Love Doll

A 10 min 48 sec recording. A group of guys sent a sex doll as a gag gift decide instead to put the gift to a much better purpose and enjoy it together.


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She had been sent to us as a gift . . . a party favor. She came wrapped in silk and lace, naked except for thigh high hose, garter belt, and heels. As we unwrapped her she moaned slightly and quivered to three sets of hands pulling her this way and that but she said nothing. We were all very excited, to say the least.

As the other two finished unwrapping her and tossing the silk to the side, I stripped off my clothing and stroked my hard cock. She looked so delicious I wanted to dive right in but we all decided to share her equally between us so I waited until they stripped too.

She watched us, a smile on her lips watching three hard cocks waiting to use her in every way possible; her own cock rock hard at the promise of the day and night ahead. Her nipples rock hard on her huge tits. They were perfect, she was perfect. It was hard to wait up for the others to get ready too.

To pass the few minutes as they set about getting lubricant and towels and whipped cream ready to play, I picked up some of the long strips of silk she had been wrapped in. Smiling I set about braiding them quickly, tying end to end until I had enough “rope” to amuse myself with.

I pulled her into a kneeling position and slid the rope under her breasts and around her back, crossing the straps I brought them over her shoulders and made a quick harness. Looping the ends once again I slid them around her arms several times and she was harnessed in pretty pink silk. I tied a strand around her throbbing cock and balls and pulled it snug enough to act as a cock ring to make sure she lasted a good long time for us. I always hated when the batteries in my toys run down before I am ready for them too.

When my friends returned, Russ laughed at seeing my hasty rope work but nodded at its usefulness. It would be easier to move her around like this and the cock tie was done into a pretty pink bow. Below the head she was shaved bare so the silk slid over her skin with a sensual whisper, the soft of the silk and her skin creating just enough friction that a drop of precum dripped from her cock head. In all, it made for a wonderful view.

Andy brought back the whipped cream and a bottle of wine and glasses. Pouring ourselves a drink we sat around and talked about what we would do to her first. What decadent things we would try first and last and all the wonderful things between. Pulling on the silk harness I tipped her forward so we could examine her perfect round ass.

Russ applied some lube to her asshole and slid a finger in to check her out…sweet and tight…ready to be fucked. She moaned as he slid in a second finger and worked her a little looser, making her ready for our big cocks. Then we tipped her back and finished our wine as we played with her breasts and cock and lips. She was an amazing doll to be sure.

I placed my glass on the night stand and stood up and faced her. Taking a hold of her hair I pulled her sweet lips against my cock head and she yielded and took my head in. Her tongue was like magic as she started sucking and licking my cock and I slid in inch after inch until she had a good 5 inches of my seven in her puffed cheeks.

Russ began to stroke her cock as he watched Andy slide up behind her and lifting her slightly, press his huge cock head against her ass. She moaned as he began to press his thick 8 inches into her well lubed hole. Halfway in he paused and allowed her to adjust and then he slid the rest of the way into her. She was grunting and sucking my cock like a pro as he began to fuck her, sliding slowly in and then out of her until just his cock head was left inside. Then he would slide all the way back in until his balls pressed against her and hold for a moment. The long, slow, deep fuck was driving her nuts.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and rubbed my head on her face, leaving a trail of precum on each cheek. She smiled at me as I backed away and Russ stepped up to play. I reached down and played with her, stroking her in time with Andy’s fucking.

Russ stroked his thick cock to full length in front of her face; he was by far the largest of us with almost 10 inches of meat for her to swallow. She grinned ear to ear as he fed her that long cock slowly and deliberately until she was swallowing at least 8 inches. She was not a dainty cock sucker either. She slurped and licked and made a lot of really good noise. She obviously enjoyed it a lot.

Andy pulled out of her ass and squirted more lube on his fingers and slid them into her. He had fucked her loose enough that three fingers felt great and she ground her ass down on his hand. He laughed and squirted more lube out and rubbed it all over her asshole.

After a quick discussion we moved her over a little and Andy lay down on the bed, his stiff prick standing straight up. We took her by the harness and lifted her up and slid her down onto his cock. With all the lube on/in her she slid on with ease. She began to ride him as Russ returned to getting his cock sucked and left me to play with more lube.

I squirted more and more lube onto Andy’s cock as she rode him until her ass was slick and ready for the next step. I slid two fingers into her ass along with Andy’s cock and stretched her out a little more. She was moaning loud and thrashing her head back and forth on Russ’s cock as she sucked him. He laughed and grabbed her hair and finally got a full ten inches down her pretty face.

I knelt behind her and leaned her forward a little more. Andy’s thick cock still was in her, just the head a tiny bit of the shaft. Pressing my hard cock head against his shaft we pulled her down onto us. Russ let her stop sucking his cock long enough to cry out and then scream Yes yes yes as both cocks split her open and finally slid deep into her. It was amazing feeling; so fucking tight and wet and hot.

She began to ride both of us hard and took Russ’s cock back into her mouth. She was stroking him and sucking and licking, pumping him for cum as she rode us. Andy was sucking on her nipples as her breasts bobbed and swayed in front of his face. Me? I just grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down harder onto our cock and enjoyed the ride.

Russ pulled out of her mouth and pumped his cock onto her, sending a spray of cum all over her angelic little face. Splashes of cum covered her and she moaned and tried to lick it all up as it dripped down. He grabbed her hair and pushed his cock back into her mouth for the finally bit of cum and she sucked him hard and squeezed his balls to get every last drop.

Andy’s cock began to throb and jerk in her and that got me going too. We grunted that we were going to cum and Russ reached down and undid her cock tie. He rubbed some of his cum onto his fingers and used that to make her hard cock slippery and began to pump her hard and fast in time with her riding us.

It was too much for me, I leaned forward and bit her back as my cock exploded into her, my hot cum filling her and squishing out her ass as Andy let loose his load at the same time. We kept cumming forever it seemed, filling her ass up with our hot loads. That was too much for her and she screamed and shot a huge load right onto Andy’s chest, Russ kept milking her until she couldn’t move any more and had to slump onto Andy, full up of cum and drained all at once.

That was the beginning of the night and in the end, we decided to keep her after all. We made a nice little display box for her, bought her lots of new outfits, and we even share her with friends that come over. We are the envy of everyone with our one of a kind Love doll. There truly is nothing else like her.


This story was part of a collection I bought. I did not write it, nor do I claim to. I have the right to post it and have made the recording of it.