fully erect and pointing straight up into the air.

Her nipples were hard and ready as well so he took the bowl of frosting and began to apply the first layer of the creamy white mix over her smooth skin. Amber squirmed a little because it was cold and also because it felt so God damn good. As the chef spread it across her breasts and her nipples ached from the chill she moaned and her cock twitched.

The chef laughed and chastised her in French as he continued to frost her nude body. Every luscious curve taken care of with such love and devotion. Up to her neck and down to her toes he worked, her skin covered soon with a thin layer of pure sugar. Then he began to frost her cock, taking great care so that it’s true form was not hidden. Then the balls and thighs and finally a touch more on her nipples which had strained and poked through.

Amber wiggled slightly…the feeling of being encased in frosting was making her so horny she could barely keep still. The chef took up the pastry bag and began to apply the flesh tones and highlights to her body. As he worked and the frosting got thicker, Amber could barely wait for the fun part to begin.

For another 15 minutes the chef worked on her and finished the job. She was encased neck to toe in frosting that looked like her body. She was edible. She giggled and he snapped in French about how she must not ruin it. Placing the blindfold on her eyes he coated her lips with a sweet cherry glaze and she was done.

As she waited Amber was nervous all of a sudden. It was a fantasy but she was suddenly scared at the power of it to her. She caught her breath and made herself breathe slowly and in measured amounts to keep from hyperventilating. She was finally ready.

The sound of the doors opening and the people walking in was so erotic to her. She could almost feel each footfall vibrate through her body. The hushed sound of whispers was like a teasing tickle to her ears. She was about to explode and no one had touched her yet.

The dinner bell rang through her and for a second she almost panicked and then it was too late to turn back. Greedy mouths and tongues began to devour her. Licking and sucking her from neck to toe they ate her with great wet sloppy noises, she could feel so many mouths she couldn’t count them all. Teeth nibbled on her and someone’s hot mouth took her entire cock in at once and sucked her clean.

She was moaning and shaking from the sensory overload as they feasted on her, licking and biting her skin as the frosting was finished. They kept kissing and licking and sucking her. A tongue licked her balls, mouths on her nipples, hands on her legs and belly, she was consumed totally.

Her head spun and she felt herself ready to cum. The mouth on her cock kept sucking her and milking her, wanting the creamy surprise. Now someone was kissing her, his kiss hard and passionate. She was losing herself to it all.

That was when the first blast of cum splashed onto her and she realized they were all jerking off all over her. She lost it then and started to cum, filling the mouth with a great shot of sweet salty liquid. As she came she felt hot cum washing over her, covering her again with a new coating. She tried to scream but the kisser wouldn’t allow her too, he kept the kiss going until she had emptied herself into the mouth on her cock.

Shaking she felt the room spin around her and finally a blissful darkness overtook her. It was all too much, she passed out and slept. Her body still shaking, hot cum still dripping down her. She curled up and slept like a baby.

When she awoke she was alone on the table. Taking off the blindfold she looked around and squinted at the light. The room was completely empty. The table was still covered in dry cum and frosting. She was still shaky from the whole ordeal. She saw the card on the chair beside the table and picked it up. She opened it and read the message inside and laughed. Mmmmmm, she thought, yes, Happy Birthday to me.


This story was part of a collection I bought. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I have the right to post it and have made the recording of it.